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The benefits of plants are known to everyone. From providing food, clothes, and shelter, there are numerous other uses of plants. They are used in cosmetics and medical industry as well as in various food recipes. Without plants, there cannot be any life on this planet. Given the current record of pollution, plants seem to be the correct resolution. So, buy various online plants in Singapore for yourself and also for your friends and relatives. As a gift for a special occasion or simply to promote the green thought, you can send these charming plants online using our reliable delivery services in Singapore.

Here are some of the plant types that you can find online at our portal:

  • Indoor Plants – The general characteristics of indoor plants are that they require indirect sunlight and a moderate amount of water. So, if you are looking for a perfect plant for home or plant for office, then, you must explore our range of indoor plants. Lucky bamboo, jade plant, spider plant, snake plant, etc. are some of the best indoor plants. You can get indoor plants in Singapore easily using our best delivery services.
  • Air Purifying Plants – The basic objective plant is to add more oxygen to the atmosphere by removing the pollutants. All the plants do that job but apart from that there are also plants that remove the toxins coming out of paint, furniture, or refrigerator. Areca palm, zamia plant, guzmania plant, or money plants are some of the best air purifying plants and you must buy them!
  • Outdoor Plants – Outdoor plants are those that you can plant in your garden or lawn and which requires a high intensity of sunlight. Chrysanthemum, anthuriums, or orchids are some of the best outdoor plants that will yield beautiful flowers and make your garden look beautiful. So, get these outdoor plants delivery in Singapore and add more cheerfulness to your garden.
  • Cactus – Cactus are those plants that require low maintenance. They can retain moisture and that’s why you don’t need to water it every day. Check the beautiful howarthia plant or the echeveria succulent cactus and place an order today. These cactus or succulents are perfect elements to jazz up the study table or coffee table.

Order Plants In Singapore From Ferns N Petals & Greet Your Loved Ones On Multiple Occasions

Ferns N Petals is always a great place when you want to find a perfect gift for your loved ones. Among all kinds of gifts, the category of plants is one of our best-sellers. The multiple benefits of plants make them the best kind of gift for your loved ones. On any occasion like a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day – you can thus order plants online in Singapore and greet your loved ones. All the varieties of houseplants and potted plants in Singapore are discussed above. We are providing next day delivery services anywhere in Singapore. So, have a nice look at all these rejuvenating plants and place an order soon.

Order Chinese New Year Plants Online in Singapore from Ferns N Petals

Chinese New Year is the best time to decorate your homes and bring in the festive spirit. This joyous occasion brings people together and allow them to create wonderful memories. Gift-giving is a famous tradition of Chinese New Year that helps people extend wishes and blessings to their loved ones in a thoughtful manner. Plants would make an excellent gift for friends and family members on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. The green beauties will decorate their abode tastefully and fill it with joy, positivity and soothing vibes. Ferns N Petals presents a wide array of Chinese New Year plants including Anthurium, spiral bamboo, Kalanchoe, Syngonium, money plant, Aglaonema, and Sansevieria plant. You can order these plants online from the comfort of home and send them to your friends and family in Singapore via our same day, midnight, and next day delivery services.

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9 Places to Buy Plants Online (Plant-Care Has Never Been Easier)

Getty Images

If you’re working with outdoor plants or indoor ones (and your greens are thriving), you’re probably interested in expanding your little botanical flock—and you’re probably wondering where to buy those plants. Depending on where you live, local nurseries, garden centers, or plant shops may be in short supply, and even if there is one in the area, it may not have the precise, on-trend plants you’re looking for. (There’s nothing wrong with wanting some of the gorgeous, bold plants you see on Instagram.)

Fortunately, it’s 2019, and there’s an easy solution: Buy plants online. Shopping online isn’t just for garden tools anymore—tons of smart online plant stores are popping up to make buying plants online possible, easy, and good for the plants themselves. For everything from container gardening to nurturing a vertical garden, you can buy plants online to get the exact leafy look you want, and then have those plants shipped straight to your door. (This is especially helpful if you have large tastes in plants but no car with which to bring them home.)

Nurseries and garden centers offer excellent advice on which kinds of plants work in your climate and can help you pick starter plants you won’t kill almost immediately. If you’re planning a full outdoor garden, talking to someone local might be the best bet, so you can be sure the plants you’re picking will thrive in your yard. If you’re just looking for container garden ideas, plants that don’t need sunlight for your office, or a basic indoor house plant, though, online plant stores have you covered. Especially if you have a very particular plant in mind (let’s be honest: one you saw on Instagram or Pinterest), the best places to buy plants online can get it to you.

They’ll even offer guiding advice while you’re plant shopping to be sure you’re making a good choice for the light levels and temperature in your home (and your own plant caretaking skills). And if your plants start to suffer, some even offer hotlines with gardening advice. (Watering plants properly can also help stave off most gardening woes.) Ready to start shopping? Check out the top sites to buy plants online below.

The best places to buy plants online


This online plant store makes picking an appropriate plant easy—and pretty affordable. Bloomscape filters house plants by size, difficulty level, light level, pet-friendliness, and air-cleansing abilities, so you can find a plant that truly checks off all the boxes. Planters are available in five pretty matte colors (so you can move on from the tried-and-true terra cotta look), and the plants arrive pre-potted in innovative packaging, so you don’t have to do any planting at the beginning. Notably, Bloomscape ships plants of all sizes (yes, even that huge fiddle leaf fig) nationwide.

Cost: Prices start at $35 for small plants and go up to $195 for extra-large ones; nationwide shipping is free on all orders of more than $50.

The Sill

The Sill is one of the trendier places to buy plants online. If you’ve seen glamour shots of a new, unfamiliar plant floating around online, The Sill is probably selling it—and can ship it straight to your door. Plants arrive in a paired planter from the store’s off-kilter collection of super-chic options (check out the Dolores if you’re craving a different type of home for your sprouts), and there are even monthly subscriptions for those who want a new plant every few weeks. Take note: The Sill only ships medium and smaller plants nationwide; for a larger plant, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Cost: Mini plants start at $21, with medium ones costing around $60, depending on the planter option; shipping is free on orders of more than $100.


For home gardeners who want to get their hands a little dirty, Gardenuity delivers growing kits that allow you to grow vegetable plants, herbs, and more from seedlings (or even a seed square, if you’re so inclined). Kits include grow bags, so you can nurture your greens in small spaces, and everything else you need to garden in your terrace, balcony, or backyard. Most places to buy plants online offer mature plants, so if you want to grow something from the seed up (practically), this is a great option. Gardenuity will also suggest appropriate plants for your region, so you can be sure it’s a good match.

Cost: Mini kits are $34, and larger ones are $39; the cost of plant seedling or seed squares varies, as do shipping costs.

The Bouqs Co.

Originally a flower delivery service, The Bouqs Co. has expanded to offer house plants, too. The selection features unexpected options (i.e. not the plants all your friends already have), perfect for someone looking for something a little different. All plants ship anywhere in the continental U.S., and The Bouqs Co. highlights the farmers behind each plant, so you know where your new greenery is coming from.

Cost: Potted plants start at $58; delivery is $12 or free for weekday orders of more than $100.


With the new addition of The Plant Shop, 1-800-Flowers (who you likely already trust for last-minute flower deliveries) joins the list of places to buy plants online. All plants arrive in a gift box, which is a nice touch if you’re gifting live plants, and sizes range from small to large plants. The planters are pretty neutral, too, all the better for gifting.

Cost: Prices range from $40 to $200, depending on size and type of plant. Shipping varies by location.

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It really does sell everything. The Amazon Plants Store sells succulents, shrubs, and more, with the same variety, customization options, shipping, and other features that you’ve come to know and love. You can shop by type of plant, size, brand, and more to find your perfect plant, though you won’t get the same gardening expertise you’d get from a site that specifically sells plants. If you know exactly what plant you want, that might be okay; if you’re not sure, consult an expert before ordering.

Cost: Prices are all over the place (as we’d expect from such a large online marketplace). Shopping with a budget will be easy, just be sure to read reviews if the price seems too good to be true to be sure you’re getting a high-quality plant.


You may already turn to Etsy for unique, creative planters, but you can buy actual plants there, as well. Search for the type of plant you want (if you know), or click through various shops to see what sorts of greens they offer. If you’re trying to shop small, buying plants online through Etsy will let you support smaller nurseries or farmers.

Cost: Varies by seller and plant.

Urban Stems

Initially a flower delivery service, Urban Stems also now offers potted plant delivery nationwide (and many have free shipping if you’re not in a rush). Some planters are totally out there (think dinosaurs), perfect if you’re trying to make a statement with your plant collection, and the plant selection includes tried-and-true favorites plus a few surprises. Most plants are mid-sized or small.

Cost: Prices start at $50.

The Home Depot

You can head to your local Home Depot to pick up a new plant—or you can buy plants online through the site and save yourself a trip. The selection is pretty large, so you’re almost certain to find the plant you’re looking for (especially if you’re looking for a more traditional houseplant), but most plants come in standard temporary planters, so you’ll likely want to repot it once it arrives. If you have a planter you’d like to reuse and are confident in your gardening prowess, go for it; if not, you may want to look at pre-potted options.

Cost: Varies by plant.

The 13 best places to buy plants online

Everyone loves plants, right? They freshen the air, look pretty, and give us a small sense of responsibility. The only issue is finding the time (or the right place) to actually go out and pick up a ficus or fern.

Whether you want to fill your home with delightful houseplants or replace your shrubbery in the backyard, you don’t have to leave your home to get plants. There are plenty of resources online that will ship a small succulent or a perennial right to your doorstep.

Unlike going to a brick and mortar plant shop, you don’t have the added bonus of having a green thumb answer your questions in person when shopping online. But you do have convenience. Although some of these sites do offer additional information on care and seasonality, it’s probably best to do a little research before you buy.


For your garden or windowsill, here are 13 of the best places to buy plants online.

1. Amazon

Credit: Getty Images / timnewman

You can get everything at Amazon, right?

Our favorite: Costa Farms Live Ficus Lyrata—$89.16

You can basically get anything on Amazon and, yes, that includes plants. The Amazon Plant Store offers everything from succulents to shrubs, and even sells a ton of plants that are hard to kill for us black thumbs out there. Bonus: Some of these plants are available on Amazon Prime, which means you can up your greenery game fast.

Shop the Amazon Plant Store

2. Terrain

Credit: Terrain

Elegant plants are abundant on this site.

Our favorite: Succulent Garden—$78

While I do recommend going into a Terrain store for its gorgeous store design and delicious cafe, you can get the some of their elegant plants online. Though there are some plants they only sell in-store, you can order indoor plants like aloe or seasonal tulips in addition to some outdoor furniture and decor, and have them shipped in two days. Everything they sell has a quaint vibe to it, but it is on the more expensive side—it is Anthropologie’s plant store after all.

The company’s return policy varies depending on the plant—for trees and shrubs delivered and planted by Terrain, returns or replacements are offered within a year of purchase. For all other live plants, the company doesn’t offer returns but will replace plants that arrive damaged or dead within 48 hours of delivery. If you sign up for emails, you can also get free shipping on your first order.


Shop the Terrain plants

3. The Sill

Credit: The Sill

There’s more than just windowsill plants at The Sill.

Our favorite: Philodendron Silver—$6

Offering plants starting at $5, you can shop a variety of categories like low light and pet friendly at The Sill. If you’re worried about ordering plants online, there’s 30-day return policy for when you and your plant pal really aren’t working out and free shipping on orders over $75. Not only that, but under “The Sill Plant Promise,” you can actually return certain plants for up to a year after you’ve purchased them. You can also join the Plant Parent Club for a $39 annual membership fee and get access to online workshops, articles, and new products, plus free shipping and 10% off every online order.

Shop The Sill plants

4. Floom

Credit: Floom

Choose from more thoughtfully curated plants at Floom.

Our favorite: White Phalaenopsis—$125

Not only does it have a quirky name, but Floom also sells some unique plants and bouquets from local stores in your area. These plants are on the more expensive side, but plant lovers will appreciate a smaller, more curated selection as well as simple care tips included with each plant description. Note: Because these plants are sourced locally, they may not be available in your location—yet.

Shop the Floom plants

5. Bouqs

Credit: Bouqs

Aside from bouquets, you can get a few plants from Bouqs.

Our favorite: Skylar Zebrina plant—$65

Bouqs may be the place you order flowers from on Mother’s Day, but it also offers a large selection of plants for your home. Their selection may be small (currently, there are only 10 plants to choose from), but you can rest assure that these plants are coming straight from sustainable, eco-friendly farmers and in turn supports them.


Shop the Bouqs plants

6. Bloomscape

Credit: Bloomscape

Finding your ideal plant online is easy with Bloomscape’s categories.

Our favorite: Parlor Palm—$65

Plants make people happy, and the potted plants you can get from Bloomscape might be some of the happiest of all because they stay put in a greenhouse until they’re ready to arrive at their forever home—no sad sojourns to a big warehouse for these leafy friends. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and guarantees that all greenery will arrive in great condition. While they don’t offer returns, you have up to 30 days to exchange a plant that might have been damaged in transit. If you’re stumped on how to care for your new plant friend, you can check out Plant Life for tips or reach out to Joyce Mast, Bloomscape’s official plant mom, for more direct help in the event of a plant-mergency.

Shop the Bloomscape plants

7. Nature Hills Nursery

Credit: Nature Hills Nursery

Grow your garden or add a few plants from this online nursery.

Our favorite: Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac—$39.95

This online “neighborhood nursery” will ship a wide variety of trees, fruit, perennials, grasses, and roses all across the country. While they mainly sell outdoor and garden plants, you can also purchase ferns to put in your home or few bulbs to grow as houseplants if you’re up for the challenge. When your plant bounty arrives, it will will come with planting, care, and storage instructions, so you’ll know exactly how to start your green thumb. Word to the wise, though: their return policy is somewhat stringent. Technically all sales are final, but in the event a return is allowed, the company adds a restocking fee equal to 40% of the total purchase, so be sure to keep it in mind as you shop.

Shop the Nature Hills Nursery plants



Get succulents, seeds, and more delivered right to your doorstep.

Our favorite: Creme & Green Mini Jade Plant—$27.99

Walmart’s online-only shop not only ships pantry items to your door, but they also have a surprisingly great selection of plants to choose from. You can get seeds, garden flowers, bushes, and even affordable houseplants. Plus, if you order more than $35, you get free shipping, making it easy to work within a budget.


Shop the plants

9. Home Depot

Credit: Home Depot

This online store is almost as versatile as Home Depot’s in-person Garden Center.

Our favorite: Gemini Hybrid Tea Rose—$29.98

If you don’t feel like going into your local Home Depot, you can still have the same plants shipped right to your door. The online version of their in-store garden center is quite impressive and filled with a variety of flowers and landscaping plants, as well as the tools you’ll need to care for them. Whether you choose to shop here or not, you can still take advantage of online tools like a mulch calculator. Home Depot also has one of the best plant return policies around—the store guarantees all tropical plants, houseplants, perennials, trees, and shrubs for up to a year. By signing up for the Garden Club, you can also get tips for maintaining plants, plus coupons and an additional $5 off your next order.

Shop the Home Depot plants

10. Burpee

Credit: Burpee

Shop all things garden with this online plant catalog.

Our favorite: SuperSauce Hybrid Tomato plant—$18.99

Starting off as a seed catalog, you can now order both seeds and plants through Burpee online. The plant store is meant more for gardeners, but (thankfully) they have plants for all skill levels. Experts can get their hands dirty with unique heirloom tomato seeds, while beginners can start out with a collection of starter herbs. Plants are also shipped at the right time of growth for the “zone” you live in, which takes some of the guesswork of gardening out for you.

Shop the Burpee plants

11. Etsy

Credit: Cactus Limon

Etsy’s artisan-to-consumer marketplace is a veritable treasure trove for all kinds of unique products, especially succulents.

Our favorite: Cactus Limon Haworthia Zebra Succulent Plant—$3.95

This artisan-to-consumer marketplace is a veritable treasure trove for all kinds of unique products, and the same is true if you’re shopping for plants online. There are a variety of great houseplant sellers on Etsy, including Plant Emporium, Pretty in Green Plants, and Cactus Limon, to name a few. While these sellers differ in plenty of ways, most of them will guarantee the safe arrival of your plants and offer flexible exchange and return policies, especially in the event that your plant gets damaged during shipping.


Shop plants at Etsy

12. Modern Sprout

Credit: Modern Sprout

This herb starter kit from Modern Sprout doesn’t need water to grow.

Our favorite: Herb Garden Jars Indoor Garden Kit—$20

When you live in a city, it can be hard to get the garden experience you really crave. Modern Sprout is a game-changer though, since the company sells a good mix of plants, flowers, and herb starter kits, the latter of which comes in a self-contained planter and doesn’t need water. (Bonus points: the herb starter kit is also Oprah approved.) Based out of Chicago, the company has a flat $5 shipping fee for domestic orders (you’ll have to pay extra if you live abroad or in Hawaii or Alaska). The company offers returns, too, but you’ll have to pay to ship your plant back, so be sure to pack it carefully.

Shop plants at Modern Sprout

13. Leaf & Clay

Credit: Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay’s monthly subscription service can be a great value for plant lovers, plus you get free shipping.

Our favorite: Plant Mail Club Monthly Subscription—$15.95

A monthly subscription can be a terrific way to grow your indoor plantscape, and with Leaf & Clay, you can get a curated 3-pack of exquisite succulents at a very affordable price point. While the company also sells one-one cacti and succulents, its monthly service can be a great value for plant lovers, plus you get free shipping. While Leaf & Clay don’t offer returns on live plants, if your plants arrive damaged, they’ll issue store credit within 48 hours. During the winter months, Leaf & Clay recommends buying a heat pack to protect against cold weather damage.

Shop plants at Leaf & Clay

The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Prices are accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

Our latest rankings have been released. From first to worst, we rank the most popular online plant nurseries that sell evergreen trees & shrubs nationwide. Is there a new #1? Which four nurseries received a D? Which online nurseries made the list? You can view the latest ratings and grades here.

Updated monthly, 3 websites went up and 2 went down. A few of the most popular sites, based on traffic volume, made significant design changes. We consider most of the changes an improvement, ultimately making it easier for you to shop on their site.

What do we rate and why?

Our grading scale is the total score from 10 different factors. Each factor gets a score from 1 to 10. We simply add the scores to come up with their overall rating and grade. What are the 10 factors? You can see a full explanation of our ratings & grades here.

When we review an online nursery, we take advantage of our background working for three of the largest online nurseries. From working in fields, to customer service, to managing all marketing & merchandising; we kind of know the good, bad and ugly… and we tell all!

Our reviews also include information that you need to be aware of before you buy. What is the fine print? What are you agreeing to if you buy from them? We scrutinize the fine print and lay it out for you.

Getting the lowest price is important, buying from an online nursery that you can trust is even more important. We are dedicated to helping you buy evergreen trees and shrubs online with confidence.

Updated January 2, 2020

Top Ranked Online Nurseries

From first to worst, our complete rankings are below. Not too many changes as winter is one of the slowest times of the year for the landscape nursery business. Top 3 and bottom 3 stayed the same. You can read about what we grade and why here.

Trying to figure out what trees and shrubs you want can be a bit overwhelming. So many choices with new introductions every year. There’s A LOT to choose from! Shopping online you’ll find just about every variety of tree or shrub but who has the best quality at the best prices?

We worked with 3 of the largest online plant nurseries in the country for 10 years. We have also visited (to evaluate) or ordered plants from over 30 online garden centers. We know what to look for and we don’t hold back what we dig up (pun intended).

This site is dedicated to helping you buy plants online with confidence at the lowest prices. We have a very unique rating system for online nurseries that you will not find anywhere else.

Nurseries ranked by rating score high to low.

Rank Change Nursery Website Rating Grade Complete Review
1 n/c

86 B Read Review
2 n/c

84.5 B Read Review
3 n/c

83.5 B Read Review
4 +3

81.5 B- Read Review
5 +2

81.5 B- Read Review
6 -2

81 B- Read Review
7 n/c

81 B- Read Review
8 -3

80 B- Read Review
9 n/c

80 B- Read Review
10 n/c

80 B- Read Review
11 n/c

79 C+ Read Review
12 n/c

78 C+ Read Review
13 -1

78 C+ Read Review
15 +1

77 C+ Read Review
14 -1

75.5 C Read Review
16 n/c

75.5 C Read Review
17 n/c

74.5 C Read Review
18 n/c

73 C Read Review
19 n/c

72.5 C- Read Review
20 n/c

67 D+ Read Review
21 n/c

66.5 D Read Review
22 n/c

65 D Read Review
23 n/c

60.5 D- Read Review

All company names, logos are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Before you place any order please make sure you verify when your plants will ship. Do it before giving them your money. Even southern nurseries that can ship year round face some exceptions & delays due to cold weather.

If a site says something like; ‘ships now weather permitting’ call them to verify shipping status. Also avoid online nurseries using gimmicks like; ‘Order now & we’ll hold it for free until spring.’ I can guaranty they won’t wait until spring to charge your credit card.

This is why we list the location of the nursery on each of their reviews. In most cases, it lets you know where your plants will be shipped from. For many in the south, winter can be a great time to plant. Cool nights and warm soil help plants establish roots quickly. The plants will focus more of their energy on the root growth underground during colder months.

Unboxing Orders

We placed 6 orders from our top rated nurseries in 2019. You can view pictures and read the complete unboxing review for each by clicking on any of the links below.

Unboxing Meyer Lemon from Fast Growing Trees

Unboxing Meyer Lemon from Four Winds Growers

Unboxing Tabletop Christmas Tree from Jackson & Perkins

Unboxing Camellias from Garden Goods Direct

Unboxing Rosemary & Blueberry Bush From Planting Tree

Unboxing 4 Plants Ordered From The Tree Center

What is the best mail order nursery?

Mail order is the same as saying online nursery. Before the internet became so popular, many nurseries used to send printed catalogs, so the name has stuck. We rank the top 24 mail order nurseries from first to worst.

Are there different types of online nurseries?

YES! There are 3 different types. 1) Wholesale growers who have a retail website. 2) Your typical retail nursery but many online do not have a retail storefront. 3) Drop Shippers. Websites that don’t have their own fields with plants and use third party nurseries to ship their orders. Nature Hills Nursery is an example.

Can you order houseplants online?

Yes! Literally hundreds of different houseplants are for sale online with delivery to your door. You can compare prices from our top rated online garden centers on over 170 popular houseplants.

Where can I buy cheap plants online?

Just remember you usually get what you pay for. In order of our ratings high to low, here are 3 ‘cheap’ online nurseries., Greenwood Nursery, TYTY Nurseries.


All the information on this website – – is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. Buy Evergreen Shrubs does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website (, is strictly at your own risk. Buy Evergreen Shrubs will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website.

Where to buy plants online

You’ve probably read by now that houseplants are an easy way to liven up a space while purifying the air too. But then what? Where can you get some for your home?

Besides brick-and-mortar options like big-box retailer garden centers and local plant nurseries and shops, you can also order plenty of greenery online, shipped directly to your door. In fact, even big boxes, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, offer an online selection of indoor plants available for delivery.

Below, we round up some of the best places to buy houseplants online right now. Before you dive in, check out our guide to ordering plants online. Like the look but just not ready fro the responsibility of keeping something alive? Then skip right down to the faux plants section a little further down.


Yup! The ecommerce giant has a plant store. Shop it as you would any other Amazon department: Browse by category (garden/patio, indoor, gifts, etc.), sort by price or rating, and look out for that handy blue “prime” label indicating free shipping.


Bloomscape offers potted plants delivered straight to your door (in the continental U.S. anyway), proper drainage and detailed care instructions included. Bloomscape’s selection ranges from tiny one-foot-tall plants for your window sill to “extra-large” statement plants that reach three to five feet tall. Bonus: The Bloomscape “Plant Mom” will answer your plant care questions by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Mila the Snow Rose Serissa (medium), $150. Dandy FarmerNoomi the Trumpet Jade (medium), $110. Dandy Farmer

Dandy Farmer

Looking for something a little different? This online shop for modern bonsai could be your answer. Find options the range in size, color, and sculptural quality, from a lithe Snow Rose Serissa to a bold Trumpet Jade. The store also sells various bonsai tools and accessories.

Garden Goods Direct

While Garden Goods Direct offers everything from flowers to trees and shrubs, it does have a robust houseplant section where you can get aloe vera, anthurium, jade pothos, and more. The website comes with detailed plant and care info. Do watch out for shipping restrictions by state.

Philodendron Prince Of Orange and Azteca Pot, $27. Greenery NYC Bird Of Paradise Plant and Ivory Fiberstone Egg Pot, $355. Greenery NYC

Greenery Unlimited

Greenery Unlimited is the online shop of interior plant design studio Greenery NYC. The range of plants available à la carte include pet-friendly and low-maintenance varieties. Each plant usually comes with a handful of covetable planter options. Note: Only desktop plants are available for shipping nationwide; floor plants are only delivered to NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens). The company also recently opened a “biophilic design store” in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, complete with a 120-square-foot green wall and plenty of spaces to lounge among a bonafide plant paradise.

Hot Cactus

For those who love—love—cacti, look to this LA-based purveyor of rare desert plants. Hot Cactus descended on New York City in summer 2017 with a pop-up greenhouse filled with 1,000 cacti, and then opened an online store the following fall. Check back with the shop for newly added specimens.

Snake Plant with 1 ½ ft tall with stand, $139. Léon & George

Léon & George

The selection at this houseplant one-stop shop isn’t wide at all but it is quite dashing. The Bay Area-born startup is hoping to standout by offering the “absolute best quality plants and planters.” Prices are a bit steep starting at about $140 for a tabletop plant and planter, but at least shipping is free nationwide. With every online purchase, the company also donates funds to plant a tree in a U.S. National Forest with every online purchase.


Owned by the same company as ProFlowers, ProPlants is an 1-800-Flowers type of site that lets you browse by occasion and recipient. So this is a good place to browse plant gift ideas. The site also has a “Breathe Happier” collection that curates plants particular good at cleaning the air, such as snake plants and a variety of pothos.

Angel Vine, Small Blue Pot, $34. Terrain Giant Tillandsia, $60. Terrain


Terrain is Anthropologie’s garden brand, so you know the offerings are going to be a bit crafty and twee. Think succulent gardens in wooden troughs and olive trees in rustic metal pots.

The Sill

The Sill has been shipping plants to customers’ doors since 2012. The shop now has two physical locations in New York City, a new store in Los Angeles, and of course, a wide selection at its revamped online store, where you can browse houseplants by size and categories like low light or pet-friendly. Products start at just $5 and come with a 30-day return policy.

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