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Riverside Aquatics – Natural Floating Islands

Natural Floating Oasis.

Natural floating islands provide an economical solution when converting a conventional chemical pool into natural pool. Greening can be an expensive exercise and if you are not inclined to follow the pricey route of circulating water between a pool and a pond of the same size, where the water is filtered by plants, then a natural floating island is the option that you’re looking for.

Floating islands are an easy, practical and inexpensive green option that eventually becomes a beautiful and alive water feature.

Our natural floating islands need to cover roughly 30% of the water surface of a pool. They are made of bamboo, recycled closed cell foam, coir geotextile (woven and unwoven biodegradable textiles), coco peat and coco fiber.

Natural floating islands can be vegetated with a variety of both aquatic and non-aquatic plants. Harvest your herbs and veggies while you swim. Swim with nature not against it.

Riverside Aquatics has floating islands available in a kit for (DIY) comprising all of the above, or can they be constructed and vegetated for you.

To view the DIY video .


DIY Kit @ R 500.00 /sqm.

Pre-constructed @ R900.00/sqm.

Pre-constructed and vegetated (assortment of 8 plants ) @ R1250.00 /sqm. On site planting and launching

All pricing excludes delivery cost.

For more information or to place an order email [email protected]

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