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How To Make Broken Pot Fairy Garden Video

At some point in time, you may find yourself with Broken Clay Pots on your hand. Well, don’t despair. It’s so easy to throw them out, but why? They can have so many uses. In fact, that cracked Chiminea could also be instantly transformed.

You will be so surprised to know that you can take many of your damaged house and garden pieces from drab to fab so easily!

Broken Fairy Pot – Creator Sue Matyszak

Today we are going to show you how you can repurpose those Broken Pots into fabulous fairy gardens. Above is a beautiful example of what can be achieved.

This version looks incredible. The height of the tree on the right gives it a very imposing and impressive appearance. The Turret at the top, gives a beautiful whimsical touch.

Broken Fairy Pot via archivo

You can also add some height to your Broken Pot Fairy Garden by adding a base like below. This will elevate your fairy garden and showcase the elements better.

As you can see by this collection of Broken Pot Fairy Gardens on Pinterest, anything goes.

Get as creative as you like! You can include wooden fences, succulents, mini trees, moss and don’t forget a fairy door!

The lovely Broken Pot Fairy Garden below was made by a follower of our Facebook Page. What a great job. Carolyn has added a magical tree trunk and a raccoon in the left corner. We love her choice of plants and stepping stones.

You can use an assortment of different sized pots in your Broken Pot Fairy Garden as shown below.

Just be sure that when you are looking at adding additional breaks to your Pot that you cover with a towel, use light taps and wear some goggles. The shards are particularly dangerous so don’t take chances.

We have included a Broken Pot Fairy Garden Video Tutorial for you to view. You will see just how easy it is to make your own at home. To view click Play above ^

Here’s another adorable version we found via Fairy Gardens Australia (below) and via Flower Market Dundee (above)

The above Broken Pot Fairy Gardens were found on via Pinterest Teacup Fairy Garden via Fairytale Gardens

You can make Fairy Gardens in Terrariums. Our post shows you how to layer them and turn them into gorgeous creations that you will love. Get the details here

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We’re here to share with you a little secret: having a broken pot can be a very good thing!

Terra cotta is fantastic for holding and organizing your plants, but the ubiquitous clay pots can become a little boring after a while. Surprisingly, smashing one into piece is the first step toward creating your very own gorgeous fairy garden, right at home. Maybe it happens by accident, or maybe you take a hammer to the pot; we won’t tell!

What is a fairy garden? These lavish creations in miniature often feature intricately detailed gardens, houses, “forests,” and yes, fairies, creating a tiny fantasy still-life in your recycled pot. Some examples pack in an assortment of small flowers, while others at small houses, furniture, and even gnomes. Each and everyone looks like a microscopic world once completed.

We’ve gathered a selection of our favorite fairy garden ideas to inspire our fellow gardeners. We love to see the wildly varied ways in which people craft these unique creations. They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. With these inspiring projects, you can turn life’s broken pots into something far more original and fun!

1. Home For Birds

This pot has a single large chunk removed, making way for a vertical array of bird themed pieces, including a butterfly bench, a trio of houses, and a pair of birds with their nest. Ferns and other lush greenery complete the picture of a dense forest within this broken pot.

2. Succulent Paradise

Recycling a nearly completely broken pot, this project uses rim pieces to act as buffers between various tiers of succulents. You’ll notice glass beads, miniature pots, and even a tiny tea kettle amongst the hardy plants.

Source:Bored Panda

3. Fairy Cage

Here we have a planter with an actual fairy in residence! This one is filled with miniature ivy, spilling around a sloped segment toward a complementary “log” piece. The fairy is dancing away from a small domed metal cage, while tiny pots and birdbath appear on top.

4. Tiny Gnome Home

This project features a neatly purpose-broken pot with tiered levels of succulent plants on the front half, and a miniature house and outhouse sharing space on top with a white gnome and an astounding variety of plant life. “Trees” flank the building, while polished stones fill out the ground.


5. Stairway Garden

This particular project makes excellent use of the broken pot pieces to create intricate sets of stairs, divided by larger pieces into “floors” of the garden. Each level contains distinctive plants, with a small tree on top.

Source: Pinterest

6. Fairy Succulent Garden

Here’s a second fairy garden with an actual fairy inside! This gorgeous example combines elements of several ideas, including using broken pieces as a walking path. Polished stones, an ornamental frog, miniature pots, and a large sitting stone surround the fairy statue, while Succulents and flowering plants bloom.

Source: Deavita

7. Birdhouse Forest

Here’s a second example featuring a colorful trio of miniature birdhouses. This pot contains a bed of polished stones, lush mossy greens, and abundant taller plants on top, creating a small forest look.

Source: Demilked

8. Tiny Cottage

This particular example involves some thick greenery surrounding a perfectly sculpted miniature cottage. The tiny home features a bright blue door, drawing attention to the creation in the middle of lush surroundings. Moss and succulents flesh out the look.

9. Pair Of Fairy Houses

Here’s another project featuring immaculate tiny houses. A pair of intricately painted triangular cottages rise out of a field of moss in this setting, which contains a tiny fireplace, benches, a functioning swing, and even a porcelain cat. The replaced broken side of the pot allows for tiers of plants leading up to the main event.

10. Tree House

This rather unique creation involves the use of a broken tree trunk, creating a perfectly natural little home with the addition of a handcrafted wood and stone doorway. Miniature pots hold a variety of plant life, as well as a painted stone fairy.

Source: Demilked

11. Spiral Staircase

Our final project showcases the creative process in a series of numbered images. The broken shell of the pot is shown being placed into a spiral staircase arrangement, before the verdant plant life is added.

Source: DailyColours

Wonderful creations like the ones we’ve showcased here inspire us for two big reasons. First, they show that even accidents can give birth to art, creativity, a new life. Second, they highlight the astounding variety and unique possibilities available to the intrepid gardener. Nothing says dedication and thoughtfulness quite like an extravagantly detailed fairy garden in miniature!


Popular Garden Ideas

Popular Garden Ideas

Up-cycle your broken flower pots into unique fairy gardens

It can be awful throwing something away; that terrible feeling that you’re being wasteful. Well, here’s a way that you can take your old and broken planters and turn them into something amazing. Fairy gardens have sprung up all over Pinterest as more and more people up-cycle their broken flower pots into beautiful garden art.

It’s a little DIY project that you can complete in an afternoon. It even makes a great way to entertain the kids during the holidays. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below and don’t forget to send us a picture once you’re done.

It all starts with a little imagination

When creating a broken pot garden, it helps to visualise the end result. Think about the theme you’d like to have, or the accessory or plant you’d like to feature. Maybe even draw a quick diagram of what you want your mini-garden to look like. Do you want a woodland fairy grotto, for example, or an English country cottage? Perhaps you have an old toy castle lying around which could be repurposed as a fairytale palace, or maybe you’d like to use this opportunity to create a unique and stylish herb garden. Deciding on a theme will help you choose the best plants and accessories for your design. Here are a few of our favourite mini-gardens to get your imagination going:

You see, it’s not just the flower pots that get a new lease of life. Most of us have a junk draw or two somewhere in our house filled with old toys, figurines, pieces from board games and other random odds and ends… Why not raid yours and help bring your miniature garden to life?

Got an idea? Great. Now let’s build it

You’ll need:

  • A broken terracotta pot or two.
  • Smaller pieces of terracotta (or similar) in varying sizes.
  • Soil.
  • A trowel.
  • Plants.
  • Accessories.

Step 1

Take your broken terracotta pot and fill in the bottom with soil. A composted soil full of organic matter is best. Pat it down so it’s nice and firm.

Step 2

Build your design from the bottom upwards. Start with the larger pieces of terracotta to create walls and edges. Then fill in the design with the smaller pieces, such as making steps or a mini patio. Build upwards until you reach the top of the pot. Make sure they’re all firmly packed into the soil, so they won’t topple over.

Step 3

Add some height to your design by placing another flower pot on top. This can be used as a stand for your fairytale castle, or as a container for a feature plant or flower.

Step 4

With the structure in place, now comes the fun bit. Fill in the spaces with plants and accessories to create your desired look. Make sure you choose plants of the correct scale (a miniature garden should have miniature plants after all).

Step 5

Once everything is in the right spot, it’s time to add the finishing touches – gravel to the garden path for example, or some sea shells to a beach scene. Perhaps you could have a toy dragon guarding the castle, or a tiny bird house tucked away in the greenery? It’s all up to you and your imagination.

Share your creation! We want to see how you get on. When you’re finished creating your unique fairy garden, snap a photo and post it in the comments below. Get your friends involved too by sharing this guide on facebook, Google+ and twitter. We can’t wait to see the results.

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Do you have broken pots? Instead of throwing, recycle them. You’ve no idea that you can create amazing stuff for your garden from them easily. We’ve some cool broken pot ideas: Choose your favorite one and implement it or run your creative glands to think something more special.

Spilled flower pot

Making a spilled flower pot are one of the best ideas to make out of broken pot. You can create an astonishing waterfall like appearance from flowers. Moreover, you can develop it as a focal point of your garden to give your garden a unique touch.

Growing succulents

Succulents are those ultimate plants that can grow anywhere. Growing succulents in a broken pot is a smart reuse of it and it looks unique too. This idea suits much better to terrace gardens, just place it in a visible corner of your terrace and spread pebbles around it.


Mulching with the broken pot is an effective idea to save moisture of soil, as well as your time. To do it, break the pot in small pieces and arrange them on the surface of the soil.

Fairy Garden

If you have a large planter that is broken from a side then you can create a broken pot fairy garden in it. A fairy garden is easy to make and fun, plus it beautify a garden. learn to make a fairy garden.

Plant label

Plant label is a quick and easy way to recycle broken planters. To make it, bat the pot into desired pieces. Take the potsherds and write a name of the plant with permanent marker on it or you can use a sharp object to carve name to give it a rustic look. You can also decorate it with colors, when you’re done bury it half into the soil.

Tip: The mouth of pot is the best piece to make labels of, because it creates an effect of buried pot.

Control Invasive Plant

If your pot is broken partially or can be arranged together, grow invasive plants in it, without fear that they will take over your garden. Read this article to learn more about controlling invasive plants.

Make a frog house

Are you a nature lover? If yes, use a broken pot to provide refuge to insect predators like frogs and toads. To do this, simply place it upside down near a moist spot of your garden. Use your creativity, paint it with beautiful colors, label it or do something more.

Tip: Make sure that the hole is big enough to let them enter in.

How To Turn A Broken Flower Pot Into A Cute Fairy Planter

In the spirit of Marie Kondo-ing everything in your life, you may be tidying up your garden shed and looking to get rid of some things you’ve been unnecessarily holding on to — that pair of gloves that have a hole in the thumb, the broken shovel, the rundown lawn mower. But, before you get rid of that cracked flower pot, you’ll want to check out this tutorial for converting a broken pot into a magical fairy garden. Because it’s sure to spark some joy in your life!

The DIY video from the Westwood Gardens YouTube channel demonstrates just how simple and fun it can be to transform a pot that was once broken and seemingly useless into an adorable fairy garden, complete with tiny stepping stones, fairy accessories and of course, plenty of plants.

Whether you’re turning this into a project you can do with your kids or doing it on your own, it’s sure to be enjoyable for anyone involved, and it will definitely become a statement piece in your yard, on your tabletop or wherever you decide to house this precious fairy garden.

Check out the video to see how it’s done:

As you can see, there are no set rules when it comes to building your fairy playground. You just have to play around with the soil and broken pot pieces until you find an arrangement that you like (and one that will stay put!). Using the smaller pieces of the broken pot to create a staircase is a lovely two-for-one idea, in that it’s cute, but also will help to wedge the larger pot pieces into place.

Adding plants and tiny fairy accessories really make the fairy planter come to life, so be sure to check out local craft stores as well as sites such as Etsy to find fixtures that will really make fairies feel at home.

This isn’t the only way you can put broken pot pieces to good use in your yard, either. A post from One Hundred Dollars A Month points out that pieces from busted flower pots can make great markers in your garden to indicate what each plant is as they bloom. And you’ll only need pot pieces and a permanent marker to complete this DIY, and it doesn’t get more simple than that:

One Hundred Dollars A Month

Think twice before throwing out those broken planters, because you can give them a whole new life in your garden. And with repurposing potential as cute as these ideas, how could you say no?

So, get outside and get creative. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you have a broken pot you can create an alluring fairy garden in it, this wonderful miniature garden charms every place “Broken Pot Fairy Garden”. You don’t need a full-fledged garden to keep it. It’s easy to make too, anybody with a creative mind can do this.

How to Make a Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Things you’ll need

1. Broken Pot
2. Potsherds
3. Craft drill
4. Hammer
5. Soil
6. Moss
7. Plants

*If you are doing this with unbroken pot, you need to soak it in water for a while and use a craft drill to cut a space as shown in the image below. Make sure the pot is not having cracks because it will start its new life as a planter and you might not want it to break early.

Image credits: Saskia

Fill small amount of soil in a pot and place the large potsherd as a wall in the middle. Now you need to decide which plants you need to plant. You can plant bonsai, flower plants and succulents in it. Choosing right plants is important because, in miniature garden, plants must be in scale otherwise it looks awkward.

Take out plants from pot, break root ball and plant them in desired places. Cover with soil and moss. Also, plant some moss between the gaps of stairs to hide soil. Decorate your fairy garden with miniature house and furniture.

Also Read: DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

Here are some inspirational pictures for you from around the web:


Image credits: Rebecca Snyder


Image credits: Susie Morgan Wilburn


Image credits: Genevieve Gail


Image credits: unknown


Image credits: Lynette


Image credits:


Image credits: unknown


Image credits: Sue Matyszak


Image credits:

Make your own of creative garden arrangements and fairy gardens out of broken pots, proving that even a broken pot can be useful and beautiful. They add such a nice touch of whimsey to the yard-scape.

We patiently waited for a broken pot from the Tower & Gift Shop but if you don’t want to wait, time to break some pottery! Grab a pair of goggles and carefully take a hammer to some terra cotta pots. Here are step-by-step photos of how to start a broken potted plant, reincorporating the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, including little steps made of planter-peices.

So what’re you waiting for? Get started on your own charming and beautiful fairy gardens and discover how much fun you can have with your imagination and creativity.

There is a big array of miniature fairies and accessories, including everything found in this tutorial, in our Tower & Garden Gift Shop!

All you need is a broken pot, fairy accessories from our Tower & Gift Shop, and your imagination!

Reincorporate the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, creating little steps made of planter-peices

Add some greenery with a little moss foliage, some succulents, or search your own garden for plants and flowers.

A whimsical flower lamp will add enchantment and welcome fairies to your garden. Fairies can find rest on this charming metal chair and observe nature visiting the bird bath.

These tiny clay pots make a lovely container for a tiny plant or flower.

Even a watering can will add fun to your fairy garden if it is a bold fiesta color.

A fairy garden would not be complete without a fairy.

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