Ginger gold Apple tree

Ginger Gold Apple Tree

Early-Ripening Apple

Ginger Gold Apple is an early-mid season ripening apple with exemplary qualities. Plant one in an open area away from buildings, but where you can enjoy watching its progress toward each year’s delicious harvest.

The most popular feature of your Ginger Gold Apple tree is of course the fruit it produces. In fact, Ginger Gold has become one of the most popular varieties of apple in recent years. Renown for its early-harvest and high quality, Ginger Gold Apple is stand-out among the apple varieties available today.

Your Ginger Gold Apple is a lovely apple tree, beginning each spring with delicate white-pink blossoms. When your Ginger Gold truly shines however, is in early-mid August. The large, conical apples start out a pale green, but by mid-late August will mature to a lovely yellow-green, filling your tree’s branches with golden-hued fruit. The smooth, firm skin of your Ginger Gold will catch the afternoon light and draw you in for a taste of that sweet, creamy flesh. Its crisp texture makes this apple a delight to bite into, the taste enhanced by the mildly-tart essence that follows closely upon the initial sweet gush of flavor.

Your Ginger Gold Apple is delicious fresh, but also valued as a multi-purpose, cooking apple because it holds its shape well when cooked. It also doesn’t discolor as other apples do when cut, so it will be terrific for all your fruit salads and other dishes that use fresh apples. As a raw apple, it also keeps longer than other early-season apples.

Ginger Gold Apple trees are semi-dwarf and can grow up to 15 feet in height. They are heat tolerant and relatively hardy. You’ll need a pollinator within 50 feet of your Ginger Gold, but it doesn’t require much else from you. For a beautiful tree with delicious fruit, you can’t do much better than a Ginger Gold Apple!

*Excellent eating and cooking apple

Recommended pollinators: Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious

Ginger Gold


First introduced in the 1960’s from the United States, the Ginger Gold was a chance seedling that grew from its parent apple, the Golden Delicious.


The early season Ginger Gold has a pale, smooth, and consistent yellow skin characterized by greenish brown spots on its surface. Its crisp and cream coloured flesh has a fine texture and does not oxidize right away when cut. This sweet and juicy apple also has a sharp but mild flavour that provides a slight spice to its taste. Some say that the Ginger Gold has a sweet and juicy taste, which is exceptional for such an early season apple.

Best uses

The Ginger Gold is generally considered one of the best early season eating apples. It is a good keeper and can last several weeks in the fridge. Because its flesh is slow to oxidize, it makes the Ginger Gold a great apple for Salads, for kids to snack on, and even to be used in pies and crisps.

Harvest Availability

The Ginger Gold is typically available in late August and through till mid September.

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