Hi! (:

I have two important things to announce in this post:

1 – there is new, art doll available for adoption – FairyTale, from my new Curio Dolls Cabinet<3

2 – I also announce FACEUP GIVEAWAY !!!  – details in this post, so please read carefully ^_____^


I will start with the Giveaway (:

A few days ago I woke up with this idea that I want to give you a chance to win a doll… but not any doll… doll of your dreams would be so much better, wouldn’t it?

So I announce the Faceup giveaway! It can be for any doll that you own and that could be painted (contact me if you’re not sure).

I will accept Blythte, Pullip, Dal, Dedo, Monster H, vintage dolls, BJD – simply, any kind of doll that comes to your mind.


The rules are pretty simple:

1 – subscribe to my blog (follow blog – left upper corner) via email that you use + confirm (you will get an email with the link to click)(If you’re already subscribed–> go to step 2)

2 – to take part in a ruffle, leave a comment in this blog post

3-if possible add me to your Flickr/Instagram contacts if you have such account (this one is not a must)

Comments can be added until 7th September, the winner will be announced on 8th September (picked randomly)

Spam comments will be removed.


Faceup – means faceup + eye lashes only. No reroot, no custom eye chips, standard body. Winner must supply a doll & covers all shipping fees.

If a winner happens to be someone with active commission, it does not apply to that commission, but can be used on next doll.

Hope all is clear, if not please ask questions ^____^

and good luck! (:





From “Curio Dolls Cabinet”

*** Photo by VJ Emiko Okime ***



Daughter of Fairies….

With secret door inside, by which all fairy tales enter this world into your dreams…..




That secret worlds inside all of us…..



FairyTale heard some sad Blythecon NY news and she decided she want to help! I had to pack her suitcase and buy her a plane ticket.


Doll comes with:

-takara box

- painted stand

-all accessories visible on the photo

Thank you for looking!