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and one print goes to…

I know you can’t wait for the big prize draw… but in the meantime blog reached 50 subscribers, and so today I will be randomly choosing someone that will receive first 5x7inch giclee art print!

I just want to say one thing about subscribing. It’s easy, just look at the right side of the blog.. it’s under a ‘FOLLOW ME’ thing. Also – subscribing is for people that like my art and want to get updated regularly. It  means that each time I write a new post, you will find it in a mailbox couple of hours later. If, for any reasons you don’t like it, please don’t subscribe.

Time for Lottery! So I had fun today preparing vintage style  tickets for the first 50 curious personaes. <:

You can see it all on pictures. I like lotteries! There’s something magical about it.

I used numbered email nicknames, but for safety reasons deleted last letters & rest of email address. I do  like the idea that despite the change the winner will recognize himself! It’s like finding a gift under a christmas tree. Or…. just finding a gift, yeah <:

so…ready? One, two, three…….

And the winner is… ***42renmeleo*** congratulation! I will be contacting you soon <:

All of the tickets goes back to the hat/bowl and will take part in next lottery, this time with 50 other subscribers.

Thank you everyone!

something painted, something new

What I’ve been up to?

1 – I’ve been….recovering from a temperature shock. Coming back from Wroclaw (29 degrees – real feel 36)…. to Dublin (16 degrees – real feel 9) is not easy. Expect dizziness, wear winter coat. …. I want a summer here please! Anyone knows any weather magic?

So called ‘holidays’ were quite busy but lovely. I’ve been working on another shop. Why? Because the interior, product  & fashion design also have a place in my heart <: …. You will see soon…

2 – Also, I’ve been planning first lottery, excited? If you’re not sure what’s that about – just read carefully the post about winning a theatre .. here it is.

It will happen on Saturday… and good  luck to everyone.

3 – I have a surprise… and you can see it right now! What’s that? Originals in miniature, wearable!

May I introduce :

First picture – ‘I Feel Weird’ – Snow White form ‘Black Forest’ series…  because all the fairytales have danger woven in them, and by the way – most of them take place in Black Forest…

Second Picture – ‘Lily & the Candy’ – from ‘Vanishing Sideshow’ series

They will appear in the shop tonight.

I feel weird and Lily and Candy


★ If you like my art, you will probably love this movie… ‘Fur:An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus’ … strange & fascinating one, that have a little to do with facts, but still an extraordinary picture.

It’s my favourite since two years, and no matter how often I watch it, it’s not boring, but quite the opposite..

Diane from a movie is letting herself to become fascinated by the strange neighbour… she slowly leaves normal, middle-class life and enters unreal world of weird, margin people and freaks…

There is much from Alice in Wonderland here… dreamy world that is hidden from our eyes..  mystery… key to different world… rabbit hole… deeper sense of life… discovering true self..     Colours have a meaning… there is red and blue appearing one after another…symbols… choices, that can lead you to different places…

It was very difficult to find photos from the movie, almost as if it didn’t want to be found….  After a long time  I stumbled upon a few unofficial pictures & very interesting psychological interpretation of the movie by  Agnieszka Galas…. it’s unfortunately in polish, but you can read it here – it’s google translated. <:

If you’ve seen the movie, I’m curious how you see it…

And.. Diane from real life was very different, but not at all less fascinating. There is a great biography.. I think – this one… I’m not sure though, I don’t have it with me now..  It’s a delicious one to read.