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little Maleficent gif ^______^

for fun

by me and my crazy friend.



This one is from my  miniature originals wearable cameo collection that will be available in my Etsy shop on 6th of December…


New collection


New collection is available in my shop.

I had a break from painting, but I missed it too much!



original pop surrealism, lowbrow art by KarolinFelix




Win an Original Painting

♥ My Dears! This week I have something special for you… This week you will have a chance to win one of my original paintings:
“Poison” – wereable original cameo pendant
“Sprout” – original wall art on wood
More details here: KarolinFelix on Facebook

Good luck!!!


“Sprout” was presented in previous blog post.

“Poison” is a hot fresh original neckalce….


Painting new mini original today..

I know how I love to watch step-by-step work in progress photos, It’s probably the best part to see that transformation…

So…. I thought you would like to see how I paint my mini originals.


First thing – I pick theme, I imagine colors and choose frame that suits it. I do use frames available on Etsy, but they are in common use, so…. I have in plans to make my own, unique frames, and cast them myself. And oh! I plan real candies and some spooky themes too ^__^     … but for now, let’s get back to the painting process…

I already have a frame, and now what I need to do is to trace the cameo size on my specially prepared canvas.

**Canvas are really important here, as they create trully solid base for the painting – much more durable than paper. -Really?- you ask, well… hear this: One of my minis went through an ultimate crash test – somehow it landed in a cup with paint water and spent there at least 2 hours. When I realized that, I pulled it out, delicately pressed between tissue and left it to dry. Guess what… you could never tell something happened to it… it’s perfect. So don’t be afraid of a raindrops because  it seems that you could swim with my cameos…

Ok, so I traced my outline and now I begin to sketch. Sometimes, if I’m not happy enough, it takes more than one attempt. But when sketch looks nice, and I approve it, it’s coated it with semi transparent layer of acrylics (as pencil can get mixed with colors, making them dirty).

And then I paint, paint, paiiiinnnntttt… with acrylics and watercolor pencils…….And when painting is done, I trim it, insert it into the frame and varnish. Voila!


Today all of it took me couple of hours, counting in the photo time and lunch time in between…

And I prepared something special for you – an animated gif from all the stages of painting, enjoy!

and P.S. Consider it as a sneak peek of this week cameos. Update on my Facebook Page on Friday.

( it might take a moment or two to load )

Sneak Peeks of my new pieces


On my FACEBOOK page – every Thursday! It’s as easy as clicking the “like” button.


And new pieces from this Thursday:

– Down the Rabbit hole locket with solid perfume

– Princess & the Pea locket with solid perfume

– Little Red Riding Hood locket with solid perfume

– Pink Clownessa brooch


Cameos & Alice Madness

Time goes by like crazy, and while I didn’t have a chance to post these recent pieces on blog, new cameos are ready. But all in the right time…


Alice and the key to Wonderland



Little Clown

(already adopted)




Let’s welcome new Doll to the Family.. Alice Madness!

That’s my first doll face repaint(base doll – Bratz), and although I think it’s much to learn yet, I will keep it like that out of pure sentiment..


Cupcake Bandit – original cameo painting

Beware! The Cupcake Bandit is on the loose! Hide your cupcakes, move the candies to a secret place, nobody’s safe! Do not believe this sweet as a pie look, the danger is behind the mask!

Cute Bandit is hand painted on little, candy-like canvas set into candy pink gorgeous ornate frame. And just next to the Bandit we have a stolen, chocolate & strawberry cupcake – also a miniature original acrylic painting. Just look at the strawberry sprinkle shower!
All the little candies that Bandit snatched on the way are accenting the antique brass chain… all in pink or retro blue tones. 

If you’re not afraid for your cupcakes – you’ll find this fellow in my shop.

by KarolinFelixby KarolinFelix

Sweet girls almost dressed in cameo necklaces ..

The making of….

I’m delighted to show you those two sweet girls that in two days will visit my shop dressed in cameo necklaces…

May I present…………..’Cat Girl’ and the ‘Carnival Queen’…

Which one would you like to meet? Both seem to be a night creatures… and maybe they will also be a characters for my ‘Moth Show Theatre’

by KArolinfelix

Doll in the bottle, Paris and French cemeteries

and I’m back..

after a nice holidays in France and making lot’s of  pictures on graveyards…

((: – you may think it’s spooky but France has some beautiful, old cemeteries with amazing ornaments…

Staying at friend’s place in Paris.. wandering through this huge, old city… tasting wonderful pastry and drinking French wine…  seeing the Eiffel Tower through Merry-go round…

Beside that I was leaving some tiny cards in strange places in Paris…like in this tiny book store with red sofa, art centres or just on the stone bench..  I’m curious who found them…..


And now I’m back and I made  some new, cute things (:

something painted, something new

What I’ve been up to?

1 – I’ve been….recovering from a temperature shock. Coming back from Wroclaw (29 degrees – real feel 36)…. to Dublin (16 degrees – real feel 9) is not easy. Expect dizziness, wear winter coat. …. I want a summer here please! Anyone knows any weather magic?

So called ‘holidays’ were quite busy but lovely. I’ve been working on another shop. Why? Because the interior, product  & fashion design also have a place in my heart <: …. You will see soon…

2 – Also, I’ve been planning first lottery, excited? If you’re not sure what’s that about – just read carefully the post about winning a theatre .. here it is.

It will happen on Saturday… and good  luck to everyone.

3 – I have a surprise… and you can see it right now! What’s that? Originals in miniature, wearable!

May I introduce :

First picture – ‘I Feel Weird’ – Snow White form ‘Black Forest’ series…  because all the fairytales have danger woven in them, and by the way – most of them take place in Black Forest…

Second Picture – ‘Lily & the Candy’ – from ‘Vanishing Sideshow’ series

They will appear in the shop tonight.

I feel weird and Lily and Candy