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Tattoo fan art

I love tattoos… I don’t have one, but really want to! The only problem is, I have no idea what to ink into my skin… to make it matter to me forever.

But this post is not about me…

It’s about Kendra! She’s the first one to show me a ready tattoo inspired by my art.. and believe me.. it matters!

Whether you are a famous artist.. or aspiring one… if someone decides to wear your art on their skin.. it’s amazing! .. I’m thinking… maybe even the best complement artist could get.


It’s also fun to watch, so don’t be shy and share photos on my FB page.

illustrations and fairy tale dreams

There is many wonderful & undiscovered illustrations… some of them so old that you’re scared to flip the page… some by foreign authors. What I’m going to show you today is a work of couple of  Polish artists… & probably you’ve never seen those pictures before.

If you look at my previous post – I’m writing about one of my favorite fairy tale books… and  I adore those stories, but it’s the illustrations that make it so special… and those are by Bożena Truchanowska i Wiesław Majchrzak. The book is dated 1982, and those artists are not from internet era..  so to stumble upon them is pure luck.

from Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm

Warszawa 1982


polish artists, illustrations for childrensource


while searching for those, I found some more wonderful & forgotten things.



polish artists, illustrations for children

polish artist, illustration for children



Some things I like

So those are just some things I like, and I feel they are worth sharing…. I’ve been at my old house and made couple of photos – so regrettable that I cannot have all my things with me!

You can see just a piece of my bookshelf (By the way – I would probably paint my room blackish nowadays..)… and among those treasures – “the Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman… I snatched this one in Dublin actually… love the story and just look at the illustration! Gorgeous (according to me at least ((: ) …. I wish I had a chance to make something for Neil’s book sometime, but I’m not sure My style is His style ((:


The second thing (book of course!!!) it’s sentimental… a copy of Brothers Grimm Fairy tales .. old, thin book with amazingly weird illustrations that I love.. love them all.  I have this strange copy since I remember and have been staring at those pictures and daydreaming….they are filled with odd detail.. just wonderful! …  so that’s a few things I like… some more coming!

Doll in the bottle, Paris and French cemeteries

and I’m back..

after a nice holidays in France and making lot’s of  pictures on graveyards…

((: – you may think it’s spooky but France has some beautiful, old cemeteries with amazing ornaments…

Staying at friend’s place in Paris.. wandering through this huge, old city… tasting wonderful pastry and drinking French wine…  seeing the Eiffel Tower through Merry-go round…

Beside that I was leaving some tiny cards in strange places in Paris…like in this tiny book store with red sofa, art centres or just on the stone bench..  I’m curious who found them…..


And now I’m back and I made  some new, cute things (:


★ If you like my art, you will probably love this movie… ‘Fur:An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus’ … strange & fascinating one, that have a little to do with facts, but still an extraordinary picture.

It’s my favourite since two years, and no matter how often I watch it, it’s not boring, but quite the opposite..

Diane from a movie is letting herself to become fascinated by the strange neighbour… she slowly leaves normal, middle-class life and enters unreal world of weird, margin people and freaks…

There is much from Alice in Wonderland here… dreamy world that is hidden from our eyes..  mystery… key to different world… rabbit hole… deeper sense of life… discovering true self..     Colours have a meaning… there is red and blue appearing one after another…symbols… choices, that can lead you to different places…

It was very difficult to find photos from the movie, almost as if it didn’t want to be found….  After a long time  I stumbled upon a few unofficial pictures & very interesting psychological interpretation of the movie by  Agnieszka Galas…. it’s unfortunately in polish, but you can read it here – it’s google translated. <:

If you’ve seen the movie, I’m curious how you see it…

And.. Diane from real life was very different, but not at all less fascinating. There is a great biography.. I think – this one… I’m not sure though, I don’t have it with me now..  It’s a delicious one to read.

Strange photo

‘ABOUT’ won’t be a biography, but a series of posts on a subject.

Also, believe me when I say, it’s so much harder for me to write it than to draw a picture (maybe THAT’s why I’m not a writer). Do you know this odd  sensation when you read your old journal? That’s why I feel so much safer writing about someone or something else. Maybe it has a chance to change.

I like weird things, like this photo session we made with my friend EMIKO. We used ancient projector and film stories from our childhood (OK, maybe not so ancient <;), and made lots of strange photos. And so here, for a start there is one. That’s me….and cartoon friends.


I wanted to start my first post as Neil Gaiman did his FB page: ‘Will eventually grow up and get a real job.’, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.  I actually recently quit my ‘real’ job to finally loose myself in certain joyful silliness – that is – drawing. And I’m so happy about that.

The morning of 5th November brought an insane thought – I need a new blog (let’s kill the old one). We worked hard for one week (I was surprised how MUCH can you do in such short time), surviving on cookies and pesto pasta. I was illustrating elements for the page, and Viktor was constructing a ‘spine’ (like a dr Frankenstein).

And then, suddenly, he put it all together and that’s how it happened. Golem was born and its been used as a character in an online video game. I will feed it, water it and bring it to life, so that some day he will grow big and charming <:

Viktor, I thank you so much!

(P.S. if you need a perfect web-page – Viktor Torr is your man)

With a Kiss I start a heart of my Golem, so that it keeps beating as long as possible and without arrhythmia.

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