How to grow desert rose from cuttings

Desert Rose Propagation – Starting Adenium Seeds Or Cuttings

A true beauty in the cactus world, the desert rose, or Adenium obesum, is both beautiful and resilient. Because they are so lovely, many people wonder, “How do I grow a desert rose from cuttings,” or “Is starting adenium seeds difficult?” Growing a desert rose from seed or from cuttings is not hard at all. It simply requires a little knowledge. Let’s look at desert rose seed propagation and cutting propagation.

Desert Rose Seed Propagation

The real trick to desert rose plant seed starting is to make sure that you start out with fresh seeds. Fresh desert rose plant seed will have a higher germination rate as well as germinating faster. Purchase your seeds from a reputable dealer or find an owner of a few adult plants (they need to plants to produce seeds) that can give your seeds straight from the plants themselves.

Begin starting adenium seeds by preparing a container with a well-draining growing medium, like a perlite or sand and soil mix. Place the seed in the growing medium, just covering them with the growing medium.

Water from below daily and from above once every three days until the seedlings appear. Place the growing tray or container on a heating pad and keep the temperature of the growing medium at between 80 and 85 F. (27039 C.).

Your desert rose plant seeds should germinate in one week, if the seeds are fresh. If they are not fresh, it may take longer (if at all). Once the seedlings appear, water only from below. In about a month, the seedlings will be large enough to transplant to a permanent container.

If you are starting adenium seeds, you can expect that the seedlings to bloom in the same year, which is nice as the flowers are what makes them so lovely.

Desert Rose Cutting Propagation

While desert rose seed propagation is relatively easy, most gardeners have better success with growing a desert rose from cuttings. You may be wondering,“How do I grow a desert rose from cuttings?” Not only do they start from cuttings easily and quickly, you will be able to keep the true nature of hybrid plants, as hybrid will revert if grown from seed.

Take a cutting from the tip of a branch. Allow the cutting to dry out for a day or two, then wet the end of the desert rose cutting and dip it in rooting hormone. Stick the cutting into a well draining growing medium like perlite or sand mixed with soil. Water the cutting daily, making sure the water is able to drain out of the soil. Use a spray bottle and mist the cutting daily as well.

The cutting should take root in about two to six weeks.

Growing a desert rose from seeds or cuttings can be done. With a little patience, you can have your own desert rose plant for your home.

Cultivars and Hybrids

Up until recently, relative few horticulturists were selecting improved cultivars or doing hybridizing. Several nice named cultivars are currently in the trade (see photos). In the past 10 years or so many nurseries in Asia, especially Taiwan and Thailand, have been producing dozens (maybe hundreds) of named cultivars. They are selecting for rapid growth, sturdy plant body, lengthened flowering time, larger flowers (to 4 inches!), and variety in flower color and form. U.S. nurserymen are importing such plants for propagation and to use in their own breeding programs. In recent years, pure-white flowered forms have become available, as well as various shades of pink and red. Many new hybrids have amazing flowers including bicolors and tricolors, striping, and complex patterning. With this tremendous diversity on the horizon, it is likely that the desert rose will become an even more popular houseplant.

Adenium cultivars: (L) ‘Red Everbloomer’; (C) ‘Crimson Star’ and (R) ‘Endless Sunset’.

Sources of Plants

Nicely established plants are becoming more commonly available at those garden centers that stock a good assortment of cacti and other types of succulent plants.

Adenium plants for sale at a local retailer.

They are also showing up at large national chain discount and hardware stores, including here in Wisconsin. Sometimes they are marketed outside of their flowering period, so you may have to look closely at the plants and labels (look for Desert Rose), or ask a knowledgeable sales person. Those that are most commonly available are standard Adenium obesum.

To get the more unusual species and the newer hybrids and cultivars (such as the pure reds or pure whites) it is necessary to order through a nursery that specializes in succulents or exotic plants. Many such nurseries can be found by doing a web search, but here are a few reliable ones that stock a reasonable assortment of species or cultivars:

  • Arid Lands
  • Bob Smoley’s Gardenworld
  • Living Stones Nursery
  • Miles’ To Go
  • Out of Africa

Brand names and commercial businesses are listed only for reference. Such references are not intended as an endorsement by the University of Wisconsin – Extension over similar brands or businesses.

– Dan Mahr, University of Wisconsin – Madison

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Carbonized Rice Hulls Cotton Wadding Mixture of sand, rice hulls and cotton wadding. Putting the mixture into growing trays. Implanting seeds into growing trays. Labeling section’s breeds and date of sowing Completion of Sowing
After Sprinkling Sprinkling the seeds 3~5 times a day. Day5: Sprouting the two leafs. Day 7 Day 9 Day 9 Albino germination
23~35 degrees Celsius

Full of sunlight

Semi sunlight


2 hours 2~ 4 hours 4~ 8 hours.
2~ 4 hours 0.5cm
5~ 15 Days
5~ 15 Days 2020 Adenium Mixed Hybrid Seeds.htm

We are professional team of planting Adeniums, producing high-quality seeds & developing new varieties and hybrids in Taiwan. The seeds are 100% from our garden in Taiwan, The flower pictures are photograghed from the real plants in our garden, the pictures are not been processed by using falsified and exaggerated color, we do not store and sell the seeds be harvested longer than 3 months. All seeds are fresh. So the seeds we produce can afford the oversea delivery time and keep fresh and guarantee a minimum of 80% germination rate (usually more); however, during sowing process, germination conditions, climates, planting materials, watering way and personal factors from seeders are out of our control, these may cause decrease germination rate. Usually we will provide sowing instructions to our customers while they gave feedback about arrival of seed parcel. We have never had any big problems so far. Please refer to the web page ” Picture of Sowing Experiences ” ” for more information on germination. There are many good ways to plant Adeniums, we welcome all customers discuss and share your planting experiences with us. Thanks.
All of our seeds are with 100% fresh and highest quality assurance. Each variety is individually wrapped in a sealed plastic bag and include with its name list. They are also very suitable for resale.

The following pictures show how seeds are packed well and ready for mailing worldwide. Seeds are placed in plastic bags in lots of ten, hundred or one thousand seeds. Each variety of Adenium seeds with a list indicating its name and quantity is put accurately in plastic bag. If you would like to see bigger form of following pictures, please link to: ” “

Special note:
1. Before bidding or placing your order, please confirm the price and other details with the seller.
2. Please make sure that you have already read the entire description and agree the transaction before your purchase.
3. Bidders with Feedback ratings below Zero (Negative Feedback Rating), or with a history of unpaid items or non-completion of auction payments, I reserve the right to cancel your bids any time.

Shipping Notice, Please Pay Attention

When our weekly auction ends on every Monday (Taiwan time), we’ll send the invoice right away to each customer after the auction finished. Due to eBay policy, it doesn’t allow that the buyer and the seller mention about purchase in private, if you would like to add some varieties or have any questions, please write to me by e-mail ( [email protected] ), we will process your questions at once.

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In order to let every customer could receive the parcel safely, we will apply to international standard Quarantine Certificate for each order.
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We apply for Quarantine Inspection once a week (every Wednesday, Taiwan time).

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When you receive the order in a good condition, we couldn¡¦t accept your request for returning the order. We could only promise that after buyers receive the parcels of plants or seeds and found the parcels of plants or seeds are damaged, we accept the plants or seeds are returned. The seeds and plants we mail are both with good quality. If the order is really damaged, please contact us at the first time by eBay message or e-mail and don’t forget to provide a picture of damaged seed parcel or plant. We could resend your order or refund the payment and also help you to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. We are not responsible in the case of (1) severe weather at the destination. (2) Delay from shipping or customs at the destination. (3) Please sow the seeds as soon as possible after receiving seed parcel, if you plan to postpone sowing, must to store in dry & cool place, during sowing process, germination environment, climates, planting materials, watering way and personal factored from seeders or the seeds exceed the preserved period (within five months) , these situations will decrease germination rate.

Feedback Policy:
Please give us your 5-Stars Positive feedback.
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About Seeds: Picture of Sowing Experiences

I use hand pollinate, so it has low possibility (20%-30%) to grow into pink adenium. Most of them have characters of their parents. The Single-petal with red, white and white with red border are more stable. Although seed is not guaranteed to look exactly like their parents, some will look exactly like their parents, while others may have only certain characteristics in common with their parents. This is the reason that new varieties are created. It also needs time and luck to produce the new varietiess which are better than their parents.

If you would like to purchase in large qty (such as 100,000 seeds at one-time mail ), it is better that you have import licence. (if you couldn’t apply the import license, we may separate the order into five shipments each 20,000 seeds),

2020 The Successful Artificial Pollination….

1.Pink: It reaches 85% for pink seeds to bear pink flowers.
2.White: It reaches 95% for white seeds to bear white flowers.
3.Red: It reaches 95% for red flowers seeds to bear red flowers.
4.Stripe Lined: It reaches 70% for stripe-lined seeds to bear striped-lined flowers.
5.Dark Purple: It reaches 10% for dark purple seeds to bear dark purple flowers.
6.Light Purple: It reaches 30% for light purple seeds to bear light purple flowers.
7.Peach: It reaches 70% for peach seeds to bear peach flowers
8.Red Lining Adenium with Five Petals: It reaches 20% for red lining Adenium with five petals flowers seeds to bear red lining adenium with five petals flowers.
9.Yellow: It reaches 20% for yellow seeds to bear yellow flowers
10.White petal with red curving: It reaches 95% for white petal with red curving seeds to bear white petal with red curving.
11.White Arabicum: It’s very a rare variety. According to our experiences, the offsprings of Arabicum only have about thousandth of percentage could grow into the purely white Arabicum. Most of it might be grow into pink color or some of them they might grow into white with red edge or red. We¡¦ve tried many ways to improve this issue and hope it¡¦ll successful blooming the pure white flower sooner.
12. Variegated Leaves White: Basically, variegated leaves is mutant varieties. So far we still can not make sure how many percentage chance that it will grow into exactly like Variegated Leaves. We’ve been working on developed the better offspring of Variegated Leaves for a long time, but it still need luck to make it grow exactly like its mother plant. So before you order the Variegated Leaves please make sure that you have read this information.
13. New Double and triple layer Adenium: It reaches 25~50% for Double and triple layer seeds to bear Double and triple layer flowers.

Our seeds are dry and in complete dormancy to prevent from wetness in transit in case they are ruined by mildew.
When the customers receive the seeds, we suggest them must soak seeds in the water for 2-4 hours before sowing in order to increase the germination rate.
After sowing, keep the soil wet for 10 days until the sprouts appear.
Please take care of the temperature, which will affect the germination rate directly. The suitable temperature is between 22-35 Celsius degree
Before you prepare sowing, you may notice the forecast of the weather within sowing, if the following 7days will be rainy and cloudy, it will affect the germination rate.
So please make sure that it would be better that the weather should be sunny continuously within sowing.
Here are the recommend links of planting instructions for your reference.

If you have any questions during planting Adeniums, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Happy Sowing.

Please refer to our below explanation of how to use fertilizer is based on temperature condition between 22-35 Celsius degree.
Under this temperature condition, we divide plants growth stage into four to explain.

The first stage (sowing to one month old seedlings),
we do not suggest to use any fertilizer in the media at this period.
because the plants will grow fast at this stage.
During this period, we will use liquid fertilizer and spray once or twice a week.
Please use high N and low P and K liquid fertilizer, such as N20-P15-K15 and plant in the 1 inch pot tray.

The second stage (one month to two months old seedlings),
we will still suggest to use liquid fertilizer at this period.
But the N:P:K ratios in fertilizer should be changed to the same level,
such as N20-P20-K20 and spray once or twice a week.

The third stage (after two months old seedlings),
we prepare to transplant seedlings to a bigger pot(3 inch pot).
When transplanting the seedlings,
we will add slow release chemical fertilizer which can maintain for one year into media and stir with media.
Because the plants will grow much faster at this period and the plants need more fertilizer to grow strong.
We will use slow release chemical fertilizer which N:P:K ratios is same, for example N20-P20-K20.
Also, we will spray liquid fertilizer N:P:K ratios in same level to plant leaves
such as N20-P20-K20 once or twice a week,
in order to supplement insufficient part during this fast growing period.
The leaves surface will absorb liquid fertilizer easily.

The forth stage (after four months old seedlings),
during this period, the plants are going to bloom, if the temperature keep between 22-35 Celsius degree.
We will chang liquid fertilizer N:P:K ratios.
We will use liquid fertilizer which have high P,K and low N or even stopping N,
such as N8:P15:K15. And still spray once or twice a week.

If your plants have already grown the (after Six months old seedlings), such as N 0~10:P 15~30:K 15~30.
and you want to see you plants have flowers often.
please use liquid fertilizer which have more P and K and spray once or twice a week to your plants’ leaves.
The leaves surface will absorb liquid fertilizer easily.
Please avoid to spray liquid fertilizer under strong sunlight.
The best time is to spray in the morning or in afternoon after sunset.
This will help your plants to bloom quickly.

If the temperature below 20 Celsius degree, please stop to use the fertilizer.
Because the plant will be dormancy in the cold weather.
When the weather become warm, you can fertilize your plants again

The photos presented here are all rights reserved. Please obtain permission from us first if you wish to download and post these photos for use somewhere else. Otherwise, the use of these pictures without prior permission is deemed as violating the copyrights.

All right reserved for Skillful Hand Garden
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What Is the Best Soil for Desert Rose?

Growing healthy Desert Rose requires the right type of soil. Use a standard cactus or succulent potting soil.

The succulent Adenium rose needs a sandy and porous soil that provides aeration and superior drainage. This keeps the root system from sitting in moisture, which leads to root rot.

A homemade mixture may also work as a substitute for commercial cactus soil mix:

  • One-part garden soil
  • One-part sand
  • One-part pebbles or gravel

Desert Rose also requires lots of nutrients.

Adding a small amount of vermiculite, pumice, perlite, or peat moss should help improve aeration and drainage while delivering extra nutrients to the plant.

Harvesting Seeds From Mature Adenium Obesum Plants

Adenium obesum (Desert rose) grown from seed

Along with selecting the best soil, it helps to select the best seeds.

Fresh Desert Rose / Adenium seeds provide a higher germination rate and tend to germinate quicker.

To ensure the quality of the seeds, purchase from a trusted dealer or garden supply store.

It’s also possible to harvest seeds from mature plants.

  • Seed pods appear on adult plants, resembling small cigars.
  • Remove the pods after they mature.
  • They start to turn a dark brown color and appear slightly shriveled.
  • Don’t allow the pods to open naturally while still attached to the plant.
  • After the pods open and the seeds disperse, they become unsuitable for harvesting, as they may not remain fresh.
  • Clip off the mature pods and allow them to dry on a flat surface.
  • Peel open the pods and collect the seeds.

How To Plant Desert Rose Seeds in a Tray or Container

Use a seedling starter tray or small pots for the seeds. We like a starter tray for seed germination.

NOTE: If the trays don’t have drain holes, use a pen or sharp instrument to carefully puncture a hole in each section or compartment.

  • Add cactus or succulent potting mix or use a homemade potting mix to the tray or containers.
  • Scatter the seeds over the top of the growing medium.
  • For starter trays with compartments measuring less than 4″ inches, place one seed in each section.
  • With larger compartments and clay pots, add several seeds.
  • Cover the seeds with soil, adding only enough medium to keep the seeds from blowing away.
  • Don’t bury the seeds.

Add small stones to a shallow, waterproof tray, such as a cat litter bin.

It needs to be large enough to hold the starter tray or clay pots.

Pour water into the bin until the water level just reaches the top of the stones.

  • Place the tray or pots on top of the stones and set the bin on top of a heating pad.
  • Every three days spray the top of the soil using a spray bottle.
  • The soil should be moist, but not heavily saturated.
  • Check the water level in the bin regularly.
  • Try to maintain a level just below the surface of the stones.
  • Keep the heating pad on to maintain a temperature between 80° – 85° degrees Fahrenheit (26° C – 29° C).
  • Adenium obesum seeds don’t take long to germinate. They typically sprout within one week.
  • After the seedlings appear, stop watering from above.
  • As the seedlings grow, they’ll develop several sets of leaves.
  • Wait until the young plants grow at least six leaves before transplanting.
  • This should take about four weeks.

Transplanting Desert Rose

Before transplanting the plants, prepare the new homes.

  • Start the new seedlings off in 4″ pots – clay pots or plastic containers with several drainage holes is fine.
  • A smaller allows the plant to become rootbound, which encourages better growth for a future Desert Rose bonsai.
  • Add your potting soil or homemade soil to the container.
  • Mix slow-release fertilizer pellets into the soil. More on Adenium fertilizer here.
  • Use your finger or potting stick to make small holes in the soil.
  • The hole should be about the same depth as the container currently containing the young plants.
  • This ensures the root system doesn’t get crushed while transplanting.
  • Carefully remove each seedling from its current container.
  • When removing seedlings from the starter trays, it helps to lightly squeeze the edges of the compartments to break up the soil.
  • Place the seedlings in the holes and gently pack the soil around it to keep it upright.
  • Acclimate the seedling slowly to full sun, such as a south-facing window.
  • It needs at least eight hours of bright sunlight each day.

After growing Desert Rose from seed to young plant, follow the standard plant care suggestions for this succulent shrub.

We’ve had plants growing from seed flower within a year to 18 months.

Last Updated on February 1, 2020

We offers the best quality of Thai Rosy adenium and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers and Adenium standard flower from Thailand.

Adenium obesum – Called The Desert Rose Plant – produces a bizarre and attractive fat swollen trunk that makes this plant perfect for a bonsai specimen. It produces beautiful 2-inch bell shaped pink flowers all year long.

This is spectacular plant that can be grown indoors or out. Desert Rose will grow into a small shrub 6-10 feet tall when planted in the landscape. Plant in full sun to light shade in a fast draining soil. Desert Rose is drought tolerant, but looks best with regular water during the growing season, it needs little water during winter months. Desert Rose will not tolerate frost, use as house where minimum temperature fall below 35 F. This plant can be grown in a container indefinitely. Needs lots of light and fresh air. Keep in a bright location in winter. In summer move outdoors to a sunny or partly shaded location.

We can supply the best quality Adenium to worldwide. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty. Presently, we are looking forward to more cooperation with overseas based on mutual profit. Our qualified staff will do their utmost to supply you with our high-quality goods and service. Advanced equipment, professional workforce, and precise QC inspection system ensure our items to meet the all standard.

There are available 8 group of different flowers (All our Adeniums are grafted plants have double/ triple or multi petal layer flower)

Thai Adenium variegate leave : Set A

Thai Adenium Double / Triple flower : Set B

The legacy Rosy Adenium : Set C

Thai Brilliant Rosy Adenium : Set D

Thai Deluxe Adenium Desert Rose : Set E

The Premium Adenium : Set F

The Twinkle Adenium : Set G

New Adenium Thailand 2020 : Set H

  • Catalog Adenium “Medium & Large” caudex
  • Catalog Fancy Adenium “Multi grafted 3 color”
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Below are some of the products we can supply you

We are Thailand’s leading Adenium exporter, producing and distributing fresh Adenium seeds and seedlings to all over the world!

Because of attractive forms, various blooms and species, Adeniums or Desert Roses have become well-known and popular among plant lovers and collectors since 1990s. Recently, Thai breeders and growers can pollinate Adeniums’ flowers by hands, leading to a wide variety of hybrids.

We are one of the most successful Thai growers who can produce a high volume of quality seeds. We have our own nurseries and gardens where a wide range of Adenium species are carefully cultivated for export so that we can ensure high quality and the freshness of every seed we sell. Our customers are in many countries around the world such as The United States, France, Australia, and Indonesia.

Our web site is being developed to be an alternative online community for all adenium lovers regardless of skill and experience. This web site is also a new channel to meet our customers interested in our products. We are willing to support all adenium lovers with our experience and knowledge, hoping that growing Adenium could be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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