Best gardening gloves for women


The Best Gardening Gloves for Every Outdoor Task


Behind every gorgeous, bountiful garden is a great deal of dirty work! Fortunately, a pair of rugged, reliable gloves makes yard tasks faster, safer, and easier, whether you’re planting seeds, pruning thorny bushes, pulling stubborn weeds, or spreading such chemicals as herbicide, pesticide, or synthetic fertilizers.

Read on to learn the key factors to consider when shopping for the best gardening gloves, and how they helped us recommend these five pairs:

  1. BEST FOR WET-WEATHER GARDENERS: Atlas NT370 Garden Gloves
  2. BEST FOR HEAVY-DUTY GARDENERS: Bionic Women’s Relief Grip Gardening Gloves
  3. BEST FOR ROSE GARDENERS: Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women
  4. BEST FOR BUDGET GARDENERS: Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Work Gloves for Gardening
  5. BEST FOR KIDS: Wells Lamont Kids Work and Garden Gloves


What Goes Into Great Gardening Gloves?

Consider the following criteria when shopping for gardening gloves:

Material: Cotton gloves just won’t cut it—thorns easily snag and tear them. Instead, opt for durable nylon, leather, or bamboo, your choice depending on the gardening tasks you do most.

  • Nylon offers superior resistance against moisture-related warping, making these synthetic gloves best suited for wet tasks like irrigation.
  • Leather gloves, either of goatskin or cowhide, are sturdiest and thickest, providing the best protection against thorns, branches, and other sharp plant parts you’ll encounter when pruning or trimming bushes, hedges, and trees.
  • Bamboo, the thinnest material, offers the greatest flexibility and control during detail-oriented tasks like planting seeds and delicate seedlings.

Grip: A secure glove grip, which allows you to keep a firm hold over plants, tools, lawn machinery, and pots, is usually provided by:

  • a coating, most often nitrile—a water- and chemical-resistant synthetic polymer with a rubbery texture. This coating is the best option for tasks involving contact with water (e.g., irrigation) or chemicals (e.g., herbicide or insecticide application).
  • additional textured material—such as goatskin leather or silicone—sewn over the palm and/or fingers to provide a pain-free grip on sharp or abrasive objects. This is a good option when working among thorns, branches, or rough materials (e.g., cinder blocks for a garden wall) as well as friction-producing tasks, like pulling weeds.

Size: Avoid one-size-fits-all gloves. To determine your correct size, wrap a measuring tape around your hand (excluding your thumb) just below the knuckle. Find the glove size corresponding to your hand measurement in the size chart on the package or manufacturer’s website. A well-fitting glove leaves no more than one-half inch between your fingertips and the top of the glove, feels comfortably spacious around the knuckles, and fits snugly around the wrist to keep out dirt, twigs, and small rocks.

The Best Gardening Gloves

These picks, which factor in the above criteria along with customer reviews, are simply the best—hands down!


1. BEST FOR WET-WEATHER GARDENERS: Atlas NT370 Garden Gloves, 6-Pack

A tough nitrile palm and finger coating provides durability, grip, and water and chemical resistance for a range of wet garden tasks, from watering to spraying herbicide. All the while, the breathable and flexible nylon material keeps hands from getting too warm or sweaty. The machine-washable gloves are sold six pairs per pack in a range of colors and sizes ranging from small to extra-large.


2. BEST FOR HEAVY-DUTY GARDENERS: Bionic Women’s Relief Grip Gardening Gloves

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon to reduce discomfort, these gloves (which come in small to extra-large sizes) are a godsend for those plagued by arthritis, tendinitis, and repetitive motion injuries in their hands. They’re made of goatskin leather with a Lycra interior at the joints for increased flexibility and patented terrycloth pads that flatten the hand for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip. The outside features a form-fitting adjustable LightPrene wristband that supports your hand, and wear-resistant silicone-reinforced fingertips for a secure grip, whether you’re laying sod or digging holes. Reviewers claim, “I can work longer and harder with the appropriate padding that these gloves offer” and “protect joints from all those nasty symptoms of overuse.”


3. BEST FOR ROSE GARDENERS: Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

Keep scratches at bay as you work among your prized rose and berry bushes with these elbow-length gloves. Made of puncture-proof goatskin leather with a cowhide suede gauntlet, they’re plenty tough—yet pliable enough for use during fine-motor tasks. The gloves boast ergonomically designed thumbs for an easier grip and pain relief for arthritic hands, and they’re treated with moisturizing lanolin to leave skin soft and supple.


4. BEST FOR BUDGET GARDENERS: Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Work Gloves for Gardening

These thin and lightweight affordable gloves slip on like a second skin for maximum flexibility during fine-motor garden tasks like planting seedlings and pruning budding plants. The slip-resistant nitrile coating on the palm fends off dirt, provides a secure grip, and is certified for abrasion resistance, so you can safely pull weeds or haul bags of compost. Sold in sizes small to extra-extra-large, the breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo gloves help hands stay cool, and touch-screen sensitivity lets you tick off those lawn to-do’s on your smartphone without taking off your gloves!


5. BEST FOR KIDS: Wells Lamont Kids Work and Garden Gloves

Little green thumbs (ages five through eight) will enjoy these kid-sized gloves. The leather gloves feature a cowhide palm, knuckle strap, and fingertips for a secure yet flexible grip. The winged thumb design (no seam between the thumb and palm) and elasticized wrist make it easy to slip on the gloves while still keeping out dirt and rocks, and the extra-long safety cuff staves off scrapes and splinters.

Having proper gardening gloves is very important for several reasons. The proper gardening gloves will help to protect your hands whether you are having to weed your garden or prune plants that have thorns. These will also allow you to dig your hands into the dirt without fear of hitting a rock or root and injuring yourself.

Choosing the right gloves for you will depend upon several factors including what kind of work you are going to be doing and what your personal preferences are.

The 5 Best Gardening Gloves

  1. Exemplary Gardens Gardening Gloves
  2. Magid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves (Our Top Pick)
  3. SKYDEER Women’s Garden Gloves
  4. Bella Men’s Comfort Flex Coated Garden Glove
  5. Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree

Our Top Pick for the Best Gardening Gloves

Magid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves

After reviewing some of the best gloves on the market, the Magid gloves are the top pick among these gloves. They offer all of the protection that you could want from gardening gloves while also giving you the freedom of movement that is sometimes missing in other gloves.

Whether you will be working with rose bushes and other thorny plants or various flower bushes, these will give you the protection, the dexterity and the comfort that you will be needing and wanting.

Check the price on Amazon ›

How to Choose the Right Gardening Gloves for You

For those whose major task is to dig holes and do other similar tasks, your gardening gloves should have plenty of protection in the palm area. This will help protect you if you were to come across a small rock or other similar objects while digging. The rest of the glove does not need to be quite as well protected as the palm.

There are also several areas in which you should always check to help to make sure that the gloves will last through whatever you put them through. The seams are one of the first places. If the seams are too thick you will be at risk for giving yourself blisters. But if the seams are not thick enough, the gloves will begin to fall apart too quickly.

The tips of the fingers are another area that should be checked out due to the fact that these are the areas that wear out the fastest. If they are too thin you may also have to deal with water leaking through the gloves. If they do not appear to be very thick, they should be passed over for another pair.

Consider the climate of the area in which the gloves will be used as well. If the conditions are going to be very wet, mud gloves are a good choice. These gloves will last up better to wet conditions than other types of gloves. And if you do not foresee a large need to deal with wet conditions, jersey knit gloves will make a good option.

If you anticipate a lot of heavy lifting and rough work, you need to look at the gloves very carefully. Leather gloves will be the best choice in this situation to help protect your hands from any injuries as well as last a longer time than other gloves.

And when dealing with plants that will have thorns, the gloves that will extend up to your elbows will be the type of gloves that you will need in this situation to allow you to fully use your hands without concern about being caught on a thorn.

Before making any purchase, you should also consider other situations that may play a role in what type of gloves you may need. If you have allergies then you will want gloves that offer you the most protection and will cover as much exposed skin as possible.

Another situation that may come up is having to deal with branches or other unexpected emergencies around your yard. Anticipating these situations will help to allow you to get gloves that are rated for harder work than simply digging in a flower bed.

5 of the Best Gardening Gloves – Product Reviews

We have put together a list of some of the best gardening gloves currently available on the market. These gloves will meet whatever needs you may have in such a way that you will not have to worry about water getting through the gloves or injuries during your work in your garden.

1. Exemplary Gardens Gardening Gloves

Whether your gardening chores include planting, weeding, moving rocks or pruning roses, the Exemplary Garden gloves offer you long-lasting protection for your hands. Sturdy and dependable, the palm and fingertips are made from genuine goatskin leather that prevents sharp thorns from piercing through the gloves.

The soft breathable spandex on the back of the gloves is very comfortable to wear and also allows for good dexterity while you use various gardening tools. An adjustable Velcro fastener around the wrists helps to provide additional protection and stops the gloves from sliding off your hands while you work.


  • Comfortable to wear in all weather
  • Good dexterity
  • Extremely sturdy


  • Sizes run large
  • No protection past the wrists

Check the price on Amazon ›

2. Magid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves

If you do a lot of gardening work within areas that have thorns, these are among the best gloves for those conditions. They go up to the elbow and are designed so that you are able to feel what you are working with. This will give you a lot of control when working with the more delicate plants.

These gloves also make an excellent choice when dealing with areas that have poison oak or ivy since they will protect any exposed skin on your arms. They are very well made with quality stitching that will continue to hold up through months of hard work.

  • Provides plenty of protection for bare skin
  • Allows you to still feel what you are working with
  • Very durable
  • Can become a little warm over time
  • A little stiff when first purchased

Check the price on Amazon ›

3. SKYDEER Women’s Garden Gloves

The SKYDEER women’s gardening gloves are a very good choice for an avid gardener. The deerskin leather is thick enough to protect your hands while you mow the lawn, plant flowers, or prune roses.

You can easily grasp gardening tools as the palm has an abrasion-resistant double foam patch. Perfect for gardeners who work outside for an extended period, the soft, breathable, and waterproof nylon backing is ultra-comfortable.

An elastic wrist allows for a snug fit and stops dirt from getting inside the gloves.

  • Protects against thorns
  • Suitable for many different types of work
  • Runs larger than other gloves
  • Not ideal for tough working environments

Check the price on Amazon ›

4. Bella Men’s Comfort Flex Coated Garden Glove

These gloves provide excellent protection when doing the majority of garden chores. The snug fit around the wrists keeps the gloves from slipping off and dirt from slipping in.

The sizing of these gloves is perfect for those people who have trouble finding gloves that fit well. The type of material also helps prevent any tools that you are using from slipping while also allowing you to get a stable grip on any plants that you are working with.

  • Fits well for larger hands
  • Provides great grip
  • Lasts through many rough chores
  • After using several times, begins to smell
  • Will not protect against thorns
  • Thinner than other gloves

Check the price on Amazon ›

5. Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree

If you are looking for gloves that are very soft but will still protect you against rose bushes and other plants with thorns, these gloves are ideal. They are long and will easily reach your elbows which gives you the maximum amount of skin coverage and protection.

Despite being so long they fit very well for people with all different sizes of hands. These were also designed in such a way that they can be used for more delicate work such as working with blueberry bushes.

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Fits well on men and women
  • Good choice for working with thorns
  • Seams wear out within the first year
  • Some people have issues with dexterity

Check the price on Amazon ›

After reviewing some of the best gloves on the market, the Magid gloves are the top pick among these gloves. They offer all of the protection that you could want from gardening gloves while also giving you the freedom of movement that is sometimes missing in other gloves.

Whether you will be working with rose bushes and other thorny plants or various flower bushes, these will give you the protection, the dexterity and the comfort that you will be needing and wanting.

Check the price on Amazon ›

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In terms of material, leather or faux leather gardening gloves are the standard cover-all buy, offering a happy union of protection and flexibility, while cotton and nylon gloves are good for light occasional use and delicate jobs.

Female gardener?

Next, if you’re a female gardener, it is important to know if your pair are suitable gardening gloves for women. You need a size that is appropriate for smaller hands, or you’ll be losing dexterity.

Specific needs

After that, the individual subtleties are all down to you. Whether you spend your days in the garden doing delicate deadheading or wielding power tools like chainsaws and strimmers (maniacal laughter optional), there’s a glove for your needs, so keep reading to find out which of our picks is right for you.

The best gardening gloves you can buy right now

1. Showa Floreo 370 Lightweight Garden Gloves

Best gardening gloves: all things bright and beautiful now include these great-value knitted gardening gloves


Best for: Cheap and cheerful Materials: Knitted nylon, nitrile coating Wrist closure: Elastic Type: Gardening

Reasons to buy

+ Excellent value + Flexible and light for detailed jobs

Reasons to avoid

– Don’t offer much protection

These inexpensive gardening gloves are just right for a little light weeding and digging here and there, and their budget price shows you don’t have to pay over the odds for a decent pair. Their knitted nylon construction is lightweight and flexible for delicate, detailed tasks like sowing small seeds and pricking out, and the nitrile-coated palm gives them some back-up. The elastic wrist closure doesn’t offer close-fitting protection, but if you’re not going near prickly plants or doing heavy-duty work, it’s perfectly good.

Shop more gardening gloves at Ebay

2. Gold Leaf Soft Touch Glove

Best gardening gloves for comfort: these versatile gardening gloves give your green thumb that golden touch

Best for: Comfort Materials: Deerskin leather, lycra/nylon Wrist closure: Velcro strap Type: Gardening + Very comfortable + Durable and scratch-proof – Run quite small for men’s gloves

These gents’ gardening gloves have the rare distinction of being the only ones recommended by the RHS, and we can see why. They’re supremely comfortable and robust, made from high-quality supple deerskin leather, with a close fit and flexible back for increased dexterity around tricky tasks. They also provide all-over protection from pricks and scratches, so they’re a decent substitute for a rose gauntlet if you’d rather invest in a more multipurpose gardening glove.

Find more gardening gloves at Waitrose Garden

3. Digz Women’s Gardening Gloves with Touchscreen Fingers

Best gardening gloves for touchscreen compatibility: Instagram your flowerbeds to your heart’s content with these phone-friendly gloves

Best for: Touchscreen compatible Materials: Canvas Wrist closure: Velcro strap Type: Gardening + Compatible with touch screens + Cheerful design – A bit snug

These lovely-looking gloves won’t just cheer you up during a grey day’s gardening, they’ll also keep you connected with their touchscreen-compatible fingertips and thumbs. If you’re mid-rant to your best friend or in the world’s most active WhatsApp group, you don’t have to keep taking them on and off to use your smartphone or tablet while out in the garden. And, with their stretchable back and machine-washable fabric, they’re both comfortable and convenient. As the best gifts for gardeners go, these are pretty high on our list.

Find more gardening gloves at Amazon

4. Sophie Conran Gauntlet Glove

Best gardening gloves for gauntlet: inexpensive gauntlet gloves for gardeners with small budgets and big ideas

Best for: Great value gauntlet Materials: Cotton Wrist closure: Elastic / gauntlet Type: Gauntlet gardening + Superb value + Protective and flexible – Palm protection isn’t the best

With their superior protection and pocket-friendly price, these gauntlets offer exceptional value and are the best gardening gloves for thorns. While much less dear than other full-coverage designs, they still offer a great deal of dexterity, boast reinforced knuckle and fingertip protection to foil any especially determined thorns, and offer an extra defence to sensitive forearm skin for allergy sufferers. The only weak spot is their palm protection, so it’s probably best to exercise caution when gripping especially thorny stems.

Shop more gauntlet gloves at Amazon

5. Burgon and Ball ‘Dig The Glove’ Men’s Gardening Gloves

Best gardening gloves for style: as gardening gifts go, these are sure to hit the spot

Best for: Stylish and practical Materials: Leather, cotton Wrist closure: Elastic and strap Type: Gardening gloves (heavy duty) + They look really good + Fab all-rounders – No finger reinforcement

These slimline and stylish gardening gloves are deceptively good-looking — they’d even pass muster as a last-minute grab to wear on a cold-weather walk — but they have all the functionality you’d expect. The soft-feel fabric is hard-wearing, the stretchy mesh between the fingers keeps you dextrous and cool, the padded palm offers extra cushioning when using tools, and the wrist strap means they stay put and guards against debris. The elegant design makes them a great gift for father’s day, while the comfortable and durable construction ensures he’ll use them year-round.

Need women’s gardening gloves? Shop ladies’ gardening gloves at Amazon.

6. Oregon Chainsaw Protection Gloves

Best gardening gloves for flexibility: the power’s in your hands with these lightweight, tool-friendly, protective gloves

Best for: Lightweight work gloves Materials: Smooth leather Wrist closure: Elastic Type: Work gloves (light duty) + Light and comfortable but protective + Great for using with power gardening tools – Designed for right-handed users

For wearing over long periods of time while using power tools, these light and comfortable, yet surprisingly heavy duty gloves, are your best bet. The hard-wearing palm area on the right glove gives you great grip when holding tight to chainsaws, strimmers, and all sorts of other gardening tools, while the heavy padding in the left offers protection, a clever solution to the compromised dexterity of overall padding.

Shop more chainsaw protection gloves at Amazon

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  • Garden maintenance checklist
  • The best secateurs: these pruners are top of the chops

Why Rose Gauntlet Gloves are a Must for Pruning Roses

And to boot, a bacterial infection can develop quickly after a thorn pierces your skin. Fungi sometimes contaminate roses, and being pricked by a thorn containing the fungi can transmit a nasty rose thorn infection called Sporotrichosis. Common symptoms of the skin infection include nodules that may develop into ulcers, and even spread into your lymph nodes. Sporotrichosis is commonly referred to as “Rose Handler’s Disease.”

For your safety, we highly recommend rose gauntlet gloves to anyone who needs to prune or transport thorny plants like roses.

Most garden gloves are not thick enough to prevent thorns from piercing the material. Inadequate gardening gloves will not only allow prickles to pierce your skin, but also wind up littered with holes – becoming otherwise useless – after just a short time tending to your rose beds.

Rose Gloves for Dealing with Other Types of Plants

Roses aren’t the only plants that can prick you with thorns or sharp edges. As mentioned earlier, rose thorns are really just prickles. Anatomically, a prickle is similar to a hair, but can be quite sharp such as with roses. Spines are found on plants like cacti, and are essentially an extension of the plant’s leaves. A thorn is an extension of a shoot and can actually have leaves of their own.

Transplanting or providing any sort of care for plants with sharp edges warrants a pair of safety gloves. Here is a list of plants that can cause painful cuts if not handled with tough gardening or rose gloves:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Cacti
  • Pampas Grass
  • Thistle
  • German Iris
  • Saw palmetto
  • Agave
  • Yucca

Features of the Best Garden Gloves Designed for Pruning Roses

A rose glove should offer both protection and comfort. There is no need to compromise your safety when tending to your rose bush.

Don’t take a chance. It’s worthwhile to invest in quality rose gardening gloves that adequately protect your hands and forearms, and are durable enough to last for years to come. Any quality rose glove should offer all of the following:


The quality and thickness of a gardening glove’s leather determines how it will stand up to thorns and prickles. If you’re looking for quality gardening gloves that will endure the test of time, you want hardy, composite materials to back the leather’s supple surface.

The rose gardening gloves by Bionic Gloves offer durable, composite Tough-Ex material to shield your skin from painful thorns. When it comes time for rose pruning, a glove’s capacity to keep you safe is measured by its toughness. Just remember that any mesh material at the knuckles or between the webbing of your fingers are especially vulnerable to prickles.

Best gardening gloves 2018

If the thought of calluses, blisters and dirt under your fingernails is preventing you from giving some TLC to your window box, borders or beds, it’s time to get a great pair of gardening gloves. They’re an essential for the keen gardener as well as botanical beginners.

Not only will they protect your green thumbs (and fingers) from mud, cuts and scrapes, many will help keep them dry and warm, too – essential for any outdoor work for most of the year. You can wear them for mowing a perfectly manicured lawn and easily switch between that job and strimming the edges without missing a beat, or don a pair for weeding and worry no more about scratches from hidden nettles.

However, there’s a huge amount of choice on the market. Some will be lightweight cotton gloves that are more suitable for indoor jobs or wearing in the summer to keep your hands cool while you work. On the flip side, there are also plenty with built-in palm protection and extra grip for when you’re using secateurs, shears or power tools. These are often thicker, with durable silicone coatings, meaning they may not be as comfortable to wear in the warmer months or provide enough dexterity for more delicate repotting or pruning.

Somewhere in the middle are designs made from soft leather, which will help to keep your hands comfy and mobile while providing more protection than a cotton set. An added bonus is that they more you wear these, the more they’ll become moulded to the shape your hands, like a favourite pair of shoes.

Other useful features to look for are gauntlet-style designs that help to protect your arms, too, and those with elasticated wrists or Velcro straps to keep your gloves firmly in place. Plus, while gardening gloves started as a practical accessory, some designs have begun to prioritise style as well as functionality, so look for pretty prints and patterns that make them a bit more fun to wear.

Once you’ve found your perfect pair, it’s time to brush up on your gardening know-how. There’s some great gardening blogs full of tips and tricks, such as The Anxious Gardener and The Urban Veg Patch, so there’s no excuse not to get stuck in. Here’s our pick of garden gloves.

English Rose Linen and Leather Gardening Gauntlets

Best for: protecting arms

Whether you’re tackling autumn brambles or getting even with sprawling ivy, there are few better ways to protect your arms from scratches than with these gorgeous gauntlets by Bradleys, handmade in leather and finished with long lightweight floral cuffs crafted in the UK, they’re an ideal mix of practical and pretty. The gloves provide plenty of dexterity and grip, and are light enough to wear in summer without your hands becoming sweaty, while keeping them warm and dry enough to work for short periods in the winter. While the leather is a little stiff at first, it’s sure to give with plenty of wear to become pliable and comfy. A perfect gift for a keen gardener.

£30 | Amazon | Buy it now

Jayco Winter Touch Gold Leaf gloves

Best for: cold weather gardening

Chill winds and constant drizzle might seem like a good reason to stay inside but slip on a pair of Winter Touch gloves and you’ll be able to carry on gardening like it’s the middle of summer. Not only will these luxurious leather gloves ensure your hands stay comfy, they feature a Thinsulate thermal lining to keep them warm in the coldest conditions. An additional Ski-Dri waterproof breathable lining helps shield you from wet weather. Great for general gardening tasks, such as digging, raking and sweeping, they also have a reinforced palm, good finger grip and provide excellent dexterity while wearing them. One downside is that your wrists are a bit exposed so make sure you’re wearing cosy cuffs, too. Available in two sizes.

£22.99 | Hayes Garden World | Buy it now

The RHS Collection Chelsea gloves by Jayco Gold Leaf

Best for: art lovers

Not all leathers are equal, which is why these beautiful gloves have been made from soft, supple deerskin for a great fit and comfort combined with durability. Part of a collection that includes ‘Hampton’ and ‘Malvern’, each has been decorated with an emblematic flower inspired by original artwork from the RHS Lindley Library. As well as being stunning on the outside, they’re smart on the inside, with ergonomic padding across the palm to help combat pressure points when using hand tools or vibration from power tools. The gloves also have very good dexterity and are breathable. However, as they’re not hugely water resistant, they’re better as a dry weather glove.

£14.99, Amazon, Buy it now

Blue Ticking Everyday Gardening Gloves

Best for: little and often gardening

If you’ve ever left your gardening gloves to dry after washing, only to come back and find them so rigid they’re difficult to put on, it’s time to swap them for this elegant pair. Not only are they hard-wearing, they’re made from ultra-soft, yet tightly woven, heavyweight cotton. This means they won’t go stiff when they’re wet, and they’re machine-washable, too. They also feature a two-way stretch mesh between the fingers to keep your fingers cool and for increased dexterity, and adjustable brown suede wrist straps. Hang them by the back door so you can easily pop out for a spot of gardening but be aware that they’re not water resistant, and once wet, your hands may get chilly.

£16.95 | Sophie Conran | Buy it now

Lavender Garden Premium Comfy Glove

Best for: keeping weeds at bay

Want to feel like you’re not really wearing gloves at all? Pick up a pair of these floral lovelies – perfect for light to medium gardening and comfortable enough to wear all day. A combination of supple leather palms with a breathable cotton back that’s decorated with a print by artist Julie Dodsworth, the gloves provide plenty of dexterity for delicate jobs while guarding against splinters and scrapes. They also have nylon mesh between the fingers to keep them breathable in the summer. There’s not as much grip as some but on the plus side, the palms are reasonably water-resistant so you can keep gardening on damp days.

£10.99 | Waitrose | Buy it now

Briers Advanced Grip & Protect Gloves

Best for: intense gardening

When standard gloves just can’t keep up with your gardening needs, turn to a pair that’s as high-tech as they get. As good for pulling up clumps of weeds as they are sawing off branches, the Advanced Grip & Protect gloves from Briers feature reinforced thumbs and forefingers, robust anti-slip padded patches on the palms and silicon dots on the fingertips for amazing grip. Plus they’ll always stay cosy thanks to Neoprene cuffs with Velcro closures. They also have varying levels of resistance to abrasions, blade cuts, tears and punctures, making them ideal for using machinery and tools. However, the tradeoff is that they have less dexterity than some and they can get sweaty on the palms. The back is made from breathable material to avoid this all over.

£14.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Scion Living Mr Fox Gardening Gloves

Best for: repotting and planting

What better than a fresh, illustrated print to make gardening more enjoyable? Celebrate iconic British wildlife with a pair of gloves by Scion Living – featuring either a cute hedgehog or a sweet fox motif. Made from cotton with silicone dots on the palm for increased grip, the gloves are both comfy and stylish. As well as looking great tucked in a trug with your secateurs, trowel and fork, the soft gloves will help prevent rubbing from using hand tools and keep your paws dirt-free. They’re also extremely breathable but more of a dry weather, light gardening glove as moisture soaks straight in.

£12 | Amazon | Buy it now

Personalised Garden Tools Large Black Gardening Gloves

Best for: gift giving

Prevent your other half from borrowing your gardening gloves, buy as a gift or simply treat yourself with this comfy personalised pair. Crafted with soft yet strong leather palms and a breathable nylon back, they’re ideal for light gardening and can be personalised with a name up to 12 characters long. Not only do they feature extra leather on the index finger for added protection from brambles and branches, they also have an elasticated cuff for a better fit. The gloves offer excellent dexterity but don’t provide as much grip as some, plus while the leather protects your hands from the damp, the back becomes wet instantly.

£22.49 | Personally Presented | Buy it now

DeWALT Gripper Gloves

Best for: thorny jobs

If your gardening project is less pruning and more tackling heavy duty clearance, you’ll want to have a pair of these alongside your arsenal. Coated with textured rubber for fantastic grip in wet or dry weather and resistance to cuts and abrasions, you might still be able to feel the brambles but there’s no way they’re reaching your hands. Mostly comfortable but a little sweaty on the palms, they’re also great for preventing blisters during repetitive tasks. It’s worth noting that the backs of the gloves are nylon/polyester, so while your palms will stay dry during damp weather, water soaks straight into the cloth part.

£5.34 | B&Q | Buy it now

Gardeners Gardening Gloves Set

Best for: healthy hands

Gardening can leave hands feeling a bit sore and rough, even if you’ve been wearing gloves. Keep unhappy skin at bay with this neat set comprising a fragrant tube of barrier cream to soothe and protect your hands while you garden and a pair of pretty gloves that’ll keep you clean and scratch-free, too. The cotton gloves feature a cheery vegetable print on the back and elastic straps to help provide a better fit, while dots across the whole of the palm and fingers ensure they have a good grip. More suitable for light and indoor gardening, the gloves provide good dexterity and are comfy, but aren’t water or thorn resistant.

£10 | Heathcote & Ivory | Buy it now

Premium Leather Gauntlet

Best for: versatility

Perfect for taking you from light gardening to the more intense type without having to swap gloves, this pair of gauntlets has you covered. They’re made from snug, soft leather with extra-long suede cuffs to shield your arms from whatever your garden can throw at them. Strong yet supple, the gauntlets are a good blend of dexterity and protection and water resistant all over so not even rain can slow down your day in the garden. They might get a little warm to wear for long in the summer but for the rest of the year, they’re a smart option for everything from using shears to power tools.

£12.99 | Amazon | Buy it now


Bradleys English Rose linen and leather gloves are perfect for year round gardening. Comfortable, durable and absolutely lovely on the hand. If a floral print isn’t your style the Advanced Grip & Protect Gloves from Briers are about as tough as they come while still offering good dexterity compared to other more chunky options.

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All you have to do is Google the term “gardening gloves” to know that choosing a pair is no easy task. Do you really need those ones that extend all the way up to your elbows? Is that skin-tight pair meant for maximum dexterity going to provide enough protection? Should you embrace your inner Wolverine and opt for the set with literal claws attached to the fingertips (for digging, they say)?

Before you work yourself into a tizzy, know that there is no “one size fits all” glove that will meet every gardening function. There is, however, an ideal pair (or two) of gloves for you depending on your personal gardening style and what you plan to grow — and we’re here to help you find it.

We’ve rounded up our top 10 garden gloves that are the best in their class for various gardening tasks.

Best for Pruning: Womanswork Rose Gauntlet Garden Gloves


BUY NOW $50,

Ladies, protect your arms from thorns and brambles with these attractive leather gloves custom cut for women. The hands are made from supple yet durable pigskin leather, while the arms use super tough goatskin to protect you from twigs.

Best for Pruning: Exemplary Gardens Pruning Gloves


BUY NOW $26,

These elbow-length gloves made from goatskin and cowhide serve the same function as the ones above, but fit both men and women. Bonus: The leather is treated with lanolin oil, which actually moisturizes your hands as you wear them — no cracked gardener hands for you!

Ideal for Hand Digging: Garden Genie



Sometimes it’s just easier — and way more fun — to dig in the dirt with your hands instead of using gardening tools. If that’s your philosophy, then these are for you. Made from waterproof and puncture-resistant latex, the Garden Genie gloves are easy to wash and ideal for gripping. Their durable plastic claws also make digging small holes and transplanting plants by hand a breeze. They’re great for both men and women.

Optimal Dexterity: Second Skin Garden Gloves


BUY NOW $30,

Some gardening gloves are so thick that you can barely feel what you’re hands doing, making handling tiny seeds and delicate seedlings much more difficult. That’s why we love these form-fitting, minimalist gloves for women with textured silicone for a secure grip. Long cuffs keep out dirt, and a UPF 50 coating keeps your skin safe from the sun.

Optimal Dexterity: Atlas Nitrile Tough Glove



Guys, we’ve got a minimalist glove for you, too! Like the gloves above, these ones fit like a second skin and allow you to feel exactly what you’re doing, all while keeping your hands dry and providing a great grip thanks to their nitrile coating.

Prettiest: Anthropologie Floral Gardening Gloves


BUY NOW $24,

We get it: For some, style can’t take the back seat. If gardening is a weekend hobby and you’re mostly working out of pots or small containers, then these lovely, machine-washable cotton gloves for women will do the job. They’re great for light weeding, but won’t hold up to thorns nor prevent blisters from heavy use of garden tools.

Most Ladylike: Floral Twill Gardening Gloves


BUY NOW $38,

While not quite as tough as the all-leather pruning gloves above, these floral beauties do offer protection from scratches, insects, and sun exposure — and they’re machine washable. The synthetic leather palms and double-reinforced thumbs and index fingers keep your hands protected.

Ultra Durable: American Heritage Perfect Gardener Glove


BUY NOW $23,

Goatskin is one of the most puncture- and abrasion-resistant types of leather, while still feeling super supple and flexible. We love these unisex gloves for their simplicity and seamless palms that never rub the wrong way.

Ultra Durable: Bionic Tough Pro Gloves


BUY NOW $35 and up,

Perhaps the toughest of them all, these heavy-duty gloves (which were designed by an orthopedic surgeon!) are made from goatskin leather with added vibration-absorbing palm padding and reinforced silicone material at palms, thumbs, and fingertips. They’re designed for men, but some sizes may fit women.

Garden Gloves Custom Fit for Women

At Womanswork we’ve been studying women’s hands for 35 years! Our garden and work gloves are designed to be the best fitting, most comfortable, protective and, yes, stylish gloves on the market. We’re passionate about it!

Leather Work Gloves Made in the USA

Our leather work and garden gloves offer the greatest protection and thorn resistance of any glove. Our pigskin gloves are made with top grain domestic leather that has been brushed to a suede finish to give it a soft and flexible feel. Leather molds to your hands with use, and our gloves will become your friends very quickly. All are hand washable in a mild detergent suitable for natural fibers.

Stretchy Synthetic Gloves

We use the latest technology in synthetic materials and bright, colorfast colors to deliver strong, protective non-leather gloves. These gloves stretch to conform to your hands and are machine washable. Our patented Support Glove is like ‘support hose for your hands’. Our dipped Weeder gloves are like a ‘second skin.’

It’s All About Fit

Most glove companies simply downsize their men’s gloves and call them “Ladies.” At Womanswork we have developed special glove patterns that recognize men’s and women’s hands are simply shaped differently.


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I’m an au natural gal, as in I hate to cover my hands up while working with anything, especially in the yard. I love to keep my nails done, but I will happily sacrifice them to the dirt gods when digging, pulling weeds, cutting flowers, planting bulbs, etc… in the yard and garden.

It seems so hard to grasp tools and get a good hold on so many other things with bulky gardening gloves (I mean seriously, have you ever tried to open a pocket knife with gloves on???). And most of the time, if you are covering your hands up for a prickly plant- the darn gloves aren’t thick enough anyway for good protection. But there does come a time when you just can’t avoid that extra layer, and when you do decide to buy into hand protection, make sure to look into your options in order to get what you need for your local vegetative needs.

Read on below for some of my favorite picks to make work in your garden easier, rather than an added nuisance.

Table of Contents

Best Gardening Gloves Comparisons

HandMaster Bella Thorn Glove
  • Material Textured latex coated knit shell
  • Size Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure Fitted Wrist
Pixpri Goatskin Gloves
  • Material Goatskin leather and mesh
  • Size Unisex
  • Wrist Closure Tapered wrist
HandMaster Bella Rose Glove
  • Material Synthetic leather and spandex
  • Size Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure Elbow length gauntlet
Atril Nitrile Garden Gloves
  • Material Nitrile
  • Size Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure Fitted tapered wrist
Bamboo Work Gloves
  • Material Bamboo with nitrile
  • Size Measurable unisex
  • Wrist Closure Fitted tapered wrist

Glove Materials

Not all gloves are made alike, and depending on what sort of work you are wanting to attack outside, you’ll want to consider what your gloves are made of before you reach for either tool or plant. Glove materials vary in both thickness, versatility, flex, and design, and having the wrong pair might end up in a painful process.


There are a variety of different leathers on the market for you to choose from, and can range from supple and form fitting, to thick and bulky. The highest quality leathers include goatskin, which is a softer, more durable leather that is puncture resistant and forms well to your hand. Goatskin leathers also have a higher price tag, and because of this many other leathers are substituted for glove material.

The most popular leather used is pigskin, due to its flexibility with consistent use, and relative durability. Because it is a less expensive choice, it is used more often. Leather gloves really are the best gardening gloves for thorns, and if you have roses or other brambles you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Split cowhide is another popular and inexpensive choice. Durable and rugged, cow leather is rough and can handle some of the toughest jobs. It also wears extremely well, and can last for years. However it can be very stiff and unyielding, and can be problematic for people with smaller hands.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is just that, a man-made product that mimics real leathers and are used for further durabilities. Popular because of their more inexpensive cost, synthetics will often be used to line the palms of gloves made of other materials to reinforce heavily used areas, but overall will still not last as long as the real thing overtime.

Synthetics also can crack and peel with use and weather, however they also can be more readily cleaned and tolerate water better without becoming stiff like real leathers will.


Probably the most popular material choice, cotton gloves are lightweight, breathable, washable, and come in a variety of different colors and patterns. The downside to a cotton glove is the fact they are for lightweight use only, are not exactly form fitting, and mostly are used to simple hand protection or coverage from pruning and digging. Anything sharp will easily puncture a cotton glove, and if you are working in an area where there are seedheads that use barbs for transfer, you will get them stuck on these gloves.

Waterproof Coatings (Nitrile)

Nitrile is a rubber-like, waterproof coating used for both reinforcement on other materials (such as cotton), and as a full, waterproofed gardening glove version. This provides protection from the elements, moisture, and an added barrier between your hands and prickly stems and thorns.

Because it isn’t breathable, your hands most likely will sweat which can cause discomfort for some people. But if you are looking for the best waterproof gardening glove, nitrile coating is a keyword of choice to use in your search.

Combination Materials

There are a variety of other materials used within gardening gloves, including lycra and spandex for stretch, or neoprene for durability and waterproofing. Most often these are used in a blend with cottons, or pieced in for added protection with other materials.

Fit (men and women)

When choosing gloves, fit should generally be an important consideration. To start, some gloves are made exclusively for women, or smaller hands, and others for men. There is often a distinct difference between gloves that are gender labeled due to length of fingers and and width of the palm. Be sure to take this into account when looking for fit if this is an important consideration when working with tools in the garden.


As mentioned above, some materials provide more flex and stretch than others. And when working with tools, or at times that grasping and holding is important, you’ll appreciate the added movement allowed. If your hands are stiff, or if you suffer from arthritis, ease of flexibility is going to be important in your search.

Thicker, more protective gloves can be difficult to bend at the joints, and if they are near impossible to flex to at first, most likely will not loosen up with use. What you but is most likely what you get. Try making a fist, spreading your fingers out, and grasping objects to determine your comfort level before purchase to see if you can complete your normal yard and garden tasks.

Wrist Closure

When digging or weeding it is easy for loose materials to fall into glove top openings. If you are doing a lot of ground work, consider a glove with a wrist closure of some sort. Elastic closures, or adjustable velcro straps are good choices and will help keep more of a snug fit and the worst of debris out of the rest of the glove.

Padding and Protection

If you are doing more than just simple digging and planting in the garden you’ll probably want more than just the basic protection from dirt and scratches. Pruning, cutting, and working with tools such as rakes and lawnmowers can result in branch punctures, thorns cuts, and blisters. And depending on the amount of time you spend in the yard and garden doing some heavier work, you’ll want to protect yourself accordingly.

Reinforced Fingertips

Fingertips on gloves tend to wear out the quickest with any sort of constant friction. Because of this many gloves are reinforced in some manner with a more durable material, especially if the glove has a lightweight base made of cotton or a similar material. If you use your gloves regularly, this is an added protection you will want to consider in order to get more life out of your purchase.

Double Stitched Seams

The seams of well used gloves can easily fail in time, especially when heavier material is used if it is not double stitched. Check the quality of our gloves for double stitching along seams and areas of reinforcement to prevent future ‘peeling’ or pulling up of the material. So even with heavy use- if one set of seams fail, the other is there to help keep it all together.

How to Choose the Best Gloves for Gardening

Since there is such a varied amount of good quality gloves on the market, be aware of your needs before purchasing, and, if possible, try them on. You may also want to determine your glove size since higher end gloves will be sized to men’s and women’s hands for a better fit. Then, consider the following while making a decision:

Take into account both heavy and light duties you want your gloves to be useful for:

You’ll of course want to purchase a glove that will be useful for more than one task. If you mix your heavy garden rden work with light garden work, a glove that is equally up to both tasks would be the more frugal buy.

What sort of tools will you be using?

Gripping larger handled tools, such as shovels and rakes is pretty easy with any sort of glove, but if you need to use pruning shears or loppers and need a firm grip on a smaller shaft, then you will want to take into account the flexibility of the glove.

How often do you use your gloves?

If using your gloves is a daily occurrence, purchase something with good reinforcement and durability for lasting wear. If your gloves are only for specific jobs, and aren’t used too often, then a less expensive quality might be a better consideration.

What sort of vegetation are you coming into contact with?

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, and so do weeds. That includes things with itchy fuzzy stems and leaves, prickly hairs, sharp thorns, sticky substances, and sharp ends. Buy a gardening glove that can withstand what you know you will be in contact with, or that is even washable if the need arises. And most of all, will keep you protected.

5 Top Rated Garden Gloves to Consider

Handmaster Bella Gardening Thorn Glove

  • Material: Textured latex coated knit shell
  • Size: Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted Wrist
  • Price: $$

Check The Price

Men’s version here

This is a glove made with thorns and other ‘biting’ plants in mind while working in your garden. The latex coating also staves off the bite and sting of insects commonly found in and around vegetation for an extra peace of mind. The coating covers a knitted base that has an extended fitted cuff for added protection, and also keeps moisture from both plants and soil from soaking into the material. The knitted shell also helps keep your hands cool while you work and wicks away any moisture created by your hands.

As a general glove to use for digging, planting, and weed pulling- this seems like a pretty durable, and inexpensive choice. If you are looking for a heavier duty work glove for multi-tasking, or something that can handle using rough garden tools on a regular basis, you may want to consider other options.


  • Made for thorn protection
  • Good grip
  • Protects from biting garden insects
  • Keeps hands cool


  • Not large thorn proof
  • Some have 3 rather than 5 threads
  • Coating is not very flexible

Recommended For

Since it comes in both men’s and women’s sizes, this a more fitted glove for a comfortable job well done.

Prixpri Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves

  • Material: Goatskin leather and mesh
  • Size: Unisex
  • Wrist Closure: Tapered wrist
  • Price: $

Check The Price

Soft and flexible goatskin leather is double-stitched and reinforced at joints to keep from tearing and wear at areas of high friction. The leather is also puncture resistant to provide you with added protection when grasping and pulling thorny vegetation. A thicker mesh backing helps keep hands cool and allows moisture in hands to dissipate and dry easily.

Because of the goatskin suppleness, you can also get a good grip and have added flex through the finger joints, a plus for gardeners who want to use their pruning shears or other small tools with their gloves. This is definitely a step up from cotton or cotton combination gloves for lighter yard and gardening work.

  • Reinforced double stitching
  • Mesh allows for breathability
  • Pliable and soft
  • Durable
  • One size doesn’t fit smaller hands well
  • Strong tanning smell out of packaging

Recommended For

As a unisex gloves, it may not fit all hand sizes, so be sure to take into consideration your hand size before purchase if you are looking for a snug fit. Average hand sizes in both sexes should find this a comfortable and versatile light duty glove.

Handmaster Bella Women’s Pro Rose Garden Glove

  • Material: Synthetic leather and spandex
  • Size: Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure: Elbow length gauntlet
  • Price: $$$$$

Check The Price

Men’s version here

Made for strength, durability, and comfort, these protective gloves are built for a long day in the garden getting after the toughest of vegetation. Available in both a men and women’s version, you can pick your size for the best fit possible. Made of a puncture resistant synthetic leather and spandex, fingers, palms and knuckles are reinforced to withstand extra wear and tear.

An extra bit of elastic in the wrist helps keep them from slipping as well, and the long gauntlet provides protection to your elbows without causing the undo stress of extra heat like gardening sleeves can do. Not all the seams are double-stitched however, so chores that include a lot of pulling at that glove, such as shoveling, might be best left to a sturdier glove.

  • Long design helps protect wrists and forearms
  • Handles extreme heat and cold
  • Provides good grip
  • Protects from all but the worst of thorns
  • Runs slightly small, so order one size up
  • Seams are not double-stitched
  • Not water resistant

Recommended For

The flexible knuckles with the added layer of protection is definitely a perk for those who work in the roses or around cactus as well.

Atril Nitrile Garden Gloves

  • Material: Nitrile
  • Size: Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted tapered wrist
  • Price: $$$ (4 pack)

Check The Price

Men’s version here

This four pack of breathable, yet water-resistant Nitrile gardening gloves are exactly what is needed for an added barrier for light weight work in the yard and garden. Fitting like a second skin, they are great for keeping hands clean, but are durable enough for basic digging, pulling, and planting as well as additional protection for elements and insects.

Because of their snug, flexible grip, they also are perfect for use when you need to have your hands available for zippers, tying, or other small tasks where finger dexterity is a must. In fact, reviews even state you can use your smartphone!

  • Fits like a second skin
  • Washable
  • Can maneuver small tools, zippers, pocket knives, etc
  • Long lasting for basic light gardening chores
  • Not good protection for sharp objects or heavy work
  • Not puncture proof

Recommended For

These are not a popular pick for heavier duty tasks however, and they are not puncture proof and will not wear well with constant heavy use. They are not marketed for this though, and fun colors for women, and a larger version for men, round out the affordability and draw of these gloves when you are looking for a simple, yet dependable solution to your hand protection needs.

Bamboo Work Gloves

  • Material: Bamboo with nitrile
  • Size: Measurable unisex
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted tapered wrist
  • Price: $$$$

Check The Price

Natural, breathable bamboo threads with a reinforced nitrile lining make these garden gloves a good choice for light work in the yard and garden. Toted as a soft and durable alternative to other materials, these gloves are flexible and fit close to the skin. They also are washable (although do not dry in dryer) in case you get them covered in garden dirt and prefer to keep your gloves malleable and clean between jobs.

Bamboo threads are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial as well for an added barrier of protection for sensitive skins. Although they can handle simple brambles and thistle like vegetations, they are not puncture proof and do not hold up well to thorny plants over time, nor provide complete protection.

  • Washable
  • Allows good dexterity
  • Breathable
  • Does not protect against thorns
  • Wears with heavy or continual use over a couple months

Recommended For

Although they are a unisex glove, you can purchase different sizes for different fits and sized hands. They are supposed to be a close, snug fit for extra finger sensitivity and use with small tools.


Even if you aren’t a big fan of covering your hands while working in the garden, at many times it’s a necessity for added protection. There are a variety of different gloves made of many materials, of varying thicknesses, and durability to fit your needs.

Despite not being a fan of gardening gloves, my pick is the Atril Nitrile Garden Gloves due to the fact that they are supposed to fit like a second skin, and not having hand mobility is EXACTLY why I am not a big fan of gloves. I need to be able to access tools, amongst other things, and these gloves seem up to the task. Protection from dirt and insects, a well as the ability to grip and pull weeds is exactly what I like in a glove when I can multi-task – and the fact they come as a multi-package is another perk.

Whether you need simple hand coverage for digging and planting, or a more durable thickness for pruning and work in thorns, the above choices should give you a good idea of what is available on the market for your specific gardening glove needs.

What’s your favorite? We would love to hear your opinions, or comments on what brands have worked best for you. Please share below, and of course if you’ve enjoyed this article, please like and share it with your friends!


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If you spend any amount of time in the garden, you need to have a pair of long gardening gloves. Not only do they protect your hands from getting scratched up an muddy, but they also help protect your arms as well. The longer the gloves, the more protection that you have for your body.

Benefits of wearing gardening gloves

You might wonder why wear long gloves in the garden, when it’s so much easier to just go dig in with your bare hands.

Here are just a few good reasons to get you thinking:

  • prevent cuts (also protect your hands if you already have a cut or scratch, since germs and dirt can get in the e and cause havoc)
  • keep you from touching animal waste (yuck! who wants to do that?)
  • when handling fertilizers, your skin can react to the strong chemical components
  • help you keep your nails intact 😉
  • protect your hand while handling bricks, rocks and wood while you build raised beds and edges in your garden
  • make cleanup of your hands and arms so much easier

Long Gardening Gloves for Women

Love to spend your days outside working in your flower bed or vegetable garden, but tired of getting pricked and poked by the various items hanging on or around your plants? You’re not alone in that feeling! Keep your hand and arms sage with these options for long gardening gloves for women.

Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection for Women – Puncture ResistantVgo. Ladies’ Synthetic Leather Long Cuff Rose Garden Gloves(Size S/M/L)(Green)Rose Pruning Gloves Women. Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves with Long Cowhide Gauntlet to Protect Your Arms up to the Elbow

Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gloves – Don’t worry anymore with these thorn-proof gloves. Form-fitting and comfortable, these long gardening gloves will be the perfect addition for your gardening tools!

Synthetic Leather Long Cuff Rose Garden Gloves – With an anti-slip grip, these gloves will make certain that you hold on tight while offering the protection that you need.

Thornproof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves – Flexible enough to offer the protection that you need while also making certain you can make your hands and arms about as needed.

Long Gardening Gloves for Men

Men need protection for their hands and arms as well. these long gardening gloves for men can help keep them unharmed in the garden.

These long gloves are also great to wear when doing other yard work around the house such as pulling weeds! Don’t know which long garden gloves to buy for your man? Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Professional Rose Pruning Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection for Women Thornproof Puncture resistant Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection for Men Rose Pruning Thorn proof Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection for Men

Long Rose Gardening Gloves

While roses are quite beautiful, they are full of prickly thorns as well. When you get the urge to start pruning away, it’s imperative to keep your arms protected as well!

Related: how to create a beautiful front yard rose garden

Keep in mind that while there are tons of gardening gloves out there, not all are created equal. You need gloves that offer flexibility, durability and comfort!

Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women.Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves Thornproof Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm ProtectionWomen Extended Long Pro Rose Pruning Gardening GlovesThornproof Pigskin Leather Gardening Gloves Long SleeveBionic Women’s Rose Gloves, MediumVgo. Ladies’ Synthetic Leather Long Cuff Rose Garden GlovesWells Lamont Women’s Rose Tender Grain Leather Palm Gloves Thorn Proof Pruning Gloves With Puncture Resistant Long Sleeve

Goatskin Leather Pruning Gloves – Soft and flexible, these long rose gardening gloves are exactly what you’ll need to prune and trim those rose bushes with ease.

Bionic Woman Rose Gloves – Designed by an actual orthopedic doctor, these gloves have pads and protection in all the right places!

Pro Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves – Prune those roses in style with these functional and fashionable long rose gardening gloves.

Thorn proof Pigskin Leather Gardening Gloves – Perfect for a man or woman to be able to wear while taking care of these gorgeous rose bushes!

Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves – Safe and secure and extra long to allow you to really reach into those rose bushes to take proper care of them.

Long Leather Gardening Gloves

Leather is a great protector and blocker of spiky thorns or other materials when working on your garden.

Don’t think that you can push through taking care of your garden without the proper gloves! These options for long leather gardening gloves are the perfect addition to your gardening needs.

Vgo. Ladies’ Synthetic Leather Long Cuff Rose Garden Gloves(Size S/M/L)(Red)Garden Gloves with Extra Long CuffsLeather Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves Puncture Resistant Work Gloves – Best for Gardener Orchardist Farmer Owner Men Women

Synthetic Leather Long Cuff Rose Garden – Perfect protection for your arms and hands. These gloves offer two layers of protection to ensure safety!

Rose Gauntlet Leather Garden Gloves – The creators of these gloves are actually rosarians, so they know what a glove needs to be great in the garden!

Durable Leather Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves – Designed with gardeners in mind, the grips and flexibility of these gloves make pruning and gardening a breeze.

Don’t delay in getting the proper gardening gloves for you and your family. You will find that the more protection that you have for your hands and arms, the more quickly you’ll be able to prune and tend to your garden. You’ll be stopping less frequently due to pricks and pains and you can concentrate on getting your garden perfected! What are you waiting for? Get your gardening gloves today!

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Gardening Gloves

Our gardening gloves come in a wide variety of materials, from tough nylon to soft goatskin. All of our gloves are durable and comfortable with sizing recommendations to help you find the perfect fit. No matter your hand size or gardening needs, we’ve got many types of gloves to choose from.

If you need to defend your hands against roses or prickly plants while using garden loppers or garden scissors, our gloves offer the toughest protection. Just ask our customers! One raves, “The gloves are comfortable and allow me to prune anywhere on the rose bush without getting ‘stuck.’ I can recommend them highly.” To ensure your protection, several of our garden gloves come in extra-long lengths to protect your forearms from injury while working in the garden. Plus, many double as weather-proofing protection, keeping your hands warm while you work in every season.

As an A.M. Leonard company, our promise of quality is one you can trust. It is our mission to provide long-lasting, professional-grade gardening gloves for gardeners of every stripe. Whether digging in the dirt or tackling the toughest thorns, you know you’re covered with our hand-selected, high-quality gloves. For superior gardening protection for your hands, feet, and more, make sure to check out our gloves and other gardening clothes today!

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