Different types of peanuts


Types of Peanuts and Peanut Butter

Virginia peanuts (cocktail nuts): Grown in North Carolina as well as Virginia, these peanuts have large plump pods that contain two large crunchy kernels. They are the type most familiar to consumers and are especially popular at sporting events. When shelled, they are sold as snack peanuts.

A primer on peanut butter

Peanut butter first made its appearance in the United States in 1890. It was then that an unnamed doctor in St. Louis supposedly began grinding peanuts in a hand-cranked meat grinder to use as a nutritious protein substitute for people with poor teeth who couldn’t chew meat. A few years later, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg also began experimenting with peanut butter as a vegetarian source of protein for his patients at the renowned Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan.

In 1904, a man named C. H. Sumner introduced peanut butter to the world at the Universal Exposition in St. Louis. It is said that Sumner sold a remarkable $705.11 worth of the treat at his concession stand there. It was not until 1922, however, that peanut butter became commercially available. In that year, J. L. Rosefield, owner of the Rosefield Packing Company in Alameda, Calif., received a patent for a shelf-stable peanut butter that would stay fresh for up to a year because the oil didn’t separate. Rosefield was also the first to develop crunchy-style peanut butter by adding chopped peanuts to his creamy peanut butter.

Today, approximately half of all edible peanuts cultivated in the United States are used to make peanut butter. By FDA regulation, any product labeled “peanut butter” must consist of at least 90 percent peanuts with no more than 10 percent by weight of seasonings and stabilizing ingredients. These optional ingredients may include salt, sugars, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. They cannot include lard or other animal fats, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, or colors.

Similar peanut butter products that don’t adhere to the 90 percent/10 percent rule must be labeled “peanut spread.” Many of these are reduced-fat products (25 percent less fat than regular) that use a type of cornstarch to replace some of the fat from peanuts. Some reduced-fat products also contain soy protein and mineral supplements.

Peanut butters labeled “natural” can use only peanuts and oil, usually peanut oil. The oil separates to the top of the jar and must be stirred in to blend with the peanut butter.

Because there are so many different peanut butter and spread products available today—some containing jelly, honey, chocolate, apples, cinnamon, or other ingredients—read the nutrition labels carefully. And look for the “sell by” date on the jar. You can store peanut butter that contains preservatives at room temperature for two to three months, or it can be refrigerated. Avoid excessive heat, which can cause the oil to separate, or excessive cold, which can change the texture.

Types Of Peanut Plants: Learn About Different Varieties Of Peanut

For many of us who grew up on PB & J, peanut butter is a comfort food. Like me, you may have noticed how the prices of these little jars of comfort have skyrocketed in the last few years. Because of rising prices and a desire to avoid unhealthy food preservatives, many home gardeners are now toying with the idea of growing their own peanuts and making their own peanut butter. How hard can it be, you may ask? After all a peanut is a peanut. Then a Google search of peanut plant seeds reveals that there’s more variety to peanuts than you knew. Continue reading to learn about the differences between these peanut plant varieties.

Types of Peanut Varieties

There are four main types of peanut plants grown in the United States: runner peanuts, Virginia peanuts, Spanish peanuts, and Valencia peanuts. While we are all probably familiar with Spanish peanuts, they actually only account for about 4% of the peanut crops grown in the U.S. The most commonly grown type of peanut plants are runner peanuts, which make up about 80% grown. Virginia peanuts account for 15% and Valencia peanuts contribute only 1% to the U.S. peanut crop.

  • Runner peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) are primarily grown in Georgia, Alabama and Florida, with Georgia producing 40% of the U.S. peanut crop. Runner peanuts are most commonly used in the production of peanut butter.
  • Virginia peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) are primarily grown in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. They produce the largest nuts and are most often used as snacking peanuts. Virginia peanuts have also become very popular in gourmet, all-natural peanut butters.
  • Spanish peanuts (Arachis fastigata) are primarily grown in Texas and Oklahoma. Their nuts have bright red skins. Spanish peanuts are used in candies or sold as salted, shelled peanuts for snacking and are also used in the production of peanut butter.
  • Valencia peanuts (Arachis fastigata) are mostly produced in New Mexico. They are known as the sweetest tasting peanuts and are, therefore, very popular for all natural and homemade peanut butters. Valencia peanuts also make delicious boiled peanuts.

Breaking Down the Different Varieties of Peanut

These four types of peanut plants are further broken down into different varieties of peanuts.

Some common varieties of runner peanuts are:

  • Florunner
  • Sunrunner
  • Southern Runner
  • Georgia Runner
  • Georgia Green
  • Flavor Runner 458

Common varieties of Virginia peanuts include:

  • Bailey
  • Champs
  • Florida Fancy
  • Gregory
  • Perry
  • Phillips
  • Sugg
  • Sullivan
  • Titan
  • Wynne

Some of the most common varieties of Spanish peanuts are:

  • Georgia-045
  • Olin
  • Pronto
  • Spanco
  • Tamspan 90

Generally, most of the Valencia peanuts grown in the U.S. are of the variety Tennessee Reds.

Why Virginia Peanuts are Better

You probably already know that FERIDIES® uses Virginia Peanuts, but you may not know why we use such a special nut. Here’s a bit of background why FERIDIES® uses only the best nuts and why Virginia Peanuts are simply the best.

What’s in a Name?

Virginia Peanuts aren’t just a designation for where the peanut is grown. Virginia Peanuts are a variety of peanut that is grown primarily in Virginia, but is also grown in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. These peanuts are one of four main types of peanuts grown in the United States. The other types of peanuts are Runner Peanuts, Spanish Peanuts, and Valencia Peanuts.

How are Virginia Peanuts Different from Other Types of Peanuts?

Virginia Peanuts are different from other types of peanuts when it comes to size and taste. They are the largest of all peanuts and have a distinctive crunch. They’re also very flavorful. Virginia Peanuts are often called the “Ballpark Peanut” because they’re sold hot at baseball games. At FERIDIES® we choose the top 2 percent of the Virginia Peanuts to make up our gourmet peanuts and snacks.

How Common are Virginia Peanuts?

Virginia Peanuts make up about 15 percent of the total US production of peanuts. The most common peanut, the Runner Peanut, makes up about 80 percent of all peanuts grown in the United States. Runner Peanuts are smaller and have uniformed peanuts which roast well, which is why they are used for peanut butter. You will often find gourmet and natural peanut butters using Virginia Peanuts rather than the run-of-the-mill Runner Peanuts.

Does Virginia Only Produce Virginia Peanuts?

Virginia has the perfect soil, weather, and climate to produce Virginia Peanuts, but Virginia also produces some Runner Peanuts too. Out of the 26,000 acres of peanut farmland, Virginia produced almost 25,000 acres of Virginia Peanuts.

At FERIDIES®, we offer only the finest Virginia Peanuts. Taste our peanuts and you’ll know FERIDIES® is the best.

Types of Peanuts

Although peanuts come in many varieties, there are four basic market types: Runner, Virginia, Spanish and Valencia. Each of the peanut types is distinctive in size, flavor, and nutritional composition.

Within each four basic types of peanuts, there are several “varieties” for seed and production purposes. Each variety contains distinct characteristics which allows a producer to select the peanut that is best suited for its region and market.


Runners have become the dominant type due to the introduction in the early 1970’s of a new runner variety, the Florunner, which was responsible for a spectacular increase in peanut yields. Runners have rapidly gained wide acceptance because of the attractive, uniform kernel size. Fifty-four percent of the runners grown are used for peanut butter. Runners are grown mainly in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma.


Virginias have the largest kernels and account for most of the peanuts roasted and processed in-the-shell. When shelled, many of the larger kernels are sold as gourmet snack peanuts. Virginias are grown mainly in southeastern Virginia, northeastern North Carolina and South Carolina.


Spanish-type peanuts have smaller kernels covered with a reddish-brown skin. They are used predominantly in peanut candies, with significant quantities used for snack nuts and peanut butter. They have a higher oil content than the other types of peanuts which is advantageous when crushing for oil. They are primarily grown in Oklahoma and Texas.


Valencias usually have three or more small kernels to a pod and are covered in a bright-red skin. They are very sweet peanuts and are usually roasted and sold in-the-shell. They are also excellent for fresh use as boiled peanuts. New Mexico is the primary producer of Valencia peanuts.

The Peanut Industry

U.S. peanuts fall into four basic types: Runner, Virginia, Spanish and Valencia. Each of these peanuts is distinctive in size and flavor. Other producing countries grow varieties with other names, but are similar to the types described below.


Runners have become the dominant peanut type grown in the U.S. due to the introduction in the early 1970’s of a new variety, the Florunner, which was responsible for a spectacular increase in peanut yields. Runners have rapidly gained wide acceptance because of their attractive kernel size range; a high proportion of runners are used for peanut butter. Runners, grown mainly in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma, account for more than 85% of total U.S. production.


Virginias have the largest kernels and account for most of the peanuts roasted and eaten as inshells. When shelled, the larger kernels are sold as salted or flavored peanuts. Virginias are grown mainly in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, South Carolina and West Texas. Virginia-type peanuts account for about 10% of total U.S. production.


Spanish-type peanuts have smaller kernels covered with a reddish-brown skin. They are used predominantly in peanut candy but are also used for salted nuts and peanut butter. Spanish peanuts have higher oil content than the other types of peanuts which is advantageous when crushing for oil. The Ole Spanish variety was released in 2015 after extensive research and is high in oleic acid, a beneficial monounsaturated fatty acid; its high roasted peanut score and increased shelf life make it ideal for candy bars or for snack nuts. Spanish-type peanuts account for 2% of U.S. production.


Valencias usually have three or more small kernels to a pod. They are very sweet peanuts and are usually roasted and sold in the shell; they are excellent for fresh use as boiled peanuts. Valencias are also commonly used to make aa-natural peanut butter. Due togreater demand for other varieties, Valencias account for less than 1% of U.S. production and are grown mainly in New Mexico.


What is it?

2 types of nut allergy:

Peanut allergy

  • Legume (bean family)
  • Also known as monkey nuts
  • Sometimes referred to as a ground nut allergy
  • Allergic part is the protein

Tree nut allergy

  • Tree nuts are a type of seed that comes from a plant
  • Include almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine kernels, pistachios, walnuts
  • Coconuts and pine nuts are not classed as tree nuts in the UK, they are defined as seeds and the majority of people who have a nut allergy can eat them. Coconuts are however classed as a ‘nut’ in the USA (Allergy UK 2012)

What do I need to know?

Since Nov 2005 the law states that companies need to specify nuts and tree nuts in pre-packed foods (Food Standards Agency 2016)

Peanut and tree nut allergies are the most common allergies to have, with only 1 in 5 children growing out of them (Allergy UK 2012)

Peanut allergy is now thought to affect one in 50 infants and tree nut allergy seems more common in the USA and Europe (Allergy UK 2012)

Studies have estimated that from 1 in 200 people to 2 in 100 people have a peanut allergy however some studies suggest it is less than this and some more (NHS Choices 2011)

In the last 10 years peanut allergies have doubled in places where pregnant woman, breastfeeding mothers and young children were told to avoid peanuts (Immune Tolerance Network 2016)

There has been interesting research recently that shows that avoidance of peanuts may actually be detrimental and that eating peanuts as a baby and young child can reduce the rate (by 80%) of peanut allergy in those prone to it (Immune Tolerance Network 2016). Please always consult your doctor or dietitian prior to trying nuts if there is a chance your child may be allergic to nuts

A person can have an allergy to peanuts alone, several tree nuts or a combination of both. If someone reacts to one nut, there is a high chance they will have a reaction to another nut, this is called cross-reactivity

Runner Peanuts

The most widely consumed variety, Runner peanuts have delicious flavor, great roasting characteristics and high yields. This medium-sized peanut is an ideal choice for use in peanut butters. Runner peanuts are grown in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Oklahoma due to their need for a warm climate and sandy, well-drained soil.

Spanish Peanuts

Spanish peanuts are used mostly in peanut candies, peanut snacks and peanut butter. This peanut is easily identified by its smaller kernels and its reddish-brown skin. It also has a high oil content, which makes it an excellent choice for extracting oil. Spanish peanuts are grown mostly in Texas and Oklahoma.

Valencia Peanuts

Valencia peanuts are a sweet peanut with a bright red skin. This peanut usually contains three or more kernels in a longer shell. Valencia peanuts are mostly served roasted and sold in-shell or boiled. While grown less frequently in the United States, its primary production region is in West Texas and New Mexico.

Virginia Peanuts

Often called “cocktail nuts,” Virginia peanuts are considered large-kernelled. Its size makes it great for processing, particularly for salting, confections and in-shell roasting. Virginia peanuts are primarily grown in Texas, southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

Peanut Facts

Why buy peanuts from FERIDIES?
That is a great question, because not all peanuts are created equal! Did you know that there are 4 different types of peanuts? At FERIDIES, we specialize in the Virginia-type peanut, but you may be more familiar with Runners, which are used to make peanut butter and candy bars.

4 Types of Peanuts

  • Virginia-type peanuts are known for their large size and crunchy texture and have been referred to as “the peanut of the gourmet.” Virginia peanuts have the largest kernels and are popular for roasting-in-the-shell. Virginias are most often grown in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.
  • Spanish-type peanuts have small kernels covered with reddish-brown skin and are used mostly in peanut candies, snack nuts and peanut butter. They are often crushed for peanut oil since they have a higher oil content than other peanuts. Spanish peanuts are usually grown in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • The Valencia variety usually has three or more small kernels to a pod, each covered in a bright-red skin. These peanuts have a sweet flavor, and they are most often roasted and sold in-the-shell or boiled. Valencias are most commonly grown in New Mexico.
  • Runners are the most well-known and consumed peanuts. Over 50% of the Runner variety are used for peanut butter and the rest are used in candy and snacks. They are known for their consistent, medium kernel size. They are primarily produced in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Although many think of peanuts as nuts that grow on trees, they are actually “legumes” like peas. A “seed peanut” is planted in May to form a small green plant about 18″ tall. The peanut plant produces yellow flowers, which pollinate themselves. They form “pegs” which begin to grow away from the plant. The pegs form a stem and push into the ground where the peanuts will form and grow. Peanuts are harvested between September and October which allows them four to five months to fully mature. The weather conditions during this time (i.e., too much rain or too little rain) have an impact on the quality of the crop. One peanut plant produces about 40 peanuts. The peanuts are then dug out of the ground and left in the sun to dry for two or three days. A combine is used to separate the peanuts from the vines. The peanut farmer sells the peanuts to shellers who clean and grade the raw nuts before selling them to companies like FERIDIES.

    Why FERIDIES Peanuts?
    So what makes FERIDIES Virginia Peanuts better than all of the rest? At FERIDIES, we select the largest 2% of the crop each year – the super, extra-large Virginia-type peanut. We gently roast them in small batches by hand in pure peanut oil to keep them cholesterol free, to preserve their natural peanut taste and to maintain their healthy qualities. No artificial preservatives are added.

    In addition, to our delicious gourmet Virginia peanuts, we offer peanut candies, cashews, pistachios, almonds, trail mixes and other specialty gourmet foods. In 2014, our Salted, Unsalted, Redskin, Hot & Spicy and Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts were confirmed as Non-GMO Project Verified as well as our Cashews. In 2015, our Salted Pistachios, Salted Almonds and All Natural Cajun Virginia Peanuts were confirmed as Non-GMO Project Verified. We continue to have our other products reviewed and confirmed. We believe our packaging is upscale and makes a worthy gift. You will find several gift creations to choose from in a variety of price ranges or you can create your own. There is something for everyone on your gift list and to satisfy your own peanut cravings!

    As a family-owned and operated business for over 45 years, our most important priorities are food safety, quality and exceptional customer service. We want your shopping experience to be easy, convenient, informational and affordable.

    Shelf Life & Storage Tips
    Fresh peanuts are the BEST peanuts! The sooner you eat them, the better they will taste. As time passes, they will gradually lose their crunchiness and superb taste. There is no magic expiration date. To maintain the best eating quality, store peanuts in a cool, dry place at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Peanuts keep fresh indefinitely if stored in a tightly closed container in the freezer. Our recommended and approximate shelf life time frames are listed below:

    Shelf Life of Peanuts

    Product Shelf Life
    Peanuts in Bags Approximately 6 months
    Peanuts, Candies & other Nuts in Vacuum-Sealed Cans Approximately 1 year
    Raw Peanuts Indefinitely if kept in cool, dry temperatures

    Shelf Life of Specialty Foods

    Product Shelf Life
    Uncooked Country Cured Ham Indefinitely if stored in cool, dry temperatures
    Petite Boneless Cooked Ham 10 days off refrigeration
    8 weeks refrigerated
    1 year frozen
    Cooked Virginia Ham Slices 10 days off refrigeration
    5 weeks refrigerated
    1 year frozen
    Cheese Straws 9 months
    Sweet Potato Biscuits 10 days off refrigeration
    1 month refrigerated
    6 months frozen

    Nutritional Information
    Peanuts are GOOD FOR YOU! We all know the popularity of the “fat free” diet in the 1990s. Peanuts were given a bad name by some because of their fat content; however, research now shows that peanuts are a wise food choice for several reasons:

  • Peanuts are high in protein providing 12% of the Recommended Daily Allowances per serving (one ounce or about 25 peanuts).
  • Peanuts are naturally cholesterol-free.
  • Each 1 oz serving of peanuts contain 2.4 grams of dietary fiber, which helps reduce the risk of some types of cancer, helps the digestive system, and helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Peanuts contain phytosterols, which are plant chemicals, believed to inhibit cancer growth.
  • Peanuts contain 6 essential vitamins including vitamin E, folic acid, niacin, thiamin, B6 and riboflavin. Peanuts are also rich in 7 essential minerals including copper, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and calcium – which may have a protective effect for coronary heart disease.
  • Peanuts are an excellent source of the “good” fat, mono-unsaturated, which helps to lower our cholesterol. Research has shown that monounsaturated fats lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol in our blood while raising the HDL (good) cholesterol in our blood. This decreases our risks of heart disease and cardiovascular disease.
  • Peanuts are an excellent source of resveratrol, best known for its occurrence in red wine. Research shows that resveratrol may protect against arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and cancer by lowering cholesterol plaque and platelet accumulation in the arteries and by preventing the growth of damaged cells in the body. The average amount of resveratrol in one ounce of peanuts is about the same as 6 cups (or 2 pounds) of grapes.
  • Studies at Penn State University, Harvard University and Purdue University concluded that weight-loss plans including peanuts were more satisfying and led to greater rates of successful weight-loss than other plans.
  • Research at Harvard University suggests that women eating the equivalent of a handful of nuts or one tablespoon of peanut butter at least five times a week are more than 20% less likely to develop adult-onset or type 2 diabetes than those who rarely or never ate those products. Nuts contain fiber and magnesium, which help maintain balanced insulin and glucose levels. Insulin helps the body convert sugar into energy. Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce or properly use insulin.
  • For more information on peanuts and research studies, log onto The Peanut Institute website at peanut-institute.com, or The American Peanut Council at www.peanutsusa.com, or call 1-888-8PEANUT.

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    Jul 10, 2010 | Posted By Mark from Wilson, NC United States

    Simply the best. We keep a can in the freezer for a tasty cool and crunchy snack.


    Jun 3, 2010 | Posted By debra speight from goldsboro, NC United States

    These are the best country style gourmet peanuts that I have ever tasted!!!!!!


    Apr 20, 2010 | Posted By Kelvin Caudell from Charlotte, MI United States

    I’ve got a “nut” allergy. Peanuts, not really being a nut, are OK for me to eat. Therefore, I’m quite well versed in peanuts. These peanuts are the best peanuts that I’ve had anywhere. They maintain a nice crunch with a nice flavor that has just the right amount of salt. Well done Aunt Ruby’s and thank you for your dedication. I’m a newly devoted fan.

    Best ever

    Apr 14, 2010 | Posted By Andrew Barett from Wake Forest, , NC United States

    I grew up in northeastern NC on a peanut farm. I have eaten peanuts all my life. I have prepared them many ways and I found that frying them in peanut oil until slightly brown and salting them while hot was the best way. Aunt Ruby’s are as good as any I ever prepared. The light coating of salt does no cover up the taste of the nut. Most competitors use too much salt which is bad for taste and your blood pressure.


    Mar 23, 2010 | Posted By ROBIN CANFIELD from N.FT.MYERS, AL United States


    Awesome Products and Service.

    Mar 11, 2010 | Posted By Frankie Bates from Little Rock, AR United States

    My family have enjoyed your products for years. My clients and staff so look forward to theirs as gifts of appreciation from me and my wife. Keep the great work up, and Congrats on the Twins. Beautiful… Frankie Bates

    country style peanuts

    Mar 9, 2010 | Posted By carrei from shelby, NC United States

    these are the best peanuts, always fresh and crunchy. Make great gifts or for gatherings!!!!

    Aunt Ruby’s

    Feb 2, 2010 | Posted By Carol from Suitland, MD United States

    I was born and reared in Enfield on a large farm where my parents raised peanuts. We used to go to Aunt Ruby’s and sample the peanuts. They were so delicious we bought the plain peanuts and chocolate peanuts. No other peanuts are as delicious as Aunt Ruby’s. I now give them as Christmas gifts. Best peanuts in the entire world.

    can’t get enough!!!

    Jan 24, 2010 | Posted By jack from west hollywood, CA United States

    we received these peanuts over christmas. at first i just thought another tin of nuts. well, when i open them, the aroma was heavenly. these are the best peanuts i have ever had. so glad the tin needs to be taken off with something other than my fingers, or i would have eaten the entire tin in one sitting. if you are on the fence about these, don’t be. order them!

    can’t stop eating them

    Jan 10, 2010 | Posted By jack from west hollywood, CA United States

    my partner brought home after receiving them as a christmas gift. at first we both thought just another can of nuts. well, we opened them, and to our surprise, they are the best peanuts we have ever eaten. they are so fresh, and crunchy, and not greasy. i am putting these on my must haves for my home since we like to entertain. would like to write more but i need to go and have another handful!

    Unparalleled Taste and Quality

    Dec 7, 2009 | Posted By Cassandra from Dania Beach, FL United States

    We have been enjoying Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts for over 5 years after discovering them on a trip through North Carolina. These peanuts are outstanding! They are a tremendous value for the size, quality, and most importantly- taste! Each time that we serve Aunt Ruby’s products while entertaining a new loyal customer is born! Our friends always ask where they can buy the products. Throughout the year we send Aunt Ruby’s peanuts and cashews as gifts to our family and friends. Thank you for incredible service!

    Family tradition

    Oct 15, 2009 | Posted By jono from Clarksville, TN United States

    My Grandpa and his 5 sons sharecropped those fields around Enfield since back before WWII. An Aunt lives around the corner from the plant still. Every time we visit a case always comes back to TN. If I haven’t visited before that case empties I’m online. No better PEANUT in the world…and trust me…I love peanuts more than George W. Carver.

    Aunt Ruby On My Mind

    Oct 9, 2009 | Posted By Marry Gormally from Newport , RI United States

    I am working at a fabulous Newport Rhode Island inn when a guest from Virginia offered me some peanuts. WOW! I just ordered 4 cans. They are the best I have ever tasted!

    The Best hands down

    Aug 21, 2009 | Posted By Dave the ultimate snacker from Baltimore, MD United States

    Aunt Ruby’s peanut products are the best without a doubt. Wish I could find them in Baltimore! Country style and raw roasted at home are tops.


    Jul 16, 2009 | Posted By Frank Lekich from Boynton Beach, FL United States

    These are the best peanuts you can buy! I have been buying these peanuts online and in the store for over 15 years. I consider myself a common sewer of peanuts (that’s a joke) but I have never found one as good as Aun’t Rubys, Some close but never as good!!!!!!!!

    Healthy Snacker

    Jul 16, 2009 | Posted By Lili Chu from New Jersey, NY United States

    My sister-in-law gave me a box to bring to my office the other day and coworkers love them, they didn’t want to step away from the can!Truly the country style peanuts are the best I have ever had.


    Jun 18, 2009 | Posted By lindsay from S.Lyon, MI United States

    I love these peanuts! They are the best! Keep them in the freezer and they stay fresh!


    May 18, 2009 | Posted By Sue Lyon from Hawley, PA United States

    My sister from Florida introduced me to Aunt Ruby’s peanuts and suggested we stop at the factory on our way home to Pennsylvania. We did and bought what we thought would be a little ‘supply’. Well, they make a wonderful hostess gift and of course they are great to serve your guests. They are the best peanuts you’ll ever taste! Enjoy!

    Silencing the Virginian

    May 11, 2009 | Posted By Jeffrey from NEW YORK, NY United States

    The Virginian has been silenced. Aunt Ruby’s Country Style bested Hubs super salty peanuts according to 3 of every 4 of our colleagues. Thank you Aunt Ruby.


    Apr 28, 2009 | Posted By Donna Suchor from Pine Haven, WY United States

    We received these as a gift from Mr. Price and have to say these are the freshest peanuts we have ever eaten. Thank you

    We are addicted to these peanuts!

    Mar 26, 2009 | Posted By Rick and Sally Conner from Columbia, SC United States

    We received our first tin as a gift, and have been ordering online ever since. It’s hard to describe just how crunchy and delicious these peanuts are. We’ll never order any others!

    Best Peanuts Ever!

    Feb 10, 2009 | Posted By April Lee from Washington, DC United States

    I have been ordering Aunt Ruby’s Country Style Gourmet Peanuts for many years now and they simply are the best peanuts on the market. I order the large cans by the case every Christmas for gifts and now all my recipients are hooked too. Thank you for such a fine and delicious product!

    Country style Peanuts

    Jan 27, 2009 | Posted By Jeanenne MacKnight from Birmingham, AL United States

    Were given these as a gift for Christmas. Best peanuts I have ever tasted!

    The Best Peanuts you’ll EVER EAT!

    Jan 7, 2009 | Posted By The Arnolds from Valdosta, GA United States

    Like Crunchy? Don’t like oily peanuts? Don’t like too much salt or too little,but just right? The answer for everyone is Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts, they are also #1 grade and HUGE-just order and fall in Love.

    Peanuts, choc. clusters & honey roast

    Jan 5, 2009 | Posted By Pat & Ed Kohler from Bridgeport, PA United States

    I have been ordering these peanuts for years. 3 years ago we stopped @ the plant on our way to Florida. We stopped on the way back and have been stopping ever since. I give them as gifts and have all my friends and family addicted. We will not buy any others! When I get my Aunt Ruby craving, we mail order. They are wonderful. Keep up the good work. Pat & Ed

    Dec 4, 2008 | Posted By Jennifer Whitehead from Sandersville, GA United States

    One peanut and you will never be the same!! I have never, ever tasted a peanut, from a can especially, that was so crisp, and crunchy. They are the best peanuts ever! I am going to order some to send to my Dad in Florida. He will love them! I haven’t even looked at everything else you have to offer.


    Nov 6, 2008 | Posted By GLORIA SAMPSEL from ORLANDO, FL United States

    I’ve never had better!

    Oct 23, 2008 | Posted By Ken from Fairport, NY United States

    Probably the best Peanuts that I’ve come across….. I even stop at the store on my way to Myrtle Beach!

    Best Peanuts Available

    Oct 23, 2008 | Posted By Darrell Garner from Boone, NC United States

    Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts are the freshest, crunchiest and best tasting peanuts I have eaten. I have been ordering them online by the case for years.

    The Best Anywhere

    Sep 11, 2008 | Posted By Wayne Jordan from Stafford, VA United States

    Aunt Ruby’s peanuts are the best anywhere. I’ve tried others and no longer do so. When I want peanuts… I order Aunt Ruby’s online, and even stopped by their store once while vacationing.


    It’s no lie that people are nuts about nuts—and for good reason, too. These tiny-but-mighty snacks pack a huge punch, helping you fight heart disease and boost your brainpower. And we’re willing to bet that you probably reach for peanuts when your tummy rumbles. As a matter of fact, the average American eats three pounds of peanut butter a year, according to the Texas Peanut Board.

    That said, there’s nothing wrong with having a low-key passion for peanuts. They literally have the word “nut” in them, so there’s nothing to fear… right? Not so fast. Turns out, peanuts have been masquerading as nuts this whole time.

    If you want to get technical about it, peanuts are actually considered legumes. While real nuts grow on trees, peanuts grow in pods that mature underground; other types of legumes, such as lentils and peas, also grow beneath the surface. Additional nut frauds include cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds. Botanically speaking, they are classified as seeds of the trees (or fruits!) they grow on.

    Pecans and hazelnuts, on the other hand, are considered bonafide nuts. They also grow on trees, but unlike pistachios or almonds—which grow in small bunches—pecans and hazelnuts contain only one nut surrounded by a hard shell.

    Still, you can rest assured that calling these imposters “nuts” isn’t necessarily wrong in every context. “While their physical structure and nutritional benefits more closely resemble that of other legumes, their use in diets and cuisines more closely resembles that of nuts,” The Peanut Institute writes.

    And that shouldn’t stop you from chowing down on these nutritional superstars, either. So, what are you waiting for? Reach for a handful of the healthiest nuts you can eat, ASAP!

    Everything You Thought Was A Fruit, Veggie, Berry, Or Nut Is Wrong

    An Assortment of Lies

    As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be inclined to shower your sweet with sweets, but if you think your sweetheart deserves something like chocolate-covered strawberries you may be tainting your relationship with lies: Strawberries are not berries.

    Believe it or not, everything you know about fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and berries may be wrong.

    Skewers of deception.

    Fruits vs Vegetables

    A fruit is the seed-bearing portion of a plant, while a vegetable is the remainder, like a root, leaf, or stem.

    Fruits You Thought Were Vegetables:

    • Avocado, fruit.
    • Bell pepper, fruit.
    • Squash, fruit.
    • Eggplant, fruit.
    • Cucumber, fruit.
    • Pickle, fruit?!

    What’s in a Berry?

    A berry is a “fleshy fruit that has multiple seeds on the inside.” This leads to some startling realizations. For one, watermelons are berries, and so are chili peppers and bananas.

    The headache comes when you examine foods with “berry” in their names. Strawberries are not berries. Those small seeds on the OUTSIDE of their pink and white flesh aren’t even seeds. The pink strawberry is actually just a thickened piece of stem that acts as a receptacle for achenes, which are fruit that never develop and are often mistaken for seeds on the strawberry’s skin.

    Far from the only offender of the seeds on the inside rule, neither blackberries nor raspberries are berries either.

    Chocolate-covered receptacles, anyone?

    Going Nuts

    A can of mixed nuts holds just as many lies as the Edible Arrangement you were planning to purchase your Valentine. We separated out all the actual nuts from a can of mixed nuts, ending up with a paltry handful of what the label promised us.

    Jimmy Carter’s pride and joy, peanuts, which also boat “nut” in the name, are really legumes, like lentils or peas. Almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts are all seeds that grow on trees! Only the hazelnuts and pecans were really nuts.

    If this whole thing has you going bananas, you might think you’re safe sticking to chocolate this year, but are cocoa beans really beans at all? They’re in fact fruit whose seeds are used to make delicious chocolate.

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