What is a hoe?

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe 12,5 cm

Tradtional Dutch Craftsmanship Together with the English rose breeder John Scarman we developed a completely new hoe and due to the “toothing” we named it the “Royal Dutch Hoe” , again to pay our respects to our King. On Thursday the 21st of March the RHS Chelsea Flower Show announced that our entry with the innovative “ Royal Dutch Hoe” for the Garden Product of the Year 2013 award was successful. The “Royal Dutch hoe” is designed for you to work and walk backwards which leaves a fine tilth without footprints and reduces the chance of replanting weeds with your feet. No backache due to the length of the handle and therefore also no need to bend. If you work on a border there is no need to get into the border. The Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe is a unique garden hoe, designed in Sneeboer’s centenary year, with innovative teeth on the front of the blade, hook on the reverse and specially designed handle for outstanding performance. The teeth on the blade increase the surface of the blade by 35% and also concentrate the energy making entry into the soil, especially when compacted, much easier. The sharp points also enable precision removal of weeds when they are close to other plants. The hook on the reverse side of the blade will eliminate the weeds on the “pull” stroke. Larger weeds can be easily pulled back so they can be picked up. The handle adds to the precision and prevents blistering to the palm of the hand. Due to the special handgrip the “pushing” pressure is uniformly distributed over the entire hand. Not only does the Royal Dutch Hoe have all these innovative features, but it only weighs 900g, making it lighter than the standard dutch hoe and easier to use and manoeuvre. Royal Dutch Hoe – Shortlisted for RHS Chelsea Flower Show Product of the Year 2013 * Innovative Teeth on blade * Increased surface area * Easier to push into soil * Teeth enable precision weed removal * Hook on reverse of blade to eliminate weeds on ‘pull’ stroke * Specially designed handle to distribute pressure across entire hand Designed in Sneeboer’s centenary year.

Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe: Product Review

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Ease of Use Quality Performance Final Thoughts

A comfortable, sturdy, long handle weeding tool that will save your back from the bending motion required with an American standard hoe.

Overall Score 5

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I confess, I am a weed-a-holic. I love weeding because I feel somewhat accomplished when I look back on a freshly weeded bed. It’s clean. It’s neat. And I am able to complete this astonishing feat all while mentally zoning out and grooving to some great tunes. I know of no other task that can be completed as such!

My method of weeding usually entails me pulling every weed out by its roots. But there comes a time when this just isn’t feasible, necessary, and most certainly, desirable. Most weeds are annuals and at times they sprout up all over the place. This is what happened this fall after having weeks of warm, rainy weather. My beds were suddenly covered with tiny, freshly-germinated weeds.

Enter the Dutch Hoe

The Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe

I recently read a recommendation for a Dutch hoe in a design book and was looking forward to giving it a try, so I was thrilled when the Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe showed up just in time to tackle the unwanted, fresh seedlings that carpeted my flower beds. Having only used an American standard hoe, I wasn’t even sure how to use a Dutch hoe. But once I got the hang of it, I now have a new favorite tool and weeding will never be the same for me!

A Work of Art

The Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe is really a beautiful tool.

It has a finished, solid oak wooden handle that has the feel of fine furniture. Because the handle is stained and sealed the oak should last a lifetime.

The hoe’s polished stainless steel blade easily cuts through small weeds, but like many garden tools, it will benefit from an occasional sharpening.

The hoe weighs approximately 2 pounds and measures 61″, making it very comfortable to use without the need to bend over.

With a lifetime guarantee, it looks and feels like an Old World, high quality, expensive gardening tool. Even the tag comes attached with a leather tie!

Place the lower end of the blade flat on the ground.

Use a back-and-forth motion to weed and break up the surface of the soil.

Using a Dutch Hoe

The idea behind a Dutch hoe is to separate the stems and leaves from the roots of annual weeds. Because the plant will not be able to photosynthesize, the roots will die in place. Additionally, the hoe breaks up the first inch or so of the soil surface.

So how do you actually use this hoe?

Rest the lower end of the blade flat on the ground and gently slide the hoe back-and-forth. The blade will slip under the surface of the soil to break it up and cut the weeds from their roots. By working backward from one end of a bed to the other with a push-pull action, hoeing becomes an easy task. The long handle and easy motion required of this hoe allow you to stand upright without bending over, saving your back as well as time.

It took a few minutes to get the hang of the back-and-forth motion, but I was able to weed a large bed in a fraction of the time it would have taken to pull the weeds by hand. I left the small weed parts to decay right in the bed which made the weeding task even easier. Additionally, I carefully slipped the hoe between perennials and cleared out the weeds there as well. A word of warning…be careful not to cut any desirable plants!

The Dutch hoe is designed to be used on small weeds. Weeds with a taproot and clumps of grasses will still need to be pulled by hand.

Although the hoe worked fine when I encountered rocks here and there, if your beds have very rocky soil, this hoe may not work for you.

On the other hand, I used this hoe to help break up some soil when building new beds, so in my garden, it has multiple uses.

Side-by-side comparison of an area weeded with the Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe.


This hoe is a thing of beauty! It feels comfortable and sturdy in your hand and makes weeding a breeze. The long handle and push-pull action will save your back from the bending motion required of an American standard hoe. This is a well-made tool that you will rely on time and again for many years to come.

Where to Buy

The Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe is available on Amazon from Amazon for about $40.00.

Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe

  • This classic weeding tool features a high quality head of polished stainless steel, letting you cut down small weeds and break up surface soil with ease.
  • Set on an extra-long handle of FSC certified wood, this dutch hoe lets you work comfortably from an upright position, whilst boasting that distinctive Joseph Bentley style.
  • Useful for cutting down small weeds and breaking up the surface of soil.
  • Polished stainless steel hoe head for efficient cultivation.
  • FSC certified wooden handle provides heritage charm.

Unfortunately, it’s often out of stock or unavailable (and difficult to find elsewhere) so I recommend the Dutch hoes from DeWit and Bosmere as excellent alternatives, although they come in at a higher price point.
DeWit Dutch Long-Handle Push Hoe
Bosmere R500 Haws Dutch Hoe
For more information about weeding and the best tools for the job, check out our article on the Best Weeding Tools.

Last update on 2020-02-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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How to Pick Up Girls: A Guide by Girls for Boys

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Spend too much time on the internet and you’ll end up thinking young men today fall into one of two camps: hypersensitive puppy dogs trying to fund-raise their way to true love, or those guys who think flirting means getting shitfaced and screaming rape threats down a traffic cone at girls in the street. While this picture isn’t 100 percent accurate, it does seem that too many guys have adopted either the love formula or the Bro Bible as their seduction template, and frankly either of those approaches is as erotic to us as the idea of getting finger-banged in a Jacuzzi by the Elephant Man.

Of course, we know you’re not all dumbasses. But the truth is, boys these days have really dropped their flirt game. Finding a woman to love you tender isn’t about throwing a burlap sack over her head and tossing her on the back of a truck. It’s also not about slithering up with some awful PUA lines and trying to bully-fuck her. We’re not asking for Jane Austen; we just want to be wooed, and we want you to be cool about it.

Dating in the post-Tinder age is a romantic, political, and legal mine field, so here’s a guide to help you through the painful business of chatting up girls.

Related: “Dating 101”

Don’t pretend you haven’t spent every last toilet break this month hungrily trawling through girls’ Tinder bikini pictures. We know you’re not “new” to the whole dating-app game, and the evidence doesn’t suggest you find it particularly “weird.” The only weird thing about it is the 15 minutes you just spent on a perfect stranger from Happn’s LinkedIn page. (Hi! We can see when you do that, by the way!) We’re all desperate and shallow and lonely, so let’s not pretend otherwise.

Never call yourself a “gin enthusiast” or a “coffee snob” in your bio. Beverages are not a substitute for personality. You don’t have to put your height, but thinking girls don’t care would be naive, so post a full-body photo of you posing near something for scale, like a “You Must Be This High to Ride” roller-coaster sign, a door, or—if you’re really small—a cat.

Consider these topics to be banned from Tinder chat: your epic weekend plans, the undoubtedly epic hangover you’re going to have as a result of them, music genres, your SAT or GRE scores, vacations. Playing flirty-uppies with a total stranger is completely unnecessary—just ask her out. It’s 2015, half the work is done for you: This is an app that’s designed solely to help lonely people have sex with one another. If you’re still stuck making Tinder small talk about her “plans for the summer” or the exact location of her office, you’re fucked.

A lot of you have become so used to copy and pasting “you still up?” to your 47 Tinder matches that you’ve forgotten how to talk to us in person. Remember, there are some times where girls just don’t want to be chatted up—if we look like we are already on a walk of shame, for example, or outside an abortion clinic.

Other than that, we’re really fine with getting wooed anywhere. In fact, no matter how cynical the girl, it’s a really pleasant to think that someone still wants to bang us when we’re applying chapstick to our nose on a subway platform while contemplating a cheesesteak. Approaching a girl in an unlikely situation takes balls. Girls really like balls. Not to look at. Don’t show us your balls. Don’t text us your balls. Do talk to us (about things other than your balls and the size of your balls).

In an ideal world, us single gals would walk around with a vial of tears of solitude around our necks, or wear our loneliness as a decorative brooch. But unfortunately, you’re going to have to go through the exhausting game of bullshit badminton that is finding out whether we’re single. House parties are particularly fraught for this reason: There’s a good chance you could be trying it on with a girl while sitting next to her boyfriend, on his own bed. It might sound elementary, but the quickest way round that is to just ask her whom she came with.

Everyone knows that house parties tend to run dry at about 4 AM, around the time the last bottle of Cinzano runs out and the angriest roommate is marching around, shouting in her slipper socks. It’s your last chance to magnetize those sexy dangerous party girls who wear bangles around the tops of their arms, so you really ought to have held something back. And we’re not talking about another line of mephedrone off the microwave—we’re talking about an Uber account, a bottle of Glen’s vodka, and (the promise of) a better party. If she wants to bang you/is high enough to believe there’s a good party going on at 4 AM, she’ll go along with this bullshit. Single people are, against the odds and contrary to common sense, always staggeringly optimistic about the night ahead.

Photo by Jake Lewis

As fun as house parties are, once you’re past your early 20s they can get a bit dry. This is because you’ll have already systematically banged your way through your immediate group of friends (“just to check”) and all their semi-attractive friends. You can, however, still pick people up in public, the good old-fashioned way, and that’s where clubs, bars, and smoking areas come into their own.

Has anyone ever met on a dance floor? We’re not sure, but it seems unlikely. If you, like many, aren’t all that good at conversing with the rhythm of your body, then maybe just talk to her at the bar. Don’t be put off by her ice-maiden face, or the fact that her back is turned to you, or that she has been trying to get served for five minutes already and doesn’t want to break her gaze with the barman: Smile at her. Introduce yourself. Buy her a drink. Feminism might have killed chivalry, but everyone still likes free stuff.

At this point, how can you tell if she’s into you?

–Her friends seem a tiny bit annoyed with her
–She’s tried to make fun of you a lot
–She’s doing the opposite of flaring her nose
–She has not mentioned shit once
–She is not eating a hot dog
–She’s touched you on the top of the arm (this is actually a thing)

Photo by Jake Lewis

If you’re determined to find love IRL, the best place to strike up conversation is a smoking area. Everyone knows that all the good flirty banter takes place when you’re being herded around in the dark like cattle, so get puffing. If you don’t smoke, you’re just going to have to pretend. No one ever banged all the bad bitches babysitting a family of handbags in the corner of the club.

Bumming cigs off girls is no way into a conversation, although—sad as it may sound—having a lighter is. Do you remember someone at school once saying lighting a girl’s cigarette was like a third of having sex with her? Well, he was right, if that figurative third is the bit where you prematurely ejaculate into her bellybutton.

Nothing in this world is more awkward than the moment of silence as you try to light a girl’s cigarette in a breeze, so just hand us the lighter. And don’t carry a Zippo, dude; this isn’t the 1920s, and you’re not a hardboiled detective.

Feminism might have killed chivalry, but everyone still likes free stuff.

If, while on your sexual safari, you’ve managed to isolate the buffest buffalo in the herd, you’d be wise not to underestimate the group’s instincts. Her best friend’s got you all figured out, and she is not afraid to trample your ass, reason being the sleepover you’ve got in mind is really fucking with her brunch plans. The wanton lust of your penis is going to leave her one poached egg short of a decent Instagram post tomorrow, and she’s not about to let that happen. Here’s how to tread carefully with our friends:

–Choose one of us and stick with your choice.
Aside from the fact that no one likes to be a second-stringer, you’re going to end up spreading yourself too thin, repeating the same shitty jokes and quickly repelling literally everyone there. Also, don’t try to coerce one of us into a threesome; you’re not Dan Bilzerian, and suggesting that it might be fun for the girl you’ve just met to roll around naked with you and one of her childhood friends is (so, so obviously) not a good way to get either of them to like you.

–Be nice to our friends.
We might not want you to flirt with our friends, but we want them to like you enough to be jealous of us. So please, try to engage them in conversation. You probably want to work out early who’s the leader of the group/running this whole thing and keep her on your side, because she’ll be the bitchy one who says, “Amanda’s too drunk, and now we all have to leave to go buy her fries to stop the crying.” She’ll be the one who mouths “NOW” across the bar at your sweet Juliet and then looks you dead in the eye like some sort of polka-dot Medusa. She’ll be the one who has no problem mouthing, “Really, him?” and pointing right at you, while your crush’s hand slackens apologetically in yours.

You can’t really imagine what it’s like to be a woman until you’ve been informed you’re a bad dancer by an overweight man wearing a fedora, told your job is crap because “What value does PR actually bring to the world?” by a man who wrote copy for a yet-to-be developed children’s entertainment app, and told you’re a loser for wearing a waterproof poncho when it was pouring by a man whose mustache curls up at the ends.

What do all of these assholes have in common? They’ve all obviously read The Game, or watched The Pickup Artist, or lurked in any of a hundred internet forums that treat interactions with human women like a text-based RPG.

Perhaps you enjoy the idea of having sex with a woman whose confidence is so shatteringly fragile that she actually cares how you feel about the print on her pants. But let’s just clear up negging once and for all: It doesn’t pique our curiosity, or make you seem intriguing. If you think we’re so intimidatingly hot that the only way to get us down to your level is to be rude, maybe we just are out of your league? Plus: We are all wise to this shit now. It’s been going on for an actual decade, dude. Most of our very first PUA experiences were smuggling our way into a club with a fake ID just so some Julian Assange–looking weasel-in-a-waistcoat could tell us he can read palms.

That’s the tipping point: bringing sex to the table, like hefting your dick onto a side plate. It’s all about sensing that delicate balance, that perfect moment. You’re smoking at the gas station of a one-night stand, here, and you need to avoid saying something like “I want to get you wet” when you’re trying to be suave. Saying sleazy stuff out loud, IRL, can turn a man into decomposing Tinder spam quicker than you can say “rape alarm.” There is a really thin line between giving us pangs in our lower abdomens and making us want to call the police.

If you’re in doubt about whether to invite her back to your place, sound it out. So often the difference between a creep and potential hookup is that a girl actually likes the latter. Ask yourself the big questions: “Have we kissed? Is she only talking to me because I am standing in the doorway of the girls’ bathroom? Is she trapped here because I’m sitting on her coat?” Remember that, unless you’re Scandinavian, propositioning a woman will never come naturally to you. This is no time for your jittery metaphors or your “let’s-get-outta-here” California drawl. And please, literally never say “nightcap”: You’re not going for a midnight grappa in the Campo de’ Fiori; you’re both weighing up the idea of smuggling a road beer onto the subway. Know your limits.

Photo by Jake Lewis

So this is it. Everybody’s down to bang. Go time. Game day. Welcome to Fuck City. Population: You and this girl you’ve been talking to for less than four hours.

In this situation, ambience is important—until you’ve had a guy change his sheets in front of you before you get in his bed, you don’t know the importance of pre-prepared atmosphere. You are not a real estate agent. She doesn’t want a tour of the house. Take her to your room at speed. God knows what happens to you guys—perhaps it’s the Dorito-jizz fumes coming from your bedspread—but this is where you are capable of undoing an entire night’s worth of decent flirting.

Don’t pick up that musical instrument in the corner of your room and begin to play it. Don’t warn us that you’re emotionally unavailable while unbuttoning your trousers. Choose your sex music wisely: D’Angelo is way too obvious; the XX suggests you seriously watch music award shows. And don’t use some nickname or innuendo for condom. We all know what you’re talking about. Use a condom, obviously. But you don’t need to invent some new triple-entendre to ask if we have one shoved inside a desk drawer.

And there you have it. You’re getting laid. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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Tabatha McGurr is a Brooklyn bred-writer currently residing in Bed-Stuy with her boo and dog Coco. She’s been running to the Married To The Mob blog for the past six years. In her weekly column, she gives Complex readers insight into what today’s young women really think about love, sex, and relationships.

As a seasoned New York City people-watcher, it’s amazing how many interesting couples I observe along my strolls and daily commutes. If I had to choose a favorite—aside from the doped out lovers, they’re a trip—it would have to be the juxtaposition of a super hot girl with a totally whatever-looking dude. Most people assume that the dude just has tons of money, and that might be true, but a lot of times cash has absolutely nothing to do with it. We’re not all shallow gold-digging whores, some of us are actually attracted to a sense of humor, intellect, kindness, and the laid-back vibe that average guys tend to possess. Fuck Abercrombie models and men like Idris Elba, as long as you’ve got your game on lock, your chances of landing a dime are just about as good as theirs…almost.


First of all, good looks are subjective. Everyone’s turned on by different shit. Some hot ass girls I know are into everything from short, to bald, to fat dudes, so don’t count yourself out just because you don’t have washboard abs or a chiseled jawline. When I’m posted up at a bar or club, I never focus on that one guy who looks sculpted by God. I usually check out the table of homies laughing and having a really good time or the crispy dude wearing the buttery new Wallabees. Where I come from, a poorly thrown-together outfit is a way bigger offense than not being a perfect 10, so put on your finest in casual attire, spritz on a bit of good cologne, and rock a confident I’m The Shit smile. Women are drawn to guys that carry themselves proudly, not the moody, depressed heads that slump in the corner with their hood pulled up. That said, you don’t wanna become overly-confident like a douchey hot guy would either. If your attempt at impressing women means flashing cuff links and talking about your bullshit job in “entertainment,” quit while you’re ahead and reassess your life. All you’ve gotta do is approach casually, let homegirl know you’re interested, then lay on the charm and let your intellect do the rest. Which brings me to my next point…


If you’re funny enough, you can probably fuck any chick you want. Chris Farley, Dave Chappelle, Larry David, Kat Williams, they could all pretty much get it without question. There’s just something about a man that can females laugh. All that dopamine our bodies release makes us crave it like a drug. Nothing gets a chick more open or at ease than humor. Not only does it break the ice, but it helps avoid awkward conversation and proves you don’t take yourself too seriously, crucial elements in the process of seduction. You can’t just be on some Dumb & Dumber type humor though. You’ve gotta be able to support it with wittiness and knowledge so we know you’ve got substance, too. That’s the issue with most standard “hot guys” —either their jokes are retarded or they’ve got no smarts to back them up, Zoolander style.


Don’t get me wrong here, I know a bunch of gorgeous guys with awesome personalities. They’re rather rare and difficult to come by, but they’re definitely out there. If I have to generalize though, the majority are super annoying. It’s as if after so many years of receiving vain compliments and obsessing over themselves, they’re conditioned to give anybody who admires them an air of arrogance. Like most beautiful people, they seem to only care about themselves or others they deem equally as good-looking. And when they come onto you, it’s way too fucking strong. I’ve had pretty guys hit on me, then get super pissed if I try shooing them away. Their egos are just too resistant. But perhaps even more importantly, women don’t like to feel as though they’re competing with their significant other. No girl wants to be in a relationship with a dude who spends more time than her staring at the mirror or getting ready. That’s our job. I know so many beautiful women who admit to going after guys that are “less attractive” or on the chubby side just because they feel those men will love and appreciate them more. At the end of the day, it’s a female insecurity thing , but you can’t blame us with all the male/media pressure to look hotter than we naturally are. Simply put, the “average” man provides a warmer, more comforting environment than most self-obsessed studs could.


Another major issue with typical male hotties is that even if we can have them, they’re not about to wife us up. These are dudes that get pussy thrown at them constantly, so giving all that up for one sexy chick probably won’t happen. Maybe for a few weeks or even a couple months, but eventually, the other pussy will beckon. An “average” dude on the other hand? When they get a dime on their dick they savor that shit until the very last drop. They’re generally not as greedy as their better-looking counterparts. It’s like a spoiled kid that gets mad toys and breaks them all versus the kid that can only afford a few, so he treats them like royalty. Some broads are so sick of the games with pretty boys that they’d rather settle with a safe bet.

With all that said, it all depends on individual personality. I know some average-looking guys that are complete assholes and angel-faced dudes with hearts of gold, so it’s different for everyone. But in my experience, if I’ve had to choose between a sexy snob or a more rugged dude that makes me chuckle, I’ll go with the latter 95% of the time. Like having a really hot girlfriend, it’s just too much work and effort to keep the super fine ones.

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe Weeder

Designed in collaboration with English rose breeder John Scarman to celebrate Sneeboer’s 100th anniversary, the innovative teeth of this hoe are shaped like a crown to honor the king of The Netherlands. This sharp toothed hoe is a unique tool in the gardener’s repertoire and is one of our favorites. The teeth increase the surface area of the blade by 35% and cut weeds just below the surface on the “push” stroke, while the hook on the reverse side of the blade eliminates weeds on the “pull” stroke. The Royal Dutch Hoe is designed for you to work and walk backwards, which leaves a fine tilth without footprints and reduces the chance of replanting weeds with your feet. The generous length of the solid ash handle allows you to slice through compacted soil with precision while standing comfortably, and the unique handgrip distributes pressure uniformly over the entire hand to prevent blistering. Each hoe is hand-forged in Holland from stainless steel with a sustainably harvested ash handle.

About Sneeboer: Sneeboer tools are considered the finest-quality Dutch garden tools available. Since 1913, every Sneeboer tool has been hand-forged from stainless steel and individually shaped, sharpened, and polished. Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of their ideology; each tool carries a lifetime guarantee.

– FSC-certified ash hardwood handle, stainless steel, brass rivets
– Handmade in Holland

Head: 5”W, 4.5”L
Total: 63”L

Shipping + Returns

Dutch How Uses – Learn About Weeding With A Dutch Hoe

Hoeing wears out even experienced gardeners. The chopping motion required to get the blade in the ground then raise it up again is tiring, and it’s many gardeners’ least favorite chore. Maybe yours too. Your opinion of hoeing might change, however, when you start using Dutch hoes. This cool variation on the old tool makes hoeing much easier. Read on for info about Dutch hoe uses including tips for weeding with a Dutch hoe.

What is a Dutch Hoe?

Those who haven’t heard of this tool may ask: what is a Dutch hoe? It’s a new take on an old tool that takes the pain out of weeding. A Dutch hoe, also called a push hoe, doesn’t have the typical hoe blade with its 90-degree-angle. Instead, the blade of the Dutch hoe faces forward.

If you are wondering how to use a Dutch hoe, it’s not at all difficult. You just use a push-pull movement instead of a chopping movement.

Weeding with a Dutch Hoe

Weeding with a Dutch hoe is a very different process than weeding with a regular hoe. You won’t have to use that tiring movement where you bring the blade up and down as if you were chopping wood. That’s because Dutch hoes have one-slope blades that face forward. You hold the tool by its long, wooden handle and skim it just under the soil surface. It slices off weeds at the roots.

You can stand straight and tall as you are weeding with the Dutch hoe. This is better on your back and more effective for getting rid of weeds. The handle gives you sufficient leverage to do the job without breaking a sweat.

Once you learn how to use a Dutch hoe, you’ll realize the ease with which you can take out weeds. The steel blade of these hoes slices off weeds just below the soil both on the push and on the pull strokes.

What happens to the dirt that gathers on top of the blade? Most Dutch hoes are constructed with gap sections or holes in the blade to allow soil to fall back to the ground as you keep using Dutch hoes.

Use of a dutch hoe

A dutch hoe can be used to quickly break up soil and if there are any weeds it will chop them off and the annual ones will die immediately. If done weekly perennial weeds will die too.

Aim to use very little effort and lightly chop up the soil to a depth of perhaps 2.5 cm . If your soil is heavy you’ll need to add organic matter to make it easily hoe-able or do as I did with my mum’s garden ( see later)

The area hoed on this video was 2.5 metres by 1 metre and took less than 30 seconds to do. I’m a professional gardener and so am faster than a beginner but with a bit of practise anyone can do the same .

My mum who is 83 and lives too far away for me to do her garden has been a recent convert to the use of the dutch hoe.

Her garden is a heavy clay so I covered the surface with about 4cm of potting compost and she can now hoe this to a depth of 2.5 without hitting the heavy soil and it’s as easy as hoeing sand.

Get used to having a wander around your garden hoe in hand and you can simply stab the odd weed as it appears. A surprisingly big garden can be kept weed free if you do 5 minutes a week with a hoe.

The important thing is to do it every week. If you leave it until weeds have grown more than a couple of centimetres they won’t disappear under the soil and they’ll either look a mess or you’ll have to pick them up which takes much longer and is much harder work

Sorry about the rushing at the end. Flickr only allows short videos so I wanted to switch off the video camera asap


  • Chemical – Sometimes the only option is to kill the existing vegetation. Products, like RoundUp and Weed-B-Gone, are systemic, meaning they pass through the plant’s vascular system and get down into the roots, to kill the whole plant. Even then, some hardy weeds will take multiple applications to be thoroughly eradicated. There is a continuing debate over how much harm chemical weed killers do to the environment. Many studies seem to agree that you can feel safe using them in moderation and according to the package label, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing them banned from use in certain areas. They certainly have their place, especially in areas plagued by poison ivy and persistent perennial weeds, but they are frequently abused, so use caution and discretion and always follow the label directions. More is not better.
  • Less Toxic – The newer acetic acid-based herbicides work by burning the leaves of the plants. They tend to take more applications to fully kill the plants since they are not systemic and the roots may survive the first couple of burns. The acetic acid in commercial herbicides is a 20% solution, as opposed to the 5% acetic acid in household vinegar. However many gardeners have claimed to use household vinegar and have found it very effective. Household vinegar seems to work best on weeds near hardscaping, such as the cracks on a sidewalk. The heat of the cement aids the work of the vinegar.

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