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Real Mini Christmas Tree

There are a few things you can do during the holiday season to give your Christmas celebration the fanfare it deserves. Christmas cookies, Christmas stockings, Santa Claus and of course the Christmas tree! Trimmed with lights, decked out with ornaments and displayed in place of pride, no doubt the Christmas tree creates the heart of any holiday home. Of course, not everyone has the space for a large Christmas tree. ProFlowers is here to help. You’ll find a fresh and thoroughly festive collection of miniature Christmas trees, all ready to deliver a dose of holiday cheer. Small is beautiful, especially when it’s our amazing assortment of enchanting petite holiday trees—no space constraints can prevent you from enjoying a real mini Christmas tree.

Decorated Mini Christmas Trees

If you’re looking for lighted Christmas trees, you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to offer a variety of Christmas décor, from real mini Christmas trees to plants lit up with bright and luminescent LED lights. Choose from trees planted in a gingerbread house or a golden pot, or shop for trees decorated with sweet angel caricatures or Santa’s reindeer. Alongside our wonderful mini Christmas trees, we also offer a deluxe selection of Christmas flowersand plant gifts too. Step into our holiday store and you’ll discover everything from fresh evergreen cypress trees, beautiful peace lilies, wonderful wreathes and colorful holiday floral arrangements of all shapes sizes and styles. From decorated mini Christmas trees to gorgeous table centerpieces, we’ve got everything you need to make this holiday season memorable.

Send a Christmas Tree

Need some great gift inspiration? Take a peek at our best-selling seasonal gift favorites in our Christmas gift store and you’re sure to find a whole host of amazing gift options, no matter whether you want a large gift surprise or a fun, floral pick-me-up. Better yet, if you’re shopping last minute, we even feature an incredible assortment of fabulous Christmas gift baskets and mini Christmas trees that can be sent at just a day’s notice! Order a mini Christmas tree delivery and make your loved one smile with joy this December. Last minute holiday shopping was never so easy or so fabulously festive and fun. You can even add a special treat to your Christmas tree gift; what’s better than dipped strawberries and cheesecake bites for an added bit of holiday of cheer?

Live Tabletop Christmas Trees and More

For a great Christmas tree gift that works just as well in July, take a look at our fabulous selection of miniature, potted bonsai trees. Beautifully groomed and wonderfully presented in a stunning ceramic pot, our line-up of bonsais make for delightful gifts. ProFlowers is committed to providing fresh flowers and arrangements year-round, whether you’re looking to send a Christmas tree, buy a real mini Christmas tree for your apartment, or use decorate mini Christmas trees as office Christmas décor.(Nature Hills Nursery)

If the idea of a living Christmas tree is appealing, but you don’t have much space, try a mini tree. You can enjoy the look of a live tree and then plant it in your garden next spring.

“Living tabletop Christmas trees are ecofriendly,” says Chris Link, e-commerce manager at Nature Hills Nursery. “Why purchase a fake tree, or one you’ll throw away, when you can plant a little tree after you’re done using it?”

(Nature Hills Nursery)

Small living Christmas trees are great for anywhere space is an issue, such as apartments and offices. They are also an ideal accent for areas like dining and side tables, desks and mantels.

In order to have luck keeping a mini Christmas tree thriving in your home this winter so you can plant it outside next spring, keep the following tips in mind.

Indoor Living Christmas Tree Care

Keep the tree healthy indoors, by placing it near a window that gets bright light, if possible, or under full-spectrum lighting. Avoid locating the tree in an area near a heating vent, as this tends to be too drying. The ideal temperature for the room is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Water the plant when the top inch of soil has dried out. Avoid overwatering, as soggy soil will lead to root rot.

Decorating Your Indoor Mini Tree

Use care when decorating your tree, as the small limbs are fragile. Use lightweight ornaments and avoid overloading branches. If decorating with lights, opt for LED ones, which stay cooler.

Keeping Your Tree Alive Until Spring

After Christmas, store the tree somewhere cold, such as a garage, unheated basement, enclosed porch or sheltered patio or deck for a minimum of four weeks, as these trees need a cold period, advises Link. “Temperatures between 35 to 45 degrees are ideal.”

Water sparingly during this time—just to ensure that the soil doesn’t dry out completely, says Link. “Check the soil in the pot every week. Roots and soil should be moist but not standing in water,” he says. Also provide a source of light, such as a window or full-spectrum lighting.

Planting Your Tree Outdoors in Spring

When the weather warms and the outdoor soil dries out, move your tree outside into a shaded location for two to three days prior to planting. This will allow it to acclimate to outdoor weather.

(Nature Hills Nursery)

Follow these steps suggested by Link to plant your mini Christmas tree.

Find an ideal location. Many living Christmas trees are spruces, which require sufficient space when mature. Plant at least ten feet away from a building. Also choose a spot that is sunny and has well-draining soil.

Water the pot well an hour prior to planting to ensure the root system is moist.

Dig a hole deep and wide enough to allow room for all of the roots.

Remove the tree from the pot. Loosen the root ball slightly with your hands, which will aid roots in entering the surrounding soil.

Place the mini tree in the planting hole; backfill with the original soil and gently firm the soil around the roots. Check plant depth. The seedling root ball should be covered and at the same level as the surrounding soil. Avoid planting too deep.

Water generously when planted and check twice a week for the first season. Water when the first inch of soil has dried, but avoid overwatering. You don’t want the planting site soggy.

Apply a 2-inch layer of mulch around the plant to maintain even moisture.

If deer are a problem, place chicken wire or a plastic cylinder around the tree for protection.

Julie Bawden-Davis is a garden writer and master gardener, who since 1985 has written for publications such as Organic Gardening, Wildflower, Better Homes and Gardens and The Los Angeles Times. She is the author of seven books, including Reader’s Digest Flower Gardening, Fairy Gardening, The Strawberry Story, and Indoor Gardening the Organic Way, and is the founder of

How To Grow a Miniature Christmas Tree

The image of a towering tree covered in baubles and lights may be the tradition in high-ceiling living rooms. However, especially in small apartments and for those who live in cities, many are discovering the joy of the miniature Christmas tree. Tiny trees only 2 or 3 feet high take up less space but are still perfectly personalized with ornaments and garlands. What counts as a “small tree” to you may vary, but usually they are all under 5 feet tall.

To make this experience even more delightful, many people choose to actually grow their own tiny Christmas tree; while you might choose to grow it and then chop it down, you can also transplant it into a festive pot and have a live tree for Christmas! For the green thumbs among you, it is probably a little bit painful to have a cut tree in your home, so a few good preparations can allow you to keep your little tree alive long after the festivities conclude.

Method 1: Growing Your Own

Despite the Douglas Fir being the go to holiday tree for many people, there’s some other factors you need to take into account. For one, not every tree species will naturally take on that classic conical shape or have branches and needles that bunch up just right. For growing a miniature Christmas tree in your garden, the dwarf spruce is a good choice as it’s known for getting that great Christmas tree shape, even at stages when it’s very short and immature. Trees are especially susceptible to regionality, so be sure that you pick something for your hardiness zone. The popular Douglas Fir for example is actually only suited to Zones 4 through 6, if you’re growing your holiday tree from a seed.

Species and Site

Colder places like Zone 3 or Zone 4 might try a Balsam Fir. You can find good seedlings for these at your local garden center or at big box stores, given the new-found popularity of growing your own Christmas tree. Focus your choice of site on good drainage and perfectly full sun. Your choice of soil can also affect how much water the site retains. Soils with a high clay content for instance, can over saturate your root systems and cause them to rot.

Once you’ve picked a perfect site, make sure you give your seedlings ample room to grow – you want 8 feet or more between them if you intend to let them grow to full size, but can get away with half of that or less if you intend to harvest your trees when they are still young and small. Once you harvest your mini tree, make sure you still place it in a tree holder that will allow it to continue to absorb water during the Christmas season. Getting too dry may cause pines to drop their needles, and will discolor and dry out other varieties as well.


Another crucial factor is timing. Most common Christmas tree varieties take about a decade to grow to full size. There’s some fast standouts like the Leyland Cypress which can reach full height in only 3-4 years, but most take at least 7 years.

When aiming for a mini X-mas tree, figure that you’ll get about a foot of growth per year, give or take, so make sure you plan your planting and harvest accordingly. You don’t want to be caught with a mere sapling come Chirstmas Day.

Method 2: Transplanting a Mini Tree Into an In-Home Pot

Another method is to take a mini tree, either from your yard or from a small pot, and transplanting it for use as your Christmas tree. Many people choose, after the holiday season comes to a close, to commemorate it by planting their mini trees out in the yard. You can, over time, create a little forest of past Christmas trees, all getting a little bigger each year!

Carefully choose a tree pot that is big enough to hold plenty of soil as well as the entire root ball without squishing anything. Once transplanted give the mini tree plenty of water. To avoid overwatering or underwatering, add water only when the top layer of soil is dry. It will be happiest in a window or with a full-spectrum light. Indoor temperatures, around 70 degrees F, are fine for the Christmas season, but remember your live tree will want to be a ‘real tree’ afterward, getting down to near-freezing later on in the season. Consider the garage or patio area where the tree will get a good month or more of proper winter so it will come back springy and strong after the weather improves.


Want your little mini tree to give you joy for years to come? First, find a good location with those all important characteristics: high sun, good drainage. Then, plant the tree with plenty of loose soil around the roots and at least a two inch thick cover of mulch to regulate temperature and moisture over time. Keep a good eye on the tree for those first few months, watering during dry spells, but after that, if your tree is thriving, it should grow naturally on its own.

Whether you prefer a tiny cut Christmas tree or a miniature Christmas tree in a pot that keeps growing over time, you will find that the Christmas season is just as jolly with a smaller spruce than usual. Aim to decorate your well-cared-for tree with only a few lights and ornaments so as not to weigh down its slimmer-than-usual branches, and make sure you choose each ornament with care. You want this little living tree to be a symbol of all the meaningful things you wish to celebrate at the holidays, including the gift of life itself! Any gardener can appreciate the joy of a plant well-tended.

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