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★ I wanted to share….  that’s how my art candies are wrapped now when they’re shipped to you!

Sweet gift for yourself or someone you like <:

Girls on the photos:
Valentine, Amy & May, La Doll

craft market in DUBLIN

★ If you ever happen to be in Europe on Saturday, and it’s accidentally Dublin where you’re in… the Crafty Market is the place to visit. A nice, warm event in the heart of the windy city, on Georges street, at Shebeen Chic…

If you were lucky to find it, you could have met me myself and my friend Floriana from PrettyPlush. Our little table packed with sweetest goodies looking like candies would probably mesmerize you….

And you could admire the magical paper theatre that’s up for grabs. If you only passed by….

★ you still have a chance! We will be there on 30th of April!!! Come and visit!

★ It was a good market. We had a chat with different folks, learned a few things & had some sales.

We also made some friends!

Meet MissPolyclay – girl with a sweet tooth <:

….  the other friendly artist will be revealed some time later…

Paper pendant tutorial part 2

★ Let’s be creative again! . For the first part of the tutorial go  here.

★ 5. At this point you should have your thick paper pendant base smoothed. What now?

You need a paint, preferably acrylic one. The other types, like watercolor or gouache would probably be ok, but they are usually diluted with water and that would need some experimentation with paper, which can warp with too much moisture. The effects might be worth it though!

This time I use  a  cream color . I paint the paper carefully, on the edges too. Than I let it dry and very carefully sand it. When that’s done, and the dust is brushed off, I apply final layer of paint.

recycled paper tutorial diy step by step karolinfelix illustrationrecycled paper tutorial diy step by step karolinfelix illustration

★ 6.  Your ‘little canvas’ are dry? Time for some ornament!

I really like to decorate the back of my pendants with pencil. But again, experiment with other mediums. Just have in mind that the back of jewelry touches the skin, so it shouldn’t be rough.

see! The Bearded Lady moustache are perfect here!

recycled paper tutorial diy step by step karolinfelix illustration

★ 7. So you’ve decorated the back of the pendant. Now it’s good to seal the image. When acrylic paint is water resistant once dry, the pencil or crayon will smudge. I use decoupage vinyl glue, applying it gently with a brush. Be sure to wash the brush afterwards or you can just throw it to trash.

Decoupage glue dries quickly, but let it sit for two days in a warm place, and it will dry completely, creating water resistant, transparent layer. There are many brands of decoupage glue, and they might be a little different in thickness or curing time.

recycled paper tutorial diy step by step karolinfelix illustration

★ 8.  THE FRONT!

When someone purchase one of the large prints from my SHOP, I attach a small, pre cut, scalloped picture for making your own pendant/brooch. It’s fun. <:

But.. I’m sure that at home you have something that might work just brilliant!  Search your drawers, find a buried treasure and use it in a creative way to make something for yourself or a friend.. you can also draw your little painting, using pencils or markers .. acrylics will be brilliant too. If you want to use watercolour or gouache, it’s good to glue layer of thick, watercolor paper to the front, and paint on that.

I did used the tiny archival prints here. I also seal front with the decoupage glue, but that’s a bit more tricky to use on photos. So if you’re not sure about the effect, and cutting your image out of the photo, experiment on the scraps you won’t use.

My Bearded Lady and Conjoined Twins are ready and they will be coming together with BEARDED DOLL and CONJOINED DOLL

Your pendant is ready!  Hang  it on a ribbon… or… if you have more experience with wire-work, make loops and attach a chain. yeah! be creative! :*

recycled paper tutorial diy step by step karolinfelix illustration

yum yum work in progress

★ Remember a post about KarolinFelix entering a magical world of Glintshop in Barcelona?

I’m waiting for few more components to arrive… but the Pendants, looking like a cookies, are almost finished! Soon will be packed in a box like candies, and sent to the city of the Sun….

Made from layers of recycled cardboard ( see the tutorial for that technique HERE ), painted with vintage color tone acrylics… The back of each pendant is hand decorated with pencil & sealed with varnish…. And each art-print front is archival quality. Nice to wear a piece of art….

Few of those will find a way to my Etsy Shop… earrings are already there!

REcycled paper jewelry

REcycled paper jewelry


★ This is Valentine….

A descendant of Casanova, famous Venetian seducer, born on 14Th of February 1798..
Daughter of Narcissa, sister of Desire & Obsession, amazing beauty….

You could meet her at the night hour,cloaked in black velvet, with nothing but stunning filigree mask, collar-necklace, tight corset and chopine shoes. She always had her mirror hidden under the cloak… because you never know if what you have to do is powder your nose or see who’s around the corner.. Some suspected Valentine to suffer from love addiction, in which people become addicted to the feeling of it. Theory never proven, but reflected in her everyday life, where romance followed romance.

Valentine was also an extreme slim waist tightlacer. Reason remains unknown but some speculated that it was in order to keep butterflies in some restraints….

tight lacing venetian beauty

★ I imagined this girl for EnchantedDoll birthday contest… to win a gorgeous porcelain doll… I made it to top three… oh….my……a little bit….. broken heart…

★★ I would love to show her to the world… but I’m not sure yet if I can make the prints available…

When I know that, be sure I will tell you <: