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14 Botanical Wedding Favors for Your Greenery-Themed Wedding

ICYMI, greenery has taken the wedding world by storm this year. But why should the craze stop at garden venues and floral backdrops when adorable little plant favors are a possibility too? Blooming gifts, like edible petals in a lollipop and tiny bouquets, will score you and your boo all the trend points. Feeling a tug on your green-goddess heartstrings? Keep scrolling for 14 botanical favor ideas that are perfect for any outdoorsy-cool couple.

1. Minimalist Daffodil Bulbs: When you think of wedding favors, you probably don’t think about flower bulbs… at least until now. For a special touch, attach care instructions with a customized note on the mini garden bed. (via Raymond Hom / Martha Stewart Weddings)

2. Single Peony Bouquet: If you and your S.O. are into eco-friendliness, go ahead and have your florist repurpose your wedding decor flowers as favors for your guests. You’ll get more bang out of your floral budget buck. (via Art Social)

3. Let Love Blossom Seed Packets: For the gifts that keep on giving, help your guests sprout some plant friends with these little packs of seeds. Give them a bonus surprise by filling the packets with different flower varieties. (via Wesley Vorster / Ruffled)

4. Love-Stamped Cacti: These prickly gems are the new “It” plants for 2017 and can fit in almost anywhere. Pot different cacti varieties in paper bags to add some edginess to your wedding favor style. (via I Spy DIY)

5. Hanging Succulent Terrariums: Whether you position these wedding favors on tables or hang them from the ceilings as part of your decor, succulent terrariums can beautifully transform your boho look. (via Organic Elements)

6. DIY Botanical Wood Slices: Transferring botanical prints onto these cute wooden coasters will add a pretty, vintage flair to your wedding favors. All you need is an ink-jet printer and wax paper to make these babies a reality. (via Ella Claire Inspired)

7. Mini Flower Bouquets: If you love this look on the wedding party, you (and your guests!) are in for a treat. Send everyone home with their own personal mini bouquets to make them feel extra special. (via Homey Oh My)

8. Bellini Petal Lollipops: You’re never too old for a lollipop — especially if it includes organic flowers and boozy flavors. After a long night of laughing and dancing, it will be just what your guests need to make them feel like kids again. (via Heather Baird / Etsy Blog)

9. Fresh Potted Herbs: Everyone appreciates fresh herbs, so go ahead and get creative with it and make your own potted ones. You and your guests will get to savor the fresh aroma of a sunny herb garden during your nuptials and for weeks to come. (via Adrian Tuazon / 100 Layer Cake)

10. On-the-Go Christmas Trees: If you’re going for a winter holiday theme, we can’t think of a better way to send your guests home than with their very own version of a Christmas tree. Bonus points if you add mini ornaments to go with it. (via Bridget Rochelle / Style Me Pretty)

11. Colorful Potted Succulents: Succulents are taking wedding decor by storm and they make for a lovely treat for your guests. Choose a unique design to go with your wedding colors or mix and match for an eclectic look. (via Jenna Bechtholt / 100 Layer Cake)

12. Chocolate Flower Bark Boxes: Looking for a trendy botanical alternative to your wedding sweets? Say hello to these Millennial Pink chocolate flower bark boxes. They’ll give your wedding decor a sweet boho vibe. (via An Architect Abroad)

13. Fern Glass Boxes: Planning a more intimate wedding? Make sure to include this unique gift that’s ideal for a shorter list of people. You can display your guest names and maybe their table number with a fern or a plant sprig. (via Jose Villa / Style Me Pretty)

14. Local Potted Blooms: Cute and delicate, these bright potted blooms will last long after the night of the wedding. Source the flowers from a local vendor or your hometown and attach some twine around it to make them one of a kind. (via The Swenglish Home)

Will you incorporate any of these botanical wedding favors into your wedding? Tweet us your wedding favor ideas @BritandCo!

39 Cheap Wedding Favours for £1 or Less

If you’re working to a tight budget, you might have thought that wedding favours were out of the question. Well, think again!


There are plenty of bargain options out there which could cost you as little as a pound.

We’ve searched the shops and scoured the web to round up this selection of fun, quirky and seriously cheap wedding favours that will help you balance your wedding budget.

First, here’s what you need to know about wedding favours.

What are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given by the couple to their guests as a token of gratitude for attending. For centuries sugared almonds were given as a thank you, but they’ve fallen out of favour. Traditionally, you’ll leave your little gift on the place setting for each person at their table.

What Do You Give as Wedding Favours?

It’s all about small gifts: think a little candle, scented soap, packet of seeds or a bottle opener. Edible ones, like chocolate truffles, pick n’ mix sweets, or biscuits, go down a treat; as do little bottles of alcohol. Try to link them in with your theme or a passion for you as a couple. If you’re having a rustic theme, how about little jars of jam, shot glasses, tea bags or a succulent? If you’re having a vintage theme, you could have popcorn in old-school striped boxes, polaroid snaps, tea cup, or cute milk bottles filled with a personalised cocktails.

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How Much Do You Spend on Wedding Favours?

It’s really up to how much you can spare in your budget. If you’re trying to save money then you can double them up with your place cards – we have a cute wooden heart one below. Otherwise just keep track of your guest numbers and make sure not to go over your set budget. Any of the cheap wedding favours under £1 below will keep you stay on track.

Do You Have to Have Wedding Favours?

That’s totally up to you! It’s not a strict rule but it is a cute reminder of the day that your guests can take away. If it’s something they can use regularly, even better! If you can’t afford them, don’t get into a panic over it – your guests won’t mind at all.

The Best Cheap Wedding Favours Under £1

Vintage Style Tea Wedding Favours – £9.20 for 20

Couples who love drinking tea may have found their perfect budget wedding favour in these fantastic personalised tea bag favours with a tea bag inside.

You can choose from traditional English Breakfast, Earl Grey tea and more.

Buy It Now

Magnet Wedding Favours – £0.82

How cute are these wedding favour magnets from Etsy? The best part is they start from just 82p!

You can even send in your own photos so the little characters look like you – amazing.

Buy It Now

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Wooden Sign Wedding Favours – From £0.82

These personalised wooden names will look perfect on a rustic style wedding table and are just £82.03 each when you buy 100.

They can double up as place cards saving you even more money on your wedding, and can be painted in gold or silver depending on your colour scheme.

Buy It Now

Test Tube Wedding Favour – £0.90

How cute are these tiny test tubes from The Wedding of My Dreams?!

They are 90p each and you can fill them with small sweets like Skittles and M&Ms, or with instant hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. Adorable!

Buy It Now

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Heart Biscuit Wedding Favours – From £1

These personalised biscuit wedding favours are adorable and the mini-hearts cost just £1 per piece, coming in right on budget.

If you want to spend more, the scalloped circle and larger heart are just a bit more expensive at £1.50 and £1.80 respectively.

Buy It Now

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Fudge Wedding Favours – £1

Wedding guests with a sweet tooth will love these delicious little fudge cubes from Thorntons.

Buy a bag for each guest and transfer them to pretty organza favour bags to make them feel extra special.

Buy It Now

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Temporary Tattoo Wedding Favours – From £8.20 for 12

Add a festival vibe to your big day with these fun and cheap temporary gold tattoos from Etsy.

We love the idea of setting up a tattoo station at the reception so everyone can get temporarily inked.

Buy It Now

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Personalised Engraved Wooden Pencils – £0.89

These personalised pencil wedding favours are super handy!

Not only will they keep your younger guests entertained, but they’ll be useful when your guests come to sign the guest book.

You can have each pencil engraved with your names and the wedding date making this a cheap wedding favour idea that everyone will enjoy.

Buy It Now

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Drink Stirrer Wedding Favours – £0.91

Add a glam twist to your wedding reception drinks by including these gold drinks stirrers from Etsy.

Starting from 91p each, choose from a selection of “party-inspired” words or have something custom created just for you.

Buy It Now

Mint To Be Wedding Favours – £0.20

Treat your guests to these cute little packaged polos so they can freshen up after the delicious wedding breakfast!

You can personalise the packaging with your names and wedding date – adorable.

Buy It Now

Cocktail Stirrer Wedding Favours – £0.61

How much fun are these custom cocktail stirrers from Etsy? Perfect for adding a personal touch to your reception tables – priced at £60.42 for 100.

Buy It Now

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Wooden Heart Place Names – £0.85

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your wedding, consider doubling up on your place name holders and your wedding favours.

These personalised wooden hearts play as both a cheap wedding favour for guests to keep, and a place name so they know where to sit.

Buy It Now

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Bubble Wedding Favours – £0.23

You will get so many fun wedding pictures by having bubbles as your wedding favours and they’ll be loved by the kids and the adults at your wedding!

These bubbles are a great cheap wedding favour idea, currently costing just £5.40 for a pack of twenty four.

Buy It Now

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Personalised Magic Bean Seeds – £200 for 1,000

You can get your names, initials or wedding date stamped on these cool seeds.

Get your guests to pot and water the beans and, within two weeks, they’ll have their very own plant to remember your big day by.

Buy It Now

Popcorn Bag Wedding Favours – £41.50 for 50

Popcorn’s always a crowd pleaser. Treat your guests to a moreish snack with these personalised popcorn bag that you can cheaply fill with purchased popcorn or (even cheaper) by popping your own.

They’ll look amazing on your wedding tables!

Buy It Now

Heart-Shaped Marshmallow Wedding Favours – £24 for 100

How cute are these fluffy, handmade marshmallows! Cut into heart shapes, you can choose the colour and the flavour of them, including elderflower, raspberry and coconut.

They come topped with an edible rose petal for a perfect finishing touch. Also these are gluten free so excellent for guests with allergies!

Buy It Now

Paper Feather Wedding Favours – £0.89

Add some colour to your wedding reception with these vibrant feather wine charms.

They can be personalised with each guest’s name and are just 89p each from Not On The High Street.

Buy It Now

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IKEA Candle Wedding Favours – £0.85

At just 85p per unit, IKEA’s SINNLIG candle is a very fitting budget wedding favour idea under £1.

It comes in six different colours including ivory, red, and purple, so no matter what your wedding colour scheme is, you’ll be able to find an IKEA candle that works.

Buy It Now

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Colour In Place Mat Wedding Favours – £1

Your guests will adore these personalised place mats which are just begging to be coloured in, from Chi Chi Moi at Not On The High Street.

Put a pot of pencils on each table and watch everyone’s ‘concentration faces’ as they try to stay within the lines after a wine or two. At £1 each, they’re a total bargain.

Buy It Now

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Matchbox Wedding Favours – £0.59

At just £5.99 for 10, these adorable matchboxes come in at just over half of our £1 budget.

They’re super cute and would fit in perfectly with a rustic themed wedding.

Buy It Now

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Magnet Letter Wedding Favours – £0.90

A magnet with your guest’s initials on is a really nice and thoughtful idea for a cheap wedding favour.

These magnets cost just 90p each and are something useful and stylish for your friends and family to remember your day with.

Buy It Now

Pineapple Wedding Favour Boxes – £0.32

Couples planning a summer wedding should definitely consider these pineapple themed wedding favour boxes.

Fill them with popcorn or a cheap sweet treat to really wow your guests. Who doesn’t love an edible wedding favour? Plus, you can get 48 for less than £15. What a bargain!

Buy It Now

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Potpourri Wedding Favours – £1

If you have a floral wedding theme going on, why not keep your wedding favours in line with this £1 potpourri from IKEA?

Available in a range of colours and combinations, this wedding favour idea is a true bargain and looks far more expensive than it actually is.

Buy It Now

Pink Chocolate Wedding Favours – £17.99 per kg

Treat your guests to something sweet by purchasing these pink chocolate treats.

They’re available for just £7.99 per kilo and also come in a pastel blue colour. Scatter them across the tables or use cheap mason jars to encase them for the best finished look.

Buy It Now

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Wooden Heart Wedding Favours – £0.75

These personalised wooden love hearts can be engraved with yours and your partner’s names and your wedding date. What cuter reminder of your wedding day is there?

They’re sold for £7.50 and come in packs of 10 and will make adorable key rings if your guests wish to repurpose them.

Buy It Now

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Heart Shaped Photo Dock Wedding Favours – £0.25

These heart shaped photo docks from Primark are a pretty alternative to your traditional photo frame and cost just £1 for a pack of four.

This leaves you plenty of budget left over to print pictures to go in each one.

Buy It Now

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Chocolate Coin Wedding Favours – £19.99 for 50

Your personalised tag, in one of the colours above, and the chocolate coins are included in this cute ‘For Richer, For Poorer’ set.

From kids to adults, all your guests will like this favour: it’s cute, memorable and delicious!

Buy It Now

Drinks Token Favour – 30p each

If you’re having a vintage wedding, these retro-style drinks tokens are such a good favour.

Organise a cheap drink deal with your venue or a special wedding cocktail (even easier if you’re at a no corkage venue) and give your guests a free drink each with one of these cheap tokens.

Buy It Now

Thank You Tag Wedding Favours – £0.10

These Amazon thank you tags are perfect for couples who don’t want to go overboard with their budget wedding favours and want to thank their guests for sharing the special day with them.

Attach one of these tags to each champagne flute or wine glass on the table for a pretty added touch.

Buy It Now

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Chilli Seed Wedding Favours – £1

Nature-loving couples will love the idea of giving their guests seeds as a cheap wedding favour so they can grow their own plant to remember your wedding by.

We love that these bargain seeds by Wedding in a Teacup can also be personalised with your name and your wedding date.

Buy It Now

Yankee Candle Wedding Favours – £1.54

Ok, so we’ve gone over budget by 60 pence here but these Yankee Candles from Amazon are such a beautiful favour that we just couldn’t leave them out.

You can purchase 18 from Amazon for £27.80 – working out at £1.54 per favour.

Buy It Now

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Candy Bag Wedding Favours – £0.14

These super cute candy bags are just £6.99 for a pack of 48 from Amazon so you will have plenty of wedding favour budget left to buy retro sweets to fill them with.

Buy It Now

Cupcake Wedding Favours

If you’re happy to go DIY for your wedding day then baking your own cupcakes will be a great way to keep costs down.

Lakeland have a huge range of cute cake cases in a range of different colours and finishes.

Buy It Now

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Photo Frame Wedding Favours – £0.90

Can you believe that these gorgeous silver photo frames are just 90p each from Wilko?

Print out photos of you and your guest and they can also double up as visual place cards.

Buy It Now

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Love Hearts Wedding Favours – £0.25

Love Hearts are a wedding favourite and it’s easy to see why.

These mini packets of inexpensive sweet treats add a fun and retro twist to your special day, and you can have them personalised with your new married name.

Prices start at £2.50 for ten on Amazon.

Buy It Now

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Sunglass Wedding Favours – £0.69

Colourful sunglasses will be a cute cheap wedding favour – just think how fun your wedding pictures will look with all your guests sporting vibrant matching glasses!

We love how the couple have added a personal touch by making hessian bags for each guest in this photo. Each pair of glasses cost just 69p from Amazon.

Buy It Now

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Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favours

Chocolate truffles make a delicious wedding favour that your guests will love to discover as they find their seat at your wedding reception.

Buy boxes of truffles from Hotel Chocolat and then separate them out into favour boxes for an inexpensive wedding favour.

Buy It Now

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Tree Decoration Wedding Favours – £0.80

These clear baubles from Etsy come in lots of different sizes so you can fill them with plenty of different options, from chocolate and sweets to a photo to confetti.

They’re great value at £3.98 for 5 of the smallest size, so you’ll have change left over from your £1 to buy your filling.

Buy It Now

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Festive Sticker Wedding Favours – £0.75

Getting married in the winter? These personalised festive stickers would be the perfect wedding favour either on their own, or to seal a bag of sweets or an envelope.

The best bit? They’re only 75p each.

Buy It Now

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Still looking for ways to save money on your wedding? Check out our budget friendly wedding ideas – we’ve written about the best and most cost-effective ways to help you spend less on your big day!

Plants to use as Wedding Favors and Party Gifts

Which plants to use as wedding favors and party gifts is a frequent question that we receive. With a resurgence of garden parties during spring and summer afternoons, these tips will help make your garden party even more special. Whether you present them as thank you gifts or as wedding favors, our suggestions will make you appear the thoughtful hostess.

Garden Parties, which were common during the Victorian Period, can run the gamut from a dressy afternoon tea to everyone arriving in their gardening ware to help work in the hostess’s garden. The garden party is, also, an excellent idea to bring people together for gardening clubs, wedding showers or for the first time homeowner garden. Each guest brings a plant (small shrubs, ornamental grasses or other perennial plants) and a tool, or other piece of gardening equipment, whether new or a gift from the guests own tool shed.

For parties with gift exchanges, guests can bring items relating to gardening such as a plant, tool, container, garden ornament, etc… The hostess will need to somewhat define what types of items that guests should bring such as indoor, outdoor, flowering, non flowering, tools, etc.

One way of giving away plants as favors is to use small potted plants on the tables as all or part of the table decorations or tiny potted plants can be used as place card holders. The nursery pots can be covered with tissue paper, burlap or other fabric and tied with a colorful ribbon or twine or even repotted into inexpensive decorative or plan clay pots. Plants that work great for this are: evergreen herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage,lavender), mini palms, mini schefflera, young Shasta daisies, sunflowers seedlings, young ornamental grasses or bamboo as well as starter plants such as tomatoes.

Handing out seedlings as wedding favors has been popular for quite sometime. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

• Seedlings are seasonal and only available November through May. During the summer months, select small potted evergreens or potted herbs.

• Plants need to be ordered 6 to 8 weeks in advance from the nursery or greenhouse so that delivery can be timed for the week before the wedding.

• Designate a person, or persons, to be responsible for separating the seedlings and bagging each one with a handful of moist peat. This needs to be done within a couple of days before the ceremony so that they are still fresh and then kept in a cool, dark area such as garage, basement or pantry.

• Where will the plants be held (at the ceremony or reception) before being handed out? It should again be a cool, dark area out of the way. Heat and sun will dry them out possibly causing the plants to wilt severely or kill them. Depending on how many guests are expected, these boxes can take up valuable space.

• The most commonly used plant varieties for handing out as wedding favors are: pines, spruces, dogwoods, lilacs, red maples, even late spring/summer flowering bulbs.

Using plants for wedding favors is long lived. Be sure to keep in mind your guests lifestyle. If most of your guests are city dwellers residing in apartments, they are not going to have anywhere to plant most shrubs or trees, so herbs or flowers would be quite thoughtful.

DIY Plant Wedding Favors

Looking for a way to make a big impression on your wedding guests? Try sending them home with a living souvenir from your big day, instead of a fistful of Jordan Almonds.

You can purchase plant favors or you can make your own! In fact, DIY plant favors are super simple, and they can be surprisingly budget friendly!

One of the biggest perks of plant wedding favors is that you can incorporate your favors into your decor. Your favors can double as place settings, centerpieces or table decor, or even as your dinner menu. You can make your own flags to use as place cards, or include a thank you note with each one.

If you’re thinking of going the potted plant route, you might consider herbs, succulents or a hearty bush that does well in your area, like roses. Make sure you know the drainage/water requirements of the plant(s) you choose, so that you don’t accidentally end up with 150 dead wedding favors the day before you say “I do”. Check your local craft stores and home improvement stores for the size of pots that you need. You can even cover your pots with a layer of chalkboard paint like we did here.

Seeds can be a great budget friendly option for the green-minded bride, and can be really simple to do yourself. You can make custom seed packets (there is a great tutorial here) that fit your wedding theme, or purchase and stuff the envelopes yourself. You can also make adorable bags like these to house your seeds if envelopes aren’t exactly your cup of tea. Seeds are a great option for the garden-savvy guests, but you may want to include instructions or details for the green-thumb impaired.

If pots really aren’t your style (or in your budget), and you still want to send your guests on their way with a plant, you might consider an alternative like vintage tea-cups or even something simple as a paper bag. If you are feeling particularly feisty, you can even create your own plant markers with your wedding date or plant name on them. Terrariums are another great way to give your guests a little green, if seeds and potted plants don’t quite fit into your wedding vision.

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Where to buy succulents for your wedding

If you’re planning to use succulents for your wedding this is the perfect resource for you. Find out where to get succulents for bouquets, boutonnieres, favors and centerpieces!

Succulents and Sunshine uses affiliate links in our articles. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you shop through these links.

Succulents are a great floral choice for any wedding.

They are durable and won’t wilt if they don’t get water for a few days which means you can make arrangements ahead of time. They are also very popular right now which makes them a great wedding favor for guests. But…

Finding the right succulents, especially for favors, at a good price can be difficult if you don’t live close to a succulent nursery.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where they can find succulents as well as small terracotta pots to use for succulent wedding favors. I also get asked a lot about where to buy cuttings to use for boutonnieres, bouquets, cake toppers, centerpieces, etc.

General Succulent Purchases for Weddings

There is a shop called The Succulent Source that really caters to people looking to use succulents as wedding favors as well as in bouquets, boutonnieres, favors and centerpieces.

If you want to use succulents but don’t want to go to very much effort, this is the place for you! Even if you want to put favors together yourself, the quality of these succulents is incredible for the price. their wedding collection.

Mountain Crest Gardens is another great option for purchasing sets of succulents for your wedding. You can see their selection by clicking here.

Wedding Favors

The Succulent Source makes everything extremely easy for you. You can buy a variety of 2″ succulents that are perfect for favors. If you have pots already picked out for them you can just buy the plants.

However, if you’d rather the favors almost ready to give away, you can order the succulents to come with votives, pails, and terracotta or ceramic pots. All you have to do is transfer the succulents from the plastic pot they are shipped in into their decorative pot!

You can purchase the succulents in small numbers (or just one) and then order as many as you need for the actual event. If you don’t see the exact number you want just send them a message and they’ll get you set up.

One of my favorite things about The Succulent Source is their incredible customer service. They’ve done this a lot so they realize the importance of having perfect plants on time and as requested.

If you want just rosette shaped succulents, no problem! They have sets that are just rosettes.

If you want specific colors of plants, just ask! They are happy to accommodate you as much as possible. You really can’t go wrong with The Succulent Source!

Succulents for Bouquets, Boutonnieres and Cake Toppers

If you’re looking to buy cuttings to create boutonnieres, bouquets or cake toppers, they have a great selection for you! Again, you can choose either a rosette only selection or a mixed variety. These cuttings are high quality and much cheaper than ordering from a florist!

Succulent Centerpieces

If you need centerpieces for tables at your wedding or reception, you’ll want to visit the Succulent Salon online. Lois creates gorgeous centerpieces with succulents.

These succulent centerpieces are put together extremely well and arrive in perfect condition. You’ll love the succulents she combines!

Another fantastic and really unique option for succulent centerpieces are wine bottle planters. My friend Nicole of Looking Sharp Cactus creates some amazing succulent arrangements in wine bottles.

You can either buy the wine bottles as a DIY kit (you can also request to have them pre-assembled) or get the empty bottles and fill them with your own succulents. Whichever suits your fancy!

Her pre-made arrangements are put together extremely well and just need a tiny bit of “dusting” (the soil shifts a little during shipping so some ends up on top of the succulents so it just needs to be gently brushed or blown off) once they arrive before they’re ready to be displayed.

If you don’t have a wedding coming up, don’t worry! You’re sure to find some way to use these gorgeous succulents. They would work great for any sort of party including bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, etc.

You could also purchase cuttings to create a succulent wreath, topiary ball or anything else you can think of! Be sure to check out the links and see the gorgeous collection of succulents that are available to you.

Lucky bamboo is considered as a lucky plant in feng shui as Chinese legend says it is a gift that can bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness both for the giver and the recipient. It will be a wonderful and ideal favor for any type of occasion such as wedding, anniversary, birthday and many more. Lucky bamboo favors will definitely be a big hit that your guests will surely love and adore.

Lucky Bamboo Stalks and Meanings

The number of stalks that a lucky bamboo possesses has its own special meanings for different purposes.

Two Stalks are for love and marriage and gives double your luck.

Three Stalks means happiness.

Five Stalks brings good health in the five areas of life such as in spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and intuitive.

Six Stalks means wealth.

Seven Stalks means good health.

Eight Stalks means fertility, thriving and growth.

Nine Stalks represent general good fortune.

Ten Stalks symbolizes perfection and completion.

Twenty or Twenty One Stalks means abundant blessings.

How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo Plants?

It will be best to change the water into your vase once a week. You may place the plant near the window but never expose it directly to sunlight or air conditioning as to avoid harm into its leaves. It will be nice to use lucky bamboo organic fertilizer to help the plant grow more. The life of this plant depends mainly on how you take care of it. Usually most lucky bamboo plants last for one to five years.

There are lots of people who give this kind of favor for birthdays, award, housewarming and any other special occasion. Receiving this plant as a token increases your luck and good fortune. Choose your number of stalks and you may tie it with red ribbon or simply place them in a glass vase that can make them look classy and stylish. Order now! Enjoy our special offer and avail of our big discounts on our other personalized favors.

Mini Bamboo Steamer Favors

For a limited time take 20% off! Use Code: SUPER20 see details 0

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Feng shui uses a wide range of lucky symbols to entice chi energy into your home. Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular choices. Not only is the plant beautiful and easy to grow, it also symbolizes good fortune. Use these arrangements in the wealth sector of your home or office.

What Is Lucky Bamboo?

Known as lucky bamboo for centuries, this tough resilient plant is actually dracaena sanderiana, a member of the lily family. A tropical plant, it is native to the rain forests of Cameroon, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Lucky Bamboo and Feng Shui

One of the most popular feng shui cures, lucky bamboo activates stagnant energy and enhances the flow of positive energy, or auspicious chi, throughout your home or workplace. It is important to take proper care of your lucky bamboo to ensure its health and vitality.

What Does Lucky Bamboo Symbolize in Feng Shui?

A strong symbol of good luck, lucky bamboo signifies good fortune, health, and prosperity. Used in feng shui, a plant usually has a combination of all the five elements, which are represented by:

  • Wood: Bamboo plant
  • Earth: Stones or pebbles
  • Metal: Container itself (if made of glass is considered metal element), or you can attach small a metal figure or coin to container
  • Water: Grow medium
  • Fire: Red ribbon tied around bamboo stalks or container

Number of Stalks in Lucky Bamboo Symbolism

You can use lucky bamboo to address specific areas in your life that you wish to enhance with good fortune. For example, the number of stalks in an arrangement of lucky bamboo has a specific meaning assigned to them. These include such things as ensuring a happy marriage, success in academic studies, promotion in career, and so on.

Care for Lucky Bamboo

The popularity of Lucky Bamboo has continued to grow over the past several decades, making it one of the most popular house plants of the time. These easy-to-grow plants require very little care and generally are grown using hydroponics methods. To care for lucky bamboo you will need to place it in a location with indirect light, use small stones or pebbles instead of soil, and feed it with a solution of diluted plant food.

Curly or Spiral Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Lucky bamboo stalks are naturally straight stalks, but can be trained to grow in curls, spirals, or waves. Growers use special techniques to train straight stalks to grow into various exotic and intricate patterns, such as the popular trellis design. You need to be careful in choosing the location for your plant to ensure it doesn’t receive direct sunlight. The plant will grow toward the sunlight when placed in direct light and this can cause intricate designs to grow away from their set patterns.

Exotic Lucky Bamboo Patterns

You will pay more for exotic patterns created with lucky bamboo than straight stalks. It requires a great deal of time and care to train plants to grow into these unique designs. The good news is that these fancy arrangements don’t require extra care. The main requirement is indirect sunlight and water; the same as straight stalk plant.

Where to Find Lucky Bamboo Plants

There are many places to purchase lucky bamboo plants.You may be able to find some local outlets such as florists, nurseries, flea markets, and big box stores. These venues may be rather limited in selections, so you may prefer to shop online. These specialty stores often offer a wider selection of a variety of Lucky Bamboo plants:

  • Eastern Leaf: This California based company has an online shop for lucky bamboo arrangements and individual stalks, with the necessary supplies should you wish to create your own arrangement. Items are reasonably priced.
  • Nature Perfect: This retailer specializes in “wedding favors and corporate gifts.” You can choose from several lucky bamboo arrangements designed for these special events.
  • Lucky Bamboo Shop: Purchase single stalks or exotic heart and classic trellis lucky bamboo designs here. They also offer a wholesaler section, wedding favors, and corporate designs.

The Gift of a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo is a symbol of good fortune. Traditionally, these plants are given as gifts to bestow good fortune on various life events such as weddings, births, anniversaries, and birthdays. These plants also make wonderful housewarming gifts that convey your good wishes for a happy home.

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