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Unique Marriage Gifts

Marriage is a special occasion that deserves a special gift. Giving a toaster or a blender just doesn’t do justice to this wonderful occasion.

But planting trees in honor of a new marriage is a unique wedding gift that symbolizes your hope that the happy couple’s love will grow and endure over time… just as trees grow, blossom and continue to provide gifts for years and years after they originally take root.

By giving a gift of trees in honor of a wedding, you will be sharing your hope for a long and enduring future for your special couple. You will also be providing a gift that will continue to build a brighter future for our world.

Your unique marriage gift of trees will help people in developing countries grow and care for their own fruit and forest trees. One single apple tree can live for more than forty years and provide more than 10,000 pounds of food. A tree truly gives life. These trees not only provide a self-renewing source of food for hungry people, but also give fuel, building supplies, shade, and habitat for animals. They also reduce erosion, clean the air, promote better rainfall, and generally help protect our environment.

And your unique marriage gift will continue to give.
Each person who learns to grow and care for their own trees pledges to share seeds with two others and help them to grow their own trees. As each one teaches two, the movement spreads and multiplies.

In this way, helping one person grow a life-giving tree can lead to trees giving life, nourishment, and a better environment to an entire community! It’s a gift that grows.

To give this special gift to commemorate a special wedding, follow the simple 2-part process to make your donation and create a beautiful 8 1/2 x 11″ gift card that you can give to the wedding couple in honor of their special day.

  1. Complete the payment process for your donation.
  2. Then create a customized email or printable gift card.

The Gift of a Tree: 5 Tree Gifts That Make a Difference

Last updated on August 16, 2019

When you give the gift of a tree, you give a gift that is beautiful and unique. But more than that, the gift of a tree makes a positive difference for the environment and, in a small way, improving the life of the recipient.

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How the Gift of a Tree Makes a Difference

It’s pretty common knowledge that trees make a positive difference. Before we dive into looking at tree gifts, let’s review a few specific ways that trees – any and all trees – make a difference in your life and for the environment.

Among other things, trees:

  • Improve air quality by trapping pollutants in their leaves, while also producing oxygen
  • Create habitats for animals and even other plants
  • Help reduce energy consumption and costs (when near homes), blocking sunlight and wind to help reduce cooling and heating costs and energy use
  • Reduce flooding and erosion, as tree roots help hold soil in place and their broad canopies disperse rain, allowing it to drip rather than rush
  • Lower the amount of dust, pollen, and smoke in the air, trapping them in among the leaves and branches
  • Improve mood and behavior, as research shows that trees produce a relaxing effect in humans while promoting health and healing
  • Help the climate by taking in carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and more. Just one tree can take in more than a ton of carbon dioxide over its lifespan

These details were adapted from the National Wildlife Federation and the NC State University Cooperative Extension.

For these reasons and more, giving the gift of a tree will make a difference in the life of the recipient and will benefit the local environment.

All this, and we haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts: Trees are beautiful! It’s a delight to see the branches of a tree swaying in the breeze, or to enjoy the shade of its leaves, or to see the birds make a home in it, or to partake of its fruit. Trees enhance the beauty of the world.

So for all these reasons (and I’m sure there are more), trees make a great gift.

Types of Tree Gifts

There are several ways to give a tree gift. Here are some:

  • Seeds – Give tree seeds for the recipient to plant and grow their tree. This requires a lot of work, however, so unless you know that the person has a strong desire to plant a tree from a seed, I would avoid this option.
  • Saplings or small trees – In my opinion, this is the idea tree gift. A small tree or sapling is small enough to be transportable, and can even be kept in the house. The recipient can also choose to plant it anywhere they like. A great gift.
  • Tree planting – For a simpler, nobler gift, consider having a tree planted in honor of someone. In this case, the gift is more focused on the tree planting making a difference than the person actually receiving a physical object. You purchase a tree that gets planted in a needed area in the forest, and the recipient gets a card or certificate with information about the tree. This ideal for giving as a sympathy gift, or for someone who is passionate about conservation.

5 Tree Gifts That Make a Difference

1. Housewarming Tree Gifts

When you give a tree as a housewarming gift, your gift says something about what it means to make a home. A tree symbolizes taking root, thinking long-term with slow yet enduring growth, health and fruitfulness, beauty, and life.

The housewarming tree gift above is an olive tree from Seeds of Life, and includes a personalized keepsake house ornament. Olive trees can be grown indoors or out, and symbolize friendship, peace, and prosperity.

How it makes a difference: A housewarming tree can be planted indoors, affording natural beauty while aiding with air purification and improving mood. Planted outside, the tree can provide shade and wind blockage, mitigate soil erosion, increase home value, and more. Plus, a tree housewarming gift isn’t some trinket that will end up in a landfill someday.

2. Memorial Tree Gifts

For a meaningful sympathy gift, consider giving the gift of a tree. This could be a tree that you send or hand to the grieving family; a gift similar to the housewarming tree mentioned above. Or, perhaps better, it could be a tree planted “in memory of” the deceased in a national forest to help restore wildfire devastation.

With the gift of a tree planted in honor of a loved one, your recipient gets a lovely card or certificate, plus information about exactly where the tree is planted (photos and GPS coordinates). The tree itself is planted in an area affected by wildfires, chosen by the national forest experts to help restore the devastated forest area. Each tree is maintained and protected, so you know the tree will never be cut down but instead grow and thrive for generations.

You can order a memorial tree (or grove of trees) from Trees for a Change, and you can learn more about their process and the benefits here.

How it makes a difference: These are trees that would not be planted otherwise, so your purchase literally does make a difference. Specifically, the tree planting helps restore our national forests, providing all the benefits mentioned at the start of the article. Also, when sent in place of sympathy flowers, you are planting a tree that will provide benefits for generations rather than supporting an industry focused on the quick growth and cutting of short-lived florals.

3. Fruit Tree Gifts

The gift of a fruit tree is a lovely alternative to many traditional choices such as flowers or gift baskets. The lemon tree (available in several styles like housewarming or birthday, shown above for Mother’s Day) is a great gift because it is not some little trinket, but rather a fruit-bearing living tree that can grow and thrive for years, providing fruit, beauty, and shade.

Lemon trees can grow indoors or outdoors, as can many other fruit trees. This allows the recipient to keep the plant inside for as long as they like, and if they ever want to change things up they can simply plant it outside. Ideal fruit trees to grow inside include lemons, limes, oranges, bananas, peaches, apricots, and nectarines.

How it makes a difference: In addition to the benefits provided by any tree mentioned above, fruit trees help save money on groceries, provide a naturally-grown healthy snack, and can provide a sense of pride and joy that comes from caring for a living thing and partaking of its fruit.

4. Wedding Tree Gifts

If you are looking for something special to give as a wedding gift that perhaps isn’t on the registry, consider giving a tree.

As noted, trees are deeply symbolic, often used to represent life, beauty, growth, family, strength, renewal, abundance, and much more. The rich meaning combined with the natural beauty of the tree make it a truly unique wedding gift.

A bonsai tree is a particularly good choice for a wedding tree gift. It’s small and easy to care for. A bonsai will fit into any newlywed couple’s home or apartment. Plus it carries the symbolism of harmony, balance, and all that is good.

How it makes a difference: A tree in the couple’s home has a peaceful, soothing effect. It adds grace and beauty to the decor while helping to purify the air. It’s also something that they can care for together and watch grow. Perhaps they will plant it in the yard of their first home bought together!

5. Plant a Tree Gift Donations

Gift donations to plant a tree in someone’s name is our final tree gift idea. This is an option to have a tree (or many trees) planted out in national forests where there is the greatest need. It makes a great gift for those who don’t have time, space, or energy to plant or take care of a tree themselves.

Plant a tree gift donations can be a corporate gift to commemorate a business relationship, a thoughtful gift for an earth-conscious individual, a special way to celebrate a retirement or other special occasion, and much more.

Here are a few of our favorite tree planting organizations, each of which plants trees to help restore national forests:

  • Trees for a Change – Sends a certificate to the recipient plus location of planted trees
  • National Forest Foundation – Sends a notice in the mail for donations of $75 or more
  • One Tree Planted – $1 donation per tree, will send an email for gift recipients
  • Arbor Day – Gives you the option to download and print a certificate yourself or order a printed card

How it makes a difference: We all depend on the national forests for many reasons. This includes economic, environmental, health, and heritage factors. When you give the gift of a tree planted in a national forest instead of a more traditional gift, you’re giving back to the environment rather than taking from it. Well-maintained national forests help improve air quality. They create habitats for wildlife, reduce flooding and erosion, and help keep our planet looking beautiful.

So, What should I do now?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some fabulous tree gift ideas! There are many reasons and ways to give the gift of a tree to someone in your life. Here are the best next steps to make your gift a reality:

  • Donate. Hit up Trees for a Change for a great tree gift. This results in trees planted in forests devastated by wildfires along with a lovely certificate sent to your recipient.
  • Send. You may prefer to send a physical tree to the recipient. Sometimes it’s easiest to just click a few buttons online. If that’s what you need right now, here are the best tree gifts:
    1. Mature (3 yr old) Hawaiian Umbrella Indoor Bonsai Tree
    2. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit Gift
    3. Meyer Lemon Tree Gift (available in Housewarming, Mother’s Day, Sympathy/generic, and Birthday themes)
    4. Southern Magnolia Sympathy Tree Gift
  • Do it yourself. Pick up an attractive planter, some soil, ribbon, and a gift card, then choose a tree from your local nursery. Put it all together and you have a great tree gift that truly makes a difference.

Plant-a-Tree Wedding Favors

Thank your wedding guests with the unique and eco-friendly gift of trees. A new tree will be planted in each guest’s honor in a National Forest in desperate need. Your trees will restore areas that have been damaged by wildfires, pest, disease, deforestation and natural disasters. Planting trees in honor of your guests is the perfect way to host a green wedding and offset your carbon footprint.

Each wedding guest will receive an elegant, personalized thank you card to commemorate their tree planting. Now you can give a wedding favor that will make the world greener for generations to come.

To make your wedding favors even greener, every card we send out is printed on a beautiful eco-friendly matte that is sustainably sourced, FSC-certified, REC-certified & acid-free.

Your plant-a-tree wedding favors will help to restore treasured National Forests and State Parks in locations such as:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • Washington (state)
  • Wyoming
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • New Mexico
  • New Hampshire
  • Utah
  • Minnesota
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Texas


After clicking Add to cart, you will be able to update your quantity to the total number of wedding favors needed. Under the Personalize Card section, you can add your personal message to the inside of each card.

When checking out, please note your preferred National Forest in the Preferred Forest field. If left blank, your trees will be planted where the need is the greatest. If you would like your trees to be planted outside of the National Forest system (in states such as New Jersey), we now offer community tree recovery gifts as an alternative. A customer service representative will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to confirm your planting location.

Your personalized 5.25″ x 3.75″ keepsake cards with matching white envelopes will be shipped to the mailing address provided at checkout via UPS Ground.

Enter promo code ED2019 at checkout for 20% off of your order.

Don’t see a card style that you like here? Email our custom shop to work with a designer on a 100% custom card for your tree gifts:

7 Reasons to Give a Tree as a Gift

1) Tree Gifts are unique.
Getting a Tree Gift is often a surprise because many people don’t even know that you can plant a tree in a forest in the name of someone. When you give a tree as a gift, chances are your gift recipient has never had a tree planted for them, and they will feel special and honored.
2) Planting a tree helps the planet.
One of the very best things you can do for the environment is to plant a tree. Over its lifetime, one tree captures an average of one ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the gases that cause global warming. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, making them the perfect compliment to humans and animals.
3) Tree Gifts feel good to give.
Planting a tree in a forest that has been destroyed by wildfire to help restore the area is a good thing to do. When you give a tree as a gift, you can feel proud about doing something positive for the environment while giving your gift recipient something special.
4) A Tree Gift will not end up in a landfill or at someone’s garage sale.
Tree Gifts make a positive impact on the planet, rather than just creating more waste. When you give a tree as a gift, you know that you are not giving someone more stuff, but rather giving them a gift that will live on.
5) Planting a tree is a beautiful way to celebrate any occasion.
What better way to celebrate a holiday, wedding, birthday, new baby or graduation than to plant a tree that will restore a forest for future generations. A Tree Gift isn’t just a gift for your recipient, it’s a generous gift for the entire planet and a thoughtful way to honor someone.
6) Tree Gifts are never the wrong size or color.
Perfect for everyone, Tree Gifts don’t ever have to be exchanged at the store because they don’t fit. Planting a tree as a gift is thoughtful and personal, and always in style.

7) Tree Gifts are affordable.

Prices for Tree Gifts range from $15 to $65, making them very reasonable. Whether you need a simple last minute gift for a friend, or a beautiful and elegant gift for a wedding, there is a Tree Gift to fit in your budget.

In Memory Trees and Beautiful Tree Gifts

Welcome to Seeds of Life. From our 100-acre family-owned farm, we are honored to provide your loved ones with unique, living gifts that will grow and evolve for generations.

When you choose to send a tree as a gift, what you are really giving is a growing memory, a lasting reminder of the occasion, person, or celebration that the tree was planted to commemorate. Tree gifts are an ideal way to mark the happiest, most heartfelt occasions in life. Whether you’re marking the passing of a beloved pet or celebrating a new marriage, memorial tree gifts are a beautiful way to provide your friends and family with lasting, personal reminders of their most important moments.

Each of the “In Memory” gifts sent by Seeds of Life is attentively and lovingly grown at our family farm. Each memorial tree gift has its own established root system and is carefully selected to thrive in the climate which it is sent to. We work hard to ensure that the memory trees that we grow arrive healthy, beautiful, and ready to be successfully planted and grown. In fact, if your tree fails for whatever reason within the first six months, we will replace it free of charge. This happens very rarely, though, due to the care we take raising, selecting, and packaging our memorial tree gifts.

Send a Tree as a Gift to Celebrate Life’s Greatest Events

A memory tree is a thoughtful and original way to commemorate any number of important life events.

  • Send a tree in memory of a lost loved one or as gifts in memory of anniversaries.
  • Give memory trees to your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day — Oprah suggested Seeds of Life for this purpose in her 2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: “A Breath of Fresh Air.”
  • Send an “In Memory” tree to mark important occasions like a move to a new home, a wedding day, or the birth of a child.
  • When a family pet passes on, a pet memorial tree is a tasteful way to celebrate the joy that pet brought you and your family.

Whatever you have to celebrate or remember, a beautifully packaged and lovingly planted “In Memory” tree is a wonderful way to do it.

Browse Seeds of Life to find a wide variety of trees that can be given as gifts in memory of life lost, love found, and families created. Let us help you remember life’s most important moments with a living, breathing gift that will blossom and grow for generations to come.

Why give trees as gifts and memorials?

All trees are planted in U.S. National Forests through programs established by,
and are under the supervision of, the U.S. Forest Service.*

Forest fires claim hundreds of thousands of acres of our nation’s woodlands every year. The U.S. Forest Service is too under-funded to react to these devastating events and cannot begin to restore these areas without your help. In your honoree’s name, you can participate in programs which will replant seedlings in scorched and damaged areas and kickstart nature’s own healing process and ensure that future generations will be able to fully enjoy of our nation’s wilderness areas. The time to plant is now!

Help us change this…Back into this.

We make your gift stand out.

We believe our gift package sets us above and apart from all others.
We make all our gift packages by hand and create a very elegant framed card you would be proud to display. We add in an additional personal note card, in its own little kraft paper envelope, for your special sentiments and then go the extra mile by including a small metal tree charm and mailing everything to your recipient in a rigid cardboard mailer. All materials are recycled and all that is standard whether you plant 1 tree or 100. We usually process and ship orders within 2 business days, and can often make custom card variations, if requested at the time of the order. We also make it easy to order additional keepsake charms or to have additional card packages sent to other recipients (like family members, etc.) It’s the extra effort and customer service which makes The Trees Remember the premier site for planting trees in our National Forests.


  • An elegant card stating how many memorial trees are being planted, where they are being planted, and the name of the Giver.
  • A separate, personal message card for you to express yourself however you wish.
  • A small pewter Eternity Memorial Tree charm on a waxed cord as a physical reminder of the gift.
  • A small card indicating the spirit in which this memorial gift was given, and the global impact it is meant to achieve.


The Cards:
Our cards are printed on recycled photographic paper, and feature the name of the Honoree, the Giver of the gift, the number of trees, and the National Forest where the trees will be planted.

The Frame:
All Acknowledgment Cards come in an elegant, embossed charcoal-colored recycled cardboard frame which is quite suitable for display

Tree Charm:
A small “Eternity Memorial Tree” charm on a waxed cord is included with the Acknowledgment Card, and is an elegant way of keeping memories of the honored close at hand.

Personalized Note:
A premium quality, embossed panel note, which comes in its own small kraft paper envelope, conveys whatever personalized message you would like to say to the gift’s recipient. This is one of the personal touches that distinguishes our service from others. Express your condolences, share a memorable verse or story, or just write what’s in your heart. These notes really mean a lot to those who receive them.

The Mailer:
All cards are mailed in rigid 100% recycled mailers, so they always arrive in pristine condition, even if the mailman is having a bad day.

CARDS EXTERIOR – (click to enlarge)
CARDS INTERIOR – (click to enlarge)


Forest SceneTree on the Rocks
Red BlossomPinecones


Green Ornaments Red Ornaments Modern Holiday #1
Modern Holiday #2 Winter Night Ribbon & Bough

*Not all programs are located in U.S. National Forests. See our planting location map for descriptions of our different planting programs types.

Gift With Trees

What better way to honour someone or celebrate an occasion than by gifting a tree? A living and breathing gift that lives for several decades and significantly benefits the planet. An inspiration for others to do the same. We will carry your greetings via an eTreeCertificate® to the person you are honouring to let them know about your noble gesture.

At Grow-Trees, It’s Easy!

View your Gifting History anytime by becoming a member at Grow-Trees. You can view or resend gift certificates sent earlier, set up a gifting schedule and Grow-Trees will remind you if you so choose.

To have the eTreeCertificate® delivered to you, all you need to do is put your own email address as the recipient’s email. You can then print it for framing and deliver it yourself!

Multiple Gifts, Single Transaction (save time & effort!)

You can gift trees to several people at once. We will ensure that recipients of your unique gift receive the certificate on the dates specified by you. (You will receive an email letting you know when the certificate is sent.)

Frame a single greeting to many people (Merry Christmas, New Year greetings, etc.). Enter the recipients’ names and email addresses, specify how many trees you would like to gift to each, and we will send out eTreeCertificates® to all with your personalized messages.

You may want to wish one friend for a birthday, another for an anniversary, congratulate a third for an achievement and greet a fourth for a festival. Do all of this through a single transaction and each recipient will get a personalized eTreeCertificate®.

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