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Driftwood carries its own history in our home, its own path through the world. We invite you to cast a quick glance at the DIY driftwood decor ideas and simple glaze at the immense beauty showcased by the piece of wood, glaze at the tremendous amounts of details organically developed along a few centimeters and wonder how world`s most extraordinary architect, nature, could have realized it better.

Naturally beautiful textures can be brought into the picture to wise use of driftwood pieces, pieces that can be combined with inexpensive textiles, rope segments or various wires in extraordinary pieces. Cast a glance at the gallery below and surge inspiration for your next DIY project.

#1 Driftwood Sail Boats Bringing Vintage Textures Into the Scenery

via mamaskram.blogspot.ch

#2 Sculptural Branch Handrail

via indulgy.com

#3 Small Driftwood Pieces Wrapped Around a Candle in a Scandinavian Interior Design

via livecreativelyinspired.com

#4 Driftwood Piece Used as a Rustic Planter for Succulents

Tutorial @ houzz.com

#5 Welcome Home Message Realized With Driftwood on Salvaged Wood

Tutorial @ bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com

#6 Driftwood Pieces Carrying Candles in a Romantic Atmosphere

via indulgy.com

#7 Beautiful Stained Driftwood Pieces

Tutorial @ cancandancer.com

#8 Sculptural Driftwood Bookings

via folksy.com

#9 Huge Driftwood Mirror in The Bedroom Defining Spatiality

via paperblog.com

#10 Xeriscaping Nestled Into Driftwood Pieces Composing Wall Art

via apartmenttherapy.com

#11 Colorful Driftwood Sail Boat Sculpture

via lillelykke.blogspot.com

#12 Simple Driftwood Branch Carrying Rope Hanged Chandeliers

via pinterest.com

#13 One Driftwood Piece With One Piece of Unforgettable Memory

via etsy.com

#14 Branch Hanged of the Ceiling For Hangers

via kickcanandconkers.blogspot.com

#15 Sculptural Branches Sliced by Driftwood Planks

via lumberjocks.com

#16 Breathtaking Sculptural Driftwood Dinning Table With Glass Top

via houzz.com

#17 Simple Shea-shells and Driftwood Composing a Wind chime

Tutorial @ poindextr.wordpress.com

#18 Christmas Tree Realized With Driftwood

via hgtv.com

#19 Driftwood Branches Wall Art

via centsationalgirl.com

#20 Driftwood Hanging Planters With Succulents

via chicweed.wordpress.com

#21 Small Rose Vase Covered in Tiny Pieces of Driftwood

Tutorial @ theblissfulbee.com

#22 Driftwood Sea Themed Wreath

via blog.authentiquepaper.com

#23 Bathroom Mirror Frame Composed Out of Sculptural Driftwood Pieces

via rakuten.com

#24 Twisted Driftwood Logs Used in a Water Fountain

via hayneedle.com

#25 Sculptural Driftwood Log Pieces Sliced and Transformed Into Wall Art

Source Unknown

#26 Driftwood Plank Used as Jewelry Organizer

via visiblymoved.blogspot.com

#27 Sea Horse Shaped Wall Art

Tutorial @ creativeinchicago.com

#28 Small Branches Sculpting an Infinite Loop

via cindysmetanainteriors.com

#29 Transparent Recipient Transformed Into an Extraordinary Centerpiece Thanks to Driftwood

via digsdigs.com

#30 Driftwood Roots Used in a Sculptural Porch Side Table

via digsdigs.com

What driftwood DIY project do you think it would suit your design line better? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

DIY Driftwood projects for the novice that you can do at home and tons of driftwood ideas to inspire you. Start with something simple like making a easy driftwood candleholder or cute little driftwood sailboat that looks great in any nautical or beachy themed room. That’s the great thing about driftwood – it’s really hard to make a mistake and have it look bad and it really does look great in so many different room themes from the typical beach decor to something modern and minimalistic.

We can also help you when you need to know where to get Driftwood or even how to make driftwood at home? Or maybe you want to know how to clean driftwood? Need ideas for landscaping or using driftwood for a party decor. Want to build your own driftwood lamp or driftwood pendant light? How about creating an exotic piece of driftwood wall art.

We’re dedicated to the best resources for all things driftwood because we love driftwood just like you do.

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Driftwood Garden Art: Tips On Using Driftwood In The Garden

While beautiful flowering plants are major focal points within any garden landscape, many growers find themselves looking to complete their yards with unique and interesting accent decorations. Some may opt for more expensive pieces, but budget savvy gardeners take joy from the collection of folk-art pieces – both equally fitting into the respective style of the garden.

Whether garden décor is new, upcycled, or made from natural materials, there is no denying that it can add a sense of charm to these spaces. Driftwood, for example, has gained popularity in recent years just for this reason.

How to Use Driftwood in the Garden

Driftwood is an excellent material to use as garden décor for a wide variety of reasons. While the things to do with driftwood are limitless, using driftwood in the garden also allows for an organic and natural approach to decorating both large and small corners of the landscape. Driftwood garden art is also quite durable, as it has naturally been exposed to water, wind, and other factors which often condition the wood before use.

When it comes to using driftwood, ideas for garden décor are endless. From understated designs to large focal pieces, the use of driftwood in the garden is worth the consideration. As always, never collect driftwood for art pieces until you have checked local laws and regulations regarding its collection.

Succulent Planters

Driftwood serves as an excellent container for succulent plantings. Specifically, the shape and drainage ability of driftwood pieces make them ideal for creating centerpieces with succulents in the garden landscape.

In addition to succulents, air plants fit well in decor made with larger pieces of driftwood. This is especially true since the air plants do not require soil. These types of arrangements offer growers a unique and interesting addition to the garden.

Garden Signs

Since most driftwood has been conditioned naturally through exposure to the elements, driftwood signs are a great option for garden decor. To make a driftwood sign, simply sketch out the design and then paint it using an outdoor paint that will not fade or wash away.

Driftwood garden signs are a great way to add rustic appeal to garden spaces.

Garden Sculptures

Artistic gardeners may choose to tackle a more skilled driftwood décor project. The creation of small or large sculpture pieces using driftwood are sure to add personal and individual style to the garden landscape.

Rain Chains and Hanging Art

Hanging driftwood rain chains, driftwood wind chimes, and other vertical creations are a great way to add dimension to home garden décor. These pieces not only help to create a welcoming garden atmosphere, but also use natural elements to enhance the overall appearance and mood of the garden.

Some things are just meant to be used as decorations. For example, who could resist and charm and beauty of driftwood? There are so many wonderful ways in which you can turn driftwood into amazing ornaments for your home. Each piece of driftwood is unique, shaped by nature and the elements. You just have to find a way to display that beauty in the most suitable way.

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A driftwood candle holder is a very simple project so let’s start with that. Here’s what you’ll need for the project: glass votive candle holders, some 2’’-3’’ of driftwood, a hot glue gun, twine and sea glass or other similar decorations. Maybe you can find some of these things next time you visit the beach. {found on sustainmycrafthabit}.

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For the front door, you could make a beautiful driftwood wreath. For that you’ll need a bunch of small pieces of driftwood, a grapevine wreath and some burlap or lace which you use You can find out more about this project from the description featured on Kleinworthco. Feel free to improvise and add your own touch to the design.

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Another creative use for driftwood is featured on Creativeinchicago. This is a driftwood plant pot and if you want to make something similar you’ll require a large pot or container, acrylic paint, a sponge brush, driftwood scraps and a hot glue gun. You could also use twigs instead of driftwood but the look but be a bit different in that case.

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You only need a small piece of driftwood to make a beautiful arrangement like the one we found on joyusgarden. Apart from that you’ll also need succulent and air plant cuttings. You can also use some moss to complete your design as well as other things you can find in the garden.

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If you could find a slightly larger piece of driftwood you could turn that into a nice jewelry holder for your necklaces and bracelets. All you have to do is hang the wood somewhere using some rope or cord and then add some knobs or screw-in hooks. You can see how it would look like on Mintedstrawberry.

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With enough pieces of driftwood you could cover the frame of a mirror and give it a beautiful coastal look. In case you need some inspiration look at the starburst mirror featured on Sustainmycrafthabit. The project started with a round mirror and a piece of wood larger than its circumference. They were glued together and then all the wood pieces were added. We love the inconsistence of their lengths.

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How about a beautiful centerpiece for the table? You could make one out of driftwood and small succulents or air plants. The hardest part is finding the right piece of driftwood so if you already have that it all becomes a piece of cake. You can make some holes in the wood if the crevices aren’t large enough for the succulents to fit in. {found on joyusgarden}.

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Maybe you’d love to add some nautical charm to your bedroom or some other area of your home. In that case you could make a cute little mobile like the one featured on Sustainmycrafthabit. This one is made from a small piece of driftwood, some rocks and sea glass and thin wire. You can either drill holes in the rocks and glass or just wrap wire around them.

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Bring a little bit of nature into your home and make the décor and ambiance more zen and relaxed. It doesn’t take much to do that. For example, you could just gather some flat rocks and stack them on your desk or maybe a small piece of driftwood to which you can add a small air plant. (found on sustainmycrafthabit}.

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There are plenty of other ways in which to use driftwood, including some seasonal ideas like the one on sustainmycrafthabit. Check out this lovely Christmas tree ornament. It’s made from a bunch of driftwood pieces connected with wire in the shape of a tree. You could also add a decorative bead at the top.

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Here’s another Christmassy craft. It’s a project similar to the previous one but in this case the tree is bigger. To make one just like that you’ll need plenty of driftwood in various lengths, a rod for the center of the tree, a base and a drill. The base could be a small tree stump. You can decorate this rustic tree as usual or leave it as such. {found on sustainmycrafthabit}.

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A simpler idea can be to just display an interesting-looking piece of driftwood on one of the walls in your home. You could make it look more eye-catching by painting it. For example, the tutorial on Domesticbliss2 suggests using gold spray paint and tape to give the wood a half-and-half look.

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Or perhaps you’d like to make a nice vase display. You could use some thin branches or some driftwood similar to the one on Sustainmycrafthabit. Decorate the branches with pom-poms. You can make these out of colored yarn using a fork. It’s a pretty simple project and the decoration would last for a long time.

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The most common way to display driftwood is on the wall. But while sometimes it can be enough to just put up the piece and then admire it, that’s not always the case. Sometimes a better idea is to make something a bit more complex like these decorations featured on Islaura. These are made using small pieces of driftwood and yarn or something similar.

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Another type of wall decoration involving driftwood can be a sign like the one on Squirrellyminds. You just need to find a piece of somewhat flat driftwood so visit the beach and test your luck. After that, just paint something on it or use a template to write a message. You could just freehand something for a more authentic look.

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Of course, you can also make something beautiful for your porch, deck or even for your garden. How about this driftwood and cattail ornament features on Sustainmycrafthabit? You could easily make something like this if you could find an old log or some driftwood. Decorate it with succulents and drill some holes for the stalks.

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The colorful driftwood mobile featured on Morningcreativity could look wonderful above the staircase or in the void created by some spiraling stairs. You could also just hang it from the ceiling somewhere. All you need for this is two pieces of driftwood, some fishing line and felt balls in different colors. You could just make pom-poms instead if you want.

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Make a driftwood towel rack for your pool house or your bathroom. It would be a nice coastal accent that would make the space look chic and casual. To make the rack you’ll need a large piece of driftwood, preferably with a flat side, a drill, screws, lacquer finish and hooks. {found on sustainmycrafthabit}.

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A single piece of driftwood with an intricate shape could be just what you need to make a necklace hanger. It would look similar to the one on Cucicucicoo. You can just mount this on a wall or place it somewhere handy. Also, you can paint it or decorate it in lots of different ways.

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If you want to make a jewelry organizer, first you need to decide how big you want it to be. This way you can look for a piece of driftwood that has the right size. The one we found on Cancandancer would be just right for around six necklaces. Make two rope loops and attach them to the back of the driftwood so you can hang it on the wall and space out the hooks evenly for a nice look.

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We found this quirky decoration on Akamatra. It’s a sailboat and it has a simple and very raw and authentic look. It’s made out of driftwood and the sail is a piece of white fabric. In addition to these things you’ll also need a hot glue gun and scissors to make a similar decoration. You could display this on a shelf or mantel.

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Driftwood hangers and racks are pretty popular and that’s because they’re both easy to make and practical. So here we are with another example. The hanger is featured on Thesweetestdigs. To recreate the project you need a piece of driftwood or a branch, paint in two or more different colors, painter’s tape and screw-in hooks. Use tape to create a pattern for the design.

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We also found a driftwood wall hanger on Sparkandchemistry. This one is great for bags and other accessories. You can add something like this to your entryway and it would look lovely. You can either use paint or colored twine or thread to decorate the driftwood pieces. Look some an interesting-looking piece of wood that also has the right shape.

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The last driftwood hanger we’ll include here is the one featured on Lovelyindeed. It looks pretty chic and colorful. It’s up to you to decide how big or small you make yours. Just look for an appropriate piece of driftwood and let the project take shape. Use tape and tape to create a beautiful design or some simple stripes.

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We also noticed that driftwood planters are pretty popular as well. It’s usually air plants and small succulents that can be used for this sort of projects. You can create some pretty wonderful displays with these things. Check out the example on Succulentsandsunshine for a taste of beauty.

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Let’s also have a look at something a bit different like this driftwood floating shelf we found on Lottsandlots. It’s a pretty straight-forward project. Take a piece of driftwood and cut it to the desired size. Drill some holes close to the ends and then screw the shelf into the wall.

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A Lego mobile can look cute and playful and you could turn that into a decoration for the nursery or the kids’ room. You don’t need to make anything complicated. You can just use a twig or a piece of driftwood and some thread. Attach two pieces of Lego and catch the end of the thread between them. Make six of these things and then tie them all onto the branch. {found on morningcreativity}.

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Similarly, you can make a beautiful baby mobile using some driftwood. We found this nice example on Monringcreativity. It’s made out of four pieces of driftwood of increasingly smaller lengths and some heart-shaped ornaments which were made out of Hama beads. Apart from these things you only need some twine or thread.

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If you like the idea of a beach-themed décor then perhaps you’d also like to make a driftwood wreath. You could decorate it with shells, sea stars and all sorts of other things you usually find on the beach. You could even make a banner for the wreath. In fact, the design featured on Authentiquepaper would be simply perfect.

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This driftwood photo display could be crafted in just a few minutes. You just need to get all the supplies ready. You’ll need two pieces of driftwood (you could also use two twigs or branches), some thread, photos and mini-clothespins. Also, a drill is required to make two holes in each piece of wood. Run the thread through these holes and make knots to keep the driftwood pieces level. Then attach the photos. {found on morningcreativity}.

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The framed driftwood pieces featured on Fraise-basilic are a really inexpensive and interesting-looking example or unique home décor. You can adjust the design however you want. For example, use more pieces of driftwood or use a bigger frame for bigger ornaments. Actually a shadowbox could also be a good option in this case.

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And speaking of unique decorations, check out this eye-catching sphere we found on Creativeinchicago. It’s made from a bunch of small driftwood pieces. They need to be short but can have different lengths. To get the shape right, use an inflatable beach ball. Glue all the driftwood pieces around the ball to contain in inside and when you’re done blow up the ball and remove it.

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For the outdoors you could make a driftwood chandelier like the one on Greenweddingshoes. Actually, you could also use it indoors or turn it into a table centerpiece or a decoration for the fireplace mantel. You’ll need a large piece of driftwood like a log piece, a drill, some candles and small succulents. Make holes in the driftwood so you can insert the candles and plants. You can then hang it with rope.

There’s something so relaxing about a home decorated with a beachy theme. These driftwood DIY projects are creative and fun while giving your home decor refreshing feel. Although it was difficult to narrow down, my favorite has to be the driftwood chalkboard. Find your own favorite!

Creative Driftwood DIY Projects

Add a beachy touch to any bathroom with a driftwood towel rack. All you need to do is add coat hooks. What an easy project!

A driftwood chalkboard will look great in any room. And it’s a good reminder to “just relax,” like you would at the beach.

I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with this driftwood mirror. It has a starburst mirror look to it, but with a rustic feel. Lovely!

Use driftwood planks to create these gorgeous picture frames.

Add a rustic driftwood pot rack to your kitchen. Make sure it’s a really sturdy piece, particularly if your pots and pans are heavy.

Hang your hat (and coats) on this “Drifting Home” coat rack where the word “home” is spelled out in driftwood. Such a nice sentiment!

Create a coastal blanket ladder for your bedroom. The driftwood is used as the rungs for this piece. It would also make a nice towel rack in the bathroom.

Get that beachy feel as soon as you walk through the door with a driftwood wreath. You can easily adapt this for each season by using elements that you can stick in the wreath rather than gluing the pieces on.

Add a floating driftwood shelf to your wall to hold your beach mementos.

This hollow piece of driftwood made the perfect succulent planter. Make sure to choose hardy succulents if you live in a climate with cold winters.

A jewelry and scarf hanger always comes in handy! She jazzed up her piece of driftwood with some acrylic paint.

Or a jewelry stand may be a better option for you if you have lots of bracelets and watches.

No white Christmases where you live? This driftwood Christmas tree will still put you in the holiday spirit. Memories of the beach makes anyone jolly!

A darling baby mobile will look sweet in baby’s nursery, especially one with a nautical theme.

Your kids will love playing with these driftwood sailboats, but we wouldn’t blame you if you just want to put them on your shelf to admire.

Easily change out your photos frequently with this driftwood photo display. This would be a great DIY for teens!

A decorative driftwood orb will look stunning on your mantle or entry table.

Have a pool? You NEED this driftwood beach towel holder poolside!

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