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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

One of the most common questions we get at Weed Man is “How much do you charge?” Your landscape is a valuable part of your property and it is worthwhile spending some time budgeting for the required maintenance. I will address some of the most common factors that go into the costs of maintaining your turf. The cost for lawn care depends on many factors but the biggest influence on the cost is the size of the lawn. It makes sense that large areas of lawn cost more to maintain than a small “postage stamp”. Time and the amount of product used will vary directly with the size of your property. Some companies will quote prices for lawn care services based on a very small property. For example, there are quotes online based on a lot size of 4000 square feet or less. There are very few properties in Manitoba that fall into this range. Most residential properties are actually in the 7000 square foot range. The price quoted for less than 4000 square feet may seem like a good deal but will be adjusted to the correct cost after the actual size of the property is determined. When you are comparing prices, make sure the quote is specific for your property. The next important factor in the cost is the number of visits you will be paying for. You should know how many times over the course of the summer a truck will be scheduled to be at your property. There are real, hard costs for trucks, labour and fuel that must be covered to get a service technician to your property. There are companies out there that try to combine many services into a single visit. They make it look like you are getting 15 applications but in reality the truck will be in front of your house only three times. These companies will be doing fertilizer, weed control and other treatments all on the same visit. Combining multiple applications certainly saves money but doing two or three things at once is never as effective as a dedicated service. More visits to your property also allows for better monitoring and identification of insect or disease problems. Quality and amount of products used on the lawn also greatly affects the price. Fertilizers that provide the proper nutrition for the lawn are available in liquid or granular forms. Liquid fertilizers are diluted with water and tend to be a quick release but do not provide any ongoing feeding. All turf grasses in Canada are perennial plants and need to be fed slowly and consistently to keep them healthy. Weed Man applies a premium granular, slow release fertilizer that feeds the turf for up to three months after each application. Weed Man fertilizer does not need to be watered in, does not smell, is safe for people, pets and the environment. The lawn is “spoon fed” a little every day for weeks after the application which builds a strong, healthy root system that is will survive summer dry periods and insect pressure much better. Weed control is applied in a liquid form and must come in contact with the weed to be effective. Because the cost of the new weed controls are very expensive, many companies are “spot treating” the weeds but in reality it is impossible to find all of the weeds and many get missed. Weed Man does “blanket” applications meaning that all of your lawn is treated which covers all of the weeds and is much more effective. More product is used and therefor the cost is a bit higher, but the results are far superior. When comparing companies, find out how the weed control is applied. Spot treating costs less but results are very disappointing. The new weed controls need to be applied more often for the desired result. Weed Man schedules three visits to control the weeds and offers additional treatments at no extra charge. Business practices also have an effect on the cost of lawn care services. Everybody charging for weed control in Manitoba is required to be licensed by the government. This training and licensing of technicians is expensive but results in much better results on the lawn and it is the law. Staffing an office to allow customers to talk to a real person when they call is a huge benefit that some people don’t consider. See what current customers have to say about your local lawn care provider to get an understanding of what can be expected in terms of professionalism and response to concerns. When comparing costs lawn care services it is well worth your time to investigate who will be looking after your valuable property. There are many things that affect the cost of services that should be considered and just like with most other services, the cheapest is not usually the best choice. David Hinton, CLM Weed Man Manitoba

Weed Man Lawn Care Franchise Costs & Fees

Year Business Began: 1970

Franchising Since: 1976

U.S. Headquarters: Middleton, Wisconsin

Country of Origin: Canada

Estimated Number of Units: 640

Franchise Description: The franchisor is Midwest Lawn Care, LLC. The franchisor is a sub-franchisor of Turf Holdings Inc., which is the US master licensee and affiliate of TH Canada, Inc. The franchise offered is for the right to operate a business maintaining quality turf, mosquito control, and perimeter pest control for residences and businesses by providing various professional services under the trademarked name “Weed Man”.

Training Overview: Before the business’s opening, the franchisor will provide initial training to franchisees and their manager on the operation of the business at its Toronto facilities. Franchisees or their manager must complete this training to the franchisor’s satisfaction. On-the-job training presently consists of at least two days follow-up training of the subjects covered in the classroom. The franchisor may require additional training programs once franchisees have commenced operations. The franchisor will hold a convention, refresher training and periodic seminars to discuss sales techniques, personnel training, accounting, inventory control, performance standards, advertising programs and motivational techniques.

Territory Granted: As long as the Franchise Agreement remains in effect, franchisees will have the right use the Weed Man Lawn Care system to sell lawn care services, Mosquito Control Services, and Perimeter Pest Control Services under the marks within an assigned territory. The territory is based on such factors as population density, market statistics, competition and other factors. Precise boundaries are described by the use of a map setting forth county lines, township lines, municipal boundaries, census tract boundaries and state and US highways. A description of the territory will be attached in the Franchise Agreement. So long as franchisees are not in default under the Franchise Agreement, the franchisor will not operate ourselves or license anyone to operate a lawn care or mosquito and perimeter pest control business within the territory.

Obligations and Restrictions: While the franchisor recommends that franchisees participate personally in the actual operation of the business, they are not obligated by terms of the Franchise Agreement or other device or practice to do so. However, franchisees (or if they are a corporation or partnership or limited liability company, a shareholder or partner or member who has been approved by the franchisor) must successfully complete the training program. The Franchise Agreement prohibits franchisees from using or selling any product or service not authorized and approved by the franchisor for use or sale by the business, and requires them to follow the franchisor’s specifications and standards regarding the services they provide to customers.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the initial franchise term is 10 years. One renewal term of 10 years on new terms and conditions is permitted if franchisees meet certain requirements.

Financial Assistance: The franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing. The franchisor does not guarantee a franchisee’s note, lease or obligation.

Investment Tables:

Other Fees

Type of Fee Amount
Royalty $12,306.54 annually for each of the first two production vehicles; $8,614.58 annually for the third production vehicle; and $6,153.27 annually for all subsequent production vehicles used during the year.
Pest Control Royalty 6% of the “Gross Work Done” for Mosquito Control and Pest Perimeter Control services.
Advertising Fund Contributions 20% of the Royalty paid for each production vehicle; plus 20% of the Pest Control Royalty paid each month.
Audit Cost of inspection or audit ($100 to $1,000).
Assignment Transfer fee of $10,000 plus legal costs and expenses incurred with transfer, including administrative costs, legal fees, and training costs.
Renewal Fee 50% of the then current initial franchise fee.
Refresher Training Will vary.
Convention $400 to $500
Indemnification Will vary under the circumstances.
Interest The greater of 1.5% per month or 5% over Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, but not above the highest legal rate for open account business credit.
Management Fee Reasonable fee plus expenses incurred.
Special Assistance $200/hr plus travel expenses.

The above information has been compiled from the FDD of Weed Man Lawn Care. Year of FDD: 2019.

Franchise Direct’s Disclaimer

Free quotes from top Gardeners

Should I Choose a Gardener, Landscaper or a mowing business?

  • If you are looking to have your garden maintained or brought back to life with a focus on plant life, then you are in the right place to find a great gardener.
  • If you are just looking for the best price for lawn mowing or making your lawn look great then we have lawn care companies that focus purely on that.
  • If you are looking to design/redesign your garden completely and look to include landscaping features, then a landscaping professional is what you want.

Finding the best local gardener

A skilled gardener will likely have years of experience and be more of an artist than a tradesman. Good gardeners should have all their own machinery, be equipped to remove all waste disposal, be a member of a trade association and have public liability insurance.

Gardening jobs fall broadly in two categories – garden maintenance and garden landscaping. We ask you specific questions to match you to an interested gardener.

General Gardeners carry out many different jobs that keep your garden looking neat and tidy, like mowing lawns, weeding, trimming hedges, and pruning plants.

Gardeners are busier during the summer months when the weather’s good, so it’s best to book a gardener or landscape gardener before the rush, then you are more likely to get a better rate for the work.

Landscape gardeners are hired for bigger projects. They can come up with detailed drawings incorporating new features and once you’re happy with their plan, bring it to life. A professional landscape gardener should have a thorough knowledge in horticulture and plant care and they should be able to advise you which plants are suitable for your garden and can install lighting, add water features and sometimes carry out hardscaping (such as laying pavers and installing retaining walls) If you have a dream of creating a garden that rivals the ones you see in magazines, then they can help you make that dream come true.

What a Gardener can help with

  • Planting, weeding and pruning.
  • Woodchip or gravel paths.
  • Hedge trimming or removal.
  • Pressure washing outdoor spaces.
  • Getting rid of sheds.
  • Creating borders and building raised beds.
  • Installing a garden irrigation system
  • Laying new turf.
  • Mowing the lawn.

Questions you should ask a gardener

  • Do they have public liability insurance and what does it cover?
  • Will they be carrying out the work themselves? If not, what experience does the person have and are they covered by insurance?
  • Can they show you examples of previous work?
  • Do you have references I can follow up?

See landscaping for additional questions you should ask a landscaper.


Gardeners should ideally have public liability insurance, for landscapers this is essential and they should also carry professional indemnity insurance.

Cost of gardening jobs

Advertised rates for gardeners start at under $30 per hour, but this is usually for basic less skilled work such as clearing garden refuse or weeding. The average rate as of November 2018 is around $47 per hour.

Gardening Job Average Price
Pruning and hedging $65
Weeding $90
Weed spraying $50
Garden waste removal $65
Fertilising $40
Slashing $90
Lawn mowing up to 600m2 $54
Lawn mowing up to 950m2 $64
Lawn mowing over 1000m2 $72

Some gardeners offer deals for repeat work, for example you may get a better rate if you hire them to mow your lawn on a regular basis.

Garden irrigation systems

Irrigation is the watering system you use to keep your grass and plants healthy. You can either water them by hand, or you can use an automatic watering system to take care of the watering for you – a worthwhile investment especially if you’re going on a long holiday in the summer months.

There are the four types of garden irrigation systems:

  • Drip irrigation – good for vegetable patches, flowerbeds, hanging baskets and potted plants, it releases water slowly through a drip emitter to give the plant time to soak up the water. Slowing down the water release means less wastage.
  • Micro spray jets – these spray water over a radius of up to 2 metres, they are great for watering multiple plants at once and ideal for flowerbeds, borders and landscaped areas. They can be directed downwards into a greenhouse. You can turn the jets on and off as and when you want or a water timer can be added to make it automated.
  • Mini sprinklers – a bit like micro spray jets, but a lot more powerful. They have a rotating jet which provides a heavy soaking spray, covering a radius of up to 5 metres. They are ideal for larger areas like large vegetable patches.
  • Pop up sprinklers – based underground and pop up when they’re being used. They have the best coverage and are the most efficient when it comes to reducing water wastage. You decide when you want your lawn watered and an electronic water timer takes care of the rest.

Planning permission for landscaping jobs

Planning permission is not needed for your average gardening job, if your constructing a new shed or similar landscaping professionals should know and secure all appropriate building permits that you may require. If you are unsure, it is best to contact your local council to get a definitive answer on which permits are required.

Gardening & Lawn Mowing Services

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a courtyard home, whether you only have a tiny front yard or you have what seems like acres of garden that really needs attention, at V.I.P. we can help you with all your garden maintenance needs.

It might be a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service you need or perhaps a once off garden maintenance package to really get your garden looking its best. No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to taking care of your lawns or your garden, you’ll receive our outstanding level of service with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, is it the lawn?
Is your lawn looking a bit patchy, or bald, or maybe it’s so overgrown you can’t find the newspaper if it doesn’t land on the driveway? Maybe the weeds have completely taken over and you can’t find a blade of real grass anywhere. Don’t worry, V.I.P. can help.

Maybe it’s the garden?
Perhaps it’s not the lawn that needs some TLC, but your flower beds that need weeding, or the hedge needs trimming, or those rose bushes need pruning or your trees need a bit of cutting back or those borders need edging and a really good tidy-up. Or maybe you got enthused and made a start but now it’s weeks later and that potting soil and those plants you bought are still just sitting there waiting to be planted!

Garden transformations a specialty
Even if it’s the absolute worst-case scenario where you’ve come to the sad conclusion that you think you really need to just rip everything in your garden out and start all over again, don’t worry, just give us a call. One of our V.I.P. franchisees would be very happy to help transform whatever your lawn and garden look like right now into a stunning garden you’ll be proud of and that will make your neighbours green with envy.

We can tailor a package to suit you, your needs and your budget. You can choose from:

  • Weekly garden maintenance
  • Fortnightly garden maintenance
  • Monthly garden maintenance
  • Once off garden maintenance
  • A tailored package that suits you, your needs and your budget

At V.I.P. we’ve been maintaining gardens around Australia for over 35 years so you can be guaranteed that our experience delivers the best results. But just because we’ve been around for such a long time, doesn’t mean we ever rest on our laurels — we’re always making sure we keep up to date with the latest developments in anything to do with lawns and gardens so we can make sure we continue to bring you the very best garden solutions.

Check out our garden transformations here!

Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Ballarat, Bendigo, Cairns, Canberra, Central Coast, Darwin, Geelong, Mandurah, Newcastle, Nowra, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Warwick, Townsville or Wollongong, we have the skills, training and knowledge to bring you the results you’re looking for.

Why not book us in today and you can have more time tomorrow.

Simply call 13 26 13 or click here to enquire via email.

Check out our garden transformations!

Request a quote. Your local franchisee will call you.

Please select your state:


Gardening Services in Sydney Region

Jim’s Mowing and Gardening Services NSW

Gardening Services Sydney

Need Gardening Services in the Sydney area?Jim’s Mowing and Gardening services in Sydney would be delighted to help. We even offer same day gardening services if our scheduled permits. Just call Jim’s Gardening in Sydney on 1300 191 565 or you can book a gardening job online for a time that suits to get your gardening done, or schedule a free, no obligation quote.

Gardening maintenance prices can vary depending on the size, length and overall state of your garden currently, so it is usually best for us to view the garden first to ensure an accurate estimate of costs.

We can complete all aspects of gardening maintenance, be that a one-off garden clean up, or regular lawn mowing, pruning, edging, fertilising and mulching. Or perhaps more involved gardening projects, such as irrigation and watering solutions, garden landscaping and design, and hard landscaping services.

Jim’s Gardening Sydney offer fully trained staff, who can advise you on all aspects of garden care, from plant selection, pruning, fertilization and mulching schedules, how to promote strong root systems, how often to water gardens, lawns and different plants, recommendations on plant feed, weeding and wetting agents best suited to each plant, tree and lawn type.

It is important that trees, flowers and plants are not damaged when fertilized or mulched.Similarly, care should be taken to ensure garden lawns are not watered too often in different seasons as this can promote shallow root growth.Likewise, watering too frequently can deteriorate soil nutrients and change soil pH levels, reducing the lushness of plants and lawns.Our fully trained gardening team know this, and so much more, so don’t leave your gardening care to just anyone.

Be assured that all Jim’s Mowing staff are required to have a current police check, are fully insured and fully trained. Plus, our work comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Remember, we also offer more than just expert gardening services in Sydney. Our services extend to entire lawn mowing, rubbish removal, tree, shrub and hedging trimming and pruning, landscape design and hard landscaping services, irrigation systems and gutter cleaning.

Call Jim’s Gardening Services in Sydney on 1300 191 565 now or Book a Jim’s Gardening Service online, today.

Your garden will be expertly maintained, all clippings removed, giving you more time to enjoy your beautifully maintained garden! So call Jim’s Gardening now on 1300 191 565.

Green T Lawn Care joins forces with TruGreen!

Green T Lawn Care is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with TruGreen®.

For our Customers:
By combining the resources of both companies, you will continue to receive the same excellence in programs and services that you have come to expect over the years from Green T Lawn Care.

There will be no change in the cost of your service or the number of visits that you are scheduled to receive. You will begin to see the TruGreen logo on our service trucks, technician uniforms, customer communications, and billing information

TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee® promises to gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.*

If you have any questions about your lawn, tree or tick control services, please give us a call 1-866-878-0265. We are excited about our partnership with TruGreen, and together we will continue providing you with a lawn and landscape that you can be proud of year after year.

Interested in purchasing new services?

Click or call TruGreen to get started on a new Lawn or Tree & Shrub plan today!
Call: 866-878-0265

Landscaping Naperville, Aurora & Chicago, IL

Green T landscaping is a full-service landscape company servicing Naperville, Aurora, and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago, IL with master contractors and builders. Green T landscaping provides vision and implementation on completely customizable scapes designed to fit your personality and style. Landscaping services break down into 3 main categories:

  • Hardscaping
  • Softscaping
  • Maintenance

Hardscaping is the construction of ridged, inanimate objects. Projects include all stone, water, and wood features. Popular builds are: Decks & Patios, Walkways / Driveways, fire pits, retaining walls, dry creek beds, and pergolas. Softscaping services include the manipulation and implementation of living structures to your landscape, including all trees, shrubs, and plants (annual and perennial). Softscaping accentuates your landscape with colors, textures, and natural beauty. Maintenance preserves your existing landscape’s beauty and form through pruning, mulching, and drainage. A regular maintenance schedule keeps your space looking neat and clean. Maintenance structures, like irrigation systems, offer your landscape a self-preserving tool for scheduled watering and consistent management.

Call today for more information about our professional landscaping services.

Here’s what people are saying about Green T Landscaping

Aug 20, 2018 by Scott Dierking on Green T Landscaping Great Job!

We have 10 oak trees on our Wheaton property and the leaves did not drop until Dec 4th. Green T finished our fall cut and clean yesterday in 24 degree weather and the yard looks fabulous! Great job, looking forward to many years of working with your company. Thanks.

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Pest Control Naperville & Aurora, IL

Green T Pest control provides professional pest control services to homes and businesses in Aurora, Naperville and the suburban Chicago area. No pest control job is too big or too small!

Green T stands by our promise to eliminate your pest problem – Guaranteed!

We offer high-quality pest control and extermination services for pest-related issues, including:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees/Wasps/Yellowjackets
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice/Rodents
  • Ticks
  • and much more!

We always take into consideration the safety of your family and pets while working to eradicate any pest.

Pest Control Services:

We are the best exterminators in the Chicagoland area because of the techniques we use, the professional technicians we send, and our attention to every detail to make sure that your pest problem is solved.

Here are just a few examples of how we work:

  • We apply insecticide to your entire lawn, including your shrubs to help control spider mites and Japanese beetles.
  • A full perimeter application of insect repellent around the base of your home or business, three feet up and three feet out, which provides a quality barrier to prevent insect access.
  • Treatment and removal of any beehive or wasp nest anywhere on your property.
  • Specific injections into all pipe entry points to prevent insects from nesting.
  • Removal of all webbing around your windows, eaves and inside your garage.
  • Free one-time treatment for mosquitoes is also available. This mosquito spray treatment will create a barrier around your home that will control and ward away insects. We can do during initial service or we can schedule it before a family event.

Green T Pest Control provides year-round comprehensive protection from all pests. We will come out for an emergency, one-time visit or we can help protect your home or business with our year-round scheduled program.

Our year-round pest control applications will work to eliminate existing pests and prevent any new pests from gaining access to your property. Our technicians will assess your property and determine whether there are any cracks, holes or gaps that may be allowing the pests gain entry. Green T will give you a detailed review of these areas along with custom recommendations and solutions for your property.

Call (630)-231-9997 or request a quote today to schedule a free pest control estimate and let Green T provide you and your home with an effective barrier against unwanted pests.

Pest Control: Residential

There is nothing more sacred to you than your home and the family it encompasses. So we understand the need to protect it from any dangerous and unwanted pests. Green T is proud to offer residential pest control solutions that will eliminate and deter any and all pests from your home. Read more about our residential pest control services.

Pest Control: Commercial

A pest issue can wreak havoc on any business. Whether you’re in the food service, education, or storage industries, having a clean, pest-free facility will keep your business running smooth.

There are many ways pests can infiltrate a business. Even though your office may be clean, pests can still find there way in through packing materials, foot traffic, vents or even through a minor unnoticed crack.

Green T’s experienced commercial pest control staff knows how to eliminate these pests and keep them away from you business! Read more about our commercial pest control services.

Green T offers a variety of solutions for any commercial or residential pest control issues you may have. Depending on your needs, we have a regular monthly, quarterly or annual program.

Knowing your property is protected by the best pest control company around will give you peace of mind. Our business is to keep you in business.

Call (630)-231-9997 or request a free commercial or residential pest control estimate today, and see the Green T difference for yourself.

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