How to wrap a plant

Wrapping A Potted Plant

Plants are great go-to gifts for anyone from the new home owner to the office co-worker. Not only are plants nice to look at, but they also help promote wellness by improving air quality and can have a calming and stress-relieving effect. Instead of giving a plant in its plain old pot, dress it up with some wrapping paper and ribbon! Read on to see how we got both of these succulents party ready!

You will need an x-acto knife, yardstick, some wrapping paper, ribbon, a gift tag and of course a potted plant! I chose to wrap my plant it in our Dab Deluxe Paper, accented with the Hooray Gift Tag and Seaside Grosgrain Ribbon.

Grab your yard stick and measure out the width and height of the pot.

The pot I have is 4.5″ x 3″ so using this formula, (Width x 2) + Depth = Paper Size, we know that my paper should be about 12 inches on all sides. Give or take a couple inches depending on how high you want the paper to stick over the top.

Place your plant in the center of your freshly cut out square!

Now it’s time to fold up the first corner. Feel free to use some double sided tape to hold it in place.

Fold the remaining 3 sides up creasing the corners down so that they lay flat.

Tie a ribbon around the plant to hold the paper in place.

Add a fun tag or tassel to the ribbon for an extra effect!

Now your plant is dressed to impress! The options for wrapping a plant are endless, Nukini is a great tropical option for a festive succulent, or why not try Vintage Garden for a potted flower? What kind of plant would you wrap up?

How to Wrap a Potted Plant With Paper and a Bow

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Preparing a potted plant for display in your home or to give as a gift can seem a bit challenging at first. Luckily, you can wrap a potted plant with paper and a bow to get it looking festive and presentable without taking much time or effort, or harming your plant. Before you begin, select colors of paper and bows that reflect the theme of an event or holiday so your potted plant can really shine.

Measure the height of your plant’s pot. Multiply the height by three and cut a square piece of floral foil paper to this size. Lay your foil paper on a flat surface with the coated side facing up.

Set your potted plant in the center of the foil paper. Slip your hands, palms facing up, under the foil paper and toward the plant on each side of the pot. Draw your hands upward to pull the foil paper up around the pot.

Continue to pull the foil paper upward around the pot allowing the paper to fold and crease as needed around the pot so it stays upright. Tape across the folds near the top of the pot to hold them in place.

Cut any additional decorative pieces of tissue paper or wrapping paper, if desired, to the size of your foil square minus 2 inches. Wrap additional paper around the pot just as you did with the foil in Steps 2 and 3.

Measure around the body of your plant’s pot. Multiply that measurement by two and cut a length of ribbon to this size. Wrap the ribbon around the pot and tie in a bow. Use tape, if needed, to hold the ribbon in place on the paper and keep it from slipping down.

Here’s a Simple Way to Wrap a Potted Plant Gift

Live flowers or a potted plant make great gifts– for house warmings, hostess gifts, get-well-soon gifts, or just about any occasion. We have a very easy way to dress up the plant a little to make an especially nice presentation to your gift recipient.

Here’s what you’ll need for this simple potted plant gift idea:

  • A plant
  • Some burlap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Some garden twine.

I grabbed a pot of VIVA! Ragtime petunias at a Home Depot Garden Center. The Rhythm & Blues petunias are another colorful option from VIVA!

Step 1

Grab a piece of burlap and cut down to size. (I happened to have a scrap that was just the right size!)

Step 2

Wrap the burlap around the plastic container.

Step 3

Tie your garden twine in a knot to secure.

Step 4

Loop the garden twine around a few times and tie in a pretty bow.

And that’s it! Now you’ve got a super easy and very charming gift for any occasion.

VIVA! plants are available at the Garden Center at your local Home Depot store. Browse our online Garden Center, too, for everything you need for your lawn or garden.

Follow our Garden Party! board on Pinterest for more ideas for outdoor entertaining ideas.

Gifting plants is a wonderful way of sharing your love of plants, and giving a present that can be enjoyed for many years to come. In this post, I will show you how to gift a plant, share a list of plants that make good gifts, and give you tons of inspiration for potted plant gift ideas.

There are so many opportunities for gifting plants for special occasions, or simply to say thank you and show your appreciation. Whether you want to give plants for Christmas presents, you’re looking for a housewarming gift plant, plants for birthday presents or good Mother’s day houseplants, or even fun party favors – the list goes on and on.

Plants are incredibly thoughtful, and there is something wonderful about giving them as gifts. Live plant gifts make people smile, warm up a room (and sometimes make it smell great too), and are healthy to have around the house.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gift Plant

Live plants make such a great present because they are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes to fit the gardening skill level and preferences of everyone. That said, before you decide to give a plant as a gift, do a little investigating first so you’re sure that it’s the right type of gift to give…

  • Is your friend allergic to flowers? If so, giving succulents as a gift will be better than flowering plants.
  • Does your neighbor have pets? Make sure the plant you are gifting isn’t poisonous to the type of pet they have.
  • Does your family member hate purple (or any other color)? Then avoid gifting plants that have purple flowers (or whatever color they dislike).

The main thing to consider when choosing the best plant to gift is this: you want your present to be thoughtful, not a point of frustration! Once you’ve done your research and feel that a plant is a great gift, it’s time to decide what plant you are going to give.

Houseplants are good plants to give as gifts

The Best Plants To Give As Gifts

I think we can all agree that giving a plant as a gift is perfect for any occasion. But what is a good plant to give as a gift? Perennials are nice plants to give as gifts, but it can be challenging to know exactly which ones will work well in someones garden.

Herbs are also good plants for gifts, but unless your friend wants to grow them indoors during the winter, it can be short lived. If you ask me, the best potted plants for gifts are houseplants. Unless you’re giving them to someone who has experience growing indoor plants, I recommend gifting plants that are easy to care for, and will grow well in any home.

Some of the best indoor plants to give as gifts are pathos, spider plants, dieffenbachia, peperomia, arrowhead vine, philodendrons, cast iron plant, corn plant, snake plants, Chinese evergreen, succulents and zz plant (to name a few).

Giving A Plant As A Gift

Your plant may be tiny or large, flowering, or dormant, cascading, or tall. So when it comes time for wrapping plants, it’s important to consider the size of the pot and the height of the plant. A small plant could be tucked inside a gift bag, or even wrapped in a box (if you’re incredibly careful when carrying it). But that doesn’t work for larger plants.

So whether I’m giving large or small plants for gifts, I like to let the plant be the spotlight of the show from the beginning instead of covering it up. Tying on a bow or ribbon may be all it takes to make it look extra special. Or you can add a bit of flair to the pot itself by decorating it or wrapping it.

Dormant amaryllis are popular Christmas plant gifts

Ideas For Creating Cute Plant Gifts

The beauty of gifting plants is that each one will be unique in itself, but so can the packaging. Plant wrapping paper can be simple, or you can use other fun materials to really spice things up. Be sure to choose materials that match the holiday or occasion. Here are some ideas for what to use to decorate plants for presents…

  • Colorful ribbon
  • Tissue paper
  • Fabric
  • Twine
  • Washi tape
  • Foil wrapping paper for plants
  • Thank you card/note card
  • Gift bag
  • Bow

Using colorful materials to create personalized plant gifts

How To Gift A Plant

When it comes to gifting plants, your options are countless, so you can really let your creativity run wild. In addition to giving you ideas for items to use, I also wanted to show you some examples of basic ways you can gift wrap plants. Use these ideas as is, or mix and match your favorite ideas to create the perfect look for any occasion.

You can use any of these methods whether you create your own plant arrangements, or go plant shopping to purchase plants to give as gifts. So have fun with it!

Inspiration For Creating Adorable DIY Plant Gifts

In this section, I’ll show you how to recreate the looks I made, but feel free to let your own creativity and imagination run wild. You can do whatever you want to make these a truly customized gift from the heart! Below I created four looks to give you some inspiration…

  1. Christmas Succulents gift plant
  2. Thank You gift of indoor plants
  3. Peek-A-Boo potted plant gifts
  4. Traditional Surprise plant gift bags

Idea 1: Christmas Succulents Gift Plant

I love giving houseplants for Christmas gifts. It seems like such a simple gift, but plants are always a huge hit with my family and friends! It’s a great way for me to share my love of plants, and also give them a unique gift that they will enjoy for many years.

Succulents are one of the best plants for Christmas presents. Everyone loves succulents! So, for this one, I’m gifting a mix of a couple of my favorite succulent plants for a good family friend for the holidays. Since the planter is so cute, I chose to keep it simple by wrapping a festive bow around it.

Wrapping succulents as Christmas gifts

Supplies Needed For Christmas Succulents

  • Mix of succulent plants or a pre-made succulent garden
  • Decorative rocks (I add these to the top of the soil to dress this gift up even more)
  • Wooden planter (or decorative pot of your choice)
  • Holiday ribbon
  • Gift bow
  • Gift wrapping tape

Steps To Recreate Christmas Succulents

  • Step 1: Pot up your succulent plants, or simply drop the pre-made succulent garden into the decorative pot.
  • Step 2 (optional): Cover the top of the soil with decorative rock to give it some extra character.
  • Step 3: Wrap ribbon around the pot. Ensure the ends of the ribbon come together where you want the bow to be placed to hide the seam. Use clear tape to hold the ribbon in place.
  • Step 4: Add a bow of your choice, covering the ends of the ribbon.

Idea 2: Thank You Gift Of Indoor Plants

I love showing my gratitude to friends and family by gifting plants! This particular pot I’ll be giving to a friend who has been incredibly helpful.

This one is super easy, and I love choosing decorative plant pots as part of the gift. Here I simply placed the plant into a decorative pot, then used colorful washi tape to attach a thank you card onto the pot. Easy and adorable!

Giving plants as a Thank You gift

Supplies Needed For Thank You Garden

  • Mix of succulent plants or a pre-made succulent garden
  • Decorative rocks (optional – used to cover the soil and dress it up a bit more)
  • Square planter
  • Fun, colorful washi tape
  • Thank you card

Steps To Recreate Thank You Garden

  • Step 1: Pot up your succulent plants, or simply put a pre-made succulent garden into the pot of your choice.
  • Step 2: Cover the soil with decorative rock if you choose to.
  • Step 3: Write your thank you card with a message about how grateful you are. Seal the envelope and write thank you on the envelope.
  • Step 4: Position the thank you card on the front of the planter, attaching it with two small pieces of colorful washi tape on the corners.

Idea 3: Peek-A-Boo Potted Plant Gifts

This is one of my favorite ways to give plants as a gift, because it’s the closest thing to wrapping them without covering the plant. And it works for any occasion! This style of wrapping plants is especially great if you’re gifting plants that aren’t in decorative containers.

If the pot you use has drainage holes, then I recommend either dropping it into a decorative cache pot, or putting a plastic drip tray underneath the pot before wrapping it. This will prevent any moisture from coming through the draining holes and ruining your wrapping paper, or staining the fabric.

Wrapping plants to give as gifts (without covering the plant)

Supplies Needed For Peek-A-Boo Plant Gifts

  • Plant of your choice
  • Planter (can be decorative or not)
  • Colorful tissue paper or fabric (you could use foil wrapping paper for plants instead if you’re worried about the pot leaking water)
  • Decorative twine

Steps To Recreate Peek-A-Boo Plant Gifts

  • Step 1: Put your plant in a decorative pot of your choice, or put a drip tray underneath it.
  • Step 2: Lay your fabric or tissue paper on the table in a diamond orientation. You can stagger the corners so that it makes a layered effect, as I did.
  • Step 3: Position the pot on the tissue paper or fabric so that one corner of the tissue paper/fabric is laying towards the front of the pot.
  • Step 4: Gently gather the tissue paper/fabric to cover the pot. Secure it in place by wrapping a piece of decorative twine all the way around the pot, and tying it in the front. It will be much easier if you have someone help you for this step. One person to hold the tissue paper/fabric in place while someone else ties the twine.

Idea 4: Traditional Surprise Plant Gifts

So far, all of my ideas have been cute ways of wrapping potted plants without the element of surprise. If you prefer giving gifts that are a surprise until they’re opened, then this one is for you! Who doesn’t like traditional surprises?

Gift bags are a super easy way of gifting plants, just be sure to choose a bag that’s large enough for both the pot and the height of the plant. For this idea, I painted a terracotta pot to give it a theme and make it even more personal.

Using decorative gift bags for wrapping plants

Supplies Needed For Traditional Surprise Plant Bags

  • Plant of your choice (or decorate one!)
  • Decorative pot
  • Gift bag that’s large enough for your pot and plant
  • Tissue paper

Steps To Recreate Traditional Surprise Gift Plant

  • Step 1: Put your plant in the pot of your choice (or decorate one!).
  • Step 2: Carefully place the potted planted into the gift bag so it’s standing up on the bottom of the bag.
  • Step 3: Fluff up various pieces of tissue paper and loosely add them into the bag to hide the plant.

Gifting plants is a wonderful way to share your favorite plants, or to give someone a little extra green in their life. The best part about giving plants as gifts is the look you get when you give it away. Plants really are thoughtful, classy, and beautiful on any occasion. And live plants truly are the gift that keeps on giving!

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Share your tips for gifting plants, or your favorite methods of wrapping plants to give as presents.

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Plant Transcript

I’m Jane Means – the gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith – and in this project we are tackling a plant. They can often be a real nightmare to wrap, but I love this WHSmith silver mesh paper. It’s fantastic for those awkward shapes as it moulds around the shape beautifully.

I’ve pre-cut my mesh paper into a square. I’m grabbing my ribbon and I’m going to roughly measure how much I need to tie the ribbon around the plant and also allow some extra for a bow.

The first thing you’re not going to do is just grab all of the wrapping randomly and throw it around the present, it’s a bit more formal than that.

I’m going to take my hands around the back, grab the edge and I’m going to start lifting the wrapping up. You’re going to struggle with this because you’ve only got one pair of hands, so it’s a good idea for one of the hands to actually hold the plant in place, and then just very gently bringing up the mesh paper.

You might find it easier to swap hands, rotate the plant around, and just keep gathering all of the edges. Any baggy areas of the wrapping you can simply just pull up with a bit of tension.

I’m then going to grab my ribbon and place it around the plant.

I’m now going to tie the ribbon into a small bow.

If you have any excess paper and it looks unbalanced, just trim it off with a sharp pair of scissors. Also you need to finish the ribbon by cutting the ends neatly.

And there is your wrapped plant.

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