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‘I Feel Weird’ limited edition print

Is there a better way to make a limited edition print of cameo necklaces, than actually make a print of the whole necklace?
Is there? (:

Maybe .. but… I am really in love with those. Because they turned better than I expected.

It’s a jewelry that can be worn by anyone, also someone who doesn’t like a feel of metal on their skin… actually I know a girl that is allergic even to gold, and now that I think of that.. it would be a wonderful gift for her…..

Anyway… enjoy (:
Limited edition available in the Shop.

‘Lily & Candy’

Lily and Candy by KarolinFelix

‘I Feel Weird’

snow white by Karolinfelix

‘Wolf Loves Me’

little red riding hood by KarolinFelix

Paper Theatre

Some people say that artist shouldn’t show work before it’s finished… but I myself really like to see work in progress, as it gets you closer to the person and to the process of creation…

and… I just couldn’t resist (:

I’m making a”Moth Show” paper theatre! Original, hand painted in tiniest detail. With night creatures crawling in every corner… moths, bugs, owls… tiny birds…. and stars. Magical place for odd creatures to appear…

First is the Golden Deer….

Original Theatre will be available in my Etsy shop, but the idea is to create cut-out, DIY, printed affordable version.. with figures (:

I really can’t wait myself for it to be finished! Enjoying this like crazy. I hope you will like it too, and I have a little sneak peek for you today.

Also – second prize lottery is almost upon us. (:

karolinfelix original