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Hocus Pocus let it snow!


As Holidays are creeping closer, at least for me (as you can be celebrating other Holidays in slightly different time…)…

I wish you all the best that is… Happy Holidays and Wonderful New Year!


Thank you for all your support, your wonderful emails, comments, notes, likes… for being there and appreciating beauty.. because that what survives in the end….

xo! Karolin

ho ho ho!

Hocus Pocus, let it snow!


And I wish you best food ever this holidays {;

I’m just making more cookies! (with marzipan)

cookie jar


( and it’s not that they don’t look like ones, so I had to sign them <; )




ooak custom Blythe and “Felix the Cat” corset – my donation to BlytheCon Europe event in Barcelona.

See you there on June 29th!







Love Event!

Hi! Hello!

Happy Valentines Everyone!!!

To celebrate this day of love and madness (or both) I created a coupon code for 25% discount in my ETSY shop.

(Because you know of course that Saint Valentine is a patron of both mad and those in love.. )

Just enter REDHEART at the checkout to get 25%off the whole order.

Just today, until Thursday ends on the whole globe.


Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful friends ^_____^

Sending you lots of love <3 <3 <3

May your Holidays be really lovely and relaxing…  enjoy every moment!

I would also like to thank all of you who comment, send me emails and support my art. Without you I could not do what I love so much.

And please pursue your dreams… you deserve it!

Win an Original Painting

♥ My Dears! This week I have something special for you… This week you will have a chance to win one of my original paintings:
“Poison” – wereable original cameo pendant
“Sprout” – original wall art on wood
More details here: KarolinFelix on Facebook

Good luck!!!


“Sprout” was presented in previous blog post.

“Poison” is a hot fresh original neckalce….


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

… some like their Christmas noisy and crowded, some like it peaceful, with a roaring fire or a warm midnight swim… depending on location..
Whichever Christmas are to your liking, I wish you the best one ever. And may happiness and luck be with you through all next year.
I also thank you all for supporting my mad art vision.
Big Hugs!!!!



& Christmas hugs from the Elves!



Lily is choosing next winner

Hello (:

This is a Part of a bigger Event, where you can win a Paper Theatre, doll & more – read about it here.

Today we’re choosing a lucky number (meaning a person) that will receive a print!

So – Lily the Doll have a bowl filled with handwritten numbers and will randomly pick one! Let’s do it!


simply mango in Handmade victorian corset


Blythe doll & random lottery


and we have a WINNER! Number ***12*** randomly picked out of ***100***

The email that won:   alexoury*********  – I will be contacting you soon!


We are also very close to another lottery (this one is a bit late),  so If you want to take part – subscribe to my blog via email. To be on the list you need to confirm that – you will get an email with a link you need to click – simple as that.  If you’re not getting any updates from me, that means you’re not subscribed.


I think it’s time to introduce my second shop, especially that ETSY chose it for a ‘fresh shops’ feature (:

You can find the original feature HERE.

But to remember this happy moment, I will post the exact one on my blog. Enjoy (:

‘Every day, our community grows in unexpected and delightful ways. For our Fresh Shops series, sellers who have been on Etsy for a mere handful of months or are awaiting their first sale introduce themselves. Here’s a warm welcome to all our newbies!’ [ETSY]

Hi, my name is Karolin and I was born in southern Poland in the shadow of the legendary Bald Mountain. I spent countless days outdoors, running through fields, lost in my own world. Back then, my grandma used to tell me stories about a little folk that would turn mischievous if a bowl of milk wasn’t left on the doorstep; stories about noises and light that could be heard and seen at the night of Sabbath at the edge of the Bald Mountain.

When I was old enough to wander in the woods and pick mushrooms and berries, I would pretend that I was Little Red Riding Hood lost in a forest, or that behind the nearest turn I would see a witch and her house.

Eventually, I had to leave that enchanted countryside to study architecture in a big city. I was away for a long time, only to realize that my creative spirit never left the mystic dreamland of my childhood. In my art you will find a bit of fairy tale, some folk influences and modern, functional simplicity. I also like to make strange illustrations, but that is a different story.

Creativity runs in the family. My mother used to design and sew her own clothes. It was a big struggle for her because she worked during the Socialist years and shops were empty. My father is a self-taught carpenter and inventor. They both made the KarolinFelixDream collection possible, participating in the design process and sharing the experience.

I always fancied product and interior design and thought about this collection for a long time. Some people start the design process by analyzing the function and adding form as a secondary matter; other people begin with form and then add a function. I always choose a third scenario: putting together form and function at the same time. I feel that’s the proper way, as both things matter equally. I don’t sketch my designs, but rather imagine the whole process. I know the properties of wood, fabric, and clay. I know the technology and possibilities of tools. When I’ve thought it through, there’s time for first prototypes and then tackling any unexpected problems. When all this work is done, there’s only one thing left — to show your creation to a big audience.

One of my favorite designs is my desktop Zen Garden set of building blocks. This idea came to me when I realized how much the grain of the wood resembles Japanese rock garden patterns. If you brush the surface of wooden block to remove soft phloem, you will get beautiful, enhanced texture. The set includes eight blocks in calm, neutral colors. There is pencil holder, little planters and vases, a paper weight cut like a gem, and a little house and candle holder. It’s meant to give a rest to your eyes and calm your mind. Also, it’s a perfect desk organizer.

I also love my wooden pendants, made from a rare, deformed juniper branch. Nature is amazing. Normally the juniper branch is quite plain, but in the Black Forest anything can happen; there’s more fungi, different shapes, shadows, and deformed wood.

craft market in DUBLIN

★ If you ever happen to be in Europe on Saturday, and it’s accidentally Dublin where you’re in… the Crafty Market is the place to visit. A nice, warm event in the heart of the windy city, on Georges street, at Shebeen Chic…

If you were lucky to find it, you could have met me myself and my friend Floriana from PrettyPlush. Our little table packed with sweetest goodies looking like candies would probably mesmerize you….

And you could admire the magical paper theatre that’s up for grabs. If you only passed by….

★ you still have a chance! We will be there on 30th of April!!! Come and visit!

★ It was a good market. We had a chat with different folks, learned a few things & had some sales.

We also made some friends!

Meet MissPolyclay – girl with a sweet tooth <:

….  the other friendly artist will be revealed some time later…


★ A weird art + style blog & I like it

★ Blogged about KarolinFelix, and I really love the words!!!
“Darling Mutants..[…]In one piece, a horned girl poses on a luxurious fur carpet while mounted horns hold a light above her, female arms reach out sinisterly or yearningly towards her[…]