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Porcelain Soul

You say to yourself – ‘I will make a doll, and not ANY doll, but porcelain one. I’m spiritually ready for it, because every time I start to think about it, I just can’t stop. I want my doll to be pose-able, with ball joints, and look beautiful ( not only to me).’

And then – there is sooo many things to consider, that you don’t know where to start. The more you think about it, the bigger the gap. So you buy tons of books on dolls, porcelain, slip casting. You hang out on forums with similarly obsessed people. And you start to sculpt, which is so unbelievably hard, not because your lack of skill, but because you’re creating your ‘child’ and it’s impossible  to distance yourself from it.

HEAD – seems finished. I post it for other to judge, and they say – ‘maybe her cheeks are to big?’, and after a while I see it! And I fix it. I appreciate complements as it’s so nice when people enjoy my work, but a constructive critique is also very  important to me, especially on this project. That’s why please don’t be shy, I appreciate your comments.

I present you my DOLL in progress, made so far in super sculpey, bald, and waiting to be perfect.
Hope to cast her in porcelain someday.

BJD porcelain doll sculpt

BJD ball joint doll bust and head ptototype

bust of ball joit doll sculpt in polymer clay

Delicate lines

Long time ago there was a Girl that really wanted to do something artsy with others. And then she found a charming shop called Brightcolorart with illustrations & more, and was amazed by the softness of the lines and delicate, rich detail of the drawings.

And so it happened. The Girl got 10 wooden illustrated beads, more precious than a perfect pearl.

She sat down looking at them, and thought-‘I want to add something from myself. I will dress them in royal clothes, precious settings, so that something new and beautiful will be created’.  And so it happened.

1 – ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Charming, beaded, mixed media illustrated pendant.Fabric-felt oval piece, with lace and tulle in soft, pale colors. Whimsy and so pretty! And the illustration is just beautiful.

Pendant with wooden illustrated bead.

2 – ‘Rabbit Hole’

I really love this moment in story about Alice, when she’s falling down the rabbit hole.. passing all those extremely interesting and weird things… oh I would love to do that.

This amazing wooden illustrated bead is held in elaborate sterling silver setting. There are sparkling fine glass faceted czech beads captured in the net.. Colors of silver, white & milky and beige lace create delicate, dreamy look.

Choer bracelet with Alice in Wonderland illustration

3 – ‘World Wonders’

This is a visual tale  about a girl that, through her lovely pink glasses saw things that no-one else could see.. gazing into world wonders..

Delicate, happy brooch in pastel colors is embroidered with silvery beads, decorated with ivory and pink lace and rimmed with grey tulle.

Embroided brooch with wooden bead by Brightcolorart

4 – ‘Snow Queen’

Snow Queen is beautiful and delicate as a snowflake..

her royal appearance is decorated with pearls and white fur… shimmering in cold sun of the winter… Brooch is made of fabric, freshwater pearls, lace & felt.

Textile embroided brooch with wooden illustrated bead.

5 – ‘Alice and the Rabbit’

Alice illustration is all delicate lines and soft colors. Detail is perfect… her long hair… little white dress.. the cup is so porcelain and the Rabbit have furry ears..

I took this  little art bead and caught it in an elaborate teapot cage. Wire wrapped with sterling silver & various excellent quality czech glass beads, this piece is unique. Lace is soft and it will look just sweet when you wrap it around your neck.

Teapot necklace with Alice and Rabbit drinking tea

6 – ‘Sophie is in Love’

This piece is gone. Found a new wonderful  home <: .. and Sophie was in Love with Howl. Inspired by ‘Howl’s moving Castle’.

Howl's moving Castle

7 – ‘Black Swan’

Dressed in white, little ballerina is dancing softly in her black shoes…black swan has awakened.

Pendant is made of felt, satin fabric, vintage crocheted lace, tulle. Embroidered with silver glass beads. Pink ribbon is just an example of the look.

Fabric & wood pendant with wooden ilustrated bead picturing a classical dancer

8 – ‘Angel’

Delicate angelic brooch in black,brown & beige lace, embroidered with candy pink glass beads.

Textile lace brooch with wooden illustrated bead

9 – ‘Alice Wonderland Ears’

It’s a choker – you can see it on my pretty young Alice… but it can turn into a gorgeous bracelet also. How? Part of it is made of sterling silver, while rest remains soft lace, so you can wrap it around your wrist and finish with a bow.

Sparkling fine glass faceted Czech beads, silver, white … hints of dark pink and beige lace…. romantic baroque.

Choker and bracelet in one with illustrated wooden bead.

There’s one more piece, unfinished for now. A mystery and a secret.

This wonderful pieces are really nicely gift wrapped. I personally like to get a beautifully packed things, even if I buy them for myself <:

Nice giftwrap makes a heart melt

All the wooden beads by Barbara & Marcos Suarez – BRIGHTCOLORART.

All the jewelry design & packaging by KarolinFelix. Pieces availablein the shop.

Strange photo

‘ABOUT’ won’t be a biography, but a series of posts on a subject.

Also, believe me when I say, it’s so much harder for me to write it than to draw a picture (maybe THAT’s why I’m not a writer). Do you know this odd  sensation when you read your old journal? That’s why I feel so much safer writing about someone or something else. Maybe it has a chance to change.

I like weird things, like this photo session we made with my friend EMIKO. We used ancient projector and film stories from our childhood (OK, maybe not so ancient <;), and made lots of strange photos. And so here, for a start there is one. That’s me….and cartoon friends.


I wanted to start my first post as Neil Gaiman did his FB page: ‘Will eventually grow up and get a real job.’, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.  I actually recently quit my ‘real’ job to finally loose myself in certain joyful silliness – that is – drawing. And I’m so happy about that.

The morning of 5th November brought an insane thought – I need a new blog (let’s kill the old one). We worked hard for one week (I was surprised how MUCH can you do in such short time), surviving on cookies and pesto pasta. I was illustrating elements for the page, and Viktor was constructing a ‘spine’ (like a dr Frankenstein).

And then, suddenly, he put it all together and that’s how it happened. Golem was born and its been used as a character in an online video game. I will feed it, water it and bring it to life, so that some day he will grow big and charming <:

Viktor, I thank you so much!

(P.S. if you need a perfect web-page – Viktor Torr is your man)

With a Kiss I start a heart of my Golem, so that it keeps beating as long as possible and without arrhythmia.

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