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Stamp Stickers

I love stamp stickers, they are good for so many things! Those who ordered even the tiniest something from my shop (since stamps arrived) knows what I’m talking about.

And today I was making some photos for two new sets… and I thought that I should not only write, but actually show what you can do with those stamps.

I remember collecting stickers as a kid. I used them on letters, diary(silly diary it was) and various trinket boxes and such…   Most of those were really horribly ugly, and as I think about it now, I would prefer to have pretty ones. .. such.. that are still cute after 25 years…  (please, give your kids fewer things, but prettier ones)

So here are few ideas for stamp stickers.


Idea 1 – something for letters, postcards and diaries. Draw fake painting frames with pencil, add conversation clouds, add to a postcard (protecting with sticky tape)(I love that one and use it often!)

Idea 2 – Make a collage.

I love this one too. Used to collect things, and collecting tiny stamps and putting them together into one big poster seems great idea! I’m going to do that (although that’s not so much of collecting since I make them myself…)

But I thought this little frame can show you the result.   Another idea is to place each stamp into tiny frame and fill the wall with them, scattered randomly – tiny paintings.

Idea 3 – doll house posters..

well.. there’s no photo for this one YET. It’s also not so much my idea – I’ve seen it while watching Arietty  (love!). (for those that don’t know the anime – it’s about tiny girl & her family. They have their little house made of various “human” stuff.. like sword made of pin.. or post stamp paintings on the wall (: …. that’s seriously cute!)


If anyone creatively used my stamps – please share on FB! Would love to see that!


love madness

I have something cute for your Sweetheart or your Secret Love (maybe it’s time to make it less secret?)

may I present..

black Valentines hearts… with whimsical illustrations.. for boys and girls


with a “pocket” for a roll of parchment to write something on.

Available in my Shop.

Happy Valentines!




Sneak Peeks of my new pieces


On my FACEBOOK page – every Thursday! It’s as easy as clicking the “like” button.


And new pieces from this Thursday:

– Down the Rabbit hole locket with solid perfume

– Princess & the Pea locket with solid perfume

– Little Red Riding Hood locket with solid perfume

– Pink Clownessa brooch


Cameos & Alice Madness

Time goes by like crazy, and while I didn’t have a chance to post these recent pieces on blog, new cameos are ready. But all in the right time…


Alice and the key to Wonderland



Little Clown

(already adopted)




Let’s welcome new Doll to the Family.. Alice Madness!

That’s my first doll face repaint(base doll – Bratz), and although I think it’s much to learn yet, I will keep it like that out of pure sentiment..


Cupcake Bandit – original cameo painting

Beware! The Cupcake Bandit is on the loose! Hide your cupcakes, move the candies to a secret place, nobody’s safe! Do not believe this sweet as a pie look, the danger is behind the mask!

Cute Bandit is hand painted on little, candy-like canvas set into candy pink gorgeous ornate frame. And just next to the Bandit we have a stolen, chocolate & strawberry cupcake – also a miniature original acrylic painting. Just look at the strawberry sprinkle shower!
All the little candies that Bandit snatched on the way are accenting the antique brass chain… all in pink or retro blue tones. 

If you’re not afraid for your cupcakes – you’ll find this fellow in my shop.

by KarolinFelixby KarolinFelix

‘I Feel Weird’ limited edition print

Is there a better way to make a limited edition print of cameo necklaces, than actually make a print of the whole necklace?
Is there? (:

Maybe .. but… I am really in love with those. Because they turned better than I expected.

It’s a jewelry that can be worn by anyone, also someone who doesn’t like a feel of metal on their skin… actually I know a girl that is allergic even to gold, and now that I think of that.. it would be a wonderful gift for her…..

Anyway… enjoy (:
Limited edition available in the Shop.

‘Lily & Candy’

Lily and Candy by KarolinFelix

‘I Feel Weird’

snow white by Karolinfelix

‘Wolf Loves Me’

little red riding hood by KarolinFelix

Paper Theatre

Some people say that artist shouldn’t show work before it’s finished… but I myself really like to see work in progress, as it gets you closer to the person and to the process of creation…

and… I just couldn’t resist (:

I’m making a”Moth Show” paper theatre! Original, hand painted in tiniest detail. With night creatures crawling in every corner… moths, bugs, owls… tiny birds…. and stars. Magical place for odd creatures to appear…

First is the Golden Deer….

Original Theatre will be available in my Etsy shop, but the idea is to create cut-out, DIY, printed affordable version.. with figures (:

I really can’t wait myself for it to be finished! Enjoying this like crazy. I hope you will like it too, and I have a little sneak peek for you today.

Also – second prize lottery is almost upon us. (:

karolinfelix original


★ I wanted to share….  that’s how my art candies are wrapped now when they’re shipped to you!

Sweet gift for yourself or someone you like <:

Girls on the photos:
Valentine, Amy & May, La Doll


★ This is Valentine….

A descendant of Casanova, famous Venetian seducer, born on 14Th of February 1798..
Daughter of Narcissa, sister of Desire & Obsession, amazing beauty….

You could meet her at the night hour,cloaked in black velvet, with nothing but stunning filigree mask, collar-necklace, tight corset and chopine shoes. She always had her mirror hidden under the cloak… because you never know if what you have to do is powder your nose or see who’s around the corner.. Some suspected Valentine to suffer from love addiction, in which people become addicted to the feeling of it. Theory never proven, but reflected in her everyday life, where romance followed romance.

Valentine was also an extreme slim waist tightlacer. Reason remains unknown but some speculated that it was in order to keep butterflies in some restraints….

tight lacing venetian beauty

★ I imagined this girl for EnchantedDoll birthday contest… to win a gorgeous porcelain doll… I made it to top three… oh….my……a little bit….. broken heart…

★★ I would love to show her to the world… but I’m not sure yet if I can make the prints available…

When I know that, be sure I will tell you <:

Kotylion wall art

★ What’s a Cotillion? It’s a name of a dance, but also kind of a paper medal that you get on a parthy… it can have your name or a funny drawing printed on… I adore this paper thing, as it reminds me of a childhood art activities.

★ Those delicate paper flowers are recycled from unwanted book that, for sanity reasons, could be read only once, and don’t ask me who wrote it……….all I can say is that she’s famous.
Book pages were cut, ruffled and formed into this nice, retro shape. Long string makes it possible to hang on a Christmas tree branch as well as on the wall.  Miniature portraits from my prints are in the very heart of those  affordable paper art decorations! Enjoy!

cotillion,kotylkon,paper flower,miniature wall art, karolinfelix