Indoor plant gift ideas

What Does Gifting a Plant Actually Means?

  • Author: Tanya Sood Published: 9th September, 2019

It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect gift. A gift should be meaningful, expressing the emotions one wants to convey. It should also be useful to the person receiving the gift. Well, that one gift which is useful for everyone plants. Plants are important to the environment, they are good for one’s health, and they are beautiful décor items.

Why to Gift a Plant?

Gifting a plant helps express various emotions and beautiful green foliage has various benefits. A few reasons to gift plants are:

  • Good For Health- Different plants have different health benefits. Gifting a plant to someone shows them that you care about their health. Moreover, we live in an era where we mostly stay inside offices or houses, plants help one stay in touch with nature.

  • Sustainable- Unlike other gifts, plants live a happy and long life if nurtured properly.

  • Unique Idea- Very few people gift a plant, so gifting a plant means an out of the box idea.

  • Influence Mood- Plant influence the mood of the people are them. The green foliage and colourful flowers make people around them happier.

  • Beautiful Gifts- Apart from having amazing health benefits, and emitting oxygen, plants make as beautiful décor items.

  • Plants For All Occasions- Plants can be gifted on all occasions. They are a sign of respect, telling someone that you trust them, and telling them that they have a nurturing nature.

Plant Gifting Symbolism

Just like flowers, plants have a language of their own. Every plant symbolizes something different, and knowing plant symbolism will help in picking the right plant for gift & décor.

Here is what gifting plants means:

Lucky Bamboo Plant Symbolism

Lucky bamboo symbolizes wealth, prosperity, longevity, luck, and love. Different layers of the lucky bamboo plant represent different things. Two layers are for love, Three layers represent for long & happy life, Five Layers represent wealth, Seven layers represent health, Eight layers represent growth, Nine layers represent luck, and Ten layers represent perfection. So, it depends on what message one wants to send the recipient. Gift lucky bamboo when someone is starting a new chapter in their life.

Peace Lily Plant Symbolism

Fragrant flowers and beautiful foliage, the peace lily is a perfect gifting plant. Peace Lily plant symbolizes purity, innocence, rebirth, and tranquillity. It is a flowering air purifying plant, and gifting a peace lily means you wish them peace and support. Gift peace lily when you want to let someone know that you support them, and when you wish to express sympathy.

Philodendron Plant Symbolism

A gorgeous air-purifying foliage plants, philodendron plant is pretty low-maintenance. This plant symbolizes health, abundance, growth, and beauty(love for nature). This plant has been a muse for many modern artists. Gifting Philodendron plant to someone telling them that they are beautiful, or gift to someone who is in the growing phase of their life. Plant lovers will surely appreciate a Philodendron plant.

Money Plant Symbolism

Money plants symbolize good fortune and wealth. Gifting money is a perfect way of wishing someone luck and happiness in whatever they do. It is a flawless gift for someone who is starting their career, business, or making new investments.

Snake Plant Symbolism

NASA recognized air purifier plant is perfect for gifting. They not only purify the air but help many allergies, and known for releasing positive energy. It symbolizes cleanliness and persistence. Gifting a snake plant means telling someone that you care for their health, and wish them a healthy life ahead. Snake plant makes as a perfect house warming gift.

Aloe Vera Plant Symbolism

Aloe Vera plant has many medicinal benefits and is known as the ‘plant of immortality’ by Egyptians. Since Cleopatra credited aloe vera for her well-nourished beautiful skin, it symbolizes beauty, healing and protection. It is perfect to be gifted to someone you wish to convey your care, and for someone who believes in holistic health.

Cactus Plant Symbolism

One may think that gifting a cactus or succulent can be a bad idea. Cactus plants are often misunderstood as harsh and insensitive due to the thorns & pricks. Cactus plants symbolize endurance, persistence, & toughness. Gifting a cactus to someone means telling them that they never give up and that you care for them. Since Cactus plant keeps negative energy & misfortunes away, it tells the recipient that you want to protect them. It is best gifted to someone who is going through a bad time, to let them know that they are strong.

Gifting plants can many things, but most of all it means wishing good luck and telling someone that you care. Gift green friends to your friends to express your emotions.

Instead of giving flowers, consider houseplant symbolism for a long lasting present with meaning that your loved one will cherish.

Everyone knows that red roses are a symbol of love and this is probably why they are the most popular flowers to give on Valentines Day and other special occasions. Back in Victorian times, the meaning of flowers was a huge custom, and everyone carried around little bunches of flowers called Tussie Mussies. The idea of giving flowers with specific meanings is a fun way to show someone you care. However, have you heard of houseplant symbolism? Why not give a plant instead of flowers, which will have an enduring effect and may even last for years? While many of these plants have more than one meaning, this basic list will help you find a great gift for your next special occasion.

Houseplant Symbolism

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Lavender is a considered a symbol of love and devotion. Tender lavenders such as French Lavender are perfect houseplants. Every time you brush up next to the foliage the sweet scent fills the air.


Primroses can be found here in Pennsylvania at the grocery store in January. They are typically only a few dollars, and can come in a wide range of colors. I often buy a few, and when spring comes, I plant them in the garden. Since they are usually greenhouse grown, their ability to come back year after year is hit or miss for me, but they certainly last a lot longer than flowers.

Miniature Rose

Mini roses are an obvious choice. These are also hardy enough to grow in the garden.


Orchids, especially Phalaenopsis, are not that difficult to grow. The blooms last a long time. Certainly longer than any cut flower, and the plant can last for years. Pick out one that has a few of the flowers still in bud.


Aloe plants are super easy to grow. If you have any houseplants there’s probably a good chance that you have an aloe plant. Perfect in the kitchen for burns. In South Africa you may find it hanging above entrances of homes for good luck.


Basil is another great plant for the kitchen. It does need a sunny window to grow, and well drained soil. During the summer a pot of basil on your front porch is said to help bring good luck into the home.


Whether it’s Marimo moss balls or Irish moss, having some of this in the home is said to bring wealth and prosperity.


You often find this plant with the name “Lucky Bamboo.” In Chinese culture the more stalks the plant has, the greater the blessing. This easy to grow plant can be found at most large retailers and big box stores.


According to Wikipedia, Sage or Salvia “derives from the Latin salvere –to feel well and healthy, health, heal.” Sage can be grown outdoors, and many varieties will return after a cold winter. In addition, this revered herb can also be grown on a well lit windowsill or under grow lights in the home.


Rosemary is a tender perennial herb which means it needs to be brought indoors during the winter in cold climates. The plant known for remembrance, is also a symbol of good health and longevity.


Lemon trees are considered a symbol of longevity, and are wonderful plants to grow in the home. I have a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree and it bears wonderful fruit every year.

Snake Plant

Sansevieria aka Snake Plant or Mother-in-law plant is one of the best plants for purifying the air due to it’s thick long leaves. It requires very little water and thrives in low light, making this a perfect plant for anyone.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is an easy herb to grow indoors or out. A relative of the mint family, the leaves are often made into a tea which has been said to alleviate anxiety and lift your mood.


The cyclamen plant is a pretty flowering houseplant. It can be a little finicky to grow, but once you have it established it will reward you with beautiful flowers and pretty foliage. Said to raise feelings of self-esteem and happiness, a cyclamen would be a wonderful gift to receive. It’s also considered the plant of long lasting and sincere affection.


This last herb is a type of oregano and is great for cooking. Known as the herb for happiness, it can be grown indoors with good light and well draining soil conditions. Many state that marjoram comes from a Greek word which translates to “Joy of the Mountain.” Sounds pretty happy to me.


The bright yellow color of daffodils in the springtime makes everyone happy. They are so easy to grow and deer leave them alone. A pretty pot of daffodils is said to “ensure happiness.” Once the flowers fade the bulbs can be planted in the garden for next year.

Relating a meaning or symbol for a houseplant is a fun way to show someone that you care. This houseplant symbolism list shows some that have more than one meaning or purpose, but the proverbial quote holds true, “it’s the thought that counts.”

Plant symbolism: what’s your Plant persona?

Air Plants

Air plants symbolize freedom and creativity. It’s fit for someone who lives in a small space, as it doesn’t take up much room. But don’t underestimate its small size. The Air Plant has a unique shape to it and its color breathes life into any room. Because of their ability to thrive out of the soil, they also represent freedom and are great for people who live to move frequently or travel.

Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees represent harmony and calm. They are said to have a therapeutic and meditative effect when you tend to them. This would be ideal for someone who needs balance in their life or needs to de-stress from hectic schedules.


Philodendrons symbolize love of nature and are a great fit for plant lovers or someone who has a strong passion for eco-friendly living. They also symbolize personal growth and would make a great gift for someone who is going through a major life event or making personal improvements.

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants represent perseverance and are perfect for people who are relentless in following their dreams. Their vines grow long and fast with determination. Try arranging your pothos in a hanging pot to symbolize reaching new heights and chasing dreams.

Prayer Plants

Prayer plants represent devotion and focus. This plant got its name because of the way its leaves move upward at night resembling praying hands. The way that its leaves move on schedule align well with a person who loves to stay organized and on a schedule.

Snake Plants

Snake plalnts are representative of purity and tenacity. They are great for people who are organized, clean and particular. They naturally purify the air, creating a cleaner space. To properly care for them, you must be accurate when watering to avoid getting their leaves wet.


Succulents are tough plants that symbolize endurance and loyalty. The fact that they are able to endure hot temperatures and little care makes them very durable. They are loyal because they will stick around and be there for you even if they are shown neglect.

Free plant symbolism printables

Here are free plant symbolism printables featuring some of the most popular houseplants. They work great as inspirational wall art, greeting card, or garden markers. Use this ProFlowers symbolism guide to pick the most meaningful plant for a gift or find the plant that best fits you and your space!

Birthday Plants

Bring Smiles with Birthday Plants

Birthdays may only be one day out of the year, but our birthday plants can bring smiles for many years after the celebration. Each time they see their special birthday gift, your loved ones will be reminded of the sweet gesture our happy birthday plants send. A plant help makes every home more inviting and freshens up any space they put it in. From our sweet succulents to the stunning trees and florals we have to offer, your plant lover will be overjoyed with their birthday gift.

Birthday Plants for Any Style

No matter their style, our collection of plants for birthday gifts will make their day the best birthday yet. Floral plants are bright and beautiful for your loved one who has a thing for color. Shop our wide variety of flowering plants for birthday gifts, like magnificent orchids, potted rose plants or hydrangeas. If they’re all about recharging and relaxation, our bonsai trees will help unwind after a good celebration. Even if they don’t have a green thumb, our blog and plant care instructions have plenty of how-to instructions to make sure their birthday plant is a happy plant.

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Birthday Roses From Giftaplant

We have a great selection of plant and flower gifts for all Birthdays, here are some of our choice plants that will make great Birthday Gifts.

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Birthday Gifts: From Succulents to Herbs

From succulents to herbs, from terrariums filled with colorful flowers or moss, this page should be bookmarked as your go-to page for unique birthday gifts. Some of the more popular categories include: Herb gardens in planters Flowering plants Wide variety of bonsai plants Uniquely shaped terrariums with miniature paper flowers Grow bottles Cacti medleys. If you have been looking for special gifts for her, choose from the True Love Lucky Bamboo shaped in a heart, All My Love Bamboo, or the Heart Shaped Terrarium Tabletop Stand with red flowers. Any of these make great gift ideas for women, although we also have many conventional flowering birthday plants available such as azaleas, gardenias, and easy-care orchids.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

A right of passage time in anyone’s life is turning 50 years old, or young, depending on your perspective. Why not highlight this special time with creative 50th birthday gift ideas from Giving Plants. For the serious chef, choose from our herb gifts to give for this life-changing birthday event. We carry basil, parsley and oregano in grow bottles for a self-contained effect. Or select the herb trio, the cottage herb planter, or the herb duet. All come in lovely plant containers. Other birthday gift ideas can include:

  • Easy care succulents
  • Small and Medium Cactus Gardens
  • Dark cedar cube planters with succulents
  • Bonsai in box

No matter which plant gift you give, you will be sending a beautiful birthday message to that special someone in your life. For additional information, call us today. Representatives are standing by.

Make Home a Better Place with these 10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts

With the ability to make an abode a welcoming place to be in, the capability to create an aura of freshness within the home, and the potential to spread joy, plants as housewarming gifts are perfect.

From air-purifying to exotic bonsais to Feng shui to fragrant, here’s our list of favourites that will bring years of goodness and smiles.

1. Orchids

With well-defined and luscious blossoms and slender green stems, the orchid plant will bring to any home splendour and beauty. And the easy-care tips make it the favourites of the ones born without the green fingers and those living a hectic life. Hence, one of the best plants to gift for housewarming.

2. Peace Lily

This plant lives up to its name. Flourished with glossy foliage in abundance and white spherical shaped flowers, this plant blesses mankind with freshness and harmony. Thus, gifting this to someone for their new house is a promise of happiness and health forever.

3. Succulents

Low-maintenance, tough, lush, and beautiful are the defining characteristics of the succulents. Available in hues of greens and stunning textures, they will bring to any home a touch of green charm.

4. Bonsai-Tree

A miniature tree cultivated creatively and beautifully promises to notch up the magnificence quotient of the home. And in Japenese tradition, Bonsai’s are known to bring peace, luck, and harmony, which certainly defines why it is the best plant to give as a housewarming gift.

5. Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo plants are always a favourable choice for housewarming gifts because of their high ornamental value, easy-care requirements, and Feng Shui importance. Three stalks of the bamboo plant represent wealth, happiness, and luck, two stalks is for love, and does every stalk of this plant has a significance.

6. Money Plant

In the list of good housewarming plants, one dare not miss the green symbol of fortune– the money plant. This lush green plant is popularly grown as a houseplant because it attracts prosperity to the home.

7. Snake Plant

Wouldn’t you want your loved ones to breathe fresh air and their home to be a place where they live and play healthily? Well, of course! Therefore, the snake plant is our choice for a housewarming gift.

8. Tulsi

Extend your auspicious and heartwarming wishes to someone for their new house over the holy Basil plant (Tulsi). Growing tulsi within the vicinity of the home is considered to be propitious for the owner, and receiving this plant as housewarming gift will make the recipient overjoyed.

9. Palms

Palms are known to be the idyllic housewarming gifts because they are easy to care for, alluring to look at, and are available in varieties. Having them indoors is an assurance of peaceful aura, viridescent surroundings, and tropical appeal.

10. Jasmine

This is the best plant for housewarming gifts because of its sense-stimulating fragrant flowers and emerald green leaves that will surely turn the home into a paradise of living.

With the season of SMOG in full swing, gifting a plant seems to be a propitious choice. Moreover, plants come with a commitment to make every home heaven of living.

Housewarming gifts have always been a challenge unless you know exactly what friends and family have, and what they like. But everyone likes house plants, and nothing else adds as much life (unplanned pun) to a new home as a well-chosen housewarming gift. And from GivingPlants, whatever you choose will be an instant favorite, reminding that special person of your thoughtfulness for many years. Our gifts even stand up to those who’ve never before shown any evidence of having a green thumb – we know how to choose plants, and take care of sending them so they are lovely when they arrive.

If your lucky gift recipient already has a house full of foliage, so much the better to complement tastes in indoor decor. Ditto if you happen to know their favorite colors, or color schemes. If not, we offer a lovely selection in simple options that make perfect gifts, including unusual cacti combos, topiaries, braided money plants, the unique pony tail plant and perfect bonsais, both leafy and evergreens.

Our blooming gift plants are equally exciting, with showstoppers including dramatic pink or red hibiscus, stunning Brazilian dipladenias, tropical kalanchoes, perfect cyclamens, and several shades of gardenias that are classic, exotic and fragrant.

Our indoor plants come in decorative containers and a variety of prices to provide choices for every giver’s budget, as well as the new home owner or renter – treat yourself as well as your loved ones. All containers blend well with other colors and add distinction to every luscious leafy gift.

The Best Housewarming Gifts to Give in 2020

There’s nothing quite like helping loved ones break in a brand new home. When everyone gathers together, they give thanks for the new space and the countless memories it will help create in the years to come. As a way to commemorate such a momentous occasion, it’s customary to bring the owners gifts for housewarming that will help them turn four walls and a roof into a home. New home gifts are a kind gesture but sometimes, choosing the right item to give can be a bit nerve-wracking.

To keep things simple, there are two types of gifts you can give that the new homeowners are sure to love. If you want to play it safe, you can go with traditional housewarming gifts. If you want to spice things up, you can wow them with an out-of-the-box idea.

Below is our list of the 11 best housewarming gifts you could give. Some take a modern spin on the tried-and-true, while others could forge new traditions of their own. But go to your next housewarming party with one of these gifts in hand, and it’s sure to be a hit!

Housewarming gift ideas that put a twist on tradition

Traditionally, salt, bread, and brooms have been popular housewarming gift options for people wanting to wish their friends well. Salt keeps life flavorful, bread ensures the new homeowners don’t go hungry, and the broom “sweeps troubles away.” All three traditions are sure to make your loved ones smile but if you really want to impress, try these modern twists:

1. Sea salt sampler

What better way to bring some flavor into the new homeowner’s life than with six different kinds of sea salt. These flavored salts from regions around the world offer incredible diversity and limitless cooking options. The tins that they come in are also reusable, adding an eco-friendly bonus to an already great gift.

Get it here.

2. Digital bread maker

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. Rather than giving a freshly baked loaf of bread as a housewarming gift, teach your loved ones to make their own with a bread maker. Throw in a few bread-making ingredients to get their baking journey started, and you may even score a few brownie points.

Get it here.

3. iRobot Roomba

Cleaning isn’t always the most fun activity. Get your friends excited about keeping their home tidy with a device that makes it easy. With a self-charging mechanism, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the versatility to take on pet hairs and hardwood floors, this device is sure to sweep unwanted messes — and troubles — away.

Get it here.

Gifts for new homeowners that go beyond tradition

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, there are some housewarming gift ideas that your friends may never see coming. By taking the time to consider what sorts of things your loved ones may truly need, you’ll have no trouble thinking of great gifts for new homeowners.

4. Wine aerator

With so many other guests bound to bring over bottles of wine, why not gift your friend an accessory that they can use for those bottles? With a device that helps give any wine a smoother finish, you might make a sommelier out of your friend.

Get one here.

5. House-friendly plants

Help your friends add a bit of style and nature to their new space with a bit of plant life. Golden pothos is revered for its ability to brighten up any space while controlling the indoor climate to keep your friends comfy year-round.

Get one here.

6. Microfiber dish towels

They may not make for the flashiest gifts, but they’re sure to be among the most-used. These ultra-soft towels are non-abrasive, meaning that they’ll never scratch a plate or glassware when you use them to dry.

Get one here.

7. Home improvement store gift card

As your friends take baby steps to make their house into a home, they may want to take on a few DIY projects. To help get them on their way, set them up with a gift card to a home improvement store that will outfit them with everything they need to spruce up their new home.

Get one here.

8. Unique kitchen aprons

It’s no secret that first-time homeowners may not always be the most accomplished cooks. One way to get them into the kitchen is with the proper attire that’s sure to get a giggle. With funny slogans, high-quality fabric, and extra pockets, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Get one here.

9. Customized Coasters

With any luck, this housewarming won’t be the last time your friends entertain at their new digs. Gift them a set of coasters that are as handy as they are eye-catching, and they’ll have a great conversation-starter any time they have company over.

Get one here.

10. Scented Candles Set

There are few ways to make a home feel cozier than with scented candles. Candles make great new home gifts because they fill spaces with aromas that conjure fond memories. With decadent scents like strawberry, rosemary, and jasmine, this gift set is sure to be a winner.

Get one here.

11. Funny Door Mats

Sometimes, your friends need time to themselves. An honest doormat that keeps things light — and politely asks their loved ones to “leave” — is a great way to let them express their sense of humor while also protecting the sanctity of their own private space.

Get one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to give a housewarming gift?

It’s generally polite to give a housewarming gift when you’re invited to someone’s house. The person that invited you wants you to help them christen their new abode, and one way of doing that is by bringing a gift that makes their house feel like a home.

How much should I spend on housewarming gifts?

That’s up to you. Spending more on a gift doesn’t make the gift any more heartfelt than one that’s a bit more affordable. What matters most is that you put thought into whatever housewarming gift you decide to give.

Can I bring guests with me to the housewarming?

If you’re going to bring a plus one, or more, it’s best to first check with the people who invited you. For all you know, they may want their soiree to be small and intimate. Letting too many people they don’t know crash might kill that vibe.

Should I leave the price tag or include the receipt for the housewarming gift?

Letting your friends know how much you spent on their gift is generally said to be in bad taste. But if you want your friends to have the ability to return your gift, you can black out the price on the tag and attach a gift receipt.

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