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Little Red Riding Hood – new hand painted art doll

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.

C.S. Lewis

[ …’But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!’ she said.

‘All the better to see you with, my dear.’


‘Oh! but, grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!’

‘All the better to eat you with!’… ]

I think I’m old enough to read all of the fairy tales again.. I have one, very old favorite book by Brothers Grimm … with yellow cover and very strange illustrations… expect photos…

And Little Red Riding hood is also close to my heart. My Grandmother told me all kind of stories, especially scary ones to make me behave (the naughty step works better I think). And for the opening the Big Headed Dolls line, I’ve chosen The Girl in Red Cape.

It’s ooak art doll with big eyes, and she’s hand painted in tiniest detail –  you can read more about her HERE.

And photos:

1 – just before assembling

2 – finished!

Cupcake Bandit – original cameo painting

Beware! The Cupcake Bandit is on the loose! Hide your cupcakes, move the candies to a secret place, nobody’s safe! Do not believe this sweet as a pie look, the danger is behind the mask!

Cute Bandit is hand painted on little, candy-like canvas set into candy pink gorgeous ornate frame. And just next to the Bandit we have a stolen, chocolate & strawberry cupcake – also a miniature original acrylic painting. Just look at the strawberry sprinkle shower!
All the little candies that Bandit snatched on the way are accenting the antique brass chain… all in pink or retro blue tones. 

If you’re not afraid for your cupcakes – you’ll find this fellow in my shop.

by KarolinFelixby KarolinFelix

Sweet girls almost dressed in cameo necklaces ..

The making of….

I’m delighted to show you those two sweet girls that in two days will visit my shop dressed in cameo necklaces…

May I present…………..’Cat Girl’ and the ‘Carnival Queen’…

Which one would you like to meet? Both seem to be a night creatures… and maybe they will also be a characters for my ‘Moth Show Theatre’

by KArolinfelix

Doll in the bottle, Paris and French cemeteries

and I’m back..

after a nice holidays in France and making lot’s of  pictures on graveyards…

((: – you may think it’s spooky but France has some beautiful, old cemeteries with amazing ornaments…

Staying at friend’s place in Paris.. wandering through this huge, old city… tasting wonderful pastry and drinking French wine…  seeing the Eiffel Tower through Merry-go round…

Beside that I was leaving some tiny cards in strange places in Paris…like in this tiny book store with red sofa, art centres or just on the stone bench..  I’m curious who found them…..


And now I’m back and I made  some new, cute things (: