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Collecting And Storing Morning Glory Seeds: How To Store Seeds Of Morning Glories

Morning glory flowers are a cheerful, old-fashioned type of bloom that gives any fence or trellis a soft, country cottage look. These quick-climbing vines can grow up to 10 feet tall and often cover the corner of a fence. Grown early in the spring from morning glory seeds, these flowers are often planted over and over again for years.

Frugal gardeners have known for years that saving flower seeds is the best way to create a garden for free, year after year. Learn how to save seeds of the morning glory to continue your garden in next spring’s planting without buying more seed packets.

Collecting Morning Glory Seeds

Harvesting seeds from morning glory is an easy task that can even be used as a family project on a summer day.

Look through the morning glory vines to find dead flowers that are ready to drop off. The blooms will leave a small, round pod behind at the end of the stem. Once these pods are hard and brown, crack one open. If you find a number of small black seeds, your seeds of morning glories are ready for harvest.

Snap off the stems below the seed pods and collect all the pods in a paper bag. Bring them into the house and crack them open over a paper towel-covered plate. The seeds are small and black, but large enough to spot easily.

Place the plate in a warm, dark spot where it won’t be disturbed to allow the seeds to continue drying. After one week, try to pierce a seed with a thumbnail. If the seed is too hard to puncture, they have dried enough.

How to Store Seeds of Morning Glories

Place a desiccant packet in a zip-top bag, and write the name of the flower and the date on the outside. Pour the dried seeds into the bag, squeeze out as much air as possible and store the bag until next spring. The desiccant will absorb any stray moisture that may be remaining in the seeds, allowing them to stay dry throughout the winter without danger of mold.

You may also pour 2 tbsp of dried milk powder onto the center of a paper towel, folding it over to create a packet. The dried milk powder will absorb any stray moisture.

How Similar Is LSA (Morning Glory Seeds) to LSD?

Morning glory vines are both decoration and pervasive pest, but people may not be aware that a compound in the seeds of these plants is associated with drug effects similar to that of LSD. Morning glory seeds contain alkaloids, which some may attempt to consume for a legal high. The primary psychoactive substance in the morning glory plant is ergine, or D-lysergic acid amide (LSA).1

The intoxicating effects of LSA are somewhat like the effects of D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD); however, side effects may be more severe.

Seeds of the morning glory plant have been used since ancient times in ritual ceremonies. For example, the Maya used the plant in a beverage to facilitate communication with the spirits to predict the future or to come to an understanding of otherwise incomprehensible events.2

Though eating morning glory flowers may not be directly toxic, in large enough quantities, consuming the seeds can lead to diarrhea and hallucinations.3 A concentrated LSA extract may be abused by some.1 Many online drug forums provide discussions about extracting botanical LSA for recreational use, especially from an even more potent source than morning glories, the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose plant.4

How Is LSA Abused?

Because LSA is touted to have a high like that of LSD but is not a controlled substance, many online forums proclaim it to be a good way to get a similar high without the legal risks of “acid”—itself a Schedule I drug. However, as reported by, people frequently get sick consuming large-enough amounts of the seeds before they can reach the high they are seeking. (See below for side effects.)5

Because morning glory seeds can be purchased legally from nurseries, garden supplies, and other retail settings, they are relatively easy to obtain. This ease of access may lend itself to LSA experimentation by adolescents and teens, which can be quite unsafe. In 2016, several teens in Massachusetts ended up in the emergency room after attempting to get high from LSA, leading the Superintendent of Public Schools in Seekonk, MA to alert parents to the danger on the local police department website.5

Users of morning glory or Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds will often take many seeds and put them in a coffee grinder, add them to a food or beverage, and consume them. 4

Effects and Side Effects of LSA Abuse

LSA can cause:4

  • Hallucinations.
  • Visual distortions.
  • Elevated mood
  • Sense of deep insight.

Effects are usually felt within 20 to 40 minutes and peak within 3 to 4 hours. Effects usually disappear within about 8 hours. 4

While some of the effects may be positive, many people who abuse morning glory seeds will quickly begin to experience uncomfortable symptoms before they even begin to feel high. For example, they might develop nausea and vomiting shortly after taking the drug. 4,5 Other uncomfortable side effects include:,4,5,6

  • Diarrhea.
  • Cramping in the stomach.
  • Gas.
  • Rapid heart rate.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Dilated pupils.
  • Anxiety.
  • Paranoia.

Fatalities from LSA abuse are uncommon and, when they do happen, are often the result of self-harm resulting from severe agitation.6

What is LSD?

LSD is a synthetic drug derived from ergot alkaloids and prepared in a laboratory by chemical synthesis.7 This drug was first isolated by Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann in 1938 but the hallucinogenic effects of the drug were not discovered until Hofmann himself accidentally consumed some of the drug in 1943.8LSD’s effects can be very strong and unpredictable. A user may, at any time, experience a “bad trip” that results in an intensely negative, often quite frightening, experience.8

How Is LSD Abused?

LSD is a classic hallucinogen that elicits its psychoactive/psychedelic effects within 30-90 minutes. Unlike LSA, which may last for 5-8 hours, on average LSD’s subjective effects may persist for as long as 12 hours, in some cases. LSD is rarely associated with nausea, but the substance is consumed differently than LSA. While LSA is most often eaten or added to a beverage as part of the plant product it derives from itself, LSD is most commonly ingested in infinitesimally small microgram doses placed on a small square of paper called a “blotter” or, alternately, as a very small tablet.9

Flashbacks are not among the side effects commonly associated with LSA; however, the phenomenon is well-documented among people who use LSD. Even one use may result in flashbacks, or hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). The experience of flashbacks involves a recurrence of sensory and visual distortions produced by LSD, such as halos and trails and seeing motions that aren’t really occurring. The reappearance of such perceptual disturbances can take place months to years after the drug was last taken. 9,10

Effects and Side Effects of LSD Abuse

The psychedelic effects of LSD include the following:9,11

  • Hallucinations.
  • Intensified sensory experiences.
  • Distorted experience of time.
  • Depersonalization (feeling detached from or operating independently from one’s mind, body, or surroundings, as if observing).
  • Synesthesia, or a blending of sensory experiences, like hearing colors or seeing sounds.
  • Feeling of having a deep understanding of something or going through an intensely spiritual experience.

Intoxicating Effects of LSD

The intoxicating effects of LSD may come with a slew of physical side effects, including 9,11 Dilated pupils.

  • Blurry vision.
  • Flushing of the face.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Excess salivation.
  • High body temperature
  • Sweating.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Fast breathing.
  • Mildly elevated blood sugar.
  • Impaired coordination.
  • Insomnia.
  • Tremors.
  • Weakness.
  • Loss of appetite.

Depending on a person’s mental state at the time they take LSD and their surroundings, one can have a “bad trip” and experience symptoms such as:9,12

  • Rapid mood shifts.
  • Severe anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Panic.
  • Paranoia.
  • Delusions.
  • The sense of losing one’s identity or losing touch with reality.
  • Violence toward oneself or others.
  • Severe agitation (rare).

Potential Dangers of Psychedelic Abuse

Though LSA has nowhere near the notoriety as a potentially-dangerous substance as LSD, it does have certain risks of its own. Vomiting or diarrhea can lead to dehydration. In some instances, LSA-induced agitation can lead to self-harm or violence towards others.

And while many people may assume LSA is safe because it comes from plants, consuming it has led people to end up in the emergency department.

Abuse of psychedelic drugs like LSD or LSA can have serious adverse consequences, regardless of whether it is a legal or illegal substance.

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Morning Glory High: How and Why Teens Abuse Flower Seeds

Understanding the Hallucinogenic Effects of Flower Seeds

What started out as a YouTube video from a Massachusetts teenager who consumed Morning Glory seeds to get high ended up as something of a public health crisis that put several other children in the hospital.

The anonymous and reckless young man self-recorded the effects of what he claimed to be psychedelic plant seeds. The Morning Glory seeds he ingests “definitely make me laugh,” he claimed. As word spread, local police convinced the local Home Depot in Somerset, Massachusetts to pull Morning Glory seeds off the shelves, but the company said that the popular flower seeds would soon be available again. One drug counselor said this incident is evidence that “kids will do anything to get high” and they will largely ignore clearly-defined risks. Most of these flower seed packages, which are widely available, contain warnings that say the contents are not for human consumption, but a simple disclaimer is clearly not enough to deter illicit use.

Many people associate drugs with substances that either come out of laboratories or are clearly known to be mind or mood-altering substances. But the truth is that these drugs are everywhere, and if there is a way to get high off flower seeds, someone will discover that method and others will replicate it.

“Get your loved one the help they need. Our substance use disorder program accepts many health insurance plans, this is our residential program.”

Teenage Drug Use and Abuse By the Numbers

On the surface, the latest statistics in this area are very encouraging. Opioid, marijuana, alcohol, and nicotine use are all at nearly historically low levels. It should be noted, however, that these statistics are largely self-reported and therefore are probably biased. In surveys like these, many respondents give pollsters what they believe to be acceptable answers as opposed to honest answers. Many people will say they exercise regularly even if they are almost completely sedentary, some chain-smokers will insist that they smoke less than a pack a day, and many drug users will insist that they are abstinent.

There are also some rather disturbing trends in terms of the different types of addiction. Specifically, many children do not perceive drugs to be as dangerous.

For example:

  • A near-record number of eighth-grade students believe that the occasional use of synthetic marijuana or abuse of over-the-counter cold medicine is not particularly harmful.
  • Fewer tenth graders think that inhalants or even powder cocaine are dangerous.
  • Most high school non-users do not disapprove of their peers who experiment with LSD, steroids, heroin, or cocaine.

Furthermore, according to a separate study, teenage stress levels are very high, well exceeding that of their parents. The average teen reported a stress level of 5.8 on a 10-point scale; the average number for adults was 5.1. Approximately a third of teens said they felt overwhelmed, sad or depressed, and that their anxiety causes tiredness or fatigue. Significantly, however, well over 50 percent of teens said that their elevated stress levels did not affect their physical or mental health.

Add it all up, and you get an environment that encourages widespread drug abuse. Teens face some of the highest anxiety levels in recent history, yet they do not feel that their stress is a major concern. In fact, to alleviate this stress, they may turn to substance use and abuse. Not only is it “nbd” (no big deal in textese), many children know they will not face repercussions from their peers, and in many cases, peer acceptance is about the only thing that matters.

“We treat both addiction and co-occurring disorders and accept many health insurance plans. Take a look at our inpatient program.”

Getting High off Morning Glory Seeds

Many teens abuse legal drugs, because they are relatively cheap, very easy to acquire, and have little or no social stigma. Morning glory seeds, which are available at Walmart, Home Depot, and countless other retailers for a couple of dollars, are the epitome of cheap and available. Furthermore, there is a long history of children getting high on Morning Glory seeds, going back to at least the 1950s.

Chemically, Morning Glory flower seeds contain rather high levels of Lysergic acid amide (LSA), an alkaloid that’s chemically similar to LSD. To obtain the effects of these and other hallucinogenic seeds, most people eat Morning Glory seeds or grind them up and add them to drinks.

People who abuse Morning Glory seeds in this way nearly always leave behind some telltale signs that alert observant parents and caregivers. The evidence includes:

  • Type of Seed: Not all Hallucinogenic seeds are created equally. Some types of seeds, such as Heavenly Blue, provide more of a high than some other classifications.
  • Amount of Seed: Since each seed only contains a tiny bit of LSA, the people who abuse them will buy lots and lots of seeds. Between 300 and 400 seeds usually generates the desired effect for teens.
  • Nausea: Our stomachs are not used to unrefined food, so people who eat raw seeds will be very nauseated for at least an hour. The effects will be even worse if the person has eaten anything in the last six hours and so the stomach is not completely empty.

  • Mellowness: As nausea begins wearing off, the psychedelic effects begin. The first stage is usually a near-catatonic state in which the person is almost totally unresponsive to most stimuli.

It’s important not to rush to judgment, because sometimes a stomach ache is just a stomach ache. However, if there is more than one sign or if the signs persist, it’s important not to turn a blind eye, or the problem will get worse. Instead, reach out to us for a free confidential addiction assessment. If there is an issue, we offer a wide variety of non-threatening procedures that get results.

Why Do Children Use Hallucinogenic Flower Seeds?

Morning Glory flower seeds and other similar sources are very attractive starting places for teens who are curious about drugs yet wary of “street drugs.” However, as mentioned earlier, many children do not appreciate the dangers of such substances, so first-times are probably more likely to experiment with actual LSD instead of something they consider to be a cheap copy.

So, most flower seed users fall into the second category, which are current addicts looking for a new way to get high. Many parents and caregivers believe that drug addiction is essentially a social problem that can be solved by taking away certain drug use tools, limiting the child’s access to money, and forbidding certain associations with certain friends. But addiction is a medical issue that a time-out simply does not fix, even if the child wants to stop using. Therefore, with the normal sources cut off, these children look for alternate ways to get high. Because they are cheap and available, Morning Glory seeds fit the bill quite nicely.

Other Similar Drug Abuse Issues

In addition to Morning Glory seeds, there are some other natural substances that have similar effects if used in certain ways. Many of the substances on this list may surprise most parents and caregivers. It’s very important for adults to be totally apprised of the situation because family therapy is often the best form of drug addiction recovery.

  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose: Like Morning Glory flowers, this climbing plant also contains LSA. These seeds are much more powerful, as only three or four Argyreia Nervosa seeds may produce the same high as three or four hundred Morning Glory seeds. The aforementioned side-effects are usually much worse as well unless the user takes very special precautions, and most people do not do so.
  • Banana Peels: The 1967 Donovan song Mellow Yellow was supposedly about smoking banana peels, which do contain high bananadine levels (another LSD cousin). But the evidence is anecdotal at best. Some people get high by smoking banana peels and some people just get sick, probably because bananadine also contains strychnine, a common rat poison.
  • Stipa Robusta Seeds: This story goes back even further. Supposedly, some railroad surveyors in 1854 New Mexico Territory could not escape a sudden Indian attack because their horses grazed on sleepy grass the night before and were therefore immobile. Many people observe similar effects in other animals, and according to some, various Indian tribes used sleepy grass blades to quiet colicky babies. Even though sleepy grass does contain LSA, its effects on humans are mostly anecdotal. Today, researchers focus mostly on how to use sleepy grass commercially, since it requires less water than other species.
  • Nutmeg: This spice contains myristicin, which creates hallucinogenic effects if consumed in very large doses. Many users do get high, but they also usually develop serious side-effects that include extreme gastrointestinal problems and flu-like symptoms. Similar to the high from Morning Glory seeds, a nutmeg high does not kick in for several hours, so some children will overdose because they think they have not taken enough.
  • Poppy Seeds: These seeds are directly related to opium and therefore heroin, and it is technically possible to make a poppy seed cigarette. But one must use an enormous amount of seeds and break them down chemically, and that’s usually not possible.

Other hallucinogenic seeds and herbs include high amounts of cilantro and certain types of mushrooms. Many people also consume marigold seeds to get high.

“We accept many health insurance plans. Get your life back in order, take a look at our residential program.”

Although drug addiction may be rooted in social rebellion and poor choices, addressing these issues is only part of the solution. Drug addiction is a medical problem as well, and so there must be a medical solution. Many adults know how hard it is to give up overeating, smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy habits. Giving up drugs is much, much harder, and it nearly always requires more than willpower alone.

High amounts of LSD or similar hallucinogens can cause permanent brain damage, so if your child shows the signs of drug abuse, do not ignore them. Instead, contact us at Northpoint Recovery today to get the help your family needs and the peace of mind you deserve. We accept many health insurance plans.

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How to grow morning glory vines

Question: I’d like to grow morning glories in my garden, but I’ve trouble growing them in the past. People say they can be invasive, but I can’t even get mine started. I planted the seeds in peat pots filled with potting soil inside two years ago, but when I moved the plants out into the garden, they died. Then last year, I planted the seeds outside in early spring and they never even germinated. What am I don’t wrong?

Answer: Morning glories ( Ipomoea tricolor ) are fast-growing vines that are excellent for covering fences, arbors and trellises with colorful summer blooms. They come in many colors and the plants are typically easy to grow, if you follow some basic guidelines.

First, morning glory vines are not tolerant of frost, so it’s important to wait until after the danger of frost has passed before planting them in the spring. They also prefer warm soil to cool. Here in Pennsylvania, that means holding off on planting the seeds or plants until mid- to late May. Earlier plantings may be killed by late frosts, or be slow to take off due to cooler soil temperatures.

As you know, morning glories can be planted from seeds sown directly into the garden, or you can start the seeds indoors. If you choose to directly seed your morning glories into the garden, you can expect your first blooms in early August. Plants grown indoors will begin to bloom three to four weeks earlier. Most varieties take at least 80 days from seed to reach maturity. Be sure to buy fresh seeds each season from a reputable source.

If you start morning glory seeds indoors, under grow lights, sow them about a month to six weeks before you plan to plant them outdoors. Morning glories do not like to be transplanted and often don’t survive the process if their roots are disturbed. You were smart to plant them in peat pots, but be sure to gently tear away the top half of the pot before planting the young vine. Try not to disturb the roots during this process.

Whether planted by direct seeding or seeded indoors under lights, always pre-soak morning glory seeds in warm water for 24 hours prior to planting to soften the seed coat and speed germination. Another option is to nick the seed coat with a metal file before planting. This is especially important when sowing the seeds into cool, outdoor soil.

It’s essential that you keep the young vines well watered from the day the seeds are planted until the vines are 12 to 18 inches tall. After that point, you’ll only need to water during times of drought. Morning glories are resilient vines and are reasonably drought and heat tolerant.

Morning glory growers should have a sturdy climbing structure in place when the seeds or vines are planted. Morning glories can grow quite tall — up to 10 feet. Unlike some other vines, these don’t have to be trained to grow up a structure. The vines themselves wrap around the trellis and climb automatically.

All gardeners should be aware that morning glories seeds are extremely poisonous and care should be taken to keep them away from curious young children.

  • Horticulturist Jessica Walliser is the author of several gardening books, including “Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden,” “Good Bug, Bad Bug,” and her newest title, “Container Gardening Complete.” Her website is Send your gardening or landscaping questions to or The Good Earth, 622 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601.

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    LSA Extraction from Morning Glory Seeds

    Here are some posts I found interesting from a great thread Lucid & Visual Morning Glory Extract Theory
    “I agree more test definately need to be done in this area, but its possible that pure LSA is alot different than whats in morning glory. Experentially HBWR seeds and morning glory shouldnt even be compared to one another, which indicates that there are other compounds at work. Morning glory is much more similiar to LSD in its visual properties than HBWR, which is more body oriented.”
    The tartaric acid (used to balance acidity of wine in wine/beer making hobbies) also sounds promising added at a 5% or so ratio to the final everclear extraction pull to aid in converting LSA material to stable long-lasting salt form. Tartaric acid is sometimes used in making an imitation lemon juice, or as a substitue for lemon juice.
    Stretchman: “Yes, SWISM noted the swirling organicness of SWISM’s trip. There was much preoccupation with the cyclical nature of things, such as one may extrapolate from watching ripples in a pond. At one point SWISM rearranged the living room furniture into more natural, circular patterns. It heightens one’s awareness to the point at which one can see the interconnectedness of all things quite clearly. Previously unheard-of energies can be sensed. It can be a meaningful and beautiful trip.
    There is definitely a unique type of consciousness present when one explores this plant. However, the type of experience is very different depending on how the plant material is prepared. Many different aspects of the same entity. SWISM’s favorite is a yellow tincture; it was this that brought forth SWISM’s most lucid and deep visions.
    It is definitely a similar experience to that induced by LSD or Psilocybe mushrooms. It is gentler and more natural-feeling than the average LSD trip, “cleaner”–feeling than the average mushroom trip, and depending on preparation many times more lucid and relevatory than either…or both at once–(yes, SWISM’s been there).
    The best method I found to enjoy these seeds is described in the Gigantor LSA thread which lurks around here somewhere. Basically, the tincture provides an experience which would seem to combine the best qualities of a psilocybe mushroom trip with the best qualities of an LSD trip, with zero body load or weird symptoms (aside from the entheogenic state itself).
    The whole LSA/MG issue is a convoluted mess of opinions. I suggest researching the subject as much as possible. If nothing else, it should be entertaining.
    Extraction can accomplish two goals:
    1. It removes toxic compounds from the seed
    2. It unlocks the mind-blowing potential of this plant
    Stretchman: “An extraction performed in the manner described in the initial post produced no nausea whatsover. In fact it was the cleanest and most interesting trip SWIM had ever taken. To reiterate, SWIM would consider a theoretical extraction like this hypothetically quite feasible and pleasurable were it legal, apart from questions of NP solvent purity.”
    Okay, to clarify, the LSA’s as I have prepared them, are every bit as ragingly rugged as good old LSD, perhaps more so!!!
    The “cleanness” of the “trip” (cleanness inquotes because I don’t think there is really such a thing as “dirty” acid, acid being the main basis for comparison of the LSA experience) would make this, IMO, the ideal substance for the psychedelic neophyte. That and the exceptional lucidity of the trip. Either that, or I just get along extraordinarily well with this particular plant.”
    Infraredroses: “One cannot emphasize enough the extraordinary beauty and grandeur of an extracted LSA trip. It has been a long time since I visited this ally in her realm, and my heart
    yearns…. “
    Trakman believes that the multitude of posts posted by people who have used Naptha, zippo lighter fluid, coleman, or other hardware-store variety petroleum ether extracts have resulted in non-psychedelic experiences because these lower grades of petroleum ether remove all or part of the LSA’s in the first step–which then get thrown away–instead of remaining in the dried seed mash like it would if using reagent grade petroleum ether.
    I was very impressed with the anym poster who said he liked to put on a good pair of quality headphones in the dark–listen to music–and then would see pyramids, rotating geometric forms, living forms, grand architecture, etc. from his extraction. Sorry the post is some 17 or more pages long–it’s just that the whole subject of morning glorys is a huge mess of differing opinions–and I hope to convey the research that indeed shows that it is possible according to some people to eliminate nausea, toxic “fish eye effects”, sedation, and other undesireable effects and arrive at a lucid, visual extract–but only if the directions are followed exactly as stated–reagent grade P.E., don’t allow the amides to be subjected to sunlight either. Light, heat, and air are all known to de-compose the amides. Extraction experiments were most likely best applied in the dark outside with the use of a 40watt red-light or similar. Evaporation of the seed mush is best done over the course of several days in the dark as well with no forms of heat used, there are many factors to consider, like the quality of the seeds to begin with–that they are fresh and potent and not several years old, the final everclear soak should be carried out in a fridge etc, tartaric acid could be added at a 5% ratio to form stable salts with the everclear soak, extract should glow under blacklight…the final extract should be stored in an amber light proof bottle, many factors to consider.
    Depending on seed quality, you should get some weak to decent effects from 8 grams, like mild reality bending, marked enhancement of aesthetic perception, insights, weak open eye visuals, moderate but subtle closed eye visuals (especially with music). I find that more satisfactory results are achieved with more seeds, like 14 grams or more. This much is needed to enter truly psychedelic territory. I wouldn’t recommend this much if you haven’t tried lower doses with the same seeds and method, however. LSA can cause significant vasoconstriction, causing restricted blood circulation to extremities. Make sure that your toes don’t get numb or tingly on 8 or so grams first. And don’t mix with other vasoconstrictives, like ephedrine or caffiene.
    QUOTE (trip report) from hermes:
    My favorite thing to do while on LSA is to play a musical instrument (guitar, didgeridoo, drums) or paint or do something meditative like that while I am coming up. Don’t watch TV. It puts the wrong kinds of thoughts in your head and can result in a bad trip. When I am getting into it pretty well, I retire to the bedroom and turn off the lights and put on some good quality headphones with good music. This results in fantastic visuals unlike anything you have ever imagined if you have never used a good psychedelic before. I see amazing three and seemingly four-dimensional shapes morphing and bifurcating. Often I get religious and esoteric themed visuals, like fractal cherub wings and winged eyes like those in some of Alex Grey’s work. Eyes are all over everything! I see pyramids and sphinxes and Gigeresque biomechanical forms. I see amazing geometric lattice structures. I watch mathematical space-filling algorithms doing their thing. I also find that I can control the imagery by an act of will. Anything I intend to visualize comes forth and then goes beyond what I had imagined and then transforms into something else. This is great for artists! I could swear that on one occasion while listening to Mozart’s Requiem, Heaven itself opened up inside my skull! It was incredible! OH, THE BEAUTY! I saw glorious celestial architecture and there were seraphs singing along with the chorus in the music. I just can’t even begin to describe what this was like. I had tears streaming down my face. I was in the highest ecstacy I have ever known. And all of this with a nothing more than a good mindset, good music, and only about 500 seeds. I’ll never forget it. It was probably all in my imagination, programmed by my Catholic upbringing. I don’t know and don’t really care where it came from. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced, and I still feel great joy when I think of it. I felt so whole!
    On other occasions with LSA (I took it while in a less than ideal mind state), I felt like I went to Hell. Everything was empty and awful and terrifying and lonely. I felt like there were worms boring through my brain, eating it. I was a hole. That is the only way to describe it. I felt vacuous. I trembled with horror. Everything felt so incredibly meaningless.
    I hope your experiences will take you to nice places. Be careful. Your brain is not a toy. Consider yourself warned.
    QUOTE from hermes:
    For me, they seem to be similar in both duration and effect. The only real difference I notice is that LSA is a little more lethargic, at least in the early phase of the trip. LSD is a bit more speedy. With LSA, I am much more able to lay around or focus on one task like painting. I also noticed that it is possible to go to sleep while still tripping on LSA, which is impossible with LSD. I slept once on LSA and had incredibly visual dreams! These were the most beautiful visuals I have ever seen under any circumstances. I dreamt that I was being shown the entire unfoldment of the universe, with the evolution of man, and it was all represented on this incredible spinning wheel. It was indescribable. I want to go to sleep on LSA again and attempt to have a lucid dream. That would be nothing short of amazing!
    Anyway, my LSA trips last 10-12 hours or so, with slight effects that linger for another 24 hours or so. And I usually feel something like an afterglow for a week or so afterwards. During this period, I am much more creative than usual and happier too. I also notice that colors look slightly more pronounced for a week or so in a very LSA specific way. I never noticed this on LSD.
    QUOTE from hermes:
    You want to surround yourself with nice, comforting things, things that make you feel safe. Just the slightest threat can trigger obsessive feedback loops of paranoia. Although, this paranoia has seemed more prevalent for me on psilocybin than on LSA or LSD. Usually with LSA or LSD, I become less fearful than usual, which can be dangerous!
    It always seems to me that with LSA, the highly visual phase is late in the session, long after body phase and introspective phase. I wonder if the occipital lobe (visual cortex if I am not mistaken) of the brain is one of the last regions of the brain through which the blood passes.
    QUOTE from Shaganoz (shroomery):
    hm i find LSA just as good, if not even better, than as LSD. It’s become my favorite psychedelic. And to whoever said he doubted the other guy hallucinated his balls off… sounds like you havnt had a real Morning glory trip and really SEEN its GLORY! I know for a FACT you can hallucinate pretty wild, I’ve seen the most remarkable things on LSA. True hardcore hallucinations, and to me it compares greatly with LSD. I usually just munch down the seeds raw, chew them very well and swallow. It may upset your stomach making you puke somewhat in the trip, but then it gets all fine again. I am however working on extractions these days to compare with raw seeds ingestions. My typical dose is around 800-1000 seeds, the most I have done was 1500 and then i tripped for 2 days straight. With hardcore hallucinations.
    QUOTE from pineal (lycaeum):
    prolix: that’s great, i’m glad it worked for ya.
    analog: yeah, i second everything you said there, man. For me, along with the euphoric sedated feeling, the visuals are freakin beautiful. Open-eyed, things do the melty washy visuals you get from this type of chemical, and like prolix said, your ability to imagine things and whatnot is definitely increased. And music sounds fantastic. good stuff.
    QUOTE from pineal:
    wow. I’ve never heard of it being sold on the street at all. I’ve found nobody even knows what the fuck lsa is. But i have found LSA to be sedative by nature, period, and that’s what’s been the biggest difference between LSA and LSD for me. Lsd’s got that high-strung tweaky aspect to it, while lsa feels very sedating, almost mind-numbing, but thought stimulating at the same time.
    And prolixity, post and let me know how it goes. I’ve done it along with 2 friends of mine, and it’s worked for us. In fact the one time i did it using that prep method had to have been the best lsa trip so far. Hope it works well for you, man.
    Indole compounds flouresce bright bluish/white under blacklight, LSD also glows bright bluish/white under blacklight. Checking the glow of your solution may help to determine whether or not any of the numerous indole compounds were extracted into the water.
    QUOTE from undertowed_ (lycaeum April 2002):
    i took 5 packs of burpee heavenly blue… more like 4 or 4 1/2… i left a small pile cause i couldnt stomache it anymore… chewed a chocolate-chip cookie… dumped some seeds in the mouth… put another cookie in and chewed without gagging… repeate about 5 times… just the thought of the nausea the first time i did them makes me gag… almost right afterwards i smoked some grass and almost instantly i felt the effects.
    this trip was different… the first hard lsa trip i had that wasnt a bad trip. all pain disappears in this place… my friend was shoving a thumb-tack in my arm for about ten seconds before i laughed and said ‘what are you doing to my arm’. the effects were VERY close to mdma… almost made me wonder if the roll i had was cut with lsa (could have been). the usual reoccuring visuals i have from psychedelics came out to play… my multi-colored starbursted arrow-heads and lightning bolts… but now there were tribal aztec patterns all around… and actual images… everything was intertwined… it felt like i was swimming in cool water… the most pleasant thing i’ve ever felt… astounding chills all over the body… NO nausea… NO cramping or pain… 100% ecstasy.
    i had a perma-grin… i found myself laughing uncontrollably at simple things… i sometimes found myself yelling very loud without realizing it… i noticed my friend meditating and decided to join in… i taught him how to work the astral doorways… we met in the astral realm in his apartment… i wanted to show him everything i could (he’s against psychedelics… he’s not mentally stable… so i wanted to give him a glimpse at ‘the truth’)… he nodded out… as soon as i nodded out he jumped up and yelled ‘whoa… the entire room just turned black’… ‘black with a phosphorescent-green outline?’ i replied… ‘yes… what was that’ he said… ‘that was me entering your world’… i said… he was shocked at the power i had in this place… i’ve been accustomed to it for years… we both nodded out… i appeared to him as a monk… i was through the doorway in seconds flat leaving him still on the couch… he said i disappeared insantly… all that was left of me was a star he picked up and looked at… he couldn’t follow… he doesnt yet know how to enter a conscious dream realm… only a conscious dream of this world.
    i was standing on an island… there was a round marble platform with 7 marble pillars… in the middle was a fountain spraying colors, sounds, emotions, words, feelings… truths… i bathed in it… a beam shot out of it… i saw the sun and the planets and the stars all in the light of day… this was my truth… i was teaching what this meant to a student in my dream… somebody else on the astral plane… i was their guide… i felt so high… i’ve encountered many guides on my astral journeys… this was the first time i was a guide to someone else in the realm… it felt better than i can explain… i pointed to the sun and said ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ i pointed to his head and said ‘this is your truth’… then i became a tree… my branches were my ascending family… my roots were my descendants… my knowlege was my fruit… i nourished his soul with my fruit… i woke… everyone was looking at me… i was out for 5 minutes… humming and nodding… though i have no recollection of anything physical… sounds… body… anything.
    i was astounded… all i could say was ‘i… think… i was just in the garden of eden’…
    we tried it once more, this time i summoned a dragon to take my friend with me… but the force of the dragon entering the room just pushed him out the front door of his apartment into the street… he did see the dragon outside of the window… but he didn’t know i summoned it… he thought it was just a random thing… it’s quite a phenomenon for two people to experience the same events in the astral realm… i was standing at a crossroads of life and death… to show my friend those parts of his mind… i asked him which path to choose… but he was gone… we woke and realized he couldn’t keep up with my psyche so we stopped before we both exhausted our minds… lit up some more grass.
    the rest of the night was spent laughing… swaying… running down halways wearing an american flag and a cowboy hat shooting ‘spiders’ with a joystick…
    the peak…
    i was lying on my friends bed staring at the ceiling… it’s all bumpy and grainy… it started to sway like water… everything looked like water… i saw patterns within it… flowers… tribesmen… monkeys… insects… animal faces… it was amazing… then i saw a gigantic spider appear out of the wall… crawl to the center of the ceiling… stop… then (with eyes open) the entire room faded away to black… the gradiants on the ceiling reappeared in green… they were swaying… spiraling… moving… it was the most profound hallucination i’ve -ever- had… i simply couldn’t speak afterwards… my jaw just dropped… eyes shot open wide… and a tear ran down my face while i repeated uncontrollably ‘things like this once were not possible… things like this once were not possible…’… then i went home…
    small peak at 3 hours… large peak at 5… effects lasted an hour into the next day… til 1 pm ( i ate them at 1 am )… some major euphoria the next day from how amazing the night was… still some psychological effects felt after grass smoked… just… burnt today… two days later.
    all i have to say is… DO THESE… it’s the most amazing psychedelic when mixed with pot… and it’s legal… i had so many visuals and such a good body-buzz… amazing euphoria… i just with the ingestion process wasn’t so tedious… i would have made a tea but had nothing to crush them with.
    QUOTE from Henry Bass, the book “tripping”, 2000, page 149:
    Nothing remotely prepared me for the force of my final trip. One day, just before noon, I ingested some seeds with several friends, some who also partook and some who were there as observers or caretakers. We were lounging around the Manor, the ironic name we’d given to a seedy but spacious apartment near Harvard’s Dunster House. After a while, I became sick and vomited so copiously I worried that the effect might be lost. I went to my bedroom and lay down and relaxed with my nausea.
    Soon I found myself completely recovered, looking at a vast aquarium in the bottom of a glass of water. I remained fascinated with this for about an hour and then suddenly realized that what I was seeing had none of the attributes of a hallucination or dream. What I saw was indistinguishable from reality.
    Excited, I ran into the kitchen and saw that someone had replaced my white Japanese lamp shades with bright red ones. This really shook me up, since it was “not” a hallucination. This was real, man! I felt completely sober and alert, while so many things around me had changed. My companions rushed in to see what all the ruckus was about, and I pointed out the red lamp shades, the wooden table that had become quartzlike, and all the new luster and colors that various things had taken on. I could see from the expressions on the faces around me that they did not see any metamorphosis in the lamp shades and moreover, didn’t “want” to. A sour note! They were terribly disturbed at my insistence that everything had changed, that this time the drug had accomplished more than a dream. I could see they had no intention of joining me.
    But I douldn’t care less. Exuberant and overjoyed, I ran from the house, down the front steps, out into the street, flashed over three blocks in a matter of seconds, vaulted a fence, made a tremendously sprightly crossing of the highway–during which it seemed that traffic slowed and stopped so I could make my way–and ran over to the riverbank of the Charles to work out my ecstasy with somersaults on the grass.
    I’d never experienced anything such as this. Even the insects sang for me in a multitudinous chorus. The range of my vision was vastly expanded. I couls see hundreds and hundreds of miles into the heavens and tier upon tier of cumulus clouds. After an hour of such unbounded bliss, I was totally exhausted from the mad runnings of my mind, as it vaulted head over heels beyond the limits of ordinary human thought. I grew too tired to think. Indeed, I have never been more enervated. After a long day’s mountain climb, I always had a reserve charge of energy to make the final scramble over the last few rocks to the summit. But now I was completely drained.
    Grown your own seeds brothers & sisters…fresh is best…and nothing like having pretty blue flowers in your garden. Spring is near. Provide them with a fence or trelice to grow up. Buy a deluxe food saver and suck the air out of a canister jar and store the seeds in them in a fridge–they will keep much longer this way. We are dealing with unstable indole compounds here–do your best to preserve them intact. Use a blacklight for a brief moment if you want to check to see if your hypothetical dream water extract glows. Indoles glow under blacklight just as LSD does. Swim enjoyed reading the hypothetical dream experiences you’ve posted

    Please note: Richters Herbs does not endorse abuse of psychoactive plants. The information provided in the Q&A area is for research and information purposes only. It is not meant to be used without qualified medical supervision. Herbs have powerful effects on the body and can cause serious harm or even death if used incorrectly. You should consult your health care provider before using herbs on yourself or on anyone else.


    by Richard Alan Miller, c2004

    Morning glory, the sacrament used for death and rebirth; increases the ability to reprogram attitudes, behavior patterns, and goals.

    Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea) is in the Bindweed family, and grows profusely at various elevations throughout North America and Mexico. Other varieties can be found in Central and tropical South America, to include the West Indies.

    It is a large vine that often is found clinging to small trees and fences. The leaves are heart-shaped and membranous, from 1.5 to 4 inches long by 1 to 3 inches wide. The flowers are white and funnel shaped, in dense clusters. The fruit is a one seeded capsule, oval in shape, about ½-inch long.

    ‘Heavenly Blue’ variety


    The seeds were used by Aztec priests along with ashes of poisonous insects, tobacco, and live insects for a body rub before sacrifices to make the victim fearless. In these ceremonies, a willing victim was thought to be more vulnerable than an unwilling one. The sacrament was used to create a more receptive atmosphere.

    The seed was called tliltlilzen, the Nahuatl word for black, the suffix indicating that it was sacred. Fernandez wrote on the morning glory seeds in 1573, and a Spanish record of 1629 reports that the seed in an infusion “deprives a man of his senses and is very powerful.” Those who used it were said to have “communicated with the devil, believed in the owl and sucked blood.”

    ‘Flying Saucer’ variety

    Today, the Mazatecs grind the seed in a metate, wrap the meal in a linen bag, and soak I tin cold water. The decoction is fairly potent and provides a curandera (healer) with information about the illness possessing the patient. It is also used to locate lost objects.


    Active ingredients are d-lysergic and d-isolysergic acid amides, lysergol, chanoclavine, elymoclavine, and ergonovine. D-Lysergic acid amide is the principle alkaloid. It is present in the seed in the form of a salt and is therefore soluble in water. It is not soluble in ether or alcohol, unless it is first hydrolyzed with a 10% ammonium hydroxide solution.

    The alkaloid is also present in the leaves and stems, but in lesser concentrations than in the seeds. The affects of these alkaloid in combination is similar to LSD and other hallucinogens, except it is about ten times weaker.


    LSD-like experience lasting from six to twelve hours. There may be slight nausea, similar to that from peyote, which fasting and taking two or three airsickness pills can easily eliminate. Dramamine is recommended.

    ‘Pearly Gates’ variety


    The most successful technique – taking into consideration the chemistry involved – is this:

    • Fast for eighteen hours before ingestion
    • When ready for the ritual, grind seed in a pepper grinder. They must be powdered or they will pass through the body with little effect.
    • The powder should be placed in a small saucer of water and soaked for one hour. Use ½-ounce per person with a weight of 150 pounds.
    • While you are waiting for the seeds to soak, take two to three Dramamine (airsickness pills). A Librium or skullcap tea should also be taken at this time to eliminate anxiety.
    • Put the water and the powdered seeds into a milkshake and drink. The first effects will be noticed within fifteen to forty-five minutes.
    • When you are beginning to “come down,” a Librium or skullcap tea should again be taken to facilitate a smooth entry.


    A person who takes a major mind alterant is actually performing an act of magic. The first and most important question that should be asked is, “Why am I performing this act?” In other words, “What is the goal?” Classical Hinduism suggests four possibilities:

    • Increased personal power, intellectual understanding, improving of life situation, or insight into “Self.”
    • Duty, to help others, providing care or rehabilitation. Healing.
    • Fun, sensuous enjoyment, and pure experience.
    • Transcendence, liberation from the three basic illusions: space, time, and ego. Attainment of mystical union.

    Once a goal has been selected and defined, the next most important question should then be asked: “What is your method of reprogramming?” I recommend reading The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary. This manual guides one thr4ough the intermediate stages between death and rebirth.

    It systematically lists the levels of consciousness met after normal consciousness leaves the place or routine reality. It attempts to forewarn and prepare the voyager for the range of visions to be encounters. Leary’s manual is based on the Bardo Thodol.

    The Bardo Thodol, which first appeared in English as the Tibetan Book of the Dead in 1927, is used in Tibet as a breviary to be read or recited on the experience he or she is about to undergo. It is a road map top the cycles of events after death that lead to either liberation or reincarnation.

    In highly symbolic language, the spirit is told what to expect in each of the three stages between death and rebirth. The first state describes psychic happenings at the moment of death; the second stage describes the dream state that follows and the “karmic” illusions that occur; and the third stage describes the beginning of prenatal feelings, or the return of the ego.

    Leary’s The Psychedelic Experience is the perfect book written for this form of magic. He has modularized each point correctly, including the ability to literally create rebirth! With this manual, one can actually reprogram attitudes, behavior patterns, and goals in life. Everyone should experience a controlled programmed LSD trip once. It is a form of initiation.


    Persons with any serious history of hepatitis or other liver disorders should not take lysergic acid amides. Also, ergonovine has uterus-stimulating properties. It is given almost routinely to women at the end of the second state of labor to cause uterine contraction and reduce bleeding. This is why a warning is contained in the literature about the use of hallucinogens during pregnancy; it could cause an abortion.


    For earliest bloom, start seeds in a sunny window 4 to 6 weeks before transplanting outdoors. May be direct-seeded outdoors. Planting depth 1/2 to 1 inch. Plant spacing 6 to 10 inches. Days to germination 8-10. Soak seeds overnight in warm water before planting, whether indoors or out. Transplant carefully. Thrives in poor, dry soil.


    Bufotenin – An indoleamine from a plant, Piptadenia peregrina, and a South American toad. Action similar to that of LSD.

    Caapi (wild rue) – From Banisteriopsis caapi, a South American jungle vine, contains harmine.

    Cohoba (Niopo, parica) – From Acacia niopo, a Central American mimosa; contains bufotenin and other substances.

    Harmine (basisterine; yageine; telepathine) – From Peganum harmala and other plants. Called a psychic sedative. Potent MAO inhibitor.

    Hawaiian wood rose seed – large and small – From Merremia tuberosa and M. nervosa. I believe morning glory to be a superior species. M. nervosa has a natural coating on the see that is related to strychnine and must be sanded off. It does not burn off or dissolve in Coca-Cola. Also, the black-brown bark of both kinds of seed much be removed. The primary alkaloids are identical to those found in morning glory seeds. For the same results, eat 15 seeds per bodyweight of 150 pounds.

    Iboga – From Tabermanthe iboga, and African plant containing Ibogaine and ibogamine. Said to relieve fatigue.

    Methyltrytamine (indole amphetamine) – produces rise in serotonin in brain, as does LSD.

    Myristicin – From nutmeg, produces bizarre CNS symptoms.

    N, N-dimethyltryptamine – powerful hallucinogen, five times as active as mescaline, effects appear in three to five minutes and disappear in one hour. Stronger MAO inhibitor.

    Ololiuqui (Rivea corymbosa) – a variation of Morning Glory, from Mexico.

    Psylocybin – Similar affects, but more of a body high.

    Yage’ – Another name for Banisteriopsis caapi. Also known as ayahuasca or caapi.


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