Raised pallet garden bed

Did you know that pallets could be your next gardening option? You may not see a garden every time you look at one, but there is real possibility there. So the next time you come across a pallet, realize that it can be reconfigured and turned into a wonderful growing space.

Plus, pallet gardens are also very eye-catching. Which means, if you need additional (or simply pretty) growing space, then one of these pallet garden options we are bringing you could very easily work for your home.

With that in mind, here are pallet garden ideas for vegetables, herb, or flower that will hopefully inspire you to upcycle a pallet into your next garden idea:


1. The Pallet Living Wall

Do you like to decorate your garden naturally? I’m talking about using plants to draw attention to it instead of placing handmade items in your garden to catch the eyes of passerbyers.

Well, if this is you, then you’ll love this living wall. It is constructed from pallets and seems very easy to put together. Then you just place your gorgeous plants inside of this wall and let the plants do their job to decorate.

Make this pallet garden ›

2. The Pallet Herb Garden

I love having fresh herbs around our house. I love it even more when they don’t take up precious growing space. If you feel the same way, then you are going to love this idea.

So basically, you hang a pallet on the side of your house though you do a little reconfiguring so the pots of herbs have a place to sit inside the pallet. Then you add a little finesse with some hand art. Finally, you have your very own hanging herb garden that is a space saver plus it looks gorgeous to boot.

Make this pallet garden ›

3. Pallet Grow Space

Would you like to add a little splash of life or color to your back porch or deck? Well, you don’t have to buy something expensive to do the trick.

Instead, simply lean a pallet up against your railing and place beautiful plants inside of the pallet. Again, you may have to do some reconfiguring so the plants don’t fall through. But you could still have a beautiful grow space that takes up minimal space and can be done on a minimal budget.

4. The Vertical Pallet Garden

I love to grow upwards. I think it looks neat and it also saves a lot of room. If you feel the same, then you’ll probably love this vertical pallet garden. You can grow a lot of different items in one small vertical rectangle.

Plus, this would be a great way to grow food or flowers even if you live in an area with no yard or a small yard. You could easily place this pallet design anywhere and produce a lot of vegetation.

5. The Pallet Garden

If you are working on a tight budget, you may not have the funds to build above ground beds. Well, don’t let that stop you from gardening.

Instead, place pallets on the ground and fill them with dirt. Then plant your seeds and watch as your vegetation grows through the slats. We did this for a small garden for our chickens, and they loved it.

Make this pallet garden ›

6. The Vertical Garden

This is another vertical pallet garden. If you look closely you’ll see that they basically just stacked pallets on top of one another.

Then they painted them and added grow baskets in the open slats so they could grow herbs and plants. This is a simple DIY project that could add some character to your property without a lot of investment.

7. DIY Herb Garden

Pallets are popular choices for petite herb gardens. The reason is that they are easy to construct and also easy to place anywhere out of the way.

Plus, they add a lot of life and beauty anywhere they are placed. So if you’d like to have a smaller herb garden without a ton of investment then give this idea a shot.

Make this pallet garden ›

8. The 2 For 1 Pallet Garden

This pallet garden has a 2 for 1 option with it. It starts as a horizontal above ground bed that you simply fill with dirt and then plant in it.

Second, it has a vertical pallet attached. This pallet can be used as vertical growing space or as a trellis. It would take up more space but also be very functional.

9. The Vertical Flower Garden

If you’d like to plant flowers along your porch wall or maybe even next to a back or side door, then this would be a good option for that.

I say that because this pallet garden could very easily be trimmed down to fit just about anywhere and hung up just about anywhere. Then you could have beautiful flowers wherever you desired.

10. The Small Vertical Garden

Some of the other vertical pallet gardens we’ve looked at have been pretty big. They are beautiful, but if you live in a smaller home with a smaller yard then you may not have the room for one that big.

That is where this smaller vertical garden comes into play. It is one pallet in height. You simply place your plants inside the pallet, care for them, and watch them grow. That simple.

11. The Rustic Vertical Pallet Garden

I really like this vertical pallet garden. They added a few extra touches that really gives it a more rustic appearance, which I’m a huge fan of.

So if you’d like a more rustic vertical pallet garden then you might want to consider this one. It is gorgeous and would certainly give you additional growing space.

Make this pallet garden ›

12. The Labeled Herb Garden

This herb garden is beautiful. With the size of it, you have plenty of grow space for just about any herb you would want to grow.

However, they took it the extra mile and used chalkboard paint so the herb garden could be easily labeled in order for you to keep track of what you’re growing.

13. The Square Pallet Garden

This pallet garden is very easy to construct and it also gives you a lot of easy to access grow space. All you’ll need to do is stack multiple levels of pallets and fill them with dirt.

Then you can grow from all sides of the pallet garden. This makes harvesting easier, and you get additional layers of growing room

14. Free Standing Vertical Pallet Garden

Maybe you like the idea of vertical gardening because it is so much easier on your back. Maybe you also like the idea of using pallets because you like the look and the cost.

However, maybe you don’t like the idea of leaning or hanging pallets up in order to get the other two benefits. Well, thanks to this freestanding vertical pallet garden, you won’t have to. So give it a glance if this sounds like what you’ve been looking for.

Make this pallet garden ›

15. The Strawberry Pallet Planter

I’m considering changing the layout for my strawberries this upcoming spring. This looks similar to what I’ve been looking for to give my strawberries more grow room.

So if you love to grow strawberries but have been looking for a good way to do so, then check out this planter. It is not only functional but pretty too.

Make this pallet garden ›

16. The Whole Pallet Shabang

Would you like to design your whole garden based around pallets? Well, then this is a great layout option. It shows you how to have pallet garden beds brought to your level so there is no bending when harvesting or planting.

Also, it has a large vertical pallet garden in the center that is great as far as function goes. Plus, it is also appealing visually.

17. Pallet Table with Herb Garden in Center

I love unique finds. I think it adds something special to your home because no one else has anything like it.

Well, that is how this pallet table is. It isn’t just a table constructed from pallets, but it also has an herb garden growing in the middle. How neat is that?

18. The Simple Pallet Planter

This pallet planter is another basic design. It is only one pallet high, but they painted it which makes it stand out.

Also, they added nice little hooks at the top to hold any small gardening tools that you might need in order to take care of or plant this planter.

Make this pallet garden ›

19. The Supported Pallet Garden

I love this pallet garden. I love how they created a ‘kick stand’ to hold it up and in place. I also love how they painted it a beautiful color and placed it as a centerpiece in their front yard.

So if you’ve been looking for something unique yet inexpensive to bring a little extra life to your yard, then consider this pallet garden project.

20. Pallet Butterfly Planter

This tiny planter is great to place at your entry way. It doesn’t take up much space while still adding some rustic country charm.

Also, if you plant the right flowers it is meant to attract butterflies which would be a beautiful sight as you enter your home.

Make this pallet garden ›

21. The Indoor Pallet Garden

If you want to make your whole garden a pallet garden, this is another great layout. The great thing is this one is shown being grown indoors.

However, it could easily be duplicated outside too. So if you like these gorgeous pallet garden beds and the gorgeous vertical gardens as well, then this could be the pallet layout you’ve been waiting for.

22. The Cedar Pallet Planter

If you’ve come across a beautiful cedar pallet, then you might be wondering how in the world to use this gorgeous item.

Well, this could be it! You could easily turn it into a vertical planter that could hold anything from flower to herbs to vegetables, if desired.

Make this pallet garden ›

23. The Self-Supported Pallet Herb Garden

I love this herb garden. It is beautiful to look at. It also has been painted so it stands out as something fresh which is what an herb garden should do.

But what I really love about this herb garden is the fact that it is growing herbs (that are labeled, by the way) in an organized and compact way. If this is something you’d love to then you should check this design out.

Make this pallet garden ›

24. The Stand Alone Pallet Garden

This pallet garden is very unique. It has different levels of growing space and also is designed to display, in a different fashion, whatever is planted within the pallet garden.

So if you are looking for something a little different in design, then you should consider this pallet garden.

25. Pallet Planter Hanger

Do you like the idea of displaying your planter boxes on the wall outside of your home? Are you not quite sure how to accomplish that idea?

Well, look no further because this unique pallet idea will have you displaying those planters in no time. All you’ll need to do is secure to pieces of pallet to the wall, and then secure your planter boxes to the pallets.

26. The Bottle and Pallet Herb Garden

If you’d like to grow an herb garden that doesn’t take up much space, then a pallet garden could be your solution.

However, if you’d like to upcycle as much as possible to have this herb garden, then consider this idea of planting your herbs in bottles then placing them within the pallet and hanging your herbs on the wall.

27. The Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

Herbs are something so simple to grow. They take up very little space. They can be dried and used later on, or you can use them fresh. Plus, they are very good for you too.

So when you have the option of growing them in an organized way that won’t take up much space, then you almost have to go for it. If you are deciding to go for it, then consider this design to get you started.

28. The Pallet Planter Wall

Do you have a bare fence in your backyard? Well, don’t let it stay that way. Instead pull together a few pallets and a few planter boxes and create a wall garden.

Need ideas on how to accomplish this? Well, look no further than this gorgeous design. It has looks and functionality. It doesn’t get much better than that, in my opinion.

29. The Pallet Garden Paradise

If you don’t have a lot of money to sink into a gorgeous outdoor grow/sitting space, then you need to check out this design.

So the designer of this totally rocks because they created their own little haven with very little. They did this by basically putting multiple pallets together, painting them, planting in them, and adding a neat little chair. You could have your own little place of peace with hardly any money involved.

30. The Shipping Pallet Raised Bed

This design is gorgeous for a raised garden bed. The tutorial that accompanies it is also very thorough which is always helpful when building anything for the first time.

So if you are in need of a raised garden bed without a huge price tag, then consider this option. It is quite beautiful to look at as well.

Make this pallet garden ›

31. The Multi-Colored Pallet Gardens

Do you like things that are bright, colorful, and a little different? Well, if so, then you will probably like these hanging pallet gardens.

These pallet gardens are functional while also not taking up much space besides hanging space. So if you need something decorative and functional with a low price tag, then you might want to consider this pallet garden idea.

32. Pallet Herb Planter

This pallet planter is very simple in appearance. They didn’t do anything to really clean up the pallet as they left an old ring still visible on it.

However, I like the more rustic look. So if you need something simple to plant your herbs in while also sticking with a rustic décor theme, then you might want to consider this option.

33. The Large Vertical Planter

This vertical planter is quite large. The picture actually shows it being used indoors, but you could use it outdoors as well.

So if you are looking for a way to grow a lot of plants in an organized way, then this might be a good fit for you.

34. Pallet Garden Bed

If you are needing an inexpensive way to plant above ground, then look no further than the average pallet.

So this design is basically just showing you how functional and easily a pallet can be used for this. All you have to do is lay it on the ground, fill it with dirt, and plant.

35. Above Ground Pallet Garden Bed

This pallet garden bed is shown being used on a patio which is a unique idea. All you have to do is lay the pallet out horizontally, fill it with dirt, and plant.

So if you like the idea of having an above ground garden bed right outside on your patio, then this could be a budget-friendly option for that.

36. Flower Pallet Garden

Do you love to grow flowers? Would you love to have a neat way to display those flowers that won’t cost you a fortune?

Well, then consider this DIY pallet flower garden. It takes up very little room, is made from pallets so it doesn’t cost much, and does a great job at displaying those beautiful flowers that you enjoy so much.

Make this pallet garden ›

37. The Pallet Garden

I really like this pallet garden. It is simple yet beautiful simultaneously. It has a few neat features added to it as well to make it stand out.

So if you have a spare pallet, then turn it into this beautiful masterpiece in order to display your flowers and give your yard a splash of character.

Make this pallet garden ›

38. The Stair-Stepped Pallet Garden

This pallet garden is different from a lot of others we’ve listed here. This one does a great job at displaying all of your flowers.

It works so well because it is set-up in a tier or stair-step design. That way all of the flowers can equally be seen and enjoyed.

39. The Lattice Pallet Garden

This is another vertical garden design that is constructed from a pallet. It does a great job at adding a splash of color and natural design to your yard.

However, this one is a little different because instead of sticking with the pallet design, the front of the pallet is covered with lattice. This gives it a totally different look than most.

Make this pallet garden ›

40. The Latch-On Pallet Planter

Most of the pallet planters we have looked at are the pallets that have been transformed to set the plants inside the pallet.

Well, this one is different because the plants are meant to be attached to the plant and hang. So if you think this is more your design then give this idea a try.

Make this pallet garden ›

41. The U-Shaped Pallet Raised Bed

I like the design of this pallet raised bed planter. It is obviously constructed by deconstructing pallets for their wood.

Then you built it in this nice u-shape that makes planting and harvesting much easier. The added door is great because it keeps pets out of your garden bed as well.

42. Pallet Planters

Do you like the look of pallets so much that you’d like to enjoy them inside? Well, look no further than this design idea.

So you can deconstruct pallets for the wood to build these great rustic planters. Then display them indoors or outdoors. They would also be great for growing fresh herbs.

43. Vertical Pallet Planter

This pallet planter is only one pallet high so it would fit in most any size space. It is great for planting the plants directly into the pallet as well.

However, they take the middle section and fill it with straw which is actually a great idea. The straw will help to hold in moisture. So consider that when planting in a pallet.

Well, now you have over 40 ideas for unique pallet garden ideas and designs. Hopefully this will inspire you to tap into an inexpensive resource and upcycle them into some amazing and decorative creations.

But I want to hear your thoughts. How have you planted in pallets before? Do you have pictures to share with us?

We love hearing from you all so please leave your comments in the space provided below.

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How To: Build a Wooden Pallet Garden Bed

Have you just moved to a new house, or have you been looking for a new hobby? Prefer to know where your vegetables and herbs come from, or have you just been watching too many home and garden inspiration shows on Netflix? Whatever the reason, creating wooden pallet garden boxes from recycled shipping pallets is the perfect way to make your kitchen or garden more productive.

Materials like shipping pallets are perfect for this sort of project because they come at a low cost and in large numbers. There’s always a chance that you might want to create more garden beds, and the abundance of timber pallets can allow you to follow your new passion. It will be worth all the work when your produce is feeding the family!

Using wooden pallets as an alternative keeps costs low, but also asking friends and family for plant cuttings offers another inexpensive way to start your plant collection or grow your garden. So, grab your gardening gloves and hit the dirt – your garden bed awaits!

Everything You’ll Need

  • 2-4 Pallets (one per garden bed)
  • Timber Nails
  • Hammer
  • Plyers
  • Plant Soil
  • Plants

Preparing Your Timber Pallets

The preparation of the wood is the most important part of taking your wood from a shipping pallet to an easy and trendy garden bed frame. Begin by removing any dirt or bits of wood from your pallets you don’t need to keep them looking fresh from the start.

Depending on how many planter boxes you are looking for, start with one or two pallets, as each pallet creates one garden bed. With these pallets, decide which side will become the top and bottom and remove a few panels of wood from the top to create an open-topped box. Removing these planks of wood can be made easy by loosening nails with plyers.

Building Your Garden Bed

Next, you will notice that the sides of your pallet will need to be closed up so that soil and plants will sit securely in the garden bed. You can reattach the planks of wood removed earlier with some nails, or instead, staple gardening fabric around the edge of each pallet.

Planting Your Garden

Now, you can try setting your garden bed in the place where you plan to grow your veggies or flowers and begin to fill it three-quarters full of plant soil. You can now start digging small wells with your hands to arrange your new plants in. All that’s left to do is to water, and to wait!

If you find that your flower garden or vegetable patch takes off, then timber pallets can also be used to created wooden window boxes in the same way, so you can style up the house by sizing down the dimensions a little. And in case you have discovered that gardening is your passion, why not create some outdoor pallet furniture, so that you can sit and take a break in between gardening!

Let these wooden pallet garden beds into your life and take your meals from home-cooked to home-grown. Create a garden – and good food – that even Jamie Oliver would be proud of.

20 Creative Ways to Upcycle Pallets in your Garden

Inspiring Pallet DIY Garden Projects

Looking for ways to upcycle pallets? Some creative DIY pallet garden projects? Recently I repurposed a pallet and large square wooden crate lying around a local landscaping yard, into a mini garden shed for $7. I was so pleased with the result, it made me consider other ways to reuse materials for my garden needs. More of us are conscious of repurposing rather than impacting on landfill with unnecessary waste. So I thought I’d share these DIY creative ideas to upcycle pallets. You may be amazed at the possibilities!

Cheryl has turned this hardwood pallet into a stunning vertical garden – perfect for a narrow balcony or limited space. Repeating coordinated colours works well. You can find the DIY instructions below.

“Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.” – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upcycling

Upcycle Pallets into Vertical Planters

Growing vertically saves space and pallets can be used in a number of ways to stack plants. I’m sure this pallet planter project could become addictive!

Britney created a stunning planter by stapling landscaping fabric onto the back of this pallet, filling with soil and her favourite plants. Inspiring result! See below for tips on watering.

Vertical gardens have many benefits including taking up less room and maximising growing space. Here are some more ways you can upcycle pallets:

Maximum space is used here both vertically and horizontally with this abundant veggie patch filled with shallow rooted herbs and vegetables. If planting edibles directly into pallets, you may want to consider buying new and read the safety tips at the end of this article.

An amazing quantity of food can be grown in a one square metre pallet garden. This one is intensively planted with luscious veggies!

Even a plain pallet can make a stunning planter against a contrasting backdrop. Are you thinking up the possibilities?

Learn how to make your own edible and flower pallet garden in this tutorial video:

This vertical planter was built as a functional screen to hide an unsightly water tank from a kitchen window. A low-maintenance succulent pallet garden is a clever solution!

Pallets can be used as they are, given a coat of paint and hung on a wall as shelving. Or dismantle and use the timber for another project. Check out these inspiring ideas:

This pallet was salvaged from the side of the road & painted a cheery yellow to solve a privacy problem for the owners while sitting out on their exposed deck. Now it’s a colourful feature planter box & an inviting place to sit. This project inspires lots of variations such as a fragrant edible herb garden in pots on one tier & colour in between. Adding hooks, brackets, tea light candles or garden art also opens up the possibilities.

Pallet Fences, Greenhouses & Planters

Create a simple painted feature fence with one or more pallets and a few garden accessories. Hardwood pallets are a lot cheaper than buying timber for fence panels and if coated with a suitable sealing paint or finish, will have a reasonable lifespan.

Via Camelot Art Creations

This nifty and inexpensive greenhouse has been made from two salvaged pallets. A great solution for raising plants if you live in a cold climate.

A simple window box made from a repurposed pallet coordinates well with a salvaged window.

Pallet Seed Raisers

Here’s another solution using pallets for raising seeds:

In stage 1 of this project, square pots have been tucked snugly into the pallet in four ‘windows’ – this is a portable greenhouse that could be useful in many situations or cut down to size and stacked vertically.

In stage 2, panes of glass or perspex are added to each ‘window’ in the greenhouse on top of pavers as needed.

Affiliate Links: Your support of this site is appreciated!

DIY Garden Projects – How to Upcycle Pallets

Try making this simple vertical pallet garden with pots.

This idea could be adapted for use as a privacy screen, wall art, herb planters or just a decorative feature.

Pallets make great low-cost compost bays like this single Compost Bin with a Hinged Gate or a simple 4 Pallet Compost System.

This neat single compost bin is ideal for a small space garden.

Or visit eHow for instructions on How to Build a Compost Bin Using Pallets.

Here is a video tutorial on building compost bins:

  • Turn a Pallet into a Garden – Fern from Life on the Balcony made this one. (Please read my Tips below on this project)

An edible pallet garden on a narrow balcony.

  • Make a Useful Potting Bench

A wooden pallet converted into a useful potting bench.

Here’s another option:

A potting bench with the back made from horizontal timber slats provides additional hanging & storage space. The side of the bench can be used to hang small tools.

Affiliate Links: Your support of this site is appreciated!

  • A super simple bench!

Another low cost pallet bench storage solution.

  • DIY Planter with Succulents – these hardy plants suit these next two projects.

A hardy alternative to edibles are succulents that are drought resistant with low water needs.

  • Make a Succulent Pallet Table Tutorial

This DIY project shows how good a pallet can look with a stained finish and a low maintenance succulent centrepiece.

Pallet Garden Ideas

  • Reclaimed Pallet Vegetable Planter

An easy low-cost solution for making a raised vegetable garden.

  • No Nail Method for Making a Pallet Planter
  • Create a Raised Bed Pallet Garden

Pallets were used in this project to create a low-cost raised garden bed for square foot gardening – protecting the timber inside the bed with a plastic liner will help preserve the life of the structure.

  • Make a Pallet Garden Pathway – Funky Junk Interiors

Repurposing a pallet and using individual timbers makes an easy pathway. Using a protective sealant will provide a longer life.

  • DIY Bird Houses (Make for yourself or sell for an income)

I hope these pallet garden projects have inspired you with a few ideas on ways to upcycle pallets at your place!

Tips for Upcycling Pallets in Your Garden

  • SAFETY FIRST! If you intend growing edibles in your pallet garden, do your due diligence first. You can use pallets as support structures rather than planting directly into them. No VOC or eco-friendly preserving treatments may also be an option. Remember to use PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and a mask when handling or cutting timber.
  • The ISPM-15 mark is now very commonly seen on wood packaging in Australia including pallets. Additional information may be included in the mark e.g. DB for debarked, KD for kiln-dried, DUN for dunnage. The packaging manufacturer’s name may also be included.
  • Heat treated (HT) marked hardwood pallets are safer to use rather than those that have been fumigated and marked chemically treated (CT) or pressure treated. See a HT stamp here. For US, Canada and Europe, see How to Tell if a Pallet is Safe for Reuse.

US Pallet Treatment Stamps – helpful to identify good wood.

Via Lovely Greens

  • For Australians, check out the Recycling Wood Pallets & Packaging. It contains many tips for uses, imported and local pallet chemical treatments and where to locate wood recycling businesses.

Tips for Choosing Pallets

  • Be courteous! If you are salvaging pallets from a commercial location remember to ask first. Many businesses are happy for you to remove them, but some pay a deposit and have to return the pallets to get a refund.
  • Check what the pallets have been used for to avoid chemical contamination. It’s wise to Choose Safe Containers for Growing Food especially with any material with a past life!
  • Pallet timber varies widely – from new to old, pine to hardwood and how it has been used and treated. Timber is porous and can form a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds, especially when wet or in humid conditions. Many have been treated with chemicals to prevent insects and fungal attacks on the wood, especially if they have been imported. Others are used by businesses to store chemicals or toxic industrial waste. So please consider the Precautionary Principle and err on the side of caution.
  • Avoid wood dust and composite wood block pallets that contain formaldehyde – both are known carcinogens.
  • There are some useful tips on identifying treated wood and which to choose/steer clear of in the following articles: ‘How to Tell if Wood Pallets are Safe for Crafting‘; ‘All You Ever Wanted to know about Pallet Wood‘; The Scoop on Safe Shipping Pallets and ‘How to Determine if a Wood Pallet is Safe for Use‘.
  • To help you make an informed decision about using timber in DIY projects your garden, also consider learning more about Pressure Treated Wood – Its Uses, Limitations & Safety Considerations and Using Pressure Treated Wood for Raised Garden Frames – Is it safe for growing food?

Pallets can be stacked to make more easily accessible benches and even store other objects horizontally on the narrow pallet ‘shelves’. Storage solution for areas that suffer from flash flooding.

Tips on Watering and Growing Pallet Gardens

  • Watering vertical pallet gardens will be an issue you need to plan for. As in any container, plants require sufficient moisture, light and nutrients to do well. If you want to avoid spending too much time hand watering, consider installing a drip irrigation system before adding your plants. The bottom two rows will be the driest. So consider succulents or plants with low water requirements.
  • For vertical pallet gardens, add a quality potting mix rich in nutrients and moisture holding capacity.

Bagged soil mixes are likely to dry out too quickly and starve your plants without the addition of other ingredients.

  • Consider making your own potting mix so you have the confidence your tiny gardens will hold the moisture well and not dry out fast.
  • Depending on what you want to plant into pallet gardens, you may find it tidier to staple a second layer of landscape fabric to the front facing side of the pallet (underneath the timber slats). This will help hold the soil in and prevent mess when watering.

Remember annuals will need replacing faster than perennial plants so if you are looking for a low maintenance vertical pallet garden, choose long lasting perennials like rocket (arugula) & chives!

  • Intensive planting does require higher maintenance for your garden to stay healthy. Consider the time you have to care for it before embarking on your project.

Affiliate Links: Your support of this site is appreciated!

  • Renters and balcony gardeners should check the body corporate regulations as to what is allowed first! Remember to consider the additional weight of a vertical pallet planter too.

Wear gloves when handling as many have splinters, nails or staples and need a little TLC.

  • Use a pallet to keep your container gardens up off the ground.
  • Screw 4 strong castors to the bottom corners of a pallet and you have an instant portable garden. An easy solution for moving plants around into/out of the sun.

Tips on Building & Dismantling Pallets

  • For tips on building with pallets and where to source them read How to Build with Recycled Pallets.
  • If you are going to dismantle a pallet for your project, here are some handy instructions or watch this video on How to Dismantle Pallets Successfully:

So what are your thoughts on upcycling pallets? Which idea are you inspired to get started on?

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Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. I only recommend products or services I use personally or believe will add value to my readers. Please read my Disclosure Statement for more details.

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Are you looking for a way to add dimension and interest to your garden area? Is your dilemma one of limited space? Try adding an old pallet to your plans for an inexpensive solution to many gardening challenges. You might already have one lying around that you can reuse. You can also seek pallets out at recycling or donation centers and at stores that carry large item inventories. Don’t be afraid to just ask your local hardware store if they have pallets you can take off their hands.
Once you have found a pallet, you should clean it up and determine whether the wood of the pallet has been chemically treated with preservatives, especially if you would like to plant edibles into your pallet garden. After that, the key to incorporating a pallet into your project is to tap into your creative side and think a little outside of the box. Or maybe inside the box, in this case. Here are ten clever ways to use a pallet to enhance your garden projects.

  • An interesting way to use a pallet in your garden is to use it for your vertical gardening purposes. Vertical gardening is a great solution to the problem of limited space. A pallet can be stood on end on a patio or other small space for a touch of botanical beauty. You have the flexibility of stocking your vertical pallet garden with herbs, succulents, vegetables or flowers. Head to http://lifeonthebalcony.com/how-to-turn-a-pallet-into-a-garden/ to visualize a do it yourself pallet idea for your own small patio garden.
  • In addition to taking up less space, vertical gardening with pallets is a different way to grow certain vegetables in your garden such as tomatoes, pole beans, and cucumbers that thrive when grown off the ground. Learn how to build a vegetable garden vertically within a pallet here: http://www.growingagreenerworld.com/creating-a-pallet-garden-step-by-step-instructions/
  • Raised garden beds can produce twice the amount of vegetables per square foot than traditional row gardens. They also promote improvement of soil since they are not easily walked on. There is improved soil drainage, and a raised bed allows for a longer growing season since they warm earlier in the spring and stay warmer later into the harvest season. For raised garden purposes, a pallet can be laid flat on the ground, lined with landscape fabric, and filled with soil. To learn more about how to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, or flowers in a raised bed fashion with a pallet, visit http://homeguides.sfgate.com/make-raised-beds-pallets-44441.html
  • For an even more abundant harvest, pallets can be stacked and strategically positioned to create vertical garden growth as well as horizontal garden growth. Learn more about how to accomplish this here: http://themicrogardener.com/20-creative-ways-to-upcycle-pallets-in-your-garden/
  • With a few pallets, build your own composter that can be placed anywhere in your yard. Composters aide in providing organic food for your garden plants. To learn the how-to for building and composting in a pallet container check out http://compostbinplans.net/types-of-compost-bins/pallet-compost-bin-plan/
  • No shed for your large gardening tools? No problem. Here is a super easy way to use a pallet for storage: http://www.fleamarketgardening.org/2012/09/13/using-ordinary-pallets-in-a-fantastic-garden/
  • Another useful and aesthetic option is to create a potting bench by piecing together two or three pallets. A potting bench is a great place to store your smaller tools and pots to keep seedlings that need extra attention close at hand or to feature your favorite foliage. For instructions on how to build a pallet potting bench: http://www.hometipsworld.com/how-to-make-a-diy-garden-potting-bench.html
  • A fairy garden is a project for the youngest gardeners or for those young at heart. The smaller size of a pallet is a manageable size for a perfectly magical fairy garden. To find a step by step how-to guide to build your own enchanted garden in a pallet http://www.goodgirlgonegreen.com/gardening/how-to-build-a-fairy-garden-made-from-pallets-logs-and-shade-plants
  • Another youth-inspired idea for your garden area is to add a pallet swing. Pallet swing plans range from fun and simple to warm and cozy. To build one yourself http://woodenpalletfurniture.com/pallet-furniture/diy-pallet-swing-plans-chair-bed-bench/
  • Nestle an easy-to-build pallet bench into any little garden niche. Take your pick from these garden bench designs http://diypallets.com

Do you have another DIY garden idea for an old pallet? Leave us a comment to keep the ideas coming!

DIY Pallet Wood Raised Garden Beds

Just because you don’t have any extra money doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy “extra” things like having a garden!

If you aren’t careful something seemingly inexpensive can add up really quick. This is why I want to share with you guys how we built AND filled six raised garden beds for only $10!

About one year ago I set out on a mission to make garden beds for as close to zero dollars as possible! We have a nice sized front yard but it is not easy on the eyes. We have a chained link fence that wraps around the entire thing. The yard, well it’s more of a weed and gofer infested dirt lot. Ugh… kinda sad! (We rent or I would totally put some investment into the thing)

Anyways, my thought was, let’s make planter beds to grow a garden out there since the space is great and it gets plenty of sunlight in the summer. I knew I wanted to make about 6 large garden beds, approximately 3’x6’x12”. The next step was for me to go price out wood at the hardware store. That was a bit of a shock. Since we wanted them about 12” deep this was going to cost a lot of money in wood.

Plan B. Find wood for free! Where else is a better place to get wood for free then through pallet hunting! A couple quick tips on finding pallets:
• Make sure to ask before you take
• When looking for a good pallet don’t make a mess of the owners piles, clean up after yourself
• Pay attention to the condition and size of the wood slats. They come in all widths and thicknesses. Pick what you think will work best for your project.
• Always say thank you!

So we gathered together TWENTY pallets! Yep, you read that right. We found 20 pallets and brought them home to live with us. It wasn’t hard to find them. We just went to a commercial part of town and drove around until we saw stacks of them. We jumped out to ask the owners if we could take some. Most of the time the owners were happy to let us take them off their hands. Sometimes they do sell them back but in that case, they would just show us which ones we could pick from.

With 20 pallets sitting in our garage we started the process of taking them apart. Now I am not going to lie to you! This took a l-o-n-g time! I averaged about 2-4 pallets an hour. That depended on what type of nails that were used and what shape the wood was in. I wished I had paid better attention to that when we were picking!

How to Take Apart a Pallet

Here is a quick video to show you the best way we found to take them apart:

We also tried taking a sawzall to the nails but that was not working at all! There was no way around it. It was going to take some sweat and manual labor to get those things apart!

We took apart all 20 pallets and that gave us enough wood to make our 6 garden beds and had a pretty stack of scrap wood leftover to make even more frugal fabulous pallet projects and a big pile of firewood from the pieces that split or broke in the process.

Taking the pallets apart was the hardest part of getting these planter beds together! We decided to make our garden beds three boards high, two boards long, and one board wide. We did stray from the plan on one or two beds depending on what size wood we had available.

So we sorted the wood into similar lengths and widths and made groups of boards that would be used together to make one bed.

Building a Garden Bed Instructions

Here is what we used for each garden bed:

6 – 13” 2x4s
18 pieces of pallet wood

Then using the 2x4s from the pallets we cut pieces that were the height we wanted, six pieces for each bed. I am not good at explaining in words this part so here is a picture of how it was put together.

Hopefully you can see how we used six pieces of pallet wood (two wide and three high) on each length wall and three pieces of pallet wood (only one wide and three high) on each side wall and connect them all using 2x4s scrapped from the pallets.

Once we had our 2x4s cut, we screwed six pieces of pallet wood together connecting at the center with the 2×4. (See the first picture above) You could use nails if you want, we wanted to make sure that these pieces would stay in place. Repeat, this creates your two length walls.

Now attach one side wall to one length wall at a 90 degree angle using another 2×4. See second picture above. Repeat to your second length wall and second side wall. Now put the two pieces together to form you rectangle shaped bed. Connect the two by screwing together using more 2x4s. You can see in the second picture we used an extra piece of pallet wood to create a center brace. This helped so the bed wasn’t as wobbly when transporting to it’s new home in the yard.

I told you I am not so good at articulating this wood working stuff…

So that’s how we put them together!

Before we put any dirt in the beds we laid down some chicken wire to prevent any gofers from trying to dig in from the bottom. Those guys are ruthless!

My next tip is on how to get FREE compost dirt! Our local waste department for the city actually has a green waste recycling program and they recycle city green clippings into mulch and compost. If you live within the city limits you can get one truck load for free! We ended up getting two free truck loads and had to pay $10 for our third. That’s how much dirt we needed to fill all six of our garden beds!

We read that it is good to mix manure into compost, so we went to Lowes and bought 6 bags of steer manure and mixed that in. (Note: I read on a blog that it might be a good idea to let the manure sit up to 8 weeks to let it calm down) Not sure on how great our soil is but I guess we will find out as we continue to grow our garden this year.

Hopefully you can understand my pictures on how to put these together. If you have any questions just leave them bellow in the comments.

I hope that if you get anything out of reading this it would be that you could make your garden beds for FREE and even fill them for FREE! It just takes a little extra work but it is totally worth it!

Don’t forget to check out my page to see where I share my ideas and get inspired by other bloggers.

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