Landscaping around hot tub

Updated on: July 3, 2019. Posted on: October 30, 2017.

When you introduce a hot tub into your life, it becomes much more than a relaxing space in which to hang out—it becomes an integral feature of your home. So it makes sense to invest some time and energy into the elements that will bring the whole picture together. Landscaping choices are the perfect way to do this, because you can decide whether you want to approach your backyard design minimally or elaborately, or even if you’d prefer to add elements piece by piece over time.



Hot tub owners come up with inspired ideas for integrating their spas perfectly into their home environment. Your local hot tub dealer can visit your home and offer a backyard consultation before you make any definite decisions about installation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your plans for your ideal hot tub placement. Depending on your priorities, you may want to use landscaping elements to add to the privacy of your yard and your hot tub space, to complement the design aesthetics of your outdoor environment, or to enhance the relaxing atmosphere of your home spa. Of course, many of these tips and ideas will promote all of these considerations at once.


One great way to make your hot tub a seamless part of your home is to surround it with full, vibrant plants. In this way, you create what could be considered an outdoor room—an extension of your home’s private spaces. By choosing mature plants, trees, and bushes that are tall enough and thick enough to shield your spa from view, your landscape installation could become a natural privacy feature.

Both garden and structural elements can work to create privacy around your hot tub. If you prefer a minimalistic garden—perhaps for aesthetic reasons or for an ecologically-friendly water-wise design—plant elements can serve as statement pieces alongside a privacy structure, such as a pergola or gazebo or deck overhang. You’ll also have the option of hanging baskets filled with flowers or succulents from your gazebo or overhand, which can surround you as you soak in your spa. Or you could incorporate trellises covered with climbing vines into this structure, which could add yet another layer of shade and privacy.

Even if your home is tucked in close to your neighbor’s, creative landscaping options can provide sufficient privacy while adding character and beauty at the same time. Installing planter boxes high on a fence allows you to plant bushy groundcovers and vines that can extend your fence’s reach. Trees with full, low-hanging foliage can also provide a layer of privacy, though be aware that overhead branches can cause leaves and other debris to fall on your spa cover. Bamboo trees, famed for their ability to rapidly grow to very high heights, can be planted close together, where they’ll quickly become a natural fence on their own.


Once you decide where your hot tub should be placed in your backyard, you can begin to imagine how it will fit within the environment. If you have an existing landscape design that you want to keep intact, you’ll want to consider how different hot tub models would look within that context.

Together, your hot tub and landscape features can blend into the natural environment. In this way, even the areas beyond your property become points of interest. Decide whether you want your hot tub space to feel lush and cozy, with full plants tucked in tight around it, or open and spacious, with small plant features that are easier to contain.

Hot tubs themselves can be enhanced to better complement your landscape. Your local dealer can help you to understand your options for choosing the right hot tub model and personalizing its look to match your existing landscape.


Outdoor landscape features go beyond plants and flowers to include stone and other materials. Sometimes simplicity in your landscape is best, as it makes way for a peaceful, spacious atmosphere. Lighting can be an important feature in your backyard design, as it helps create a welcoming hot tub experience after the sun goes down. Fragrant flowers and herbaceous plants like lavender and rosemary can introduce another sensory dimension to your home spa.

If you’re interested in creating a backyard environment conducive to socializing and entertaining, a hot tub is the perfect focal point. Your landscape choices can help you embrace this intention. Plan your landscape features in a way that allows for movement and spaces to sit together. Privacy elements and overall aesthetics will also play a role in your yard’s cozy, welcoming atmosphere.


Whether you have an existing landscape that you want to work within or you’re planning entirely new and fresh features around your hot tub, you’re not alone in coming up with the perfect landscaping design. This handy deck planning tool is a great place to start for gathering design ideas. And your nearby hot tub dealer can help you understand the various models and options, suggest ways to find the best placement for your hot tub, and give you some creative ideas for enhancing the space around your home spa. They’ll be familiar with the climate conditions in your area and will know some of the best ways to approach outdoor hot tub landscaping, so you can feel inspired and confident.

Hot Spring Spas® offers the ultimate in quality and customizable design for your home. If you’d like to get a better idea of your hot tub options, you can . You can also request a price quote.

Hot Tubs or a Hot Mess? Incorporating a Spa into Your Landscape Design

Your home is the place you go to escape the busyness of life. After a hard week, you’d love to just go in your backyard, close your eyes and let the stresses melt away. Ahh…

The idea of soaking in warm, bubbling water after a long day or even gathering with your family or friends on the weekend may lead you to start thinking about adding a hot tub in your backyard. However, you may worry that choosing the wrong solution or company to do the work, may result in your relaxing spa turning into an additional source of stress, an ugly backyard.

The last thing you want is to feel like you’re stuck choosing one or the other—a gorgeous backyard or a spa. You want the best of both worlds and you don’t want to compromise. Your goal is a solution that will give you both.

Hot Tubs vs. Spas

Before going any further in this article we wanted to clear up any confusion over the terms hot tub or spa. These days, the terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. Both terms describe a large tub of hot water with jets, used for purposes like relaxation, warmth, entertaining, and hydrotherapy.

Spas can either be freestanding units that are added atop a paved surface or built in-ground, connected, or apart from a backyard pool.

Hot Tub Landscaping

Where most hot tub landscaping projects go wrong is with a bad design—or even no design at all. If you have a pool or spa dealer install your spa, it may be very possible that they aren’t giving much thought to what the rest of your outdoor living area looks like.

In the case of hot tub dealers, they’re just making sure the hot tub is installed properly. That’s typically where we see the most commonly made mistake—a hot tub that looks like it was just plunked there.

It stands out (in a bad way) and it looks like an afterthought rather than an incorporation into your overall landscape design. But there are also other reasons it can be problematic.

A hot tub that is poorly placed can also take up space, interrupt the flow of traffic around your outdoor living area, or even be difficult to get in and out of. Instead, thought should be given to where it goes, how it’s positioned, and how it incorporates into your overall landscape design.

Hot Tub Landscape Ideas & Goals

As mentioned, a good hot tub landscape design takes a lot of factors into account. Here are some of the specific ideas that are considered to not only make your spa look gorgeous in your outdoor living area but to make it highly functional, too.

Positioned Close to the House

A thoughtful design will take into account where the doors of the house are located so that you can get outside and into the hot tub quickly (and vice versa, go from the spa to the inside quickly as well).

A lot of people love using their spa in the winter but they don’t want to trek too far to get into it when it’s cold.

Well-Incorporated with a Patio

Spas are typically installed within a patio area and a good hot tub landscape design will also take into account the rest of that design. Often that means nestling it into a nook or corner where it’s not in the way or on top of the outdoor kitchen or dining area.

It’s placed in a way that flows thoughtfully with the rest of the design without impeding traffic or being in the way. It also looks like it was always meant to be there.

Comes with a View

A lot of people say they want to sit in their spa and enjoy the view of their gorgeous landscape and surrounding property. Some even say their favorite thing to do is look at the stars while they soak. But none of that is possible if the spa is built in a way that the view is blocked.

If you’re also having a nearby pavilion or pergola built, it’s important that thought is given to whether those structures will block a view you wanted to enjoy from your spa. A thoughtful hot tub landscape design will not overlook what is a seemingly small, but very important detail—the view.

Provides the View

On the flip side, some people like their spa to be a showpiece in a way that it provides something visually interesting to look at. Therefore, they want to be able to view it from other areas of the property or even from inside the house.

This is particularly true if features such as color-changing LED lighting and water features like fountains are incorporated into the design. These types of features can actually turn your spa into a show. If that’s the case you want to be able to see it at night through a window or while cooking on the grill at the nearby kitchen.

Incorporating a Spa Into a Complete Backyard

If your goal is to simply add a hot tub atop a paved surface in your backyard, then choosing a pool and spa company in Lancaster, PA or surrounding areas is probably your best bet.

However, if your goal is to have a spa that is just one feature of your own backyard resort, then it’s important to consider this as part of an overall landscape design. Be certain that you consider some other key elements that will make your backyard complete such as a plantings, pavilion, patio, lighting, and more. If those are features that you desire, then your best bet is to work with a Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) who will take all of that into account.

A hot tub dealer or a pool and spa company is only going to be focused on installing the spa itself. They may also fail to take some of the important design details into account that we’ve discussed such as where it’s positioned or what kinds of views you have while sitting in it. These are factors that will affect your overall enjoyment.

Choosing Wisely for the Perfect Backyard Oasis

If you decide that you want a complete backyard design with a spa, then choosing a landscape company with an RLA will ensure your project comes together the way you desire. That’s what you’ll get if you choose to work with Earth, Turf, & Wood.

We have designed and created many projects that included spas, both with or without a pool. Actually, some of our clients did not want a pool but just wanted exclusively a spa that looked like it was meant to always be part of the overall landscape design.

There’s no doubt that your decisions will have an impact on the end result and could be the difference between a useful hot tub or a hot mess. There is no reason why you should have to choose between getting the spa you desire or a gorgeous backyard. By researching your options and choosing the right company, you’ll be able to have both.

If you’re ready for a new backyard resort including a spa and want to find out more about our pool and spa services for your Lancaster, York, Hershey, or Reading, PA home, contact us for a free consultation. Then, sit back and relax knowing you’ve already taken the first step toward following through on your dream.

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22 Outdoor Living Spaces with Jacuzzi Tubs and Beautiful Yard Landscaping Ideas

Jacuzzi is a nice way to improve outdoor living spaces and add more pleasure to busy lifestyle. Jacuzzi is a large bath or a small pool that is equipped electrically to sprout jets of water and air bubbles from different points and give a massage. Outdoor living spaces with jacuzzi tubs are truly relaxing, more functional and entertaining. Lushome collection of ideas for incorporating jacuzzi tubs into yard landscaping gives great inspirations for building a jacuzzi and creating filled with fun backyard designs.

Outdoor living spaces with jacuzzi tubs look inviting, luxurious and pleasant. Soaking in the warm water that floats on you from different points gives true pleasure and provide ultimate relaxation. Jacuzzi tubs take away stress, energize, improve mood and refresh inner spirit. Outdoor rooms, gazebos and open wooden decks with jacuzzi tubs help rejuvenate mind and body while creating pleasant moments and adding beautiful focal points to yard landscaping.

Jacuzzi tubs are great additions to outdoor living spaces. These water features improve backyard designs, add beautiful and functional decorations to yards and increase values of residential homes and hotels. The best way to enjoy a Jacuzzi is installing it inside or outdoors to create wonderful experiences and memories of soaking in warm water and receiving a light massage.

Modern bathroom decorating with Jacuzzi and LED lights

Outdoor living spaces with jacuzzi tubs

Stone patio and open wooden deck design with a jacuzzi, spacious yard landscaping ideas

Choosing to build a metal or wooden gazebo for a hot tub offers many benefits for homeowners who enjoy outdoor living and entertaining. Metal or wooden gazebos offer protection from the elements, privacy and seclusion to a hot tub, allowing to design beautiful focal points for yard landscaping and outdoor home decorating.

Wooden gazebos may have a door, privacy tinted screen windows or screens for mosquitoes, but even simple structures of pergolas, arbors, metal or wooden gazebos protect from direct sunlight and create fabulous centerpieces for backyard designs. Jacuzzis bring fun and pleasure into homes, improving backyard landscaping by adding extra convenience, comfort and enjoyment.

Pergola and Jacuzzi with wooden steps, small backyard designs

Backyard designs with Jacuzzis feel relaxed and very personal. Jacuzzis offer pleasurable activity and ultimate relaxation in the warm water after a busy day of work. Having a Jacuzzi in your home helps to unwind quickly and give you that added measure of luxurious privacy that you can not have in spas and hotels.

Swimming pool inclosures adding luxury to backyard designs

Building jacuzzi with wood and yard landscaping ideas

Jacuzzis come in different shapes, styles, materials, prices and sizes. Styles and finishes ultimately define backyard designs and yard landscaping ideas that create beautiful spaces for hot tubs. Cedar is a popular material which is naturally insect repelling. Wooden gazebos and wood around a Jacuzzi can be stained and finished in a many different and beautiful wood colors.

Contemporary infinity pool and Jacuzzi, chic backyard designs

Mahogany, oak and pine colors bring harmony and splendor of natural wood materials into backyard designs while decorating hot tubs and creating attractive outdoor living spaces. You can decorate your open deck with your built-in hot tub adding pots with flowers and traditional yard decorations. Hanging pictures, wind chimes and hanging flowers or adding a pergola with vines and flowering plants are all great ideas for beautiful backyard designs with a Jacuzzi.

Backyard swimming pools and small ponds beautifying yard landscaping ideas

Spectacular Pool House design connecting home interiors with outdoor living spaces and swimming pool

If you enjoy DIY projects and wood crafts, then you can build your own wooden gazebo around your hot tub. The design plans are widely available, and they are cheap. Wooden gazebos and pergolas with Jacuzzis improve outdoor living spaces by adding a fun gathering place for families and friends to backyard designs. Jacuzzi tubs are a nice way to enhance the happy spirit when people soak in hot water and relax in privacy and style.

Wooden cottage with a seating ares and Jacuzzi, comfortable backyard designs

Jacuzzi is a great focal point for yard landscaping. It creates a place to relax for all, – kids and adults, homeowners and guests. Hot tubs allow to soak away anxiety and stress, improving health, promoting the outdoor living and adding unique, functional and attractive centerpieces to backyard designs. Jacuzzis are romantic and create wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences, especially in winter. Hot tubs make outdoor living spaces become your favorite places to relax and rejuvenate in elegant and chic style.

Large outdoor swimming pool, stone patio and Jacuzzi Charming yard landscaping with rocks, fire pit and wooden Jacuzzi

by Ena Russ

5 Creative ideas for adding more privacy around your hot tub

Some pairings just make sense. Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk.

Hot tubs and privacy.

You just can’t enjoy one without the other. Unfortunately, not everyone has a secluded place to situate their new hot tub. But everyone can create a little extra hot tub privacy with these creative ideas.


One of the best ways to create privacy around your hot tub is by adding a little green. When it comes to plants, the possibilities are virtually endless. Trees, bushes, flowers and plants can all be used to create as much privacy as you need. These living privacy screens also offer gorgeous landscaping around your tub and a beautiful view. It’s truly a win, win. When using plants around your hot tub, there are a few special considerations. You’ll want to consider the growing season and climate requirements for the plants that you’re using. You’ll also want to make sure that the plants don’t put off too much debris, so you don’t give yourself any added work.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are also a great option. The screens are portable, so you have the option of changing up your space. You can have privacy when you want privacy, but you can also move the screens around if you want a more open feel. Often, hot tub owners use their spas for multiple purposes. You may want privacy for your nightly soak, but need a more open feel while you host a party or get together. Privacy screens can also be used to help block the sun, which is definitely an added benefit here in Texas.

Spa Umbrellas

Spa umbrellas offer many of the same benefits of a privacy screen. They’re portable and can be used to screen whichever area is needed at the time, but they take up less space on your patio or deck. Spa umbrellas can offer a degree of privacy then be closed or removed when they’re not needed. A spa umbrella does have a better angle for sun protection, but may not offer quite as much privacy.

Pergola and Curtains

A quick look at Pinterest or Houzz will turn up countless images of pergolas with beautiful flowing curtains. Not only are they a stylish design addition to your backyard, they’re a perfect way to create privacy for your hot tub. This option is versatile, too. You can open or close the curtains for whatever mood you are trying to create.

Faux Walls

While you’re browsing you might also stumble upon some great faux wall options. These walls can section off areas of your outdoor space, much like walls in your home. They can be movable or semi-permanent. The best part about these faux walls is that they can built to suit your needs and design tastes.

Creating privacy around your hot tub doesn’t have to be difficult. These ideas are simple, beautiful and functional. A hot tub is a big investment, ad we want you to be totally satisfied with every aspect of your purchase. If you have any questions about adding privacy don’t hesitate to ask. Happy soaking!

Updated on: February 20, 2019. Posted on: November 12, 2018.

A hot tub is a wonderful addition to a home, providing relaxing hot soaks and a plethora of benefits right outside your back door. But sometimes, even when you’ve placed your spa in the best spot on your patio or in your yard, it might not be as private as you wish.

Whether your hot tub is located on a suburban deck or on an urban balcony, it might be in the line of sight of your neighbors. And that can make your soaks a little less enjoyable. But there is good news: Creating home hot tub privacy isn’t difficult.

Creative landscaping—mature plants, trees, and bushes placed around your spa—might be all you need. If that’s not enough, fences, privacy screens, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas can be bought at many home goods stores. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you can even build what you need in a weekend.

No matter what type of refuge from prying eyes you and your family need, you can attain it. In fact, hot tub privacy can also be had by simply using spa accessories, such as an upright cover lifter, strategically.

Create Hot Tub Privacy With Landscaping

Thoughtfully placed trees, hedges, and flowering shrubbery can create both hot tub privacy and a pleasant view. Trees can also provide shade. Be aware, though, that tree sap and fallen leaves could mean additional clean-up work.

Planting options are endless but some varieties need more time to grow than others. Here are a few fast-growing types:

  • Bamboo is a famously fast-growing plant. A hedge of bamboo can create privacy in as little as three months, but can also grow out of control. Ask your local nursery for advice on how to plant bamboo and keep it growing only in locations you chose.
  • Poplar and willow hybrid trees are great shade trees and commonly available from local nurseries. Willow hybrids can grow about 12 feet per year, while poplar hybrids can grow 8 feet per year.
  • Evergreen hedges block views and help dampen sound. A fast-growing hedge like leylandii can grow up to 3 feet per year. Proper trimming will encourage growth and form a thick screen.

A privacy hedge or a stately line of trees is probably the most beautiful way to provide hot tub privacy, but landscaping will require maintenance and patience as your plantings grow. If you want privacy sooner rather than later, a fence might serve you better.

Hot Tub Privacy Fences

The most obvious way to create hot tub privacy is to install a fence around your yard or place a privacy screen beside your spa. With so many styles to choose from, screen options are practically limitless. There are plenty of fencing options, too!

Traditional wood privacy fences are very popular, but also vulnerable to moisture and need to be maintained. For that reason, some hot tub owners seek alternatives. Vinyl fencing is not as strong as wood, but never needs to be painted and resists moisture, which is perfect if you plan to place the fence in close proximity to your spa.

There are plenty of non-traditional options, too, including iron, corrugated or galvanized steel, metal, chain link, and composite fencing. The perfect fence for you will depend on your taste, the style of your home and yard, and the level of privacy you desire. Just keep in mind that while a fence is a great solution in many cases, it might not be the best solution for your specific location or landscape.

Privacy Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos for Hot Tubs

If you live in a neighborhood that’s sloped or in an urban home where people living in mid-rise or high-rise apartments can look down onto your property, fencing or a screen won’t provide the privacy you need. Instead, consider a pavilion, pergola, or gazebo. Each will block the view from above.

The main difference between a pavilion, pergola, and a gazebo, apart from the various styles available, is truss structuring. An evenly spaced triangular truss is typically used to hold up the roof of a pavilion. Gazebos have a single three-dimensional space truss that radiates from a central point. On pergolas, the truss consists of evenly spaced rafters. The rafters block some of the sun but not the rain, and when they show off climbing vines, they’re not only more functional privacy-wise, but also more beautiful.

The design best for you will depend on how you plan to use your hot tub. If you want the area around your spa to be an entertainment space, then consider a pavilion or a gazebo. Because each has a solid roof, wiring for lighting and the power to your spa will be protected. Plus, plans for these structures often include a raised floor, which can conceal electrical wiring. Just remember that the more elaborate and enclosed a pavilion or gazebo is, the more important ventilation becomes. Rising steam from your spa will condense and collect on the ceiling of the structure and then drip down. So, you should consider a fan to improve airflow and help keep the structure free of moisture.

If all you need is privacy from eyes above, a pergola is your best bet. Lightweight and easy for a handyman or handywoman to build, the open structure offers plenty of ventilation.

Not all yards have the space for these types of structures, though, nor are all homeowners willing to undertake a large project for the sake of privacy. For these spa owners, something simpler may suffice.

Accessories for Hot Tub Privacy

When your spa is located in a very small yard or on a balcony, or if you rent your home and aren’t allowed to install a privacy structure near or around the hot tub, you do have other options in the form of accessories.

One accessory that will provide hot tub privacy is a spa side umbrella, which can be maneuvered to block your neighbors’ lines of sight in any direction. Another accessory that can aid in attaining privacy is a hot tub cover lifter. Some hot tub manufacturers, including the maker of Hot Spring® spas, recognize the need for privacy and offer dual-purpose hot tub cover lifters. A cover lifter not only makes it easier to remove and replace your heavy hot tub cover, but also acts as a vertical shield when the spa is in use.

Discover all of the accessories available with a Hot Spring spa.

Creating home hot tub privacy can beautify your backyard and provide other perks. The right trees can create privacy, shade, and, when placed near your home, could help lower your energy bills. Hedges can dampen sound and fences can discourage trespassing. Often, getting a little hot tub privacy is as simple as buying a spa from a manufacturer that thinks of its customers first and offers accessories that speak to privacy needs.

Learn more about Hot Spring® spas and how to create a private backyard retreat by contacting your local dealer for a test soak.

35 Hot Tubs in Landscapes

35 Hot Tubs in Landscapes

If you opened this blog you must be a hot tub kind-of-person. Welcome to 35 Hot Tubs in Landscapes. Got kids? The lure of an outdoor spa is powerfully irresistible and kids come in all ages when it comes to hot tubs and spas. Soaking away a long day under the stars is backyard therapy. Some of the best backyards are the ones that draw the family out the back door and hot tubs are an enticing go-to feature. Ask around, some spa owners use their hot tubs year round, regardless of the weather, even deep into snowy winter.

We’ll be checking out 4 categories of hot tubs; custom inground spas, above ground hot tubs, built in hot tubs, and piggyback pool-spas. You can give your stamp of approval as you view how other water lovers fit spas into the theme of their landscape design.

Inground spas are beautiful with fun light features and room for many. They invite hours of relaxation. These custom inground spas are like mini-swimming pools. Of course, kids love playing in these watery retreats. Adults can join them or grab a soak by themselves, later. They bring families together for memory making while doubling as an entertainment feature for guests.

We’ve selected some Paradise Restored favorites for you to browse through. Especially like one of these property designs? Click the photo for a quick tour.


Can you see why we love custom inground spas? They make stunning additions in landscape designs. It took everything I had to refrain from gabbing about each spa and property. We know a picture tells the story better than words. But if you need info on hot tub/spa selection, check out this quick vlog by the Outdoor Living Guy, Micah Dennis:

Let’s head for the next category and see more showstopper hot tubs. Next you’ll see hot tubs that have been snazzed up a bit as permanent fixtures in the landscape.


Jaekel Hot Tub with Side Bar

Nighttime spa near outdoor living room Jaekel spa with built in Bar…

Bingham Built In Hot Tub with Shower

Shower near hot tub is super cute –

Washington Built in Hot Tub With Pergola

Finch Hot Tub With Privacy Screen

Edelburg Built In Hot Tub with Mini Deck

Coffee Hot Tub with Bar Island & Shower

Pretty fabulous built in hot tubs, don’t you think? Let’s scope out Above Ground Hot Tubs. Don’t forget, click on the photo is you want to see the entire landscape.

Above Ground Hot Tubs

As you can see, hot tubs have a masterful presence all by themselves. Add outdoor furnishings and decor to bring life and convenience to the spa area. These little gem spas are outdoor keepers! Let’s press on to the finish. Many pools have piggyback spas built in; let’s see some examples, eh?



Whew! There you have it. 35 Hot Tubs in Landscapes is over and out. Did you get some great ideas for your landscape design? Have one of our designers over to collaborate with you. Give us a shout for a complimentary consultation @

Like walking through landscapes for other ideas? Peruse our Portfolio @

Visit our YouTube Channel – so many great videos on Landscape Design.

Time to fly Guys.

This blog needs to be wrapped up Pronto.

Until next time, Get Outside Portland

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Hot Tub Lover


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Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a long soak in a hot tub at the end of a long day? Strained, stressed muscles begin to loosen, and tension begins to melt away after only a few minutes. Hot tubs are that one luxury many people love to leave available year round, but are unfortunately often restricted by outside seasonal weather changes. There are a few steps you can take, however, to help make that dream a reality. These hot tub gazebo and hot tub enclosure ideas provide more than enough fodder to get your design ideas flowing!

Table of Contents

Pros and Cons of Enclosing Your Hot Tub

Before you make any permanent plans, be sure to weigh both pros and cons of your decision to enclose your hot tub. To start, hot tubs do need to be regularly serviced, and ensuring there is enough room available for regular maintenance, or any future part replacement, is available.

If you enclose your hot tub you also may interrupt your opportunity to lay back and gaze up at the stars, but depending on where you live you may be providing much more privacy in order to better enjoy all the perks a hot tub has. If protected, a hot tub can also last much longer than if left exposed to the elements. Plus, you may get more seasonal use out of it since you won’t have to worry about shoveling off snow before using, or clearing a pathway to enjoy. Enclosures also help stave off those pesky nighttime insects that like to ruin your evening experiences.

Outdoor Design

This seasonal, airy design provides relief from the sunniest of days all while providing you with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding gardens. Your decision to research hot tub surrounding ideas should include temporary seasonal options in order to provide for the needs you are searching for.

Privacy Screen

This airy enclosure provides both privacy and a degree of protection from the elements, and allows this hot tub easy accessibility all year round. Pergola like roofs and lattace sidewalls allow for comforting breezes, but still protects you from everything but the worst of what Mother Nature can bring.

Avoid the Elements

Perfect for protection from seasonal precipitation and gusty winds, this semi-permanent enclosure also boasts a skylight to allow you a view of the night sky year round. Concrete patio slabs also provide a perfect foundation for your cover to rest upon to help you get to and from the house.

Sun Shade

Although this design mostly allows for an open hot tub exposure, the pergola design keeps off the worst of the sunshine, and also helps infringe lighter forms of precipitation- making your hot tub experience that much more enjoyable all year round.

Seasonal Solarium

Designs such as this make it easy to assemble, take down, and move as your needs dictate. It also is sturdy enough to last through seasonal weather changes, all while still providing you with an enjoyable, outdoor experience.

Simple Touches

Learn More

Your outdoor living areas truly should extend the personal touches you lend to your indoor decor. This open pergola helps keep the worst of the leaves and other vegetation out of the water, plus it provides the perfect amount of shade without completely interrupting your view of the sky.

Wishing Well

Learn More

Influenced by the open style of protection given to water wells, this roofed cover allows for a view of the landscape, all while keep you protected from the elements above. This type of style also provides opportunities for further enclosure as the weather changes.

Private Escape

Learn More

Relaxing in your tub is hardly the experience you want to share with your fellow neighbors. Enclosures and coverings provide you with the framework to include as much, or little, of the materials needed to enjoy your hot tub in solitude.

Summer Solstice

Learn More

Hot tubs are great for year round use, but each season brings its own challenges. Sunny days can make the warmth of a hot tub feel a bit too much, not to mention the sunburns it can bring. Keeping your tub covered will allow your to enjoy it without getting uncomfortable, and help keep out and leaves or other vegetation from surrounding trees.

Beachside Retreat

Learn More

Beachside pools and hot tubs are the perfect place to lounge during the heat of the afternoon. Take your coverings to a whole new level and stick to a theme that inspires an escape you look forward to.

Living Spaces

Learn More

Having a hot tub doesn’t have to mean trying to find a spot where it won’t look out of place. Why enclose only as hot tub when you can extend this to include a place to relax and enjoy year round? This walkup outdoor living area provides year round lounging and entertainment.


Learn More

Decks are a great addition to most homes to extend your living spaces, provide a place to entertain, and also allow you to better enjoy your outdoor space. They don’t have to be a flat, wooden surface however- instead, incorporate ways to truly enjoy the outdoor with only a few steps out your back door.

Rustic Overlook

Learn More

Sometimes your locale may impede the use of a hot tub during certain seasons, but any sort of enclosure can help you get the most of relaxing atmosphere. Structures that incorporate seasonal screens for both walls and roofing styles allow you to make the most of all seasons to personalize your hot tubbing experiences.

All in the Details

Learn More

Pergolas are a popular deck and patio covering overall things outdoor. They are decorative in and of themselves, but are also easy to add personal touches too. During your warmer months, provide a hint of privacy by providing sheer curtains that you can drap or hang where needed.


Learn More

Sometimes you only need a little bit of protection, either from the closeness of neighbors, or from directional weather. When that’s the case, taking advantage of one of the many hot tub pergola ideas that exist may be exactly what you need.

Countryside Charm

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Charming rock fence lines dot many countryside fields, left over from an era when prefabricated materials were unavailable. Why not take advantage of the rustic appeal natural materials lend to your landscape and use the many hues, shapes, and textures to create your own backyard oasis.

Pure Aesthetics

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The height of enclosures creates a sense of decadent design, such as in this poolside hot tub that takes on a romantic, private feel with just a few curtain draped, oversized pillars.

Temporary Design

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Hot tub gazebo ideas take on a whole new genre with the many temporary enclosures available for your use. This particular design anchors firmly to any surface you place it upon, and provides you with complete enclosure options with easy to pull back screen walls that zip together.

Casting Shadows

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One of the main reasons pergola designs are so popular without door entertainment areas is due to how well it blends into a landscape without completely covering up the space beneath with dark shadows. The construction allows for plenty of natural lighting to come through with an acceptable degree of cool shade for all day enjoyment.

Paneled Protection

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Polycarbonate panels are the perfect solution for pergola, or other outdoor enclosure, roofing and wall materials. Often used for greenhouses, they are sturdy to work with, and durable through the seasonal changes.

Mediterranean Influences

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Larger than life columns, wide boards, and white painted structures stand out against blue skies and any water features used within your landscaping. Very mediterranean in style- long crisp, clean lines help draw your eye towards these features and provide a aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Inviting Atmosphere

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PreFab gazebo creations can include opportunities to customize your own enclosure experiences. Lighting for ambiance, projectors for outdoor movie watching, and adjustable privacy screens are all available for your wholly unique hot tubbing adventure.

Close Quarters

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Your choice of outdoor enclosures can provide the privacy you crave when live in an urban setting. Placing hot tubs near privacy walls and providing a cover keeps prying eyes at bay. Plus it allows a degree of protection from the outdoor elements.

Oversized Living

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Everyone is familiar with the term, ‘go big or go home’, and this oversized outdoor patio space embraces the idea with places to lounge or soak while whiling the away the hours watching a big screen, outdoor tv.

Greek Inspired

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Tall columns and long, draping curtains create detail to highlight the surrounding courtyard vista. The rich reds and browns of the tiles roofs and wooden beams stand out against the lighter architectural design.

Hot Tub Grotto

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Completely enclosed in a walkin basement, this hot tub enclosure is a privacy lovers dream. Complete with a domed skylight, you can lay back at night and enjoy the night sky, all while enjoying a protected outdoor space.

Indoor Details

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Some climates just don’t support an outdoor hot tub plan, but don’t despair! Designating a sunroom, enclosed porch, or other indoor space to hot tub enjoyment is more than possible- in fact, it opens up many new decorating ideas you can apply to your own sense of style.

Living Proof

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Why more people do not consider this very obvious idea more often is beyond me, but placing any sort of structure over your hot tub provides the perfect support for any type of climbing vegetation. Enjoy a hot soak surrounding by the rich, calming greens of your favorite vegetation, and the heady scents of blooming flowers.

Dual Purposes

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This gazebo has a built in bar seating so you can take your pick of where you would like to enjoy your favorite adult beverage. Making your hot tub a centralized part of your outdoor entertainment space keeps it from becoming placed someplace awkward or considered an eyesore.

Water Features

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Why not incorporate your hot tub into your landscaping water feature to ensure it is enjoyed by all who visit. Create a dual purpose sanctuary that provides a peaceful fall of water with an area to soak, all protected within the privacy of your garden.

Hot Tub Entertainment

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Chat the evening away on this deck that is all set for all day entertainment. A protective gazebo enclosure, bar seating, and relaxing outdoor sofas create the perfect environment for all kinds of social interactions.


If you’ve been holding out on adding a hot tub to your decor because you can’t make up your mind whether to enclose it or not, hopefully this list has provided you with some food for thought. Enclosing your hot tub doesn’t have to be a drastic experience that voids your enjoyment of the surroundings. There are many options available to you for a hint at privacy, as well as ways to incorporate your soaking experience into a social event.

Let us know which idea was your favorite below, and, as always, please share!


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