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Tropical Plant Care 101: Anyone Can Have a Green Thumb

Plant foliage tends to not like dust. Use a damp cloth to wash the dust off of plant leaves periodically. Misting plants with a sprayer tends to keep the foliage cleaner and adds humidity. Most indoor plants love an occasional shower with lukewarm water. Again, this keeps the foliage clean and adds humidity.

Some plants should to be pruned periodically for a variety of reasons. Some vines tend to get leggy. An occasional hair cut will promote new growth and generally thickens up the plant. The rubber tree, for example, will grow bushier if pruned. Dead foliage should always be removed to allow the nutrients to travel to the healthy foliage.

Pests like spider mites, mealy bugs, and aphids are a few of the insects that could be a problem for your house plant. Talk to your nursery expert on house plants to determine what chemical you should use for plant pests. There are many non-toxic organic solutions available.

Houseplants bring nature indoors while adding interest and beauty to your environment. They act as natural air fresheners. (To read more on the air-freshening qualities of house plants, read the NASA study on sick building syndrome.)

Start your plant collection with some of the easy varieties such as: The Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema), the The Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata), or any of the other varieties of Dracaenas, The Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastisica), The Easy ZZ plant, or the ever-popular Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). These easy growing plants will turn your black thumb into a green thumb!
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Looking for indoor plants with most stunning leaves? Discover 24 Types of Tropical Foliage House Plants for your home and workplace.

Tropical plants are a great choice to bring colors, textures, and that laid-back tropical feel to your home. While they don’t grow outdoors in the cold climate, you can definitely grow them indoors. Provide them warm room temperature, bright light, and these Tropical Foliage Plants will grow well!

1. Anthurium

Anthurium includes many amazing species that you can grow indoors. Although they require special care while growing, the color and beauty they bring make up for it.

2. Caladium

Also known as Angel Wings, they steal the show with their unique appearance. Large leaves, shaped like arrowheads come in striking shades of green, red, pink, and white.

3. Elephant Ear

The large and dark green leaves of the Elephant Ear plant adds up to its beauty. It is one of the best Tropical Foliage Plants, and some of the best varieties are–Black coral, Blue Hawaii, Burgundy stem, Coal miner, and Diamond head.

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4. Canna Lilly

If you’ve got a bright sunny, grow canna lily there. With striking banana-like foliage and flowers that come in gleaming shades of red, yellow, and orange–It’s a must grow!

5. Bromeliad

Bromeliads are excellent houseplants as they do exceptionally well indoors. Some of the small varieties like Aechmea, Guzmania, Neoregelia, and Vriesea make them perfect for office desks and shelf tops.

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6. Ficus Benjamina

A very common office plant, the weeping fig makes quite a bold statement with its tree-like appearance in a compact size. Protect from cold winds and maintain humidity to see it in its full glory.

7. Dumb Cane

They derive their name due to the poisonous sap found in their leaves that causes a bad swelling in the mouth, making a person unable to speak. However, their beautiful foliage in a mix shade of green, white and yellow makes them fantastic Tropical Foliage Plants. The best varieties include Camille, Carina, Compacta, Delilah, Honeydew, Rebecca, Sparkles, and Star bright.

8. Palm Tree

No one can doubt these oversized beauties for anything but tropical. They are easy to grow indoors, and you also get to choose various sizes and forms depending on your needs! Some of the best ones are-Kentia palm, Sentry palm, Lady palms, Parlor palm, Fishtail palm, and Pygmy date palm.

9. Bird of Paradise

One of the most exquisite tropical plants with exotic flowers, resembling the shape of a bird. It can reach a height of around 4 feet and looks spectacular while displaying intense shades of blue and orange. You can also grow the giant bird of paradise if you prefer a larger specimen.

10. Peace Lily

Whether you need the houseplant for home or office, nothing beats the elegant and low maintenance peace lily. Not only that, but they keep the surrounding air clean by getting rid of pollutants. It is one of the best Tropical Foliage House Plants to grow indoors!

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11. Orchids

Flowering orchid can be a great centerpiece on your home office’s desk or the dining table. They are very adaptable and brighten up any surrounding you place them. We also added them to our list of best fragrant houseplants.

12. Tree Philodendron

Philodendron bipinnatifidum has desirable lobed foliage that makes it a must grow. Apart from tree philodendron, there are many vining and upright varieties that you can grow as houseplants.

13. Croton

The multicolored croton is a visual treat and draws eyes to itself like no other Tropical Foliage Plants. It comes in a wide range of leaf shapes and colors, giving you a lot of options to choose from! Grow varieties like Gold dust, Mammy, Petra, Red iceton, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

14. Schefflera

Also known as the umbrella plant, thanks to the elongated leaves, looking like an umbrella. The attractive foliage, ease of care, and pollutant removing properties set it apart from Tropical Indoor Plants.

15. Ti Plant

Add a bit of drama to any space with flamboyantly colored foliage of the Ti plant that’s sure to add an instant appeal! Keep it in plenty of bright light, and it’ll keep on thriving, several hours of direct sunlight is a must!

16. Coleus

It’s simply impossible to resist the bold and colorful foliage of coleus. Earlier, they were just shade-lovers, but now sun-loving varieties are also available. The Burgundy Wedding Train coleus is best to grow in hanging baskets. You can also grow coleus in water.

17. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia has a unique foliage pattern and offers an array of colors ranging from purple, pink, green to silver. It makes a striking appearance with its heart-shaped leaves and showy flowers that come in all colors of the rainbow, except for blue.

18. Ferns

Ferns don’t rely just on flowers to grab attention, as their lacy, dangling fronds also add to the overall beauty. The shape, size, and color of the fronds may vary, depending upon the variety. Ferns also remove chemical pollutants from the environment, making them a functional Tropical Foliage Plants. Check out some of the best indoor ferns here.

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19. Monstera Deliciosa

A big Monstera plant in your house can add a tropical touch to your interior, with its unique, split-leaf pattern. You can even notice a slight color variation and different leaf shapes, depending upon the variety you choose.

20. Rubber Plant

The trend of the Rubber plant is evergreen, helping your house to possess a tropical touch. Its glossy green leaves pair best with yellow, white, and pink blotches, making it a beautiful addition to both homes and offices.

To know how to grow and care for rubber plants, !

21. Fatsia Japonica

The exotic-looking foliage, with up to eight lobes in a single leaf, of Fatsia Japonica, adds beauty to any place. It is also known as a false castor plant because of its close resemblance to the castor plant.

22. Song of India Plant

This houseplant radiates its beauty through arching green leaves, which are flushed with a heavy cream border. This ornamental plant is easy to care and doesn’t mind neglect, making it an ideal choice for busy indoor gardeners.

23. Chinese Evergreen

This green leafy plant with silver brushmarks can bring a positive impact to your homes and offices. Thanks to its adaptable nature, it can withstand low light and humid environments as well. Some of the popular varieties are Calypso, Cecilia, Emerald beauty, Golden bay, Maria, Nicole, and Queen Juliana.

24. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Big green leaves of Fiddle Leaf fig with bold veins, add a lush of greenery to any house! Make sure to place this plant under indirect sunlight, at a warm temperature, for better growth. Several hours of direct morning sunlight is a must.

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Foliage, which is the the aggregate of leaves of one or more plants, thrives best indoors, away from extreme weather conditions. For this reason, most foliage tends to grow the greatest in arid or tropical regions, where plants receive plenty of sunshine all year long.

To prevent a plant’s foliage from yellowing, shedding, or drying, it is important to meet the plant’s specific environmental needs, such as proper exposure to the sun and regular watering. Likewise, a grower can often visually inspect their plant’s foliage to gauge how healthy their plants are.

Plants such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and evergreens sport light and airy foliage, some of which is multi-colored. Artemisias, for example, are known for their rich blue, orange, purple, and silvery-gray hues.

Plants that are propagated and sold solely for their ornamental leaves are known as foliage plants, otherwise called green plants. Many plants are considered foliage plants, especially ferns and money trees.

In some plants, their foliage changes according to the season, with most trees bearing gold and russet leaves during autumn. Most foliage tends to appear green over spring and summer. Many types of leaves don’t normally sustain frozen temperatures, which is why most trees don’t present any type of foliage during winter.

Foliage plants

Foliage plants are plants considered to have decorative, colourful and interesting leaves. Such plants can create interesting garden spaces and can provide shade, colour and cover for a range of needs.

Using foliage for decoration and cover has a benefit of being a long-lasting effect that can outlast shorter term flowers and annuals. This can have such benefits as ongoing decorative appeal, longer term shading or cover and even food sources where relevant.

Types of foliage plants

Foliage plants include houseplants, ground cover, ornamental grasses, herbs and container plants.

Selecting foliage plants

When choosing foliage plants, some things to consider include:

  • The colours – is there a particular grouping of colours needed in the area the plant or plants are being placed?
  • The ability of the foliage plants to cope with the temperature ranges
  • If indoors, the suitability of the plant for growing in a container and being indoors

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