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Painting new mini original today..

I know how I love to watch step-by-step work in progress photos, It’s probably the best part to see that transformation…

So…. I thought you would like to see how I paint my mini originals.


First thing – I pick theme, I imagine colors and choose frame that suits it. I do use frames available on Etsy, but they are in common use, so…. I have in plans to make my own, unique frames, and cast them myself. And oh! I plan real candies and some spooky themes too ^__^     … but for now, let’s get back to the painting process…

I already have a frame, and now what I need to do is to trace the cameo size on my specially prepared canvas.

**Canvas are really important here, as they create trully solid base for the painting – much more durable than paper. -Really?- you ask, well… hear this: One of my minis went through an ultimate crash test – somehow it landed in a cup with paint water and spent there at least 2 hours. When I realized that, I pulled it out, delicately pressed between tissue and left it to dry. Guess what… you could never tell something happened to it… it’s perfect. So don’t be afraid of a raindrops because  it seems that you could swim with my cameos…

Ok, so I traced my outline and now I begin to sketch. Sometimes, if I’m not happy enough, it takes more than one attempt. But when sketch looks nice, and I approve it, it’s coated it with semi transparent layer of acrylics (as pencil can get mixed with colors, making them dirty).

And then I paint, paint, paiiiinnnntttt… with acrylics and watercolor pencils…….And when painting is done, I trim it, insert it into the frame and varnish. Voila!


Today all of it took me couple of hours, counting in the photo time and lunch time in between…

And I prepared something special for you – an animated gif from all the stages of painting, enjoy!

and P.S. Consider it as a sneak peek of this week cameos. Update on my Facebook Page on Friday.

( it might take a moment or two to load )

Little Red Riding Hood – new hand painted art doll

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.

C.S. Lewis

[ …’But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!’ she said.

‘All the better to see you with, my dear.’


‘Oh! but, grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!’

‘All the better to eat you with!’… ]

I think I’m old enough to read all of the fairy tales again.. I have one, very old favorite book by Brothers Grimm … with yellow cover and very strange illustrations… expect photos…

And Little Red Riding hood is also close to my heart. My Grandmother told me all kind of stories, especially scary ones to make me behave (the naughty step works better I think). And for the opening the Big Headed Dolls line, I’ve chosen The Girl in Red Cape.

It’s ooak art doll with big eyes, and she’s hand painted in tiniest detail –  you can read more about her HERE.

And photos:

1 – just before assembling

2 – finished!

Paper Theatre

Some people say that artist shouldn’t show work before it’s finished… but I myself really like to see work in progress, as it gets you closer to the person and to the process of creation…

and… I just couldn’t resist (:

I’m making a”Moth Show” paper theatre! Original, hand painted in tiniest detail. With night creatures crawling in every corner… moths, bugs, owls… tiny birds…. and stars. Magical place for odd creatures to appear…

First is the Golden Deer….

Original Theatre will be available in my Etsy shop, but the idea is to create cut-out, DIY, printed affordable version.. with figures (:

I really can’t wait myself for it to be finished! Enjoying this like crazy. I hope you will like it too, and I have a little sneak peek for you today.

Also – second prize lottery is almost upon us. (:

karolinfelix original

yum yum work in progress

★ Remember a post about KarolinFelix entering a magical world of Glintshop in Barcelona?

I’m waiting for few more components to arrive… but the Pendants, looking like a cookies, are almost finished! Soon will be packed in a box like candies, and sent to the city of the Sun….

Made from layers of recycled cardboard ( see the tutorial for that technique HERE ), painted with vintage color tone acrylics… The back of each pendant is hand decorated with pencil & sealed with varnish…. And each art-print front is archival quality. Nice to wear a piece of art….

Few of those will find a way to my Etsy Shop… earrings are already there!

REcycled paper jewelry

REcycled paper jewelry

Bearded Lady circus doll

★ oh, she is a sweetie!  I almost finished a primitive folk  doll of Bearded Lady! so happy!

It’s a new technique to me. .. and I’m thrilled with the result!

The cloth body is painted, sanded and painted again with great care to detail <: .. When all is perfect, I seal the paint with glossy coating.  What’s left is to assemble the articulated arms.

Primitive folk art cloth doll of famous Bearded Lady

Doll no 1.

Primitive folk art cloth doll of famous Bearded Lady

Making of:

Primitive folk art cloth doll of famous Bearded Lady

Porcelain Soul

You say to yourself – ‘I will make a doll, and not ANY doll, but porcelain one. I’m spiritually ready for it, because every time I start to think about it, I just can’t stop. I want my doll to be pose-able, with ball joints, and look beautiful ( not only to me).’

And then – there is sooo many things to consider, that you don’t know where to start. The more you think about it, the bigger the gap. So you buy tons of books on dolls, porcelain, slip casting. You hang out on forums with similarly obsessed people. And you start to sculpt, which is so unbelievably hard, not because your lack of skill, but because you’re creating your ‘child’ and it’s impossible  to distance yourself from it.

HEAD – seems finished. I post it for other to judge, and they say – ‘maybe her cheeks are to big?’, and after a while I see it! And I fix it. I appreciate complements as it’s so nice when people enjoy my work, but a constructive critique is also very  important to me, especially on this project. That’s why please don’t be shy, I appreciate your comments.

I present you my DOLL in progress, made so far in super sculpey, bald, and waiting to be perfect.
Hope to cast her in porcelain someday.

BJD porcelain doll sculpt

BJD ball joint doll bust and head ptototype

bust of ball joit doll sculpt in polymer clay