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Korean Bee Bee Tree-Evodia danielli or Tetradium danielli. Also known as- Evodia hupehensis or Evodia henryi or Evodia velutina( Taxonomists need another hobby)Other common names: Honey Tree and One Hundred Thousand Flowers.

The Bee Bee Tree is a fast growing tree that can range from 20 to 60 feet tall depending on the site. It is hardy from zone 6 to zone 9 and marginal in zone 5b. Bee Bee’s healthy glossy green foliage is followed by flowers during it’s main bloom period in July and August with sporadic blooms through October. Bloom clusters are large and quite fragrant, filling the area with their rich perfume.Bee Bee blooms are very attractive to bees and are a tremendous source of honey. The nectar from the Bee Bee can range from 44% to 64% sugar.Lots of Flowers= Lots of Nectar= Lots of Honey. Bee Bee flowers are also a good pollen source.

After blooming the flower clusters turn a very attractive red and are quite showy through the fall. The Bee Bee produces many shiny black seeds that are relished by birds.Bee Bee Trees begin blooming in their 4th or 5th year. They have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.Bee Bees will produce more flowers in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade.They need a moist, well drained soil.Beauty and productivity are the by words of the Bee Bee Tree.Photos by Lannetois.

Bee Bee Tree Plant Info: Tips On Growing Bee Bee Trees

If you tell your friends or neighbors that you are growing bee bee trees, you may get lots of questions. What is a bee bee tree? Do bees like bee bee tree plant flowers? Is bee bee tree invasive? Read on for answers to all these questions plus tips of growing bee bee trees.

What is a Bee Bee Tree?

The bee bee tree, also known as Korean evodia (Evodia daniellii syn. Tetradium daniellii), is not a well-known ornamental, but it should be. The tree is small, generally not much taller than 25 feet, and its dark green leaves provide light shade beneath. The bark is smooth, like beech tree bark.

The species is dioecious, so there are male trees and female trees. In late spring or early summer, female bee bee trees

grow a gorgeous display of fragrant, flat-topped flower clusters that last a long time. Bees love the flowers, and beekeepers love the bee bee tree plant’s long blooming season.

On the female bee bee tree plants, the flowers ultimately give way to fruits in the form of capsules. Inside are purple, fleshy seeds.

Bee Bee Tree Care

If you are planning on growing bee bee trees, you’ll be glad to know that bee bee tree care is not difficult if you select an appropriate location. The tree thrives in moist, fertile soil that drains well, and does best in full sun.

Like most trees, bee bee tree plants require regular irrigation for the first year after planting. This is an especially important aspect of bee bee tree care when the weather is dry. After establishment, the mature trees can tolerate some seasonal dryness.

You’ll find that bee bee trees do not suffer from many diseases, nor are they attacked by insect pests. In fact, even deer tend not browse bee bee tree plants.

Is Bee Bee Tree Invasive?

The bee bee tree fruit produces many seeds. These seeds can propagate the species far and wide when spread by hungry birds, even naturalizing in the wild. Scientists do not know very much about this tree’s impact on the environment. Given its invasive possibilities in some circumstances, it is called a “watch list species.”

Tetradium Daniellii – Korean Evodia

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Tetradium daniellii or, as it is more commonly known, the Bee Bee Tree and also the Korean Evodia Tree, is a compact small to midsized deciduous tree treasured for its attractive looks and undemanding nature. Interesting foliage and decorative, umbrella-like habit make this plant ideally suited for a specimen tree.

The foliage is glossy, dark green, consisting of pinnately arranged, large leaves that can be up to 40 centimetres long. Each leaf is composed of up to 11 ovate leaflets. In the autumn, the foliage turns to various shades of yellow and russet tones. Late in the summer, the Bee Bee Tree is engulfed in clusters of miniature white flowers, borne in flattened corymbs. The blossoms are quite aromatic and have a pleasant scent which attracts beneficial pollinators. The flowers may be followed by small, reddish fruit (seed pods).

Tolerant and adaptable, Tetradium daniellii can be successfully grown in most soils, as long as they are well-drained, in full sun to dappled shade. Considered disease and pest free, this cultivar is virtually indestructible. Not only that this ornamental tree does not require any special treatment to thrive, it also needs no pruning to keep its shape. Routine removal of any damaged or dead growth will keep this cultivar healthy and great-looking.

Considered to be a small to mid-sized cultivar, Bee Bee Tree is suitable for both small and large gardens. Long-lived and with a slow growth rate, this deciduous tree can grow to be over 12 metres long, and up to 4 to 8 metres wide, when fully mature.

Fully hardy in the United Kingdom, this stunning tree will survive even if the temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero. Although it will not be bothered by frost, this cultivar appreciates a sheltered location in the garden, away from harsh winds.

Easy to grow and to care for, Tetradium daniellii is an ideal choice for a low-maintenance specimen tree. Even though its highly-decorative foliage and profuse display of fragranced blossoms make it a great candidate to be grown as a focus of interest in the garden, this cultivar will feel at home in a mixed shrub border as well. Plant it alongside globose evergreen shrubs to accentuate its umbrella-like habit.
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