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Eastern Prince Schisandra Vine ™

A selection of self-fertile Magnolia Vine from the Vavilov Institute at Vladivostok, Eastern Prince Schisandra Vine ™ bears good crops of large, tasty fruit. Eastern Prince Schisandra Vine ™ is hardy to minus 35 degrees F., USDA Zone 3. This particular variety bears clusters of lightly fragrant, magnolia-like flowers. The snow-white flowers are followed by striking, crimson berries which have a tart and very distinctive taste and aroma. The fruit makes tasty, vitamin-rich juice and preserves, and the dried leaves, shoots, and roots are used to make a refreshing and stimulating tea.

Native to China and Russia, these beautiful vines are valued for their attractive flowers, foliage and fruit. One plant can bear up to 20 lbs. of fruit, which makes tasty and nutritious juice. Very popular in Chinese medicine, all parts of the plants are used medicinally.

Schisandra Vines like some shade and well-drained soil with plenty of moisture. They can grow 8ft. or more in width and begin blooming 2-3 years after planting. Flowers appear in april, the fruit ripens in September, and the plants are not bothered by pest or diseases.

Latin Name: Schisandra chinensis
Site and Soil: Magnolia Vine likes partial shade and well-drained soil.
Pollination Requirements: Eastern Prince ™ is self-fertile.
Hardiness: Magnolia Vine is hardy to minus 35 F.
Bearing Age: 2-3 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 6-8 ft. in width on fence, arbor, trellis or other support.
Bloom Time: April
Ripening Time: September
Yield: 15-20 lbs.
Pests & Diseases: Schisandra Vines are not bothered by pests or diseases.
USDA Zone: 3
Sunset Western Zone: Not listed
Sunset Northeast Zone: Not listed

Buy Schisandra Chinensis Seeds 400pcs Plant Schisandra Berry Tree For Wu Wei Zi

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Seeds Description:

Plant Name: Schisandra Chinensis Tree Seeds

Latin Name: Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill / Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. Et Wils.

Pinyin: Wu Wei Zi

Package: Bag

Origin: Shandong Province, China

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Read More Info. About It:

Schisandra Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. Or Schisandra Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. Et Wils. Dry dry fruit. The former known as “Schisandra”, which used to say “South Schisandra.” Fruit ripening in autumn when picked, dried or steamed to Dry, remove fruiting and impurities. Tang and other “new Materia Medica” contained “flavors of flesh sweet acid, the core of hard, there are salty”, it is the name of Schisandra. Schisandra is divided into South and North two. Ancient Medical book called mysterious and, and the earliest listed in Shennong herbal medicine by top grade medicine, can nourish the power of strong, medicinal value is very high, have physical health effect, combined with Qiongzhen Ganoderma lucidum treatment of insomnia.

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Schisandra – magnolia vine

This is still reflected in its common name, Magnolia Vine. In Poland there are three species of Magnolia Vine in sale: Schisandra chinensis, Schisandra henryi and Schisandra rubriflora.

Schisandra chinensis (photo Sz. Marczynski)

Schisandra chinensis – Chinese Magnolia Vine
Schisandra chinensis is a valuable climber native to China and Korea, grown for ornamental and medicinal purposes as well as for consumption.

It has handsome elliptic or oval deep green leaves with red petioles. In autumn the leaves change colour to yellow. The stems are brown, reach 10 m (1 m of new growth a year) and can either twine round the support or spread along the ground.

Schisandra chinensis (photo Sz. Marczynski)

Magnolia vine is most often a monoecious plant e.g. it has both male and female flowers on each individual plant. You may sometimes encounter dioecious specimens of Schisandra chinensis, that is, the plants with only female or male flowers. The flowers are small, white, creamy or pink and appear at the turn of May and June. The fruits ripen from mid August to mid September and are bright red berries gathered in grape-like clusters.

Schisandra chinensis – fruit (photo Sz. Marczynski)

It requires fertile and moist, but not damp soils. It grows best and produces best fruit in a well-lit position, but sheltered from direct strong sunlight, so the best are northwest- and northeast-facing , sheltered sites. Chinese Magnolia Vineis a frost hardy plant sustaining temperatures down to -30oC and sometimes even down to -40oC (zones 5A-8).
Planting and culture.
It can be planted at any time of the growing season. Plant it into a large pit, provide good drainage and lay the bottom with manure, analogically as when planting clematis. During the first 2-3 years it’s best left to grow in an unrestrained manner. Afterwards, choose between 1 and 3 the strongest stems and tie them up to a support to make them grow vertically. The stems that spread over the ground produce neither flowers nor fruit. Every year in early spring, before the beginning of the growing season, prune the plants to remove all weak and ill stems and cut last year’s stems just above the 12th-15th well developed bud. Remember to water regularly and abundantly as Chinese Magnolia Vine isn’t tolerant of drought. Start fertilizing it in the second year after planting. Line the base of the plant with well spread manure and cover it with a 2 cm layer of composted bark. A correctly trained plant will start bearing fruit in the fourth-sixth year after planting. One bush will yield from 1 to 5 kilos of berries.

Suitable for growing up fences, walls, pergolas and the special T-shaped supports, similarly to actinidias.

Schisandra chinensis on a fence (photo Sz. Marczynski)

The fruit are the main attraction of Chinese Magnolia Vine. They contain schisandrine (tonifying and strengthening substance), vitamin E and easily assimilated microelements: iron, copper, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, titanium and zinc, as well as being high in magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Fruit can be eaten raw or processed e.g. it may be dried or made into juice, extract, infusion or liqueur. Schisandrine and other substances of medicinal properties are present also in bark, leaves and seeds. An infusion made from dried leaves, resembling in taste lemon green tea, invigorates and tones up the nervous and respiratory systems. Chinese Magnolia Vine preparations are used to combat physical and mental fatigue, drowsiness, exhaustion, depression, anemia, lung, liver and digestive system diseases and poor visual acuity. It should not be used in case of nervous hyperactivity, insomnia, hypertension and heart diseases. In the Far East, besides ginseng, schisandra is the most popular herbal drugs. The Chinese name of Schisandra chinensis is “wu-wei-zi”, which literally means “five flavor berry”, which comes from the fact that its berries possess all five basic flavours: the outer shell is sweet, the flesh sour, the seeds bitter and tart, whereas magnolia vine’s extract tends to be salty.

Schisandra rubriflora

Schisandra rubriflora is still a little known climber but worth recommending to all plant lovers owing to its intriguing deep red flowers opening in April-May. It’s a bisexual plant and only male plants with small (about 2,5 cm across) but quite conspicuous deep red flowers borne single on long stalks in leaf axils are encountered for sale. Schisandra rubriflora climbs by means of twining reddish stems and attains the height of 3-4 m, producing about 1 m of new growth in a year. Wide lanceolate green leaves.
It thrives in fertile moist but not waterlogged soil, sheltered from strong wind and midday sun. It’s generally healthy, rarely attacked by diseases and pests. However, it isn’t very hardy and can only by cultivated in a mild climate (zones 6B-9).
It’s best planted in a quiet spot, next to a wall or any other garden support, close to a path, a door or a gate, so that its lovely intensely deep red flowers with contrasting pale yellow pollen can be admired from close up.

Schisandra chinensis – leaves (photo Sz. Marczynski)

Schisandra chinensis – fruit (photo Sz. Marczynski)

Schisandra Vine, Eastern Prince™

Super hardy, super versatile and super healthful, this selection of Chinese magnolia vine originated in far eastern Russia, from the Vavilov Institute, in Vladivostok. ‘Eastern Prince™’ is a self-fertile climber that bears abundant crops of large aggregate fruits that resemble grape clusters. The flowers are small, white, creamy or pink and appear in spring followed by bright red berries that ripen from mid-August to mid-September. The highly nutritious fruits are rich in vitamin E, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, and may be eaten raw or dried, or stored and sweetened later for juice, extracts, preserves, infusions, or wines and cordials. The leaves may be used to make tea. Also called “five flavor berry”, the flavor is quite complex; a combination of salty, pungent, with a sweet outer shell, sour flesh, and bitter-tart seeds. Vigorous vining plants may be trained on a fence, arbor or pergola, and make a great privacy screen. In the Far East schisandra is one of the most popular herbal plants, along with ginseng. One plant can bear up to 20 lbs. of fruit.

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