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Conjoined Twins folk art doll

★ Conjoined Twins share a body (not all of it) but not a soul or character.. Can you believe that this doll kind of proves it? Believe me or not but while Amy wanted to get painted, May didn’t…..

Handmade folk art doll of Amy & May – Conjoined Twins… available in the SHOP.

Paper pendant tutorial part 1

★ I wanted to make this tutorial since some time now…  Drop what you’re just doing just now and be creative for a while (WARNING – If you’re pure creativity, that won’t have an effect on you).

You don’t need fancy tools .. even though fancy tools can help a lot <: … ok, let’s start <:

★ 1. Imagine a shape you want.  With this technique you can create amazing, unusual forms. All pieces shown on photo are made this way.

I will show you how to make an elipse pendant… but YOU… imagine a SHAPE… DRAW IT on a piece of paper.  This will be your stencil.

★ 2. First of all, what we need is a thin cardboard. This could be probably found in your paper recycling basket. Usually most kind of product packaging is made out of such cardboard… I have an empty tea box on my table…

Now, take your stencil and draw a corresponding shape on the cardboard. Repeat that until there is four identical  shapes drawn and cut them out.

★ 3. You have now four pieces of cardboard in the shape of ellipse. Glue them together, but first make a holes for attaching  a ribbon.  Here I use a fancy tool <: … but you will be fine with sharp ended scissors. I personally prefer to perforate each of the layers separately, but experiment and see what suits you.  You can also glue a ribbon inbetween the layers… but it makes things a bit more difficult later on.

For the top decoration picture you can use a photo, print or a piece from a magazine. A lot of treasures is lurking in your drawer….

As I love to encourage creative spirit, I do attach a ready, cut out brooch/pendant DIY pieces of my work to any large print from my shop. So that you could try and make your own piece of jewelry.

★ 4. ok, so you’ve glued the cardboard pieces together. Grey surfaces should be outside, because you will paint them later. Wait a moment until the glue is dry.

The edges of your pendant are rough, so what you should do now is to carefully sand them. Do it delicately, as applying too much force may damage the edge.

That’s the PART 1.  We’re half way throuh! See you next time! Karolin

Bearded Lady circus doll

★ oh, she is a sweetie!  I almost finished a primitive folk  doll of Bearded Lady! so happy!

It’s a new technique to me. .. and I’m thrilled with the result!

The cloth body is painted, sanded and painted again with great care to detail <: .. When all is perfect, I seal the paint with glossy coating.  What’s left is to assemble the articulated arms.

Primitive folk art cloth doll of famous Bearded Lady

Doll no 1.

Primitive folk art cloth doll of famous Bearded Lady

Making of:

Primitive folk art cloth doll of famous Bearded Lady


★ If Tim Burton would have a chance to see dolls by WHOBYFIRE – Katja Pulkkinen, he wouldn’t hesitate a moment to give them a role in his movies. The dreamy, dark, strange world of mysterious girls with big, dark eyes…. the world of scarecrows and cats is simply alluring….  especially that it’s a handmade, unique dominion….

★ I stumbled upon Katja’s work some time ago, and asked her to do a couple of head-beads for my wire wrapped silver jewelry… The result of collaboration pieces  surpassed my dreams! The whole collection will soon be available.

collaboration pieces by KArolinfelix and Whobyfire


“..One early morning in the beginning of May
two poor girls were found in the bay.
One might wonder what kind of horror had passed their way….
The sisters had left home merely to play..

Now their black hair frozen solid to the ground..
Their eyes were wide open on the spot they were found..
Now, every beginning of the month of May,
One can hear wind whisper……… ‘Come down and Play…..’ ”
By Whobyfire

★ Photos of dolls by Whobyfire. See the Whobyfire  SHOP for more images.

dolls by whobyfire

Kotylion wall art

★ What’s a Cotillion? It’s a name of a dance, but also kind of a paper medal that you get on a parthy… it can have your name or a funny drawing printed on… I adore this paper thing, as it reminds me of a childhood art activities.

★ Those delicate paper flowers are recycled from unwanted book that, for sanity reasons, could be read only once, and don’t ask me who wrote it……….all I can say is that she’s famous.
Book pages were cut, ruffled and formed into this nice, retro shape. Long string makes it possible to hang on a Christmas tree branch as well as on the wall.  Miniature portraits from my prints are in the very heart of those  affordable paper art decorations! Enjoy!

cotillion,kotylkon,paper flower,miniature wall art, karolinfelix


★ A weird art + style blog & I like it

★ Blogged about KarolinFelix, and I really love the words!!!
“Darling Mutants..[…]In one piece, a horned girl poses on a luxurious fur carpet while mounted horns hold a light above her, female arms reach out sinisterly or yearningly towards her[…]


Human Horn

New print is available at my shop.

Sensual, sad, delicate illustration… a story about a quiet french girl, Cornelie..

I like to imagine how would it feel to be her… what would I do on her place…

….At the age of 14, after unusually  bad dream, Cornelie felt of her bed and got a few painful bumps on the head. However strange it may sound, her Mother Quern forbid her to do so. Quern never explained herself.

Horns started to grow in a week time.. they surfaced like a tooth, painfully.. For a month she wore big fur hat, and because it was winter and the heating broke in the house, nobody was surprised. Cornelie never told anyone that it was her who broke it.

When horns got too big to hide them, Cornelie panicked & run away, taking with her only two woolen dresses, family photo album, a porcelain doll & little pillow that was hers since forever. She had many adventures, couldn’t always explain why a thick  hat in a particularly hot summer day was essential, and her little pillow got lost one crazy night in a train.

Finally, she ended up in a sideshow, where her best performance included: herself in thin sequin costume, cage, dim light, ticket 10$ each and people trying to reach her.  She would remember forever a boy that managed to do so, as later on they ran together, got married & settled in little countryside cottage.

One rainy day, many years after, Cornelie was looking at her tattered, ancient family photo album, and noticed a corner of something sticking out from between the layers of ripped cover…. It was a set of very very old photographs & drawings… All of those pictured people had horns… And the genealogy tree…

Cornelie packed her little, funny suitcase with round corners and impossible amount of labels…. and decided to visit home……

Cornelie, one cloudy day, felt from bed and bumped her head.
Even though her mum Quern said – ‘Zon’t you heverr bump yourr ead’
But what really happened next, none of you won’t believe…
Very strong & spiky horns sprung from little, pretty head…

illustration og young girl with horns antlers growing from her head sideshow cornu cutanea latin name

illustration og young girl with horns antlers growing from her head sideshow cornu cutanea latin name

HUMAN HORN is an unexplained medical condition when human can grow … exactly what it says in the title.
In Mütter Museum you can see a wax model of a woman with a horn growing out of her forehead..she had it for couple of years. It’s easy to research… just type… you know what.