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30+ Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Sometimes you just need a quick activity you can print out to get the kids moving, learning, and having fun, and scavenger hunts always seem to fit the bill! Here’s 30 free printable scavenger hunts for kids!

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I searched online and compiled a list of my favorite free printable scavenger hunts for kids from some fabulous kid bloggers. You’ll find all kinds of scavenger hunts for both outside and indoors!

Check out even more fun ideas for kids in the video below!

Scavenger Hunts for the Five Senses

Color Walk from Buggy and Buddy

Sound Walk from Buggy and Buddy

Sight and Sound Scavenger Hunt from Inspiration Laboratories

Scavenger Hunts for Outdoors

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt from Buggy and Buddy

Nature Scavenger Hunt from Fun at Home with Kids

Hiking Scavenger Hunt from Make and Takes

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt from The Preschool Toolbox

Nature Scavenger Hunt from East Coast Mommy

Nature Scavenger Hunt from Montessori Nature

Scavenger Hunts that Promote Learning

Shape Hunt from Buggy and Buddy

Emotions Scavenger Hunt from Mosswood Connections

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt from Edventures with Kids

Recycling Scavenger Hunt from Babble Dabble Do

Wildlife Scavenger Hunts

Bird Watch Tally Sheet from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Bug Scavenger Hunt from Moms & Munchkins

All About Birds Scavenger Hunt from Inspiration Laboratories

Life at the Pond Scavenger Hunt from Natural Beach Living

Bug Scavenger Hunt from Preschool Powol Packets

Scavenger Hunts for Traveling and Special Outings

Airplane Scavenger Hunt from Mama Papa Bubba

Beach Scavenger Hunt from Buggy and Buddy

Wikki Stix Camping Scavenger Hunt from Wikki Stix

Playground Scavenger Hunt from Edventures with Kids

Tide Pool Scavenger Hunt from Peninsula Kids

Zoo Scavenger Hunt from Raising Little Superheroes

Zoo Animal Scavenger Hunt from Makeovers & Motherhood

Zoo Scavenger Hunt from Edventures with Kids

Scavenger Hunts for Holidays and Seasons

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt from Buggy and Buddy

Christmas Scavenger Hunt from ALLterNATIVE Learning

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt from Kids Activities Blog

Early Spring Scavenger Hunt from Edventures with Kids

Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt from Kids Activities Blog


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Kids love scavenger hunts! And most adults probably do too; I know I do.

Scavenger hunts make for an easy, fun, and frugal activity for family night (or day).

Spring is right around the corner and many of the hunts listed below can be done outside. However, since spring can have some unpredictable weather, there are many on the list that can be done indoors as well.

All of the printable scavenger hunts listed below are FREE, making them easy to just print and go.

I hope you can find some printable scavenger hunts on this list that your family will enjoy and that will help you make happy memories. Maybe you can make a seasonal family tradition with some of the ones on the list.

FREE Printable Scavenger Hunts by Category:

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt from Spaceships and Laser Beams

Beach Scavenger Hunt from Buggy and Buddy

Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt from The Joys of Boys

Outdoor Play Scavenger Hunt from Hands On: as we grow

Nature Scavenger Hunt from The Jenny Evolution

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt from Edventures with Kids

Hiking Scavenger Hunt from Mom’s Tot School

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt from Seven Thirty Three

Nature Scavenger Hunt from The Taylor House

Around Town

Zoo Scavenger Hunt from My Joy-Filled Life

Grocery Story Scavenger Hunt from 3 Boys and a Dog

Library Scavenger Hunt from No Twiddle Twaddle

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt from The Life You Live

Neighborhood Nighttime Scavenger Hunt from The Life You Live

Restaurant Scavenger Hunt from Not Consumed

Playground Scavenger Hunt from Edventures with Kids

City Scavenger Hunt from Moms & Munchkins

Hotel Scavenger Hunt from Moms & Munchkins

Grocery Shopping Scavenger Hunt (Fill in price) from Empowered by Them

Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt from The Game Gal

Airport Scavenger Hunt from The Game Gal


Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt from Frugal Fun for Boys

Christmas Decoration Scavenger Hunt from Laura Kelly’s Inklings

Christmas Scavenger Hunt from Stuffed Suitcase

Christmas Scavenger Hunt from Moritz Fine Designs

Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt from The Dating Divas

Resurrection Scavenger Hunt from Home Sweet Road

Easter Scavenger Hunt from Artsy Momma

Easter Egg Hunt Clues from In the Playroom

Easter Holiday Scavenger Hunt from Desert Chica

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt from Storypiece

Valentines Scavenger Hunt from Stuffed Suitcase

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt from Adventures in Wunderland

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt from Love Grows Wild

4th of July Scavenger Hunt from Moritz Fine Designs

Birthday Scavenger Hunt from Love and Marriage


Seasons Nature Scavenger Hunt from Ben and Me

Fall Scavenger Hunt from Domestic Mommyhood

Fall Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt from Starts at Eight

Fall Sight Word Scavenger Hunt from Life Over C’s

Fall Scavenger Hunt from Moms Confession

Autumn Scavenger Hunt from Hodge Podge Craft

Winter Scavenger Hunt from The Sunny Patch

Winter Nature Hunt from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt from The Joys of Boys

Hunting for Signs of Spring from The Educators’ Spin On It

Spring Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers from Adventure in a Box

Spring Scavenger Hunt from The Chirping Mom

Summertime Nature Hunt from Homeschool Encouragement

Summer Scavenger Hunt from Love Bakes Good Cakes


Letter Hunt from My Joy-Filled Life

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt from Crystal & Co.

Color Scavenger Hunt from Coffee Cups and Crayons

Math Scavenger Hunt from Family Math Night

Nonfiction Features Scavenger Hunt from Buzzing with Ms. B

Reading Scavenger Hunt from Modern Parents Messy Kids

All About Birds Scavenger Hunt from Inspiration Laboratories

Atlas Scavenger Hunt from Education Possible

USA Scavenger Hunt from iMom

Dictionary Scavenger Hunt from Hunter’s Teaching Tales

Grammar Scavenger Hunt from Collaboration Cuties

Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt from This Reading Mama

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt from Carrie’s Speech Corner


Scripture Memory Scavenger Hunt from The Road to 31

Indoor Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt from Rachel Wojo

Outdoor Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt from Rachel Wojo

Bible Scavenger Hunt from Church House Collection Blog

Scripture Scavenger Hunt from Titus 2 Homemaker


Gratitude Scavenger Hunt from Let’s Get Together

Service Scavenger Hunt from Thirty Handmade Days

Camping Scavenger Hunt from The Road to 31

Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunts from Wondermom Wannabe

Sound Walk from Buggy and Buddy

Family Scavenger Hunt from Spot of Tea Designs

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt from Mom’s Minivan

Scavenger hunts are so much fun to do as a group activity. Here are two printable scavenger hunt lists that you can use at a party or gathering, either indoors or outdoors:

And here are two printable school scavenger hunt lists, one for a classroom and one in the library:

If those printable lists won’t work in the area you live or building/home you are in, try these other themed ideas and come up with your own list!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet.

Nature Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of things to find in the parks or woods in your area.

Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt – Give teams a small budget and a long list of items, and see how smart they can be with their money!



Photo Scavenger Hunt – Collect pictures instead of items in this mess-free version of the game!

Magazine Scavenger Hunt – Cut out pictures of items on your scavenger hunt list.

Wacky Web / Library Scavenger Hunt – Have people find on the internet weird facts and stories, such as who is the world’s tallest woman, or see if you can find a person seriously injured by a feather.

Math Scavenger Hunt – Give teams an equation, such as find 3 stones, plus 5 paper clips, minus 1 piece of trash you find and throw away…

Trivia Scavenger Hunt – See which team can hunt down the most facts about your favorite movie, sports team, or whatever theme you love.

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt – Find family members who are younger than 10, who have been to Paris, who have fought in wars, etc.

1 – 10 Scavenger Hunt – Find items with the numbers 1 through 10 on them – a remote control doesn’t count for all of them!!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Create a spooky list of things to find, or do a…

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt – Find a tombstone from the 1800’s, find a person who lived to be over 100 years old, etc.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt – Make this the game where you give instead of collect items! Find someone to give your old pair of jeans to, or someone who needs their sidewalk shoveled.

Winter Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of things found in the winter, like icicles, a Christmas card, or a winter berry branch.

Looking for a fun way to encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors? Send them on a nature scavenger hunt! My kids happily head outside to hunt for treasure on a scavenger hunt and usually become so interested and engaged in what they are doing and what they’ve found or collected, that they will then stay outside for ages!

The nature scavenger hunt I am sharing today has a fun twist too – it encourages children to use each of their five senses to find the treasures on their hunt. There are so many things to see, smell, hear, touch and even taste outdoors (obviously, speak to your children about not actually tasting anything from the garden without checking with you). For teachers and homeschoolers, this makes the scavenger hunt a great addition to your learning about the five senses activities program.

So print a copy, grab a clipboard and a pencil and head outdoors for some treasure hunting fun! Take a basket if you wish to keep your treasures. You can even bring them back indoors for use to in a nature collage or try making leaf faces.

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Printing Your Nature Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download: Nature Scavenger Hunt. Save the PDF to your computer. Open the PDF and print the page you require. When printing, select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) to ensure the page fits with your printer type and local paper size (these have been created at A4 size).

Be sure to also check out our great list of inspiring Nature Science Biographies for Kids.

Please note: All Childhood 101 printables are for personal use only, you may not use any part of this content for commercial purposes-that includes selling the document, giving it away to promote your business or website, or printing the file to sell. You may not share, loan or redistribute these documents. Teachers may use multiple copies for students in their own classroom.

Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101. More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family.

Read more of Christie’s adventures at

There are so many great scavenger hunt ideas for kids. I love when we can grab a printable scavenger hunt and head out for some fun together that requires little prep time on my part. With spring coming we’re excited to get outdoors and try some new nature scavenger hunts, so we’ll be printing some new ones to try out. You’ll find some of the free scavenger hunts we’re going to try below. There are also a couple of adorable indoor scavenger hunts to have ready for rainy days.

A few months ago I shared in another sponsored post how HP made printing easier for us. Since then we’ve had fun printing some new Christmas printables, our own DIY valentines, and more. The Instant Ink Program from HP has been a huge help. Just before I run out of ink a new cartridge arrives, so I’m never scrambling to get ink when I have something new to print. It’s been great!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Practice counting and explore the outdoors with this simple nature scavenger hunt for toddlers and preschoolers from Fun at Home with Kids.

Go outside and look for signs of spring with this spring scavenger hunt from Edventures with Kids.

Visit all the playgrounds in your area and see how many objects you can find on this playground scavenger hunt from Edventures with Kids.

Use your senses to explore different properties of objects in this sensory nature scavenger hunt from Racheous.

I love the suggestion to take along a bag and gather the items in this nature scavenger hunt from 733 blog. Then think of an activity or art project to do with the collected items.

Look, listen, and touch as you search for things in this Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt from Backyard Brilliant.

Use this generic alphabet scavenger hunt from Best Activities for Kids indoors or outdoors and see if you can find an object for each letter of the alphabet.

Look for a rainbow of colors with this color scavenger hunt from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Walk and listen with this sound scavenger hunt from Buggy and Buddy.

Go on a bug hunt with this free printable from Moms and Munchkins.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Have little ones who know all the lyrics from FROZEN? Of course, you do! Try this FROZEN Song Lyrics Scavenger Hunt on Bombshell Bling.

Hunt for pirate treasure with this free printable map and clues from Lil Luna.

Do your kids love scavenger hunts? Which of these will you be printing first?

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Nature treasure hunt (free printable) and pretty mobile how-to

Sending them hunting for natural items they can easily find in the park or back yard means I don’t even have to hide anything! Armed with a list of items to collect and a basket to put them in they race around and bring back all kinds of treasures. If you are clever you can even create something arty or crafty with their found treasures.

Nature hunt

You’ll need a list of items to collect. If you are making your own list, add items that are easy to find in your area, plus a few that are a little special or tricky.

Or you can download and print our nature hunt list here. It includes basic natural items that shouldn’t be too hard to find. It also has pictures along with the words which is great for beginning or pre-readers.

Make sure you give the kids something to put their treasures in while they are collecting. A basket, box or bag will do.

With younger children, hunt with them and talk about all the things you find. Encourage them to collect treasure that are not on the list, things that seem special to them, and ask questions along the way to spark their interest and learning. Are all the leaves green? Where do you think we might find some gum nuts? What sort of a bird do you think this feather came from?

Older kids will love it if you set a timer and make it a race against the clock. Or add some really tricky items to the list – a piece of bird’s egg, a green feather, a stick that is as long as your arm, etc.

Using your treasures to create

Once the nature hunt is over, what will you do with the pile of treasures?

Some of them might be good for displaying on a nature table, or perhaps becoming part of a collection. And some treasures will be perfect for creating with!

Make a nature mobile

Our printable nature hunt list includes all the items needed to make a simple nature mobile, so once you have collected all the items you can sit together and make this simple craft.


  • One long and two short sticks listed on the nature hunt printable.
  • Other nature hunt items – or similar natural items such as leaves, gum nuts, seed pods, feathers, etc.
  • String or fishing line.
  • Scissors.

To make a nature mobile

Find the middle of the long stick and attach a loop of string. Hang it on the back of a chair or somewhere similar and wiggle the string up or down the stick till you have it roughly balanced and hanging straight (you may need to use some sticky tap to get it to stay in place).

Find the middle of one of the short sticks and hang the short stick at one end of the long stick, do the same with the other short stick, wiggling the string till they are also balanced.

Cut four long lengths of string. On each length of string, tie various natural items such as; feathers, gum nuts, or seed pods, spaced out along the string. Tie a leaf at the end of each string.

Attach a string of items to each end of the short sticks.

Adjust the position of all the sticks and strings of objects until your mobile is roughly balanced, then find somewhere to hang it.

If you don’t want to make a mobile with your natural items you could use them to make a collage, a crown, or make leaf prints. You could draw directly onto the leaves with permanent markers, or how about pounding leaves or flowers with a hammer to make art! There are so many art and craft activities you could do to put your natural treasures to good use.

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A few weeks ago my husband and I took the boys on a Nature Hunt at one of the local walking trails not far from our house. We had such a great time exploring!

To encourage learning we took along a nature scavenger hunt that I created with common things that I knew we would see on the trail.

I was certain we would see at least one spider, one worm, one bird, one butterfly, some water, the sun, a tree, and more!

You can learn more about how we did or scavenger hunt over on the Sylvan Learning website. Or, you can print out a copy of the printable, just .

Now, if you want to take your scavenger hunt to the next level, here are some fun things that you can do.

Add a child’s magnifying glass to your hunt. My boys loved this! Matthew was searching for the littlest bugs he could find.

Add a nature book to your study. This way you can look up all of the things you find.

This is the book we used, Handbook of Nature Study.

If you would like to add another activity to your scavenger hunt, here is some handwriting practice with nature vocabulary words that go perfectly with the other worksheet.

You can or by clicking on the image below.

When will you be going on a scavenger hunt with your kiddos?

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