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Love Event!

Hi! Hello!

Happy Valentines Everyone!!!

To celebrate this day of love and madness (or both) I created a coupon code for 25% discount in my ETSY shop.

(Because you know of course that Saint Valentine is a patron of both mad and those in love.. )

Just enter REDHEART at the checkout to get 25%off the whole order.

Just today, until Thursday ends on the whole globe.


Strawberry Valentine

Custom art doll


enchanted girl from “The strangest Funfair on Earth” series


ooak blythe doll by KarolinFelix , Rbl mold


“I sell heart cakes at the Booth of Love”


Her story.

Once upon a time there was a poor couple living on the edge of the village woods – Hunter and his Wife.  They wanted a child, but years passed and they came to terms with fate.. so only two loving cats kept them company in their little hut. One night Wife had a strangest & vivid dream, she woke the husband and told him – my love, there is a child crying in the heart of the forest, we can’t leave it there! – Hunter was reluctant to go as it was a long walk and woods were wild at that times…  but he could see how moved his Wife was, and as he loved her very much, he agreed to go.

Wife was anxiously waiting all day… and when the night came and the Hunter wasn’t coming back, guilt and fear crept into her heart…  She couldn’t sleep all night, convinced that something terrible must have happened. But in the afternoon a familiar sound of horn rang out in the woods… she trembled, sank onto the chair and started sobbing…  that’s how he found her…

..and when she looked at him, fear struck her the second time as there was blood all over him… and in his arms… oh! In his arms there was a baby! Covered in red, but she could already see it was a gorgeous little girl!

The story hunter told her chilled her blood… how he walked few hours to the deepest and darkest place in the woods… how all of the sudden a largest bear he ever saw in his life jumped out of nowhere… there was a fight.. and just by that much Hunter won… it was almost night and he was tired and hungry..there was no more cheese and bread in his sack…. and although he had little strength left, the oldest Hunter’s tradition ordered to consume the heart of a fallen beast as a first meal to thank gods and nature.. so he had no other choice but to cut the bear open. As he did that, something unbelievable happened…. There was a child in the beast’s heart….

Hunter and his Wife never told this to anyone, it was safer not to. The girl was simply found in the woods.

After first bath, girls hair were still red, so they named her Strawberry. She grew faster than any other kids, but at the age of 16 she suddenly stopped, and did not age after that. It all seemed a little odd to the village folk, but Strawberry had this incredible charm, that made everyone turn a blind eye to those “little anomalies”..

And Strawberry.. well… she had magic in her. Wherever she appeared people felt better, and often fell in love… at first love power was wild, which was hilarious sometimes. As when the old Pat fell for his Goose.

Time passed and Valentine (as people now called her) could see more clearly hearts and desires of others. She used that vision, a bit of herbs and a little magic to make people fall in love. Her mother thought her to bake delicious cakes and buns, and Val was often using sweets to “help” the luck a little bit.

Time passed, her parents left and returned to nature, and Val was feeling lonely sometimes in her little hut. Everyone was falling in love except her…

One day of summer, when fields were covered in little blue flowers, she went to get some wild strawberries for her famous heart cake… the best ones were near the little  stream by the old oak. The path was dry and pleasant, the smell of forest divine and birds were chirping quietly in the trees..  She saw him near the stream. Boy dressed in green, looking at the water.. when he lifted his head and their eyes met, Valentine fell in love.

But the name of the boy was Narcissus.

Heartbroken Valentine, unable to get his love was fading like a flower without rain…  cakes became salty from her tears… and magic begun to weaken.. An old, local witch took a pity on her and said – “this full moon, between two bent rowans a door to the magical place will open.  You must go there if you seek help. Go to the greatest tent and tell them Gabrielle sends you”. The words of the Witch were very enigmatic, but no other explanation was given… and Valentine, with just that that faint hope left, packed her things, closed the door, hid the key under the pot , lit the candle and went into the night.

Two rowans looked as they looked always, a little bent. And from this side there was a dark night but when Valentine stepped through an invisible line between the trees… daylight  have hurt her eyes and slight breeze blew off the candle. Funfair was crowded.. there was more people that Valentine has ever seen in her life… and so many colors and smells! She was overwhelmed for a long while, but forced herself to search out the tent Witch told her about. And there it was (there means “there it was at that time as at other times it was elsewhere”).

Name “Gabrielle” opened many doors and oh! what was that strange look in their eyes? Love? Desire?

Inside the tent was like a large library… with dark wood and many ladders… long desk stood in the middle, and in the armchair…

one blink of an eye and a man was sitting there, a man with the strangest face… (if after all of that you asked Val what did he look like, she couldn’t tell you really…)..  the thing that struck her was his eyes… silver mercury- like, with rainbow shades swimming on the surface.

Deep, velvet like voice asked her things … she shyly explained her tragedy and that Gabrielle told her to come here, and a man was silent for a very long time…

-it requires an ancient magic and it not comes for free – he said finally… – it does not cost money, but it needs a lot of love gathered as a repayment for good deeds, as love belongs to the domain of light.. and still it might not work…  but you come with the name of my beloved Gabrielle on your lips.. and I must help you in this impossible task-

-open a love booth on my grounds, use your magic and sell love to those who need it, but be wary to choose only pure hearts, as love is a tricky thing and it can turn black. Bye my dear, we shall meet again.-

Valentine Love Booth

Infatuation buns, seduction croissants, charm cookies, unhappy love cure ginger bread, big love heart cake with strawberries..

Years are passing… and Valentine slowly forgets about Narcissus…  she even looks at other boys now…time is a powerful ally… who can imagine what’ll happen in ten years?

I hope the right, warm heart arrives soon.



ooak rbl blythe by Karolinfelix


custom blythe rbl mold


This is one of a kind, custom art doll with alpaca reroot and unique, handmade accessories.


Valentine found love (:  She will be going to her new mommy Marilia!  Congratulations! ^_____^


Custom eye chips

*special “love” eye chips with hearts and glitter

*bon bon bright teal and gold eye chips

*sweet plum candy like ones

*original Takara pink eye chips with glitter foil

Her eyelids are sprinkled with glitter ^____^


blythe rbl


redhead rbl blythe


Custom work

Valentine is a unique, hand painted doll. She’s based on Blythe RBL doll “Friendly freckles”

I completely erased her previous makeup,  carved her mouth and nose areas, her face has been sanded and a new, very detailed makeup applied.

There are tiny freckles around her nose, and sweet “cookies” around her eyes.

She has lovely, strawberry alpaca reroot by Patty Paris.

Valentine comes with Pure Neemo body in size S (if someone prefers Blythe body, it can be exchanged)

There are various “tattoos” on her body – little heart with an arrow on her arm, two hearts above her knees and a heart shaped, burlesque style nipples.

She’s a sweet girl and I <3 her!


ooak clothes for Blythe doll


Valentine comes with one of a kind, handmade corset. It takes a lot of time to make such a tiny thing, and you can see a sneak peek of the process here.


ooak art doll outfit


by Karolin Felix


custom ooak blythe doll by KarolinFelix ; rbl mold


***Her set includes***

*original, handmade, hand painted corset with felt lining and ribbon bows.

*Hand sewn chemise  from sparkling  tulle

*two handmade tulle pom poms

*love cake

*pink panties

*hand sewn socks with cherry ribbon bows

*Handmade, hand painted  candy like stand with pink heart cake




Thank you for looking!