Best plants for teacups

Inside: In this post, learn how to make a magical teacup fairy garden for your home with succulents, a teacup and saucer, and fairy garden miniatures.

Several years ago, my kids and I were eating breakfast in the kitchen. The spring sun was just starting to welcome the day, covering half the backyard in warm, brilliant light.

While glancing out the window, my little one noticed a glint of light dance over the dewy grass. He put down his spoon and moved to the window, gasping as the light appeared again.

“A light fairy!” he whispered.

Within seconds, my oldest son was beside him. They watched the light pirouette around our yard until it was time to grab backpacks and walk to school.

You have probably already guessed that the glimmering light in our yard wasn’t actually a light fairy. 🙂

The sun was reflecting off a bird feeder that was tossing gently in the wind. But my kids had recently watched Tinkerbell on Netflix and believed with their whole hearts that the light was indeed a light fairy.

Kids choose to see magic, don’t they?

How to Make a Teacup Fairy Garden

Teacup fairy gardens may be small, but they bring immense magic to those who hold them. I’ve noticed that when my kids are given the opportunity to hold delicate things—baby chicks, glass, teacups—they use gentle, soft hands.

Small hands have moved our teacup fairy garden all over the house and it has become a delightful addition to my kids’ imaginative play. They also make a lovely Mother’s Day gift!

To Make This Craft You Will Need

  • 1 teacup and saucer (I used Elephant Bush)
  • succulents
  • pebbles
  • well-draining potting soil
  • moss or bark chips
  • fairy garden miniatures


Cover the bottom of your teacup with pebbles or small stones so the soil can properly drain. I found my teacup and saucer at Marshalls, but wouldn’t an antique teacup and saucer be precious?

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Plant a small succulent in the teacup. I purchased my plant at Lowes. The Elephant Bush plant I bought was just the right size and contained all the soil I needed. I think it looks fantastic!

Cover the top of the teacup with moss or mulch, then accent the garden with whimsical fairy garden embellishments.

I love the little welcome sign and birdhouse we found at our local craft store.

You could also invite kids to make their own embellishments with craft supplies, twigs, miniature pine cones, and acorns.

Isn’t it darling? I love how it makes me see the magic and believe in fairies…just like my kids!

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Teacup Fairy Gardens Are Your New Favorite Tabletop Terrarium

Instagram @myfairypatch

If mermaid gardens had you dreaming in blues and greens, you’ll definitely want to check out the teacup fairy gardens that are popping up online. These tiny flights of fancy transform the humble teacup into a miniature fantasy world filled with fairy dust and greenery.

Teacup fairy gardens are simply tiny gardens planted inside teacups and strewn with decorations fit for Thumbelina. Think: acorn houses, spotted toadstools, moss-strewn rocks, tiny twigs bent into tiny chairs, and rose-petal bird baths. It turns a standard terrarium into a fairy-filled day dream.

Not only are these teacup gardens a mood-brightening bit of green space, but they are also a great way to finally make use of those lone tea cups that seem to lurk in the corners of cupboards and the chipped mugs that are unearthed every time you clean out the basement. Now, instead of tossing them out, you can turn them into a craft project.

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Like with mermaid gardens, find supplies on Etsy or at the local craft and toy store. Look for small succulents and moss at the local nursery, and then start build your fairy world. As Country Living points out, there are plenty of tutorials online, including YouTube and CampMakery and lots of fairy garden inspiration on Instagram. Once you’ve figured out your pint-sized architectural wonder, tap into your imagination and get to work, either alone or you can let your kids play too. (No judgement!) If you have an extra teacup or two lying around, consider making a fairy tale-worthy terrarium to cheer up your next-door neighbor or as an end-of-year present for your child’s teacher.

These tabletop gardens are also the perfect option for anyone with a green thumb and an active imagination, but no place to garden to get a bit of nature in their world. In short, they’re all that and a cup of tea.

Give a second life to the unused teacups that you’ve with these DIY Teacup Garden Ideas!

Create a succulent fairy garden in a teacup, complete with a bench, ladder, and even a partial picket fence. Get all the details here.

2. Teacup Water Garden

This water garden in a glass teacup is exceptional and makes the perfect centerpiece for your table. See the tutorial here!

3. Teacup Fairy Garden

How about creating a miniature garden into a teacup? Even the minor details are exquisite. The tutorial is here to follow!

4. Colorful Teacup Garden

If you are looking for the most colorful mini centerpiece, this idea is just for you. Click here to see the tutorial!

5. Fairy Teacup Garden

Floral foam, artificial moss and a host of miniature accessories will create a mini fairy teacup garden. The more of it is here!

6. Teacup Herb Garden

Get a few of your favorite herb seedlings and plant them in several teacups. You’ll have a teacup herb garden ready. We found the idea here!

7. Moss Rose Teacup Planter

As moss roses are super easy to grow and don’t get upset in crammed up space, they can be useful plants for your teacup planters. Learn more here!

8. Succulent Teacup Garden

Check out the number four on this list of Unusual Container Gardens from The Spruce. A succulent teacup garden!

9. DIY Teacup Cactus Planter

Do something different with your miniature teacup garden and have people turning heads. This guide here will help you achieve this.

10. Teacup Garden for Mother’s Day

How about creating a teacup garden for special occasions like Mother’s Day? Here’s the tutorial!

11. Simple Teacup Garden Tutorial

One of the best ways to use abandoned teacups is by creating a teacup garden out of them. One of its kind of tutorial is here!

12. Cute DIY Fabric Cup Succulent Planters

How about decorating your teacup planters with some fabric? Customize them the way you want to. Click here to see the detailed post!

13. Teacup Planter Party Favors

This is a unique idea that is not expensive as well. Impress your guests with the teacup planter party favors; they’ll appreciate your way of regarding their attendance!

14. DIY Teacup Garden Tutorial

Learn how to create a teacup garden following this informative tutorial available here!

15. DIY Teacup Sconce Planter

You can even hang up your teacup planters or fix them on somewhere, a neat idea for the porch decoration. Check out the tutorial here!

16. DIY Teacup Planter Project

Another DIY teacup planter project that you can view to learn the step by step process.

17. DIY Geometric Teacup Planters

Make geometric teacup planters to beautify and give a more contemporary feel to your indoor space. The how-to is here!

18. Old Teacups and Saucers Garden

Old teacups can be re-purposed for a dreamy mini garden. All you need is some scrap wood, small rocks and a plant of your choice. This shows you how to get started with this.

19. Floating Teacup

This flowery floating teacup idea is so unique that it can bring you compliments. Check out the tutorial here!

9 Cute DIY Teacup Garden Ideas

Add some whimsy to your decor! Turn old teacups into charming mini gardens! Did you pick up a stray teacup at the thrift store? Do you have more teacups than you know what to do with? Looking for a unique DIY gift? Here are a few easy DIY miniature garden ideas to get you started.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon and/or Etsy, which means that I may earn a small commission from some of the links in this post. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information.

Use your imagination and creativity!

DIY Teacup Gardens

Camp Makery has a wonderful step by step tutorial on how to make these super cute mini teacup fairy gardens. Aren’t these just too adorable!

Here’s a super pretty way to grow a container herb garden! This teacup herb garden by The Brower Bird Stories is a beautiful way to grow herbs (and to also gift herbs).

The simplicity of using white cups as a planter for these charming flowers is just lovely! Find out how to make this teacup planter pots via Go Make Me

Succulents planted in a teacup by Kerry Michaels @ About. Com Container Garden Ideas

Look how pretty this basil and parsley is growing in a teacup via Creative Juice

Gorgeous Cacti display in teacups via Casos de Casa

I love this! Gorgeous blue and white teacups planted with the perfect color matching pansies via My Place in the Sun

How creative is this! Little pond plants in a teacup via BuzzFeed

HGTV Gardens has easy steps for creating this teacup garden filled with green plants!

What You Need To Make A Teacup Garden

To make a teacup garden, you’ll need: teacup, potting soil, small rocks to act as a drainage at the bottom of the cup, decorative moss or small rocks to cover the top of the soil around the plants (optional), plants, decorative fairy garden accessories of your choice (easy to find at any craft store as well as Amazon where you can buy a complete kit here.

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Ready for the best new trend in miniature gardens? Try a garden in a teacup! You can use your imagination and make an incredibly creative fairy teacup garden, or just add a touch of living charm to… well, to just about anywhere you can set down a teacup! It’s a great way to make some “living green” portable, charming and easy to take care of. Succulents, herbs, and even mini varieties of well known garden plants are now being sold for miniature gardens just like this. The whimsy from a teacup fairy garden can bring a smile to anyones face, and let’s face it…this is just such a simple and fun project, right? I mean, look at these! Indoors or out, let’s make some DIY teacup gardens!

This DIY teacup garden from ‘Instructables‘ is the perfect fairy fantasy… in an easy to accomplish size!

‘HGTV‘ gets us down to the basics with a great step by step primer on how to make a DIY teacup garden. This project is also a reminder that teacup gardens make a perfect gift! (Hello, Mom’s Day!)

These DIY teacup garden succulent planters from ‘Oriental Trading‘ give us some trendy plants with some fun and fresh style. See how the type of teacup you choose makes a huge difference in the feel of the final project? I also think succulents are some of the toughest plants on this earth, and work so well for this type of project.

This DIY succulent planter (made from teacups) from ‘Tattooed Martha‘ uses similar plants as above, but she chooses a more elegant cup. The result is a sophisticated look, with no fuss! The type of soil she recommends for her succulent planter is the exact same one we use for all our sedums, cacti and succulents.

This fairy teacup garden from ‘The Magic Onions‘ isn’t complicated to make, but is full of fun and smiles. This site is chock full of ideas for fairy gardens of all types, with lots of tutorials and suggestions for supplies.

These simple, minimal DIY teacup gardens are perfect for a touch of stylish appeal without adding too much visual clutter. Love the pebble accent for a nice polished finish. From ‘Happily Eva After‘.

You know what I like most about this teacup DIY fairy garden from ‘See Vanessa Craft‘? You don’t have to keep anything alive! Even thought this looks green & lush, it is the delightful nature of this garden that makes it special, not the plants.

Here is another teacup garden that you (practically) never have to water. This DIY cactus in a cup is from ‘Intimate Weddings‘. I love how the cups look vintage and romantic, yet they use something more contemporary like cacti. I dare you to kill these! (Don’t overwater though, that is their only death sentence!)

This one is just a little bit different, in that it is a hanging teacup garden planter. From ‘Hearth & Vine‘, this one could be gorgeous hanging in a tree, or from a porch post as well as indoors! That “String of Pearls” plant is perfect.

‘Curbly‘ made these easy DIY teacup gardens to make wonderful party favors, complete with pretty name tags!

Create a miniature teacup garden with this tutorial from ‘Camp Makery‘. You even learn how to make the little houses and mushrooms with air dry modeling clay!

Another succulent teacup garden from ‘Charming Succulents‘. We can’t get enough of these!

Ok, this one does look a little tricky, but wow! We couldn’t not include this, because it’s so inspiring! From ‘Woodward Greenhouses‘.

Last for you we have these 5 minute miniature teacup gardens from ‘The Inspired Room‘. Seriously guys, what are you waiting for?

So if you want some easy charm that can go just about anywhere, try these DIY teacup gardens and planters!

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Image Credits: Happily Eva After, Instructables, HGTV, Oriental Trading, Tattooed Martha, See Vanessa Craft, Intimate Weddings, Hearth & Vine, Curbly, Camp Makery, Charming Succulents, Woodward Greenhouses


This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Mini gardens: how to make them

Do you want a green area but don’t have enough space? You can always create mini gardens at home. What are they? These are small green areas, which you can build in a few simple steps; the important thing is to have a minimum of manual skills and a bit of imagination. Miniature DIY gardens can be built with simple glass containers, or, using disused stones, jars or vases and cups.

Mini gardens to be created on the balcony or in a maxi garden, to embellish some corners that are likely to remain neglected, perhaps because out of hand. Mini gardens also in the house or on the streets of a city that wants to be more beautiful for those who live there and for those who visit it as a tourist. There are small gardens for all tastes, they are miniature gardens but no less interesting and important for the “green” contribution they give. To make sure that there is everything we want, even if the garden is mini, you can use a garden design software.

It is not at all difficult to create a mini garden with your own hands and according to your tastes, on the contrary, it is a relaxing and also creative pastime, also great to spend some time with children and grandchildren, if it happens. What we can use is a vase of flowers, not too big, a climbing plant, including a stick to support it, some support logs, paper, even thick, scissors and cutter, hot glue and many small plants.

Mixing these ingredients and adding accessories that we like to have in our mini garden, we will get a small magic green corner, equipped with the right gardening tools and with ideas to create modern gardens of design in scale.

They also call them Fairy Garden, the mini gardens, if green, but can be zen and usually, in this case, are more than anything else composed of sand, rocks, shells, water.

However, they are of unparalleled beauty. The mini zen gardens are suitable, for instance, in those houses where there is a favourable microclimate for other plants, or in garden corners where the sun never shines. Or, on the desk of an office, as they relax when just seeing them.

Mini indoor garden

As mentioned, you can very well create and accommodate mini gardens within the home and without any inconvenience. You just have to understand which plants to insert and how to make sure that these green corners do not create disorder or dirt. If we don’t know where to start, then we can count on the set for indoor mini garden available at 31 euros on Amazon.

Japanese mini gardens

The Japanese mini garden is one of the most difficult to compose and maintain but it is actually one of the most fascinating. And it furnishes every environment, even if sophisticated. We can use pots, small plants, sand and stones and then have fun with other elements taking inspiration from the rules that apply in Japanese gardens not mini. Which I told in the article dedicated to the Japanese garden. So we will get similar, but also suitable for those who only have a terrace.

Mini gardens succulent plants

Mini gardens with succulent plants are the most common because they are easy to keep and think about. And then, the succulent plants have charm, many bloom in a colorful way, adapt to the interior as to the gardens and forgive the distracted who do not care obsessively.

Mini garden table

Why don’t you put up mini gardens instead of the usual table centerpieces? If they are well packaged, so that they do not become dirty, they can be placed as furnishing objects on the table as well as in a piece of furniture. In this case it is better to focus on succulent plants or moss instead of ivy and dwarf trees, or opt for zen solutions with stones and sand.

Mini bonsai gardens

Those with bonsai are mini gardens for experts, they are beautiful but it is not at all trivial to create and maintain them vigorous. But if we are able to take care of them, we can think of making them in the shape of an enchanted village with a cottage, or inside a vase semi broken, or pretending it is a village of gnomes.

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