Stamp Stickers

I love stamp stickers, they are good for so many things! Those who ordered even the tiniest something from my shop (since stamps arrived) knows what I’m talking about.

And today I was making some photos for two new sets… and I thought that I should not only write, but actually show what you can do with those stamps.

I remember collecting stickers as a kid. I used them on letters, diary(silly diary it was) and various trinket boxes and such…   Most of those were really horribly ugly, and as I think about it now, I would prefer to have pretty ones. .. such.. that are still cute after 25 years…  (please, give your kids fewer things, but prettier ones)

So here are few ideas for stamp stickers.


Idea 1 – something for letters, postcards and diaries. Draw fake painting frames with pencil, add conversation clouds, add to a postcard (protecting with sticky tape)(I love that one and use it often!)

Idea 2 – Make a collage.

I love this one too. Used to collect things, and collecting tiny stamps and putting them together into one big poster seems great idea! I’m going to do that (although that’s not so much of collecting since I make them myself…)

But I thought this little frame can show you the result.   Another idea is to place each stamp into tiny frame and fill the wall with them, scattered randomly – tiny paintings.

Idea 3 – doll house posters..

well.. there’s no photo for this one YET. It’s also not so much my idea – I’ve seen it while watching Arietty  (love!). (for those that don’t know the anime – it’s about tiny girl & her family. They have their little house made of various “human” stuff.. like sword made of pin.. or post stamp paintings on the wall (: …. that’s seriously cute!)


If anyone creatively used my stamps – please share on FB! Would love to see that!